CPS Top Lawyer Jailed….!!

DC 2313 Don Kenyon, Insp 2179 Jason Davenport and DC 1359 Nicholas Hawe said ‘that the big bosses have said leave no stone unturned’ after the CPS in Colwyn Bay said that there was no charge to answer so they went to see Simon Curzon a CPS lawyer in Cardiff, to see if they could charge Michael Creamer for Mortgage Fraud even if there is no complainee and nobody suffered any loss.

Yet Simon Curzon’s boss Sarfaz Ibrahim, top CPS Lawyer is jailed …..click here to see why!

Bent CPS

Sarfraz Ibrahim


11 thoughts on “CPS Top Lawyer Jailed….!!

  1. Sarfaz ibrahim you were paid money to drop a
    Case how corrupt is that. You were found guilty and sent to prison. I would like to know how much NORTH WALES POLICE PAYED YOU MR IBRAHIM TO MAKE UP A CHARGE AGAINST MICHAEL CREAMER. safraz ibrahim you should be in jail for setting Michael creamer up sorry I forgot you are in jail. North Wales Police we need justice.

  2. Michael John Creamer. 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL. Tel:-07977928434

    Sarfraz Ibrahim pleaded guilty to his charges, because he committed those offences. I pleaded NOT GUILTY to my charge of conspiracy to defraud mortgages, because I didn’t defraud anybody, no complainant and nobody suffered any loss, so how do you get charged with that?

    This was motivated by North Wales Police .

    Myself and Sarfraz Ibrahim got the same sentence, 4 and a half years, although mine was just short of the full 4 and a half years. Prime Minister David Cameron, I ask how did I get the same sentence as him, when I owed nobody any money and then was hit with a 2 million pound Proceeds of Crime order, yet there was no proceeds of crime for Sarfraz Ibrahim and he was taking bribes!

    He was also spotted on the M4 with his friend Khan (who ran a letting agency) meeting 2 cocaine dealers at a service station in South Wales.

  3. This story about sarfaz ibrahim is disgusting. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls and bent conwy cops. This man works for the courts, lets say you or I was to appear before a court. You could offer sarfaz ibrahim money in return he would throw the paperwork in the bin, so happy days no court appearance. North Wales Police use sarfaz ibrahim as they are bent and corrupt. This story is unbelievable, are you grasping this story ladies and gentlemen and bent cops…

  4. Bent coppers of conwy do us a favour and resign right now. What a wicked bunch. The lot of them want throwing in conwy river.

  5. Its official I dont trust the boys in blue. Or the crown prosecution, or mp’s neither judges, or masons. People in authority in North Wales are the worst of all.

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