Witch-hunt part 7

Definition of Witch Hunt:

An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

Helicopter for Creamer

Carrying on from the previous post, 4 Church Street, which we paid for in cash, which was placed in a trust for my 3 children, this was done in 1997, over 18 years ago.

The trustees were Graham Parry and Nick Passey from J.W.Hughes & Co Solicitors from Conwy, all legal documents were drawn up by them in 1997 when I decided to give this property to the 3 children as an income for them when they got older.

Once I had signed this contract with the solicitors, I waivered my financial rights and had no interest in this property, my children at the time would have been 7, 5 and 3. Some years later I converted the property which was a stores into a cottage, I paid for all the works to be done myself.

Quite a few years after, Nick Passey and Graham Parry sold that property for just short of £90,000, when it was sold the monies were kept in their client account for the 3 children.

I owned another property which was 10 Penmaen Crescent, that property I had bought for just over £42,000, I had a mortgage on it in my name, sometime later, I decided to sell the property, my mortgage was with the Principality. I had spoken to Graham Parry from J. W. Hughes & Co and after lengthy discussions, Graham Parry and Nick Passey bought the house with the children’s money from their trust so that house then went in to trust for the 3 children, so my mortgage was then redeemed and the rest of the money that the solicitors were holding was agreed to be shared when my youngest child Sophia was 21, again 2 perfectly legitimate transactions.

The house that I sold, 10 Penmaen Crescent, was purchased by J.W Hughes & Co from the trust for my 3 children, but Don Kenyon and his gang seemed to think there was an illegal transaction, well there was NOT!!



What is amazing is Gary Lloyd sells us Penmon, Whinacres, the police then use him as a prosecution witness, surely if there was a conspiracy, he should have been charged?

I brought 5 Mona Rd from the council, but the police didn’t charge them with conspiracy, I bought 4 Church Street off Mr Ramicone, but the police did not charge him with conspiracy either.

J.W Hughes & Co do all the transactions, handle hundreds of thousands of pounds and have held 2 properties in a trust and don’t get charged in the conspiracy, it’s amazing!! But like I said before, there was NO conspiracy.

Simon Joel Curzon from the CPS and Don Kenyon from North Wales Police picked who they wanted to be in the conspiracy, Anita, myself and close family and friends.

This so called conspiracy was hand-picked and concocted between the CPS and the Police, all the trust documents from J.W Hughes & Co were in my affidavit and shown to the jury, at present I do not have these documents as they are with my solicitors, Tuckers in Manchester, because my children are going to sue the CPS and this claim is at present due to go before the High Court in London, for that reason I cannot disclose any more information at this time.

Please see one letter from J.W Hughes & Co in 1999 to the tax office on Colwyn Bay, see also Sale of Trust property 1, Church Street when sold.



Prime Minister David Cameron, I urge you to look at this, how can it be right that North Wales Police are allowed to steal my children’s inheritance, although there is an appeal ongoing, they should never have been allowed to add the trust in to their made up conspiracy.

The witch-hunt continues…


20 thoughts on “Witch-hunt part 7

  1. gary lloyd prosecution witness, one bad grass him, fiddled the dss a few years ago him and his mrs, £90,000 she got done for it was in the papers, made her take the blame, the dirty rat, that poor woman had to go to caernarfon crown court on her own, she never got sent down though. once a grass always a grass gary lloyd!!!!!!


    1. Mr Creamer, like myself and there are others, are victims of the 500 network who have been sent here to mingle amongst us, infiltrate our agencies to corrupt, worm there way into high positions such as MPs……….. there aim now is to break down our safety net…..the police system. This network operate as solicitors, mps, neighbourhood watch, police , publicans, taxi drivers, Conwy council workers, and your best friend. they are hawks seeking the money and wealth of the town to steal it any way they can. This information came from the horses mouth John Singh who is a fake Sikh working in Crest co operative, he is part of the 500 network he told me tonight on text and he has hit his targets……… these people are sick

    1. bcos they are part of the network of 500 operating across wales to steal our wealth…….they all have a similarity which is not obvious at first…….. to me…….they no longer are in disguise I can spot them a mile away

  3. the picture taken of the house from the helicopter i just zoomed in to make the pic go bigger, mick can you ask mave does she use persil or daz?? because those sheets are very clean, and you can tell mike lundstrum doesnt clean them windows, too clean for him, he probably does hayleys next door.

  4. Don Kenyon what’s your obsession with my best mate you halfwit. There was no illegal transaction. Let’s have a whip round for Kenyon to get a hair transplant.

  5. I was in dwggi the other day and I saw john wayne in his deckchair. John says I believe we should have a peaceful march with placards saying how disgusted us taxpayers are with north Wales Police.. if the rally goes ahead imagine how many helicopters would be put in the air by obsessive sgt steve the beef carroll.

  6. I have noticed there a been a few humerous comments on here last night, well I for one dont think its funny. The police make up a jumped up charge send two innocent people to prison and cost the taxpayers millions of pounds.

  7. Prime minister David Cameron I urge you to look at Michael creamers blog. Surely the corrupt north Wales Police are not allowed to steal children’s inheritance money. Come on mr Cameron I run the maelgwyn and the police know I’m whiter than white. I’m so honest I’m even in charge of pub safe. Ps flush out the bent kops David Cameron there are none in the mally I should know.

  8. Plum pudding aka garry sky says the ombudsman should have a good look at j.w. hughes and co. They made a lot of money from mr creamer and were in charge of property deals.. Michael creamer is the victim here, the mob are the villains.

  9. Plum pudding is asking the question how much money have n.w.p. spent on jumped up charges. Me and lynn might be a bit overweight but we pay a lot of tax as we are eating take aways most nights as we spend a lot of time watching the police cameras. I’m not bitter I never made it as a copper, I just want the mob to admit that they are corrupt and I could of made a difference.. pc plum pudding aka gary sky.

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