Gary Lloyd, I Never Told The Jury The Real Truth About My Background, I’m A Liar

Gary Lloyd originally from Llandudno Junction, as you know he was a prosecution witness at my trial at Mold Crown Court in 2010, he was DC 2312 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport’s star witness. Can I make it quite clear he did not give evidence against me, I asked my barrister Peter Davies QC to cross-examine him about his bad character, Peter Davies said that’s not for me to do, that’s for Chris Stables Anita’s barrister to do, that’s why Chris Stables is on the Wall of Shame.

Don Kenyon and Davenport worked on a mission along with some senior officers from North Wales Police to get me convicted by hook or by crook, any charge would do; this was a personal vendetta by North Wales Police. Lloyd gave evidence against Anita and The Mob desperately needed Anita convicted so they could go after her for a proceeds of crime order and they used Lloyd to do this.

The Mob checked my tax affairs with my accountant to confirm with my accountant that Anita was as partner in a business I had and Anita’s tax affairs were all up to date with that business, Anita also worked for Dave McLean’s builders, they checked her payslips and how much she had received they too were spot on, Anita also worked for Brian Craven they did the same here, checking how much she was paid, again that was fine. Finally, The Mob contacted Gary Lloyd where Anita had worked at one of his shops in Colwyn Bay with Paul Horan, date approximately 1998. Lloyd told The Mob Anita had never worked for him, please read his statements which he made on 12/11/2008.



Myself and Anita were surprised that he said this; what it boils down to is when I transferred a property into Anita’s name which was legitimate, at the time Anita said she was working for Lloyd which she was, the mortgage she had was for approximately £54,500 which later on me and Anita cleared the mortgage with legitimate funds, which left Anita mortgage free; but because Lloyd said Anita hadn’t worked for him the police were saying we lied in a mortgage application to get the mortgage.

No lies were told, what had happened was Lloyd didn’t want to be responsible for the tax due on Anita’s earnings as he is a tax evader and the police were happy with Lloyd saying this as he became their star witness and the police wanted their part of the deal, to settle their personal vendetta to get the Creamer’s convicted. Again, I don’t want to sound like a stuck record this was a victimless crime with no complainants, the police were just jealous and evil.

Now I’m going to show you the type of character Gary Lloyd really is and how the police knew all about his dodgy dealings, Gary Lloyd could’ve committed murder and they wouldn’t have charged him, they just wanted him to give evidence against Anita in 2010.

You would have read in Gary’s Lloyds statements when he sold me the property it wasn’t completely finished; how can you build a house without water?  Oh, good old Gary illegally tapped into next door’s water supply, you’re not prosecuting him for that Don Kenyon? And you would have also read Mr Lloyd can’t remember what estate agents it was up for sale with, it was with the Nationwide; do you remember Gary, you didn’t go through the estate agents as you didn’t want to pay the fees and you also said Anita didn’t work for you because you didn’t pay the tax on her income.

DC Don Kenyon let’s look at your witness that you called and never showed the jury his previous convictions, I am going to show you his previous just in case you have lost the paperwork Don, why wasn’t Mr Lloyds convictions in the jury bundle? Was it that you didn’t want the jury to know his bad character?

15/3/1983 Flint magistrates

Theft – fine £75

Handling – fine £100

Compensation £39

Costs £5

06/06/1983 Llandudno magistrates

Theft act 1968

Fine £40

Obtaining property by deception fine £40

12/01/2007 Caernarfon Crown Court

False accounting

False accounting

False accounting

Theft act 1968

Community order – 12 months

Unpaid work, requirement 200 hours

Costs £2,000

This is Gary Lloyd, the little rat from Llandudno Junction who everybody thinks is a lovely lad and never been in trouble.

