Witch-hunt Part 6

The Evidence Kept From The Jury, Hidden By The Prosecution

Just to update you, 5 Mona Road was bought from the Council and the police never introduced this into the conspiracy, I wonder why?? 4 Church Street, was paid for in cash, so no mortgage on that property, so this wasn’t introduced in the conspiracy either.

We are only dealing now with one property in the conspiracy, Penmon, Lon Padog which I bought from Gary Lloyd and his partner Angela for £54,500, where I lived with my wife and 3 children for over 10 years, around about 9 years after moving into the property I redeemed the mortgage, from the sale of my taxi business, a refund from the VAT and some other personal monies.

When the mortgage was redeemed, as you who have mortgages will know, the house still has to be registered in somebody’s name, so for future security I gave Anita the house, it was registered with HM Land Registry in the name of Anita Creamer.

When Anita decided to sell that property for around £300,000 to a Mr D Williams, she took a smaller house in part-ex, that house being 17 Chapel Street, Penmaenmawr in addition to the £300,000, to be honest Anita didn’t want the small house, she just wanted the cash to buy a bigger house, but she eventually agreed to take it, allowing £50,000 for the part-ex.

There was no mortgage on the Chapel Street house, that was given to Anita in the deal, I did do some additional work on the property and to help get my nephew on the property ladder, I asked him did he want to buy the house for around £70,000 as Anita just wanted a quick sale, at £70,000 it was a bargain and Anita made around £20,000 profit on the sale.



My nephew Ian Pattinson purchased the house from Anita with a small mortgage, Ian lived there or rented the house out for some time, not that it’s any business of ours, the reason for me telling you this, I will explain next.

Ian eventually sold the property to a Michael Spencer for around about £115,000, making over £40,000 on the sale, house prices at that time were in the boom period.

Let me make it clear right now, Ian Pattinson had done nothing wrong, just like anybody else that buys and sells houses.

You may remember Pattinson and Spencer were charged with conspiracy to defraud mortgages they both pleaded not guilty and sat next to Anita and myself in the dock.

The next thing I’m going to tell you, absolutely amazes me, just so we are all quite clear, a child in primary school could understand this.

Anita takes a small house in part-ex, sells it to Pattinson, who eventually sells it to Spencer, the police say they conspired together, I could tell you till the day I die, they never, that’s just how the transactions happened, Pattinson and Spencer both had their own separate mortgages on this house, Anita was the only one out of the 3 who never had a mortgage on that property.

I wasn’t included in this conspiracy, only Anita, Pattinson and Spencer were, but like I’ve said before what I cannot get my head around is how did they find Pattinson not guilty, Spencer not guilty and Anita guilty? Either the 3 of them have conspired together and are all guilty or all 3 are not guilty.

Readers of this blog, it’s not a trick question, but tell me what went wrong? Because the jury quite clearly got it wrong. Remember members of the jury, you wrote a note to the judge, which was read out in open court, saying you were confused as to what Mr & Mrs Creamer had done??

Oh I forgot, they needed Anita convicted to get the proceeds of crime.

My final point, when Pattinson sold the house to Spencer, he never told Anita or myself he was selling it, not that it was any of our business, any more than the £40,000 profit he made was, we only knew he made the profit when this case came to court.

Readers of the blog remember when I told you I swore an affidavit? In those statements were quite a few documents, the affidavit was done by a solicitor in Liverpool which cost me approximately £500 and as most of you readers know, an affidavit is a legal document, anything that would have been in there that was untrue, you would run a great risk of going to prison, you would be a fool to put false documents in the affidavit.

The affidavit was eventually sent to the CPS before I got charged, as time moved on I was eventually charged with conspiracy and put before Mold Crown Court.

That very affidavit went in the jury bundle for the jury to see and read.

Now for the real truth and nothing but the truth, why did North Wales Police along with Wyn Lloyd Jones the prosecutor remove documents from the affidavit that they didn’t want the jury to see? Members of the jury, you have never seen those documents before. You can now see them on this blog.

Let me answer my own question and tell you why they didn’t want the jury to see those documents. Because they desperately wanted me to look like a dishonest man and they needed the jury to convict both Anita and myself, they spent millions on this case, Limbert-Davies a Law Lord in my appeal for my proceeds of crime, said the taxi business was a sham, how wrong he was, I will show you some evidence regarding this statement he made later on.

