My Complaint To The JCIO Against District Judge Gwyn Jones from North Wales

Below you can read a complaint which I made to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO), you can also read their findings, my letter is self-explanatory but I would just like to make it clear Angela Helleur, I do not know you and I have never had any contact with you but I can see from your interview you were arrested on 31st  October 2008 for money-laundering, your full interview and documents were sent to my solicitor Hogan Brown solicitors of Liverpool by North Wales Police, they are obviously not concerned at who or what information they are passing on.

Angela if you do read this blog and feel upset that part of your interview has come into the public domain please, phone me on 07977928434 and I will redact your name, I’ve shown as little as possible but the reason for showing this extract was that it shows your solicitor when interviewed was Gwyn Jones from Gamlins Solicitors.

A couple of weeks prior to your interview on 10 October 2008 myself, my wife and another 15 defendants were interviewed at St Asaph and we were all eventually charged and went on trial at Mold Crown Court, at the time being one of the biggest fraud cases in North Wales. I don’t know Angela if you were ever charged, the point I’m making here is your solicitor Gwyn Jones would’ve known all about me and my trial in fact he did know!

Mr Stephen Dickens and his then partner Yasminah Jhurry also went on trial for an alleged mortgage fraud, again readers of the blog Dickens and Jhurry had no involvement in our trial and once again his paperwork was passed by North Wales Police, to the CPS and then to my solicitor’s office. This is how I’ve come into contact with your documents ,I don’t know Angela Helleur as stated but I am aware of Mr Dickens and Miss Jhurry and I know Mr Dickens is a complainer so should you read this blog and you feel aggrieved that your paperwork has been disclosed to my solicitor, all I can advise you Mr Dickens is, take legal advice and should you have a complaint it lies with North Wales Police.

There are some documents in my complaint to the JCIO regarding the ‘rat’ Gary Lloyd who was a prosecution witness in my trial, at that time he was very friendly with Mr Dickens. Ian Pattinson who was one of my co-defendants when he bought and sold a couple of houses, Gamlins solicitors did the conveyance for him, that’s where Gwyn Jones the now District Judge used to work, who says he doesn’t know me.

I would just like to point out that Ian Pattinson was acquitted of any wrong doing by the jury and Mold Crown Court in 2010. Anita, my wife was jointly charged with Pattinson and Spencer in the conspiracy, I was not charged in this conspiracy; Anita sold Pattinson a cottage in Penmaenmawr, we say all legal and above board, Pattinson renovates the property and eventually sells it to Michael Spencer, making over £40,000 profit, good luck to Pattinson, that’s what everyone does when you buy and sell properties.

So, the prosecution says there is a conspiracy between these three; the jury you would think would find the three defendants either all guilty of conspiracy or all three not guilty, but wait for it, the jury found Pattinson not guilty but found Spencer and Anita guilty. I’m not the only one dumbfounded, Pattinson himself said how can they find me not guilty but find Spencer and Anita guilty? That’s something we have to live with.

Moving on, Gwyn Jones the solicitor from Gamlins eventually becomes a district judge in North Wales, where on 21 December 2016 myself and Anita find ourselves in front of him at Llandudno magistrates court, where he activated a confiscation order sending myself and my wife to prison, where our solicitor told him, the Creamers have payed £100,000 and you will get a further quarter of a million pounds at the end of January, which was only four weeks later. He was having none of it and sent us both to prison; we stuck to our word and the money was paid by the end of January 2017.

What a load of rubbish. I believe the judge knew myself & Anita and that there was a conflict of interest and he shouldn’t have heard the case.

Read what the JCIO says, ‘you can complain to the ombudsman if you believe that this office has handled your complaint incorrectly, but the ombudsman does not have the power to investigate your original complaint’.

