Lager Lout Superintendent Robert James Kirman is Fined and Left with a Criminal Record

Superintendent Rob Kirman who is 47 and his partner who worked as a police civilian worker have both lost their jobs.

Rob Kirman attacked a taxi driver he thought was deliberately using a longer route to take them home. Sadesh Hussain, 41 who was the taxi driver became terrified when Rob Kirman and his partner began swearing and banging on the glass panel in the taxi. Mr Hussain an Iraqi Kurd who fled to the safety of the UK 15 years ago, had no choice but to divert off route as several roads in Wrexham, North Wales had been closed off as there was a one-way system in the town because of a ‘Rock the Park concert’ being set up.

Both Kirman and his partner were both heavily intoxicated and they were both banging on the window behind Mr Hussain, they were shouting, swearing and banging with their fists on the panel and were very angry that the taxi was taking a diversion; the driver repeated to them both “please calm down the road is closed”. The driver eventually stopped near the taxi rank where he worked and called the police; Kirman eventually got out of the taxi, grabbed the driver, took his keys and was still shouting at Mr Hussain saying, “I’m a police officer”, the driver said to Kirman “police officers don’t act like this” and was scared.

When Rob Kirman was questioned he allegedly told officers he believed Mr Hussain was going to kidnap them both, thankfully the CCTV revealed what really did happen and Rob Kirman was charged with assaulting Mr Hussain, Kirman resigned from North Wales Police 12 days after pleading guilty last month to using threatening or abusive behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress and causing just under £400 worth of damage to Mr Hussain’s car and to common assault.

North Wales Police have also conducted an internal misconduct investigation and a public misconduct hearing will take place on 1st March 2018, I do believe ex-Superintendent Rob Kirman will not attend on 1st March. The whistle-blower who provided this information to me tells me Kirman was sacked but to save his pension he was urged to resign immediately, this is making my blood boil and I’m sure readers of the blog you will feel the same, how dare this criminal be allowed to keep his pension. Kirman’s partner, a police civilian worker who was sacked by the force accepted a caution for threatening behaviour.

Before all this came into the public domain I was well aware of it and I wrote a request to ask, could they provide the following information under the Freedom of information act;

Please read my three requests and the request acknowledgement they have until 9 March 2018 to respond.

I’m told Rob Kirman’s partner also worked in the ‘Go Safe’ vehicles (Arrive Alive) once again readers of the blog, what’s maddening is police officers in North Wales struggle to get overtime, they are told if they want overtime go and sit in the Go Safe vans, wouldn’t you rather see more police on the streets policing the towns, stopping vehicles for drink and drug driving, instead a trained police officer is doing a civilians job sitting in the back of the van, trying to catch motorists speeding that they can’t stop whilst in a Go Safe van as already stated, wouldn’t it be better if they were out in police vehicles?

Rob Kirman appeared in Mold Magistrates Court today 19/02/18 for sentencing. When any member of the public has to attend court, we are all told to be there for 10 o’clock, how strange that Kirman’s told to attend for 2 o’clock, the court listing says he was in court 5 but at 2 o’clock it was switched to court 4.

He was fined just over £700 he also had to pay costs for the damage he caused to the panel in the taxi just under £400 plus £200 to the taxi driver as compensation and £85 court costs.

Roberts James Kirman’s solicitor told the court today he had drunk 10 pints of lager, the video was played in court of the taxi journey, Kirman’s partner was also drunk you could hear her screaming and shouting abuse at the taxi driver, her language was foul, take it from me she’s no lady and as for Kirman, he was even worse you could hear him calling the driver a c**t, the taxi driver did the right thing by driving back into Wrexham town centre trying to seek help.

It really is laughable, Kirman trying to convince the court he thought him and his partner were being kidnapped, 2 police officers attended the scene Kirman and his partner were telling them “we are police officers”, she is not a police officer, she was a police civilian worker. Again, what was frustrating was if that would have been any other member of the public behaving in this way they would have spent the night in the cells, which is only right and proper yet Kirman and his partner were allowed to go home, he then phoned the incident inspector from his home after drinking more alcohol to report the incident, Kirman’s solicitor told the court he’s been in the force 24 years and has no previous convictions, he’s lost his job and his good name, Robert James Kirman now has a criminal record and is no longer with the police force.

Superintendent Simon Humphreys, another one who resigned after he was interviewed regarding the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar, Superintendent Gordon Anglesey, convicted paedophile and his wife was allowed to keep his pension, absolutely disgusting; just what is it with our Superintendents in Wales?  Superintendent John Chapman I made a complaint to PSD about you and am still waiting patiently for my money that went missing.

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11 thoughts on “Lager Lout Superintendent Robert James Kirman is Fined and Left with a Criminal Record

  1. Disgusting behaviour and all too common within North Wales Police albeit that most of this type of behaviour is brushed under the carpet or are protected by Freemasons.

    Paula Vaughan-Smith claiming to be police officer. How is it that she wasn’t charged with impersonating a police officer?? If it’s good enough for Tryphaena Jackomis of Connah’s Quay, who was charged and convicted of impersonating a police officer why is it not good enough for Paula Vaughan-Smith?

    North Wales Police and the judiciary are awash with double standards and inconsistencies. There should be uproar and if I was Tryphaena Jackomis I would take this example to appeal the injustice.

  2. I’m absolutely fuming that the tax that I pay from my earnings will be used to fund this louts pension. It’s totally unacceptable and I think anyone with some nouse about them would agree. It’s abhorrent and sickening.

    As a North Wales Pig Superintendent, Rob Kirman could have been earning up to £75,066 per year. YES!! £75,066 every single year!! That’s what our hard earned tax is spent on and, when eligible to receive his pension, Rob Kirman will receive a large proportion of this £75,066 and a lump sum. NOT BAD FOR A CONVICTED HOOLIGAN.

    To put the icing on the cake, North Wales Pigs whinge about lack of funding and resources to tackle real crime, crime that people are worried about. Not the easy target like the speeding motorist or those criminalised because of their vulnerability or mental health.






  4. You would have thought someone in his position would know better sadly this isn’t the case with a majority of our north wales police force, whatever their rank.

    A vast majority of these scum are lying, deceitful, intimidating,bcorrupt, vengeful and conniving pigs who are only interested in protecting their own ill gotten pensions, pension the tax payer funds. And those pigs that aren’t the above are just as bad for not doing anything about the corrup ones.

  5. Mr C you certainly chose the right topic for your Blog, North Wales Police just keep feeding your Blog with their corrupt and bent Police Officers you simply don’t have to do anything they do it all for you.

  6. I’m lost for words a Super Intendant behaving in this way how come it’s all kept quiet about Paula Vaughn Smith I hear she was as bad as him………… Disgrace.

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