  • Mr Lloyd’s wife was fined in Caernarfon Crown Court over £90,000 for fiddling the DSS, he let her take the blame because he’s a rat and a coward.
  • Lloyd hired out go-karts in Queensferry, he also had various shops (selling beds and furniture) in Llandudno, Colwyn Bay & Rhyl, Lloyd went bankrupt.
  • Lloyd acted as a modelling agency in Llandudno trading as Hot Shots, getting women to strip off while him and Paul Horan took photographs for their own sexual gratification. The poor women paid Lloyd cash as he promised to send the photos to a London model agency.
  • Gary Lloyd rented a house in Rhos on Sea and was claiming housing benefit whilst working.
  • Lloyd sold contraband tobacco, when caught by HM Customs he wasn’t prosecuted, how convenient for a rat.
  • In various shops Lloyd had in Colwyn Bay and Rhyl he would illegally tap into other people’s water supply and do the same with electricity.
  • While Lloyd was married he would often go back to a lady’s house by the name of Anne, who owned a lingerie shop in Rhos on Sea; Lloyd would dress up in her underwear putting on her basque, knickers and stiletto shoes.
  • Lloyd has never been faithful to any of his partners, he’s deceitful and a liar.
  • Lloyd has been a heavy cocaine user for over 30 years.
  • Lloyd a couple of years ago was bragging that he took a 68-year-old woman back to her bed and breakfast in Llanberis, where the 2 of them had wild sex while off their heads on cocaine, Lloyd was bragging he was snorting it off of her tits. You may well laugh readers of the blog, you wouldn’t if this was your grandmother.
  • Lloyd suffers from health problems, not so long ago whilst attending a wedding he collapsed and was rushed to hospital with a cocaine overdose.
  • Lloyd used to do the markets around the North Wales coast, trading standards found out he was selling counterfeit DVDs, he blamed his son and said they were his.
  • The house I purchased off Lloyd was for £54,500 if they prosecuted me and Anita for a conspiracy, it goes without saying he should have been prosecuted. Oh, I forgot North Wales Police couldn’t prosecute him, he’s a grass and their star witness.

You read Lloyd’s statements, he now decides to say something different when he gave evidence under oath, he now says Anita may have worked in the shop as I was never there, Paul Horan the registered alcoholic was the manager, he looked after the shop not me, Anita’s barrister Chris Stables asked the judge john Rogers QC could he grant an order for Horan to be summonsed to court, if Horan would have attended court and confirmed what Lloyd now says under oath, Anita’s case would have been discontinued. Stables told the judge Horan had moved to Merseyside around the Southport area, how convenient the police couldn’t find him LOL,  a registered alcoholic who was on benefits, he would have been easy to find, if the police would have wanted him as a witness in a murder case they would have soon found him.

What I find very strange is in the jury bundle they had my applications for a mortgage that I had applied for, photographs of houses I’ve owned and my tax affairs, I didn’t have a problem with any of that but what was missing from the bundle was the previous convictions for Gary Lloyd the credible witness and all his dodgy dealings he’s done in the past.

Have a look below at Lloyd’s paperwork where he’s been involved with Stephen Dickens, Lloyd owed Dickens quite a lot of money. I would first like to point out the paperwork you will read was nothing to do with me or Anita, they had already arrested Lloyd on 07/12/2005 for attempting to obtain a money transfer by deception, please look at his custody record.

No charges were brought here against Lloyd, we know why, they were building a case against me and they needed Lloyd to be the witness, again Lloyd could do anything and he wouldn’t have got prosecuted, let’s say Lloyd was right he’d done nothing wrong why didn’t he bring a claim against the chief constable for false imprisonment, he couldn’t because he was up to his neck in it.

What the jury must be thinking now reading this, seeing what Gary Lloyd is really about, I ask you again members on the jury. Please come forward, go and see a Solicitor; you the jury may be mad at reading what Gary Lloyd has been up to and feel the system has let you down, think how me and my wife feel, I’ve served 2 prison sentences totalling seven years and had to pay The Mob £350,000.

As far as Gary Lloyd their star witness is concerned, he is nothing but a benefit cheat, cocaine user and abuser, a tax evader, electricity fiddler, a Dwr Cymru fiddler, runs his vehicles on red diesel, a man who deliberately goes bankrupt when he has debt but as long as he gave evidence against Creamer he was entitled to do whatever he wanted by North Wales police.

Finally, Gary Lloyd you rat, run to the police and show them the blog and what I’ve written about you; there’s nothing they can do, it’s all the truth. Serve a writ on me Lloyd you rat for libel, oh I forgot you can’t do that either because I’m telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You are now surplus to requirements by North Wales Police, they have used you enough. You are one very lonely old man Gary, try and have a nice Christmas on your own Scrooge, just remember all the paperwork on the blog, North Wales Police sent it to my solicitor.

