PC once had a collar number, now has a prison number A3065DY Clarke

An arrogant North Wales police officer Ian James Clarke who once worked with the major crime team at St Asaph with his colleagues DC 2313 Don Kenyon, Inspector 2179 Jason Davenport and DC 1359 Nicolas Hawe, these were part of The Mob that arrested me for mortgage fraud. Ian James Clarke, earlier this year was found guilty of rape, this one was one arrogant copper, the judge told Clarke “you have been convicted of the most serious offence of rape”, Clarke’s wife was also a copper.

When Clarke was sentenced and sent to prison in March this year, he was sent to HMP Altcourse, there are 3 wings in Altcourse that house up to 100 men on each wing, Melling Brown, Melling Blue and Beeches Green, these 3 wings are for sex offenders only, just to let you know, the government calls these prisoners VP’s, that stands for ‘Vulnerable Prisoner’.

Remember those words, ‘Vulnerable Prisoner’, we’ll come back to this later.

The VP prisoners from these 3 wings are protected by the prison, they are not allowed to encounter any other inmates for their own safety, their visits are kept private, away from other inmates. There gym sessions are held separately and if any one of them are moved around the jail, a freeze is put on the jail, which means while one of them is getting escorted about the jail, other prisoners remain inside until the freeze is lifted. While they walk across the yards, other inmates (who are not sex offenders) scream and shout abuse out of the windows at them, they shout nonce, paedophiles, bacons etc.

I will give you some idea as to why they wouldn’t survive on the main wings in the jail, all prisoners do not like police officers coming into jail, sex cases and grasses. While I was incarcerated at HMP Altcourse, a fella came in for an offence and when he got on to one of the main wings, he made the mistake of telling inmates he was an ex-military copper, he was later slashed above his eyes and across the throat and was then taken to hospital where he was in a coma, when he eventually came out of hospital he was transferred to another prison for security purposes, I will not tell you which prison he was allocated to.

I also witnessed a young lad getting slashed across his face for snitching on somebody. There are stabbings and slashings on a regular basis in prison, you get the message readers of the blog, real prisoners do not like nonces, police officers and snitches. At the moment, the prisons in general are at their worst ever for violence, drugs and mobile phones; it’s easier to get drugs in Altcourse than it is in Colwyn Bay, the same with a mobile phone, the only difference is if you were to go and purchase a phone in Llandudno at Carphone Warehouse, you need ID and a credit check is done on you, just pay the cash in prison and you’ve got a phone.

Now a little tale for you! On Friday the 17th March 2017 at 9:40 in the morning I attended one of my gym sessions, that session on a Friday is for over 40’s, I arrived at the gym as usual and as I was doing some weight training, I was sat on the bench pulling a weight bar from above my head, to behind my neck, as I was pulling the weight down, the cable attached to the weights snapped and the weight bar came down, smashing me on the top of my head causing me double vision and a lump to my head and severe pain. I immediately left my gym session and went back to my cell to lie down, but later, throughout the day I began vomiting.

On Saturday morning the 18th March, I went to see the nurse on the wing, accompanied by an officer, the female nurse I saw was called Bowler, she looks at you through a glass panel on the door, with a small hatch in it, wide enough to put your hand through, Bowler put her hand through and examined my head, she said “you have been concussed” and that I would be ok, I insisted to her that I wanted to see a doctor, she said, “there’s no doctor available, it’s a Saturday morning” I was disgusted because I know there is a hospital wing in the prison, with doctors there 24 hours a day, the healthcare in the prison is a shambles.

I told Bowler “should I die with a blood clot or should anything happen to me make sure you phone my wife or my mother and explain that you refused to get me a doctor” and then I left with a prison officer and returned to a wing.

Within 10 minutes of being back on the wing, my name was called and I was immediately taken to healthcare where I would be seen by a doctor, how convenient, they now had a doctor available!  Anyway once I made my way to healthcare and having gone through all the security, a nurse came out who was with the doctor and said “Michael, could you just take a seat outside an emergency has come in, we will see you in 5 minutes” so I took a seat outside the doctors door, to the right hand side of where I was sitting you would have to come through about 4 security doors in able to see the doctor, and to the left hand side is another door, which is only used by the VP prisoners, remember I told you who the VP prisoners were and that they are not allowed to mix with normal cons.

I’m a great believer that things only happen for a reason, whilst sitting and waiting to see the doctor, the entrance to the VP door opened and in walked a prison officer and guess who he was escorting?……The rapist police officer from St Asaph, now issued with a prison number A3065DY.

He had just been sentenced to 5 years for rape, when Clarke raped his victim, how strange the 22 stone animal wasn’t a vulnerable person. Suddenly the pain had gone from my head and I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, oh…..Don Kenyon and Davenport, his face was a picture when he saw me!

He hasn’t got much hair on his head, he had shaved his head bald to try to disguise himself, but you know how we all imagine what a rapist must look like, fat belly, about 22 stone, belly hanging over his trousers, bald head and wearing Joe 90 glasses, that’s what Ian James Clarke looked like.

The judge at this trail described him as arrogant and full of himself, well you take it from me I’ve seen him, the arrogance had gone and he was crying like a little baby, my laughing was getting louder and louder.

I do believe in God and that accident happened for a reason, the reason was to put me face to face with that rapist. I watched Clarke go into the doctor’s room and sat outside until he came out, he couldn’t look at me, he just hung his head in shame. I know I don’t know his victim but I just wanted her to be sitting with me on that Saturday morning, so she could have seen his face. Clarke eventually returned to his wing, Melling Blue and I went in to see the doctor and received a full examination, I couldn’t help but notice the doctor hadn’t cleared his computer screen & Clarke’s details were there for me to see, but due to my double vision after my accident there was no way I could read the screen, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, you know what I mean!