It seems to me that judges are bullet proof please read the link below:

Geraint ap Dewi Rowlands, 56 the former army cadet leader, town councillor and Barclays Bank worker appeared for sentencing at Caernarfon Magistrate’s Court, once again the ‘paedophile post’ getting this wrong, they say he appeared for sentencing at Llandudno Magistrate’s Court, well I can tell you quite clearly it was Caernarfon court and you can quite clearly see Dewi Rowlands leaving Caernarfon Magistrates Court after Gwyn Jones the district judge says “can I make it quite clear that this is not normal behaviour you’ve now lost your good name and I’m going to sentence you to a total of 52 weeks jail, suspended for two years”.

Are you as lost for words as I am readers of the blog? Images of children from 6 months of age to 14 years old and he doesn’t send him to jail this is the same judge that said he doesn’t know me, yet sends me to jail just before Christmas for owing money that I say I didn’t owe, yet he doesn’t send this paedophile to prison for downloading and making these images of these poor defenceless children makes me sick, the judge was more concerned with this beast losing his good name!!

I wonder how long this ex special and town councillor hid his dark secret for? finally read another link below:

Again, district Judge Gwyn Jones said: he was satisfied that the offence was serious enough to justify a custodial sentence, the judges sentencing remarks were interrupted by William Jones’s mobile ringing although he had turned off the ringer, it vibrated loudly, and he was told off by the judge and the judge went on to give him a 90-day jail sentence suspended for a year.

Another suspended sentence by Gwyn Jones, but sent a married woman, my wife to prison a few days before Christmas for allegedly owing money, a mother with children and grandchildren.

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16 thoughts on “My Complaint To The JCIO Against District Judge Gwyn Jones from North Wales

  1. Mick,

    The hard evidence that you possess clearly evidences that District Judge Gwyn Jones has been caught out lying and therefore his credibility and (lack of) integrity comes into question. That is where district judge Gwyn Jones’ musconduct lies…. Is that he is a lied and a deceiver. How can this man be trusted to make judgement on anyone when he himself cannot see his crime? This is where your complaint with the JCIO should be highlighted yet they have totally disregarded what you have said and whitewashed the basis of your grievance. I would bounce it back to them stating that DJ Gwyn Jones misconduct is that he has openly lied in Court and they have totally misinterpreted your original complaint.

    As for his sentencing in other cases, there doesn’t appear to be any consistency and the cases that he has presided over need auditing independently for equity, consistency and fairness.

    At the end of the day, if you are a Freemason then you are protected from your wrong doing to the hilt and we all know there are a huge amount of Freemasons who are in north wales police and the north wales judicial circuit.

    Words fail.

    1. Including solicitors on the North Wales circuit who can either be bought or are Freemasons themselves. These are people you think you can trust!! NO! You can’t!!

      If you ever need a defence solicitor, take it from me and my experience, go to the ‘Pool, they are less likely to be blackmailed or bought by North Wales Police or the North Wales Judiciary Circuit.


  3. Gwyn Jones represented me when he was a solicitor at gamlins, a rubbish solicitor he was come to think of it have gamlins got any good solicitors

  4. Did you not know all judges are lenient with any sex cases they must think they have not really done anything wrong, showing no respect to any victims or their families.

  5. Judge Gwyn Jones is almost certainly friends with disgraced m.p. David Jones. Fatty Kathy from gamlins, BENT NORTH WALES POLICE judge John rogers They are all in it together. It’s a fact the police and JUDGES go very easy on paedophilia how come !!!.

  6. Gamlins Solicitors ……

    Check out who was their senior partner for 38 years.

    Its no secret locally that he is no longer the Senior Partner there.

    You have to ask yourself …. why would somebody resign from a Company that they have been involved with for the best part of their life?

    Maybe they just wanted a change.

    But in general it is funny how people resign when they have to face up to something…….. that being just an opinion


    Leading law firm Gamlins is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year.

    The company, which was founded in Rhyl in 1889, is celebrating this remarkable milestone in its history by launching a new, modern brand identity.

    Gamlins (Law) has always been a forward-thinking firm, which now has five offices located across the region. The company is proud to have provided expert legal advice for individuals, families and businesses for such a considerable period of time.

