Wishing The 2 Gary’s A Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish Gary ‘Sky’ Plumb & Gary John a Merry Christmas.

Everything that I have written and put on this blog has been the truth, unlike a lot of people I am able to back up what I’ve said by documentation and I stand by what I have said as it is the truth.

I know a lot of you are waiting for the truth to be told about the 2 Gary’s, but as I am unable to access the documents, you’re all going to have to wait a little longer.

I know you were looking forward to reading all about Gary Sky on Christmas Day, you might still be able to so keep reading the blog, it’s not going anywhere!!!

For now, I’ll leave you with the following points to guess which Gary did the deed:

  • Which Gary urinated all over his missus?
  • Which Gary cried in the witness box and told the jury “I’m scared of that man over there” and pointed to me in the dock.
  • Which Gary when he attended Crown Court to give evidence brought his Dad with him?
  • I have a photo of one of the Gary’s on a roof working when claiming benefits, which one?
  • Which Gary is growing cannabis plants?
  • 2 of these Gary’s have an appalling record of motoring offences, which one?
  • Which Gary has been bankrupt?
  • Which Gary is a regular user of cocaine and amphetamines?

And there is one more untold story about one of the Gary’s still to be revealed, this will sicken you.


I’d like to thank you all for all the messages of support that have been sent in. I will continue to keep telling the truth about the years of harassment that my family and me have had from The Mob, like I have said before there is no slander here, it’s only ever the truth that’s been published and that sometimes the truth hurts.



6 thoughts on “Wishing The 2 Gary’s A Merry Christmas

  1. After this little episode you will have even more information to tell the taxpayers, about the corrupt north wales police. We are all supporting Anita and you. This is the biggest miscarriage of justice since Hillsborough.NORTH wales police you have sent two innocent people to jail not once but twice shocking.

  2. The people now in power in this country are evil dictators and once you are a target- they don’t leave you alone until they have taken everything from you including the coat off your back, I should know I’m one of those targets, an innocent target whilst my ex Sgt Carroll of NW police was rewarded for his years of domestic abuse against me and my children. numerous accounts of fraud which I had proven with the help of a private investigator Michael Naughton, I have hundreds if not thousands of documents that show the mass corruption in this town, yet there is no one to take them to because its those now in power who are the corrupt ones. The solicitors and the MPs are all part of the corruption too. But those who continue to stand by and watch innocent people destroyed are only on borrowed time.

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