What’s The Point…??

Two police officers called at my house in Conwy, they were PC 1854 Gary James and PC 1651 Martin Parmley. I told them they were not welcome at my house and to clear off.

Things got a bit heated and Martin Parmley assaulted me, I made a complaint. Was there any point?

No, no point. Because Professional Standards, the CPS and the IPCC will always believe The Mob.

This case comes down to 2 police officers word against mine, despite me sending evidence of my injuries witnessed by my GP, my file went off to the police along with my complaint.

The CPS in their letter are saying that I’m telling lies and I’ve made this up.


This case was sent to the CPS in Cardiff.



8 thoughts on “What’s The Point…??

  1. Whsts the point indeed mr creamer. We are north Wales mob, and we do what we want. When we want. We are invincible us north Wales Police.

  2. North Wales Police are thugs. I advise anyone not to mess with them, as they are invincible. Well they think they are.

    1. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL Telephone: 07977928434.
      To ‘Morse’,
      This is not Thoughts of Oscar, leave your name & details, or come to see me at my home which I’ve written above and I will give you the full story.

  3. Morse you would think mr creamer is pulling a fast one wouldn’t you. Its a good job Michael you have kept all the paperwork to show the public all this harassment you have had to suffer at the hands of north Wales Police. Morse what’s your take on the 1’750 pounds paid to mr creamer by n.w.p. or should I say paid by us hard working TAXPAYERS MONEY.

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