Jamie Clark Who Lost 3 Fingers In A Cell Door, The IPCC Tell The Force To Fit ‘Finger Guards’ To All Cell Doors

You have seen on a previous post were videos were shown of the horrific injuries caused to Jamie Clark when his fingers were caught in a cell door. You saw half a dozen police officers standing outside the cell doing nothing to help him.

The police watchdog said there was insufficient evidence to bring misconduct case against any officers. The IPCC did call on the force to put finger guards on cell doors.

Please read the link below:


After Christmas, I will show you a video where the same police force sprayed pepper spray in Jamie’s face at a train station in a separate incident from the one above.

Finally, PC Ian Naude who was charged with raping a 13-year-old girl appeared at Chester Crown Court on Monday December 4th. The Chester Chronicle were not present at court and published that he pleaded not guilty to one count of rape and two counts of sexual assault, I can confirm Naude pleaded guilty to 2 other sexual related offences and wouldn’t plead to another two; the case was put off for trial until the end of April 2018.


Four Gary’s; you’ve had the first post yesterday on Gary Lloyd, Gary John Jones’ post will be on 25/12/17 at 6 o’clock in the morning and you will have a Creamer Cracker in the afternoon, I’ve not mentioned these two people before. I can confirm there is an investigation ongoing with the council & the police in to Gary Sky, I have asked the question to the authorities should he be suspended from the head of PubSafe until the investigation has been completed, neither will confirm whether he has been suspended or not.

Lynne Plumb bought Gary an electric toothbrush for his 47th birthday on Sunday, he snapped it in half not because he doesn’t have to brush his teeth but because City beat United LOL.

Speak to you all on Christmas Day.


4 thoughts on “Jamie Clark Who Lost 3 Fingers In A Cell Door, The IPCC Tell The Force To Fit ‘Finger Guards’ To All Cell Doors

  1. Gary Sky broke his electric toothbrush ha ha ha mingling teeth needs to lose a bit of weight off that fat face. Creamer the public have a right to know what’s he been investigated for???

  2. HaHaHa, love it, Gary Sky was a cocky prat when he worked at Arriva, loved lording it over the other drivers who all thought he was a tool.
    Yep Gary if your reading this remember me, I’ll be chomping at the bit the day Mick publishes what you have been up to. Mick, I hope this is as good as I think it will be.
    Meanwhile I’m looking forward to reading about another NWPOLICE grass getting his upcomance Xmas day at 6am 😄

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