Witch-hunt Part 5

Helicopter for Creamer

It was mortgage fraud that me and Anita were being investigated for and not the Brink’s-MAT robbery. Before I give you the bill of costs, which some of you people may find shocking and hard to believe, now let’s look at how The Mob wasted money, this case was given to the Major Crime Unit to investigate, DC 2313 Don Kenyon, DC 1359 Nicholas Hawe and 2179 Jason Davenport, these were the 3 main musketeers, although there were a lot of other members of The Mob involved.

Whenever anybody spoke to Don Kenyon or Nicholas Hawe, all they would tell you was ‘The big boss said “leave no stone un-turned”’.

I’m going to show you photographs of properties I have owned, you will see 2 photographs of each property, one taken from the helicopter by 1949 Davies and one on the ground taken by Don Kenyon, the investigation was called Operation Pylon (and to their word, they piled everything on).

As you already know there were 17 defendants in the case, they were not really interested in all the other people, they just wanted me convicted. In all the folders and material that was presented to the jury, no-one else’s name was on the folders, all paperwork was referred to as the Queen ‘Vs’ Michael Creamer and others, how to intimidate a jury!! They knew exactly what they were doing.



5 Mona Road, which was an ex-local authority house, me and Anita had a mortgage with Nationwide Anglia and purchased the house for £18,700 from Aberconwy Borough Council and then sold it many years later to my father Thomas Creamer in 1995 for £43,000. The photograph The Mob took was many years later after I sold it.



4 Church Street, Conwy was a stores and was not habitable to live in, I purchased the house from Mr Ramacone and paid £20,000 cash for it. I refurbished and converted it into a house, this property was purchased in 1997 and placed in a trust for my 3 children and The Mob stole it off them.



Penmon, Lon Padog, Whinacres, Conwy was a property that I purchased after selling Mona Road and became our family home, again uninhabitable and in need of refurbishment, purchased in 1995 for £54,500 where myself and Anita had a mortgage with the Abbey National. In approx. 2004 I sold my taxi business for £20,000, de-registered the company had a VAT rebate, some other monies that we had and I redeemed the Mortgage on this property.



I sold Penmon in 2005 through an estate agent to Mr David Williams, they had valued the property at over £300,000, the property boom was at its peak so I made a ¼ of a million, plus the money back that I paid for it, please don’t blame me for the house prices that were rocketing. So for all the nasty and malicious neighbours in my community, myself and Anita at this time had only ever had 2 mortgages in our life, one for £18,700 and one for £54,500, both mortgages have been redeemed, the mortgage payments were paid monthly and never defaulted.

The other house I paid £20,000 cash for in Church Street, Conwy and placed in a trust, the money was legitimate and the solicitors have documentation to back it up.

Before I show you tomorrow the other properties which I bought, are you all quite clear, 3 houses I’ve owned and 2 with mortgages, with everything paid up to date.

Witch-hunt continues…


13 thoughts on “Witch-hunt Part 5

  1. Is there really any need for aerial shots of mr creamers homes. What a waste of public taxpayers money. North Wales Police listen carefully, the helicopter is for serious crimes.. was it you again sgt carroll getting turned on with your obsession with the chopper.

  2. Michael i totally agree like most people who read this site, a complete waste of the tax payers money. It is here for all to see the Police were desperate to get you nicked, as you say for 40 years they have tried and failed, but in the end they couldn’t take any more so the Police had to revert to the same way they convicted Al Capone. Its quite clear there is no mortgage fraud been committed here it was an excuse to use the helicopter to fly over your properties and take pictures of Anita sunbathing, what i would like to know is,what’s the Big Bosses and Don Kenyon done with the pictures of Anita sunbathing??? And finally Michael, i know you have had some nice homes and them helicopter pictures that the Police have passed around, showing areal views of the properties are not good if they get into the hands of cat burglars. I think your human rights have been infringed. Good job you kept all the evidence. Where was the helicopter when Richard Brunstrom climbed up the scaffold and broke into HQ the next day he said “he was just testing the security”. Makes you laugh.

  3. Mr creamer I have looked at the pictures of your old houses taken by don the stalker Kenyon. Michael you sold them houses over 20 years ago so I don’t understand why they were taken… if I lived in one of the houses I would be reporting that stalker kenyon to the chief constable. Surely the persons living there in your old houses are being violated by privacy laws. Also wouldn’t a picture from outside of your old properties be enough, not if your name is kenyon the stalker he had to get the helicopter out and spend bucket loads of taxpayers cash.

  4. I’m a bit baffled by this case Michael, it was a victimless crime one that should of never gone to court. Yet the mob used helicopters what for. They spent millions of taxpayers money what for. Even the most hardened bent cop must be wondering what the hell have we done. Come on guto you have the clout to have a word with David Cameron. The whole of north Wales are sick and tired by the actions of the corrupt force. People want an honest and trusting force, will we ever get one I hope and pray we do. What do you think police chief big boss I would like you to have have an inquest with no stone unturned in your bid to flush out the corrupt bobbies in your force.

  5. Michael i am waiting to see the bill of costs, if it’s over 2 million i will be complaining writing to the Chief Constable and to the Prime Minister and also to Ken Finch from Aberconwy Council. There’s cut backs in our hospitals, our Doctors and Nurses do a first class job that deserve better pay, cut student grants and are trying to cut down on tax credits, they are closing schools down and yet North Wales Police have got Millions of pounds to waste demolishing a beautiful building , Llandudno Police Station and rebuilding a brand new one!! Llandudno Police Station was only refurbbed 10 years ago, they have moved over the road temporarily for 2 years while the work is being completed, more to the point Mr Creamer you say they have spent millions on your case, giving free helicopter rides for a victimless crime, i will have something to say when i see this bill. It would be far more easier to have the helicopter pad at Bodlondeb, as it wouldn’t have used as much fuel the Big Bosses have got a lot to answer for concerning the loss of revenue. Their Pensions need suspending until this case has been fully investigated. Guto Bebb do your talking in Parliament please and raise this with Stephen Crabb.

  6. Richard broomstick believe me it is over 2 millions pounds, so start complaing.If north Wales Police were not obsessed with mr creamer then they could of spent the millions on a state of the art lifeboat station in Llandudno. Its the taxpayers in Llandudno I feel sorry for. Hey ho though north Wales Police seem to think Michael creamer is far more important than a lifeboat station. Whats your take on it mr police chief inspector Michael creamer or a lifeboat station, dont tell me I will second guess you have no backbone and you don’t have an opinion. I feel for the lifeboat men who do a great job in trying to save lives, not so to the corrupt n.w.p. who waste money on victimless crimes.

  7. Could the horrible, dishonest, crook, and expenses fiddler David Jones m.p. for thoughts of oscar site tell the blog readers how much does a helicopter costs??????

  8. Unconfirmed reports corrupt north Wales Police force have said sorry to Michael creamer and are doing the whip nae nae outside the Paisley gates.

  9. Not another helicopter for Creamer?? How much does it cost to put the police helicopter in the air & did this case really need aerial shots of the Creamer family properties? Another waste of tax payers money

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