Paula Vaughan Smith partner of ex-Superintendent Rob Kirman avoids court!

Leading on from my last post regarding Superintendent Robert James Kirman and his partner’s drunken escapades. What surprised me was when I attended his court appearance and had the advantage of watching and listening to the video evidence being played the CCTV in the taxi was clear and you could hear Paula Vaughan Smith and Rob Kirman both hurling abuse at the taxi driver and banging on the Perspex window between them and the driver, the language from the two of them was foul; they both had clenched fists banging on the window so if Kirman was charged with criminal damage, why wasn’t Paula Vaughan Smith charged with the same?

Kirman was also charged with a public order offence again, why wasn’t Paula Vaughan Smith charged with this offence? When the taxi driver Sardesh Hassan drove into Wrexham town centre to a place of safety where he was able to stop the taxi, Rob Kirman got out of the taxi and grabbed the taxi driver by the scruff of the neck and took the keys out of the ignition; the CPS clearly got this one right and charged Kirman with common assault, Paula Vaughan Smith played no part in the assault.

When the bouncers came over from a nightclub trying to calm things down, along with other witnesses who saw and heard the incident, both Rob Kirman and Paula Vaughan Smith were both telling the witnesses and the two special constables that they were both police officers. Can I just remind you readers of the blog, that Rob Kirman was a Superintendent at the time, Paula Vaughan Smith is not a police officer, she is a civilian worker, so why didn’t the CPS charge Paula with impersonating a police officer?

Should that have been any other member of the public who had done what she had done that night, they would’ve been charged with criminal damage, a public order offence and impersonating a police officer; these should have been Paula’s 3 charges, but how convenient, Paula accepted a caution for a public order offence and proceedings against her were dropped.

What I also found very strange was this offence happened early in August 2017, it took 6 months to come to court; this was not a fraud case which would’ve been complex to investigate, this was a straightforward assault, criminal damage and public order offence. Was Rob Kirman given 6 months to clear his desk, get his story right and what’s more North Wales Police kept on paying his wages up until a couple of weeks ago.

On the afternoon of 19 February 2018, the court listings says Robert James Kirman was to attend court at 2 o’clock to face the charges he pleaded to, it also said Paula Vaughan Smith was due in court and that they were both due to appear in court 5. Paula Vaughan Smith did not attend court, Kirman appeared alone and it was switched from court 5 to court 4. In court was the District Judge, the prosecutor, Rob Kirman and his lawyer, myself and my wife and what I find strange, sitting at the back of the court behind me was Superintendent Stephen Williams & two of his colleagues, there was also one reporter, what a complete waste of money to have 3 senior officers sitting in the public gallery to support Kirman. What a waste of tax-payers money, you would’ve thought the Judge would have sent the 3 officers out of the court saying have you not got public duties to attend?

Please read the link below that was in the paedophile post yesterday:

Maybe the police could explain to the public why it took 6 months for Rob Kirman to be charged and put in front of the court? And could the CPS explain why Paula Vaughan Smith was not charged?

Rob and Paula both reside at St Mellion’s Crescent in Wrexham, their community must have been shocked at this behaviour I can clearly tell you from watching and listening to the video both of their behaviour was outrageous. What I found shocking is Kirman has been in the force for 24 years and as you know he was fined just under £1500, when the judge asked him how he was going to pay the money, his lawyer said he had no money and has just recently done some part time work for a bank & could he have 56 days to pay the fine; 24 years of work and no money, they may have to sell the his and her’s motorbikes.

Robert Kirman

On the last post you will have read my 3 FOI requests to North Wales Police, you can read 2 of their responses, the one they have not answered is the one where I asked why did Kirman retire or resign from the force and why was Kirman’s partner sacked? We will have to wait and see on that one!

I also told you Paula Vaughan Smith was a civilian that worked at a Police Station, the whistle-blower told me Kirman had her trained so she could go and operate in the ‘Go Safe’ vehicles getting in more overtime and as you can see they also get police officers working in them ‘Go Safe’ vans, I can tell you Duncan Logan is one of those officers who works in the vans, just look at the figure for overtime that they have paid, it is shocking, no wonder they are out in the vans targeting the motorists.

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15 thoughts on “Paula Vaughan Smith partner of ex-Superintendent Rob Kirman avoids court!

  1. Mick, I’m appalled, you and your blog highlight what I know and believe to be true about the corrupt institution that is North Wales Police.
    I’m proud to be Welsh and to live here, but this ignorant incestous police force makes me ashamed to be Welsh and to live here.
    Everyone loves your blog Mick, keep up the fight.

  2. Fucking disgusting £40,000 in over time what have they paid in wages for that year along with this over time? Just out to make money for themselves.

  3. I live in Wrexham this is not the first for rob and Paula to make a scene when they are pissed up they are both a pair of arrogant arseholes……..Paula is mutton dressed as lamb!!!

  4. Now their jobs have gone and there’s no money it’s time for Paula the gold digger to leave no way will she stay with him.

  5. They were both intoxicated that night a little dickie bird tells me they were both on the Charlie 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉🚔🚔🚔🚔

  6. Why was Paula Vaughan-Smith let off scott free with her crimes and criminality? Let off with public order offence, criminal a damage and claiming to be police officer?

    If it was in the public interest to charge and convict Tryphaena Jackomis of Connah’s Quay of impersonating a police officer alone, why was it not in the public interest to charge and convict Paula Vaughan-Smith for her three crimes? The judicial system stinks and is inconsistent and lacks impartiality.

    How is it that Superintendent Rob Kirman escaped community service? Again, another inconsistent sentence which is disproportionate to his crimes.

    As for paying his fine, what was the problem paying a meagre £1,500 out of his salary which is in excess of £70,000 per annum.

    Let’s see how long they continue to live in St Mellions Crescent, Wrexham, now that it is public knowledge where this pig lives.

    Mick, spill the beans on who the other pigs were who accompanied Superintendent Stephen Williams at the Court case. Wonder how much that cost the hard working and down trodden tax payer. Another FOI request, perhaps?

  7. Police officers taking cocaine disgusting.

  8. Sian beck is useless her name had appeared on this blog a few times. Every copper, cps workers JUDGES and solicitors need re training or sent back to school. ONLY IN NORTH WALES.

  9. Mr creamer I’m going to see my local councillor to see if the local authority can employ you, to police the corrupt bent police force. Keep up the good work.

  10. Superintendent Steve Williams I used to babysit for him when he lived in Caernarfon that marriage failed couldn’t keep his dick in his trousers, funny how he’s now living in the Bay with a woman who works for the Police, Creamer he only turned up for court he was hoping to see Paula Vaughan smith there because he was knocking her off behind kirmans back ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂.

    1. Babysitter

      Yes, we have heard that information too and it is common knowledge in the Bay, that Williams is poking Vaughan-Smith.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if she dumps Kirman now since he is not in high high flying position and is jobless and Williams is still one of the ranks.

  11. I can’t believe the CPS didn’t charge Paula Vaughan smith she will definitely dump Kirman he’s of no use now both of their partners must be laughing their socks off.

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