North Wales Police The Finest Force That Money Can Buy

I often receive emails regarding my blog; some people wish to remain anonymous and don’t wish to have their emails published, the email below that was sent to me on Sunday 28th of January 2018 by Mr Wilford and he asked me would I publish his email.

Please read the email below:

After reading your email Mr Wilford, I can see that you were also aware that PC 2538 Rob Jones has had an affair with a lady from Llandudno Junction, when I mentioned this on Christmas day I said I wouldn’t name the lady which still remains the same, yes I was aware the lady was single and was not at fault, it was the officer who is married with children in the wrong and may I also add a member of her family found himself in some trouble and could have ended up before the courts, but Rob gave words of advice and certain allegations dropped away, I have no axe to grind with that person so good luck to him.

But readers of the blog, you can see how vindictive PC Rob Jones 2538 was towards me on the witness intimidation, that should never have made the court room, let alone charge but he did have help from Gary John Jones and Michael Garry Plumb (a.k.a. Sky).

Mr Wilford, I have dedacted your email address as requested, once again thank you for your email.


5 thoughts on “North Wales Police The Finest Force That Money Can Buy


    No doubt they are “BOUGHT” with other highly sought after and expensive commodities too.

    If it’s common knowledge within other Police Forces up and down the Country how BENT these “VIET-TAFFS” are and they don’t do anything about it, then surely they must be just as BENT to allow it to continue…. Accessory after the fact and all that and, after all, they are there to uphold British law, even the laws around corruption.

    If other Police Forces are aware of the corruption going on in North Wales Police and haven’t done anything about it then they are just as culpable. Disgusting.

  2. The lady in question who was having an affair with rob jones it seems she gave her services and he gave his, I knew about this her son had a few charges wavered then to make the figures back up he came after you with a trumped up charge, that would be standard for nwp this is why rob Jones was moved from junction to colwyn bay, his past caught up with him.

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