Because of the job I had in the prison, being a trusted prisoner and visits orderly, I spoke to a lot of people, inmates and staff, Ian Clarke had told staff don’t tell anybody I was a copper, a bent copper who once loved the power now shaking in his boots, well I told everyone in the jail who he was and what he was in for, after all it’s good to tell the truth.

I was also told whilst Clarke was on his wing, he would not come out of his cell for association, he used to lock himself in and was constantly crying with the job I had I knew he had no visits whilst he was at Altcourse.

A couple of things I’m about to tell you, that are disgusting about this case, after Ian Clarke was found guilty at Mold Crown Court, he was allowed to go home on bail until sentencing in March 2017, yet knowing he’s a threat to the public, to women in particular. Judge John Rogers QC, you’ll remember refused me bail for a victimless crime, the other thing which is maddening is Clarke was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, you do half of that time which is 2.5 years, so he shouldn’t go to open prison until he had about 8 months of his sentence left, Altcourse is a category B prison, I was the only civil prisoner in there, like I’ve said before I was a category D prisoner, no threat to the public, costing you the tax payer just under a £1000 per week to keep me inside, please read the letter below from my MP which was sent to HMP Altcourse.

I’m angry and annoyed that the rapist Clarke was moved to open conditions so quickly, he is a big threat to the public. Should this post appear on your Facebook timeline, please share it, in the hope that the authorities return him back to closed conditions where he should be.

He has not been rehabilitated this quickly, his release date is the 14/09/2019, this really concerns me, while in open conditions he could attack again and it’s you ladies I’m concerned for plus his rape victim, we need our Prime Minister to look at this.

How convenient for The Mob, I served all my sentence in a cat b prison in closed conditions. Ian James Clarke, after approximately 6 weeks into his 2.5 year sentence has been moved to Leyhill open prison, please see the pictures below of the rapist in the paedophile post aka Daily Post, I wonder if a journalist from the paedophile post now they know this information will contact the police or the prime minister and tell them this is outrageous and will they ask the police “don’t you think it’s right that you make Ian James Clarke sell his home and pay his victim under the proceeds of crime act?”.

The Mob took £350,000 off me, the CPS had half of the money and The Mob had the other half.

Readers of the blog, your comments are welcome, no bad language please.

I’d like to hear your views on should Ian James Clarke be given a proceeds of crime order?

It’s only fair I give you my prison number, A0791CG because after all I’ve given you Clarke’s.



14 thoughts on “PC once had a collar number, now has a prison number A3065DY Clarke

  1. Mr creamer can you please confirm for the readers of the blog. Which house do you live in. Only I went for a walk over the mountain and I saw you cutting the grass in the big mansion. You did say on an early post, that you lost two houses and a car. I know your honest and you tell the truth so what other two houses did you have. Hope you don’t think I’m being nosy only I follow the blog religiously.

  2. Open prison within a couple of months what a joke, the keystone cops from st Asaph looking after him, any assets he has should have been sold and given to the woman he raped. Great blog Creamer.

  3. How do they justify sending a convicted rapist like Clarke to an open prison so quickly he obviously has not been rehabilitated that fast, what sort of a punishment is that, absolute disgrace, I bet if he wasn’t an ex cop he would not have moved so fast!!!!!!!

  4. Dirty bastard Clarke hope you rot in hell north wales police have got some real sex pests employed by them, corrupt lot

  5. They should release the lot of them of their employment contracts and start from scratch by employing honest legitimate people who genuinely want to do the role without feathering their own nests or for what’s in it for them.

    That also goes for the “not fit for purpose” Prodessional Standards who just close ranks and produce whitewash investigations into this corrupt to the core force who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face.

    Then within the space of months, there have been a number of these scum in Court and convicted, not to mention those that are due in Court in the coming months. More that a few bad eggs, they are totally representative of this shambles force.

    Absolutely disgusting they are.

  6. Mr creamer would you have any idea as to what happened to the two animals, from North Wales police who ran over the poor dog on the A55. Such a corrupt police force I don’t know why I pay my taxes.

  7. How ironic Ian James Clark, don Kenyon, Jason Davenport and Nicolas ha we all worked for the major crime unit. I wonder if m.p David Jones had anything to do with your arrest Michael!!!!!! Can’t wait for the story about Kenyon in the cells ha ha.

  8. David Jones m.p who fiddles his expenses. Firstly David Cameron gave him the boot as he is corrupt. Terresa may pushed him out the door. Now North Wales police need to prosecute the piece of vermin, if they are to get a little bit of respect back from the taxpayers. David Jones was behind the terrible thoughts of Oscar site, every man and his dog knows that. David Jones m.p has North Wales police in his arse pocket . Chief inspector of nwp have you got the bottle to bring down this ghastly man d.j mp. Or are you a spineless inspector just like your predecessor…………….

  9. This arrogant prick arrested me too years ago. He told me he was ex special forces…… which he also told the woman he raped. I laughed my head off last Feb when I read the paper. Rot in hell fat boy 😀😀😀

    1. I was arrested in 2014 by this prick and he told me the same thing. He was a sniper in the special forces he told me…. they were just faces and i just took em out is what he said to me. I remember thinking ‘how were you in the special forces?’…. and ‘youve let yourself go a bit since then’. I did kinda get the feeling that the other coppers didnt like him at all so they were probably out to get him. Maybe they got fed up of his habitual lying…

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