Michael Creamer Pays The Mob £350,000

Readers of the blog, firstly my apologies as to why there have been no posts over the last 6 months on this blog. Those who live locally will know why, but to readers around the globe, the reason for this is that I have been in prison and very recently been released.

May I thank family and friends for your support and help, your letters, cards, emails and money that was sent to the prison for me. I enjoyed reading your letters, cards and emails, now moving on as to why I was sent to prison.

You all know that in 2010 I received a custodial sentence for mortgage fraud, which was a victimless crime with no complainee. When I was released in 2013 up until the 21st December 2016, I went back to court on over 24 occasions, because the thieves, North Wales Police wanted the money off me.

Around about January 2016, I gave them just short of £100,000 then on the 21st December 2016 they were demanding more money, I was due to be heard at Caernarfon Magistrates Court but at very short notice the case was moved from Caernarfon to the kangaroo court at Llandudno Magistrates in front of a district judge, Gwyn Jones. The district judge was told by my solicitor that some money had been paid and more would follow in January or early February. The full facts were explained to the district judge, he replied “I know nothing about this case” and waved his arms, other solicitors that were present in court heard what was said, North Wales Probation were also present in court as well as a journalist Glyn Bellis from the paedophile post aka Daily Post.

I was amazed when the district judge retired, on his return after deliberating, he read my life story out, chapter and verse; he must have forgot that 15 minutes prior when he said he knew nothing about the case, people in the court were astounded by what he had just said considering what he had stated earlier, that he knew nothing about the case. Glyn Bellis, the journalist from the paedophile post, once again printed more lies in the local paper.

Read the article below:

The paedophile post in the past have apologised to me on 2 occasions for getting things wrong and have then put a very small article on page 2 apologising; this time I am not warning them and getting an apology again, I may take legal advice and bring a claim against them. In the latest article, they say “property developers Michael & Anita Creamer” appeared in court in Llandudno in 2011, neither Anita or I attended court in Llandudno in 2011, anybody can check the court listings in 2011 and it will prove what I have just told you.

They also said we were to be sent to prison for 852 days and that we owed £219,000, these 2 figures were also wrong, as you all know the papers love to tell lies, because scandal sells papers. I don’t mind being in the paper when they tell the truth but I don’t like to be put in the paper which is full of paedophiles. I was convicted for fraud with the help of bent coppers from North Wales.

Glyn Bellis and Eryl Crump, from that evil paper, are like two vultures, sitting at Llandudno court and noting down untrue statements. Mr Bellis & Mr Crump you have both printed lies about me and my family. Shortly on this blog I will show photographs of their homes and where they live and give their addresses out as they have printed mine. Going back to when the district judge sentenced us to 33 months less the £100,000 we had paid, brought the correct figure down to 28 months, that’s what we were sentenced to on that date.

                       Glyn Bellis

                            Eryl Crump

On the 26th January 2017, I paid a quarter of a million pounds to The Mob and Anita was released on Friday 27th January, by now The Mob had received just short of £350,000 for a victimless crime.

There were a few things that made me laugh, some of my mates from Liverpool said “Mick, if you had given us £50,000 we could have made Anita disappear, you would have saved £200,000” I told the lads, she’s been with me for 30 years, I’m not letting her go now lol!!!!

I overheard a woman in the pub on Saturday while I was out drinking saying she was stressed out this week, saying her washing line had broken and her washing machine had broken, then to top it off her car needed a MOT on Saturday, she said “well they come in three’s”, that made me laugh, is that what she calls stress?

Since 2010, I’ve done 2 prison sentences totaling seven years, lost 2 properties that had no mortgage on them, lost one of my vehicles and The Mob have been paid £350,000 for a victimless crime.

The Mob also wanted a further payment of £253,796.89 this amount remains outstanding, this is the interest that had accrued on the money I had already paid The Mob, this was interest over 5 years, if any bank or loan shark charged this amount of money on a loan they had advanced they would have been prosecuted by The Mob but no, The Mob are allowed to get away with it.

When I was released from prison on Friday 19th May, so was the shamed, pervert TV star Rolf Harris, the 87-year-old paedophile was not at the same prison as me, he was found guilty of abusing girls between 1968-1986, these girls’ lives have been ruined, but the law states you can abuse children and will not receive a proceeds of crime order. The pervert, Harris returned to his £2million pound Berkshire home without a proceeds of crime order.

Just recently DC 2313 Don Kenyon and Insp 2179 Jason Davenport from the major crime unit in St Asaph, North Wales have concluded a murder case at Mold Crown Court where a man from Rhyl was stabbed to death in Home Bargains car park over a drugs turf war by a gang from Liverpool and a gang from Rhyl, none of those defendants were given a proceeds of crime order.