The next post will be on the 25/12/2017 regarding Gary John, this will be on at 6am in the morning.

Thinking of you, Michael Creamer.


27 thoughts on “Gary Lloyd, I Never Told The Jury The Real Truth About My Background, I’m A Liar

  1. Lmfao Gary in knickers basque and stilettos and that pot belly sticking out and his grey hair dyed black, what a sight 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  2. Creamer you forgot to mention mate lloyds shop in Caernarfon sandwich shop called tummy busters another tax fiddle took the money and run.

  3. What you have put on here is only the tip of the iceberg he’s done much worse he is so sly to his friends and family, no morals at all horrible man!!!

  4. Competition Sky, Cooper and Lloyd are you 3 trying to see who can get the biggest belly? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. NORTH WALES POLICE needs more BENT witness they use Gary Lloyd who is a cokehead Gary John who’s a amphetamine speed freak and they use a sex beast Gary sky. Nwp desperate !!!!

  6. Gary Lloyd is a bad egg, when his parents passed away he was at the front of the queue to receive his inheritance not so long ago when his uncle Ken died Belinda Lee out of the goodness of her heart was phoning around the junction to ask did anybody have Gary Llioyds telephone number only to tell him sadly his uncle had passed away, when Gary heard Belinda was trying to contact him he warned people not to give out his number he said Ken has got no money and I don’t want to pay for the funeral. I’m a woman writing this when I heard what he said along with other things I thought then he is an evil man only out for what he can get. Michael reading this post bought a tear to my eye to think what he’s done to people, I must say his mum and dad were lovely people. His new venture is selling furniture on the internet he’s based at Abergwyngregin at the old petrol station ( that’s information for the inland revenue ) I’ve got to get off here before I say too much!!!!!!

  7. Mick you didn’t mention about Gary Lloyds driving license and how many motoring convictions he has had over the years when he had a motorbike he used to ride it like a nutter, when he done the markets he used to pull a big trailer over loading it, he did get nicked in his big van as well always speeding.your a tosser Lloyd 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  8. Ken has got no money and I don’t want to pay for the funeral what a shithouse Gary Lloyd is. Vile piggy you lloyd

  9. Lets not get away from the facts here
    His Mum and Dad where Lovely People.
    His Dad Bob spent the best part of his life with the football.
    He was dedicated to running the football for the youngsters locally.
    There are a few people who he nurtured that went on to become professionals.
    He was a Top Guy but I don’t think he ever got recognised for it in the way that he should have done.
    His brother Ken was also a nice guy always in the Killer always had a laugh, he didn’t get the send off which he should have had… but I do know that a number of locals remedied that at a later date.
    My message is don’t knock his family. They where good people.

  10. Don’t b nosey, nobody has had a pop at lloyds parents they have only said nice things about them, but the son Gary is a complete tosser and a plonker, I bought some furniture off him when he put the furniture together for me it was all wonky and I wouldn’t pay him his attitude stinks.

  11. Let’s not get away from the facts Gary Lloyd is a shithouse. All the information about Lloyd is all here in black and white.

  12. Michael John Creamer.
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL

    Mr Steven Dickens from Llandudno,
    I have dedacted your national insurance number on the letter headed paper Albert furnishers, thank you for pointing this out but your complaint lies with North Wales Police, the documents were sent from the police to the CPS and it was the CPS that forwarded them onto my solicitor, all documents should’ve been checked by both parties before being sent out, if you’re a little unsure take legal advice. Thank You

  13. When i tryed to get gary number regaurding that ken had died.his sister and gary was given 2000 each for his funeral ken had told many of his friends Why would he lie.when i finally spoken to gary he said he couldnt make the funeral cos hed been in an accident and was having a operation in liverpool bull shit.karma is comming round gary lloyd the people wat were in kens funeral cared for him.and his mates even paid for a headstone for him. Ken was an honest man loved by many so i hope you and your sister spent the 4000 pounds wat youre uncle gave you to pay for his funeral you will get wats comming to were a lovely child wat happend scum thats wat you are.

  14. Scumbag !
    His son is going down the same route always causing trouble, heard he got arrested for assulting a police officer not so long ago and they let him off without even a slap on the wrist! Wonder why that is …….

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