Remember when I told you I sold the taxi business for £20,000, I sold the name Creamers Cars with school contracts, the contracts where I used to transport children to Douglas Rd school and Ysgol Gogarth, all this was done through my accountant, the taxco.net, we received the £20,000 for the sale of the taxi business, the funds were paid via the Alliance & Leicester into my account and blow me down, a week later, the Alliance & Leicester put another £20,000 into my bank account, I made enquiries as to where this over payment had come from and it had indeed come from the Alliance & Leicester, so I’d actually been paid £40,000 and not £20,000, this didn’t affect the person I sold the taxi business to as it was the bank that had mistakenly paid me again. I’m quite sure that a lot of people would have kept that £20,000 as there’s nothing the bank could do, but the only right and proper thing to do was return the funds, which I did, that was in February 2005, please read the letter below that the prosecution removed from my legal affidavit marked exhibit MC3 and another marked exhibit MC1e, a letter from the headmistress of Douglas Rd school to Conwy Council, trying to ensure I got the contract again, as stated members of the jury, it was North Wales Police trying to make me look dishonest, you didn’t get told the real truth.




The witch-hunt continues…


25 thoughts on “Witch-hunt Part 6

    1. The rules of our courts have changed….we need to find out what the new rules are if we have any chance of getting justice.

  1. I can’t understand how Anita, the woman with no mortgage in the Chapel Street house was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud mortgage companies. What were the jury thinking? In cases like this, it would be good to get feedback from jurors to understand how they made such a poor decision.

  2. Honesty is not the best policy when dealing with north Wales Police. Collusion from the mob. I would of kept the 20.000 pounds you gave back to the alliance and Leicester.

  3. Very good point Ellen, i’m sure the jury wouldn’t comment now, they know now they got it so wrong, they would want to leave sleeping dogs lie. I’m sure after being told “don.t look on the internet” they probably did with the help of Thoughts of Oscar team, Nigel Roberts shopkeeper, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, plastic Solicitor, Superintendant Simon Humphreys, Inspector Ian Verburgh and the help of Don Kenyon. This evil bunch done nothing to have this site removed, why would they want it removed, they were trying to convict Mr Creamer, making sure the jury read this site Mr Creamer had to be convicted, as the Police had no evidence, and like Mr Creamer said , they have spent a fortune of tax payers money. Very interesting site Michael, i’m desperately waiting to see the bill of costs. Finally it took highly experienced Lawyers 2 years after looking through all the evidence to bring a charge against Michael and Anita and yet the jury decided in 5 days their decision, with no legal experience even though they told the Judge they were confused and had done jury service for the Judge before, something doesn’t seem quite right here.

    1. David Jones was a bed salesman prior to becoming a “mp” solicitor, …..ish…has anyone actually checked that this man has qualified as a lawyer…..I know anyone can bcom a judge as long as they are nominated by an mp…well janet finch saunders cud do that for him……. bed salesman in southport to head of all wales judges…..ur not kidding something doesn’t seem right.

  4. whats is so sad about our english law, the prosecution do their best to get someone convicted , once somebody has been found guilty the jury are not told about the proceeds of crime, its about how the mafia, ie the police and cps come and seize peoples assets, members of the jury and to anyone else whos been called to do jury service, always think about the point im about to make, proceeds of crime was brought out to seize the assets from terrorists and big drug barrons, which i think the whole of the country would agree with,that law is now being abused by the cps and the police, they are using it for benefit fraud, personnel injury claims anything the police think they can seize money or property from, so if your ever selected for jury service, think hard before you convict anybody, is the person guilty?? or are you a revenue collector for the government.

  5. i have been following this site from the beginning, and the more i read the more angry and frustrated i get, it is disgusting the way these people have been treated it really should not be happening in this day and age, something seriously needs sorting out here.good luck michael and anita i really hope you get to the bottom of this mess, somebody must be accountable…………!!!

  6. Concerned Conwy resident you say somebody must be accountable for this mess, the mess lies at the hands at the evil corrupt filfth north Wales Police force. Mr creamer great blog you are showing the taxpayers just how bad our force really is. Come on David Cameron enough is enough.

  7. Does anyone anymore trust north Wales Police. I for one am embarrassed and ashamed. Thanks Michael cramer for showing the public just how bad our so called police are, if it wasn’t for you Michael we would of never know.