DC 2313 Don Kenyon’s colleague who worked with him at the major crime unit, PC Ian James Clarke raped a woman, received a 5-year prison sentence but received no proceeds of crime order, so the police are letting people rape women, abuse children, murder people and you won’t receive a proceeds of crime order. But Michael Creamer gets convicted of mortgage fraud with no complainee, a victimless crime and The Mob came after me with a proceeds of crime order.

The new Proceeds of crime Act was enforced in 2002, it was adopted from America and designed to punish terrorists to take everything off them, which in fairness we would all agree with and also to hit drug dealers hard in the pocket.

Whilst I was recently in Altcourse Prison, there was just short of 1200 inmates, I was the only civil prisoner in there, all the drug dealers in there don’t have a proceeds of crime order, there were 1 or 2 inmates who paid a couple of thousand, they live in rented houses, they have leased or rented cars because they don’t want to be cash collectors for the police, because they know anything they have in their names The Mob will take it off them at some stage during their life. The only ones making money under the proceeds of crime act are the lawyers, ripping the tax payers off.

There are a lot more posts to come shortly on this blog, I know a lot of people were disappointed on Christmas Day and were waiting to see what Gary Sky and Gary John had done; remember, I didn’t tell you which Christmas lol!!!

Their stories will be told in due course, I will keep you informed.


15 thoughts on “Michael Creamer Pays The Mob £350,000

  1. Disgusting Rolf Harris the pervert the police should have sold his house immediately and compensated his victims, them poor girls my blood is boiling reading this.

  2. I don’t know you Michael or is it Mick? But reading that last post its outrageous anyone can see you have been fitted up, it would be very interesting to see how much North Wales Police have actually spent of the tax payers money on getting you convicted, how much it cost to keep you in prison and how much the Lawyers made as well as the Police time and also the CPS time?? Very interesting Michael.

  3. Creamer there are a few little shits in the junction and one who lives in gyffin who deal drugs, Friday afternoon 3.30 behind the Castle ,Benarth by the bowling green you want to name and shame them, driving round in their audis I will email you there names the twats have never worked in there lives a days work would kill them, they always have plenty of money to go sheshing.

  4. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32-8EL.
    Mobile: 07977928434
    Email: michaelcreamer@hotmail.co.uk
    To readers of the Blog, thank you for all your emails since I have been in prison I will reply to you all I’m still going through them, many thanks for your comments. I have said this before I can’t publish ones with bad language in as a lot of school children read this site again it’s not the thoughts of oscar site, Nigel 7 bellies and his authors would print lies and anything on his site, yes I will tell you when 7 bellies and his father Paul Roberts hit Tony Price over the head with a club and made it look like a robbery. Finally, Martin Parmley, you’re sending comments in,if you leave your name and number I will print your comments,I think it’s other police officers pretending to be you.
    All your comments are appreciated thank you.

  5. As you quite rightly say Michael the proceds of crime act was brought into power in 2002, to target terrorist. The taxpayers don’t know the final bill North Wales police have spent on you. The millions nwp wasted on you could of gone towards stopping the terrorists. A big thumbs up to London police for their swift action on Saturday night. fantastic work by all of the officers. A big Thumb down for North Wales police wasting millions of taxpayers money on Mr CREAMER.

  6. Great pic mr creamer of glyn bellis and his spotty face and also a good one of mr crumptit, you know what they say eryl if the cap fits wear it ha ha ha!!

  7. Great pic mr creamer of glyn bellis and his spotty face and also of eryl crumptit, you know what they say eryl, if the cap fits, then wear it ha ha ha!!

  8. I must admit but I have never noticed before the north wales daily post is full of peadophiles and sex offenders, quite scary how many of them live in our area.

  9. So happy to have you back Mr Creamer, love this blog, really enjoy reading the truth about the Corrupt North Wales Police Force, keep up the good work. P.S I just read the last comment you put on, What the hell have Nigel and his father done to T P from Conwy???? Can’t wait to hear what it is but I’m sure it will be very interesting………..

  10. Kathleen Smith the place is swarming with paedophiles. It could be worse living in Luton with all the Muslims or is it you decide.

  11. So wrong keeping you in prison another4 months after you paid all that money to the scum, disgrace would have cost a fortune to us tax payers how does the government get away with it, wasting all that money something should be accountable for this!!!!!!!!!!

  12. What the hell is going on with this prison system, you should have been let out same time as your wife what was the point in you being in there when you had paid your proceeds of crime and a very big amount may I add, looks to me like you have been punished 3 times prison twice and paying the Mob, feel for you good luck for the future. By the way great blog.

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