    Director Robert Salisbury, explains why the firm has been so successful: “Throughout our history we have sought to achieve excellence in everything we do. We are immensely proud to have reached this historic milestone and we attribute this success to our unwavering commitment to working in our clients’ best interests.

    “Our entire team is dedicated to providing an open, honest and thorough service and it is this approach that has enabled the firm to grow throughout the years and expand into new geographical areas.

    “Our solicitors are experts in their fields, which ensures our clients receive the advice they need. We go the extra mile to secure the best outcome for our clients.”

    Gamlins was established by John Gamlin and now has offices in Rhyl, Abergele, Denbigh, Ruthin and Holywell.

    Gamlins supports its growing team of solicitors and staff by investing in regular training and mentoring programmes.

    This has resulted in a high level of satisfaction within the organisation and an impressive retention rate of staff.

    This investment continues to attract the very best lawyers to the firm who share the values of the entire organisation. The team at Gamlins is looking forward to building on its success during the next chapter of the firm’s illustrious history.

    Gamlins plays a role in community and charitable initiatives.

    Free weekly legal advice clinics are held across all offices.

    Solicitors give up their time to act as business mentors, non-executive directors and board members of various arts organisations, as part of Arts & Business Wales.

    Many employees volunteer and fundraise for charities.


    No send off’s for these people ……. ???? very strange
    Good luck to Jean hope u have a happy and enjoyable retirement.


    About Rob Salisbury

    Rob has been a lawyer in North Wales for over 40 years and has specialised in many aspects of Law during that time; such as gaming and liquor licensing, criminal law, planning appeals, business tenancies; acquisition and sale of SME’s.

    In recent years Rob has been advising clients on strategies for regularising their businesses in readiness for retirement or sale, or handing on to their families or employees.

    As the senior partner of his firm for 38 years he was responsible for the running of the business and this has enabled him to advise his clients on running their own businesses.

    Rob is very involved in the business community and served as chairman of both the North Wales Committee of the CBI and thereafter as Chairman of the Full Welsh Regional Council of the CBI both for periods of 2 years. He was also president of the Chester and North Wales Law Society in 2000.

    Rob is also a Notary Public.

  9. You now have the Can – once opened it might be full of worms !!!!

    A bit of research might be in order – probably better off saving all these comments for a new post.

    Some people are very illusive so throw spade away and get a JCB.

  10. I had a run in with this judge merely for trying to defend a fox from the hunts vile terrier men. He showed a great deal of respect for the those evil men one of whom had three prosecutions assault and battery but he found me guilty of harassment and assault when it was me who assaulted by one of the terrier men when he pushed me down the bank where he and his friend had just killed a fox he had dug out. This judge had previously been recommended by the Countryside Alliance to defend terrier men when he was just a duty solicitor at Gamlims in Rhyl. I didn’t stand any chance of a fair hearing. I wouldn’t trust that judge as far as I could throw him.

  11. Judi those pictures on your site are awful, typical of the judge gwyn Jones very lenient on sex offenders and people who kill animals maybe it’s because gwyn Jones is as bald as a badger

  12. This Judge is an utter disgrace. Found my son guilty purely because he “didn’t like” the English law firm he used. Made an example of an innocent man. Refused to consider expert witness testimony. Refused to consider longstanding medical evidence and called a serious suicide attempt simply a “bad day” Supported Officers who had themselves admitted there was no evidence against him. Needs striking off.

  13. I too have suffered at the hands of Gwyn Jones. I was prosecuted by him for the common assault of a terrier man in 2014. I was the one assaulted by the terrier man by being pushed down a 14 ft bank but Gwyn Jones decided a four time criminal terrier man had more credibility than myself, a respectable campaigner against hunt cruelty for over twenty five yrs. Gwyn Jones has been recommended by the Countryside Alliance to defend the same hunts former terrier man in 2007 when he was a duty solicitor. I didn’t stand a chance with this biased & vile judge. That court case broke me & six yrs on I still can’t get past the injustice.

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