  8. One big joke, the public are being deceived by what the judge says then they use the press to print a load of lies ie, the daily post, weekly news and the pioneer, because the police have kidded the public by going around shops and pubs etc telling people that mick is bad, and then lets face it, how many of your sons and daughters are taking drugs? and all up to no-good, we can all be guilty of mortgage fraud, but when you want someone to hide behind and throw mud and keep the heat off yourselves, micks the perfect one to hide behind, and its shocking what they have been allowed to do to his family.

  9. well done mick lad,great site about time someone stood up to the mob, look what the matrix team done in liverpool, nicking stuff out of peoples houses and selling it on the internet. they are thieves mate

  10. Michael John Creamer. 4, parc waen, Conwy LL32 8EL mob 07977928434. Isn’t it amazing the backstabbers that used to write on the poison pen blog thoughts of oscar when I was in prison, derogatory remarks and untrue comments that were rubbish won’t write on my blog and leave their names, cowards Nigel 7 bellies and his contributors . When I found out who was behind that blog and I named and shamed them 7 bellies is ashamed of his own blog and now wants police protection. I can’t hear u 7 bellies anymore. Thanks to all you people who have left comments and thanks for not using any bad language.

  11. Keith your quite right, Eryl Crumpet used to hang around Courts in North Wales looking for any story to put in the Daily Post, you know what journalists are like they will write bulls**t just to get a story or they would get no wages. Eryl Crumpet was on the same parr as North Wales Police, obsessed with Michael Creamer, making money out of Michael again, because whenever Michael was in the paper you couldn’t buy a Daily Post in Conwy as they would be sold out. Crumpet has stepped down now and David Bellis (Bellend) has taken over, another one who’s obsessed, David from the Daily Post.They just print rubbish and lies. Get a life David!!!!

  12. You have honest Michael creamer who hands over 20.000 pounds back to the building society after they made a mistake. Then you have that dishonest ex secretary of state for wales disgraced David jones m.p who steals 80.000 from the working taxpayers. So glad you sacked him David Cameron you saw right through the crook. Finally David Jones what did you mean when you were heard saying on tape to Richie windmill leave Michael creamer to me, that constitutes a threat mr jones. Were you implying you would have a word with your friend the judge. David jones your wife and children are ashamed of you, you crook.


  14. Is it true David dishonest jones disgraced m.p. is sleeping with Janet finch Saunders. As if that evil man hasn’t done enough damage to his poor wife.

  15. Claire you say you are shocked and disgusted by whats going on. You feel its scary what our government can do. That’s why I don’t trust the government or police why would anyone trust them. To be fair though glad David Cameron is in power otherwise we could be a lot worse off at least he got rid of the tax fiddler David dishonest Jones m.p.

  16. Lovely letter from betty williams and the aliance and Leicester building society Michael. Yet north Wales Police and the prosecution kept them back from the judges friends the jury. Reading this blog Michael and anita have had the north Wales Police against them, judge john rogers, the cps, don kenyon, davenport, the weekly news, daily post, ian verburgers, emma naughton, nigel roberts bendy wendy, the masons, gary sky, dylan moore and the vile crook David dishonest jones m.p. the cards have been stacked firmly against you and your family Michael. Dont you agree guto bebb?????????????????????????. Keep smiling Michael dont let the crooks and thieves grind you down.

  17. this case is really bizarre out of the 17 defendants his honour judge john rogers dismissed 3 of the defendants, leaving 14 to face charges. im led to believe those 3’s solicitors and barristers still got paid, tax payers money wasted again! out of the 17 defendants only michael and anita didnt have a mortgage, judge judy would ask the question,surely it cant be in the publics interest judge rogers, to proceed with michael and anita, as in his words on this blog, and we know its true, there was no complainee and nobody suffered any loss, once again john rogers qc its the publics purse your spending, if it was your own money you wouldnt have proceeded atall, but no doubt the creamers solicitors and barristers would have got paid in full. then to add insult to injury you sent them both to prison, more of the tax payers money spent again and then more to the point the judge come out of retirement to do this trial, did he do it for free did he hell, ive looked on the internet judges are paid £170,000 a year plus their expenses, its quite clear to me you all made a fortune on mr creamer making out he was the villain when in reality he is the victim. interesting to see the cost of this trial.

  18. if this was made into a film who wud play mick and anita xkeep goin mick u no who ur true friends and family ar not them one eyed honey monsters Conwy wollybacks

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