Anglesea the Paedophile gets 12 Years Part 3

On Friday 4th November, Anglesea returned to Mold Crown Court for sentencing, the case was put off until 2 o’clock in the afternoon, there were a lot of press outside, he finally arrived just after 1 o’clock with his sons and daughter, the press were there to greet him as he got out of the car, the press asked him “Are you going to apologise to your victims?” the arrogant paedophile wouldn’t answer and walked straight into court.

What I found very strange was his second wife Sandra, you all would have seen her on the TV, standing outside the Strand in London after his libel case, where he was awarded £375,000; Sandra was a lot slimmer then, both smiling like Cheshire cats, probably wondering to themselves “How are we going to spend all this money?”. Back now to his recent criminal trial where he was found guilty of abusing boys, Sandra a much larger woman now, attended the trial for the whole 6 weeks, walking into court every day, linking his arm, did you notice readers of the blog, that once he was found guilty and due back for sentencing, no Sandra on his arm, rumour has it, she has left him, once Anglesea had come into the court building and through to the café area, he walked in and to his amazement there were a lot of men, former residents of Bryn Estyn, Bryn Alyn & the attendance centre, Anglesea’s face was a picture.

As he walked through, one of the men stood up and shouted to Anglesea “Do you remember me?”, there was no reply from Anglesea, he just put his head down, the man then shouted “You are scum”, Anglesea walked straight out of the café/waiting area and went and sat in a room where he remained until called into the court room for sentencing.

Security came over to the table where I was sitting and said “I know emotions are running high, you all need to calm down because if there is any more shouting, you will be asked to leave”. At around 1.45pm, all the spectators made their way up to the public gallery and I can tell you there wasn’t a seat available, the gallery was packed, security were there along with the police, the bottom of the court area was packed with journalists and lawyers.

When the court started at 2 o’clock, Elinor Laws QC had been an outstanding Barrister throughout the trial, she read the guilty charges out and the victim impact statements from the boys that had been abused. It was then Tania Griffiths’ turn to speak, the barking dog, who started reading a 150 page appeal statement, his honour Judge Geraint Walters stopped Tania Griffiths in her tracks and kindly reminded her “I have already read in-depth the 150 page appeal statement”, she still tried to carry on reading it and you could see the judge had had enough of her, the whole court went silent and you could hear a pin drop, what Anglesea’s Barrister was asking the judge was something she had never done before, she was applying for a certificate knowing the appeal would be heard next year and for Anglesea to be released on bail until the hearing, when the judge declined her request, you could hear cheers of joy from the gallery and everybody started clapping, everybody knew from then on the judge was taking no messing from her.

The prosecution Barrister stood up and said there were more charges to put to Anglesea, his barrister said to the judge, he will never get a fair trial now, with what has been written on social media etc, she suggested could the charges be read out to Anglesea and he was to plead not guilty to them all and the judge to record the charges down as not guilty. His honour, Judge Geraint Walters was having none of it and said they would be left on file.

Tania Griffiths then asked the judge “before you sentence him, can he have some credit, as he has been on bail for 3 years and he is a frail old man and he is going to go to jail”, she must have forgot that Anglesea had just had a 6-week trial, wasted the public’s purse and put his victims through hell again, thankfully again the judge was having none of it.

Elinor Laws QC stood up and said she was putting a claim in against Anglesea for over £130,000 for court costs, the judge gave her 4 weeks to submit it; no doubt Tania Griffiths will dispute that claim.

Tania Griffiths had the height of cheek to tell the judge when Anglesea goes to prison, his family could suffer financially and he could lose his police pension, oh I pity him!

He then turned to Anglesea, told him to remain seated whilst he gave a speech of what Anglesea had done, he must have spoken for over 10 minutes, reminding him of how he had abused his position to those young, vulnerable boys, he said while they were in those homes it was survival for them boys doing what they did, he then turned to sentence him giving him 12 years for what he’d done to those children.

There were chants of joy and relief from the gallery as well as some men crying, as it had been a long time coming for justice to be served, I shouted from the gallery to the judge “Well done your Honour, great sentence”.

Anglesea is currently serving his sentence at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool, I speak to people at Altcourse on the phone daily, he is currently down the block for his own protection and on suicide watch.

Finally, we can only thank David Cameron for this, as he ordered the inquiry into the abuse at Bryn Estyn; North Wales Police knew what was going on 30 years ago, they said the file was passed to the CPS and that the CPS did nothing with it. We are led to believe the Chief Constable Mark Polin has asked the National Crime Agency to carry on investigating and I can tell you there will be a few people who will be dreading a knock on the door shortly, you know who you are. Anglesea during his evidence, said he went for Christmas dinner with the principle from Bryn Estyn and senior management from North Wales Probation, I wonder were North Wales Probation aware of what was going on at Bryn Estyn?

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  3. Michael John Creamer
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL

    A good sentence handed down here to the paedophile Anglesea by the judge. Anglesea never saw this day coming, thought he was above the law. When he committed those crimes he wasn’t thinking about his own children who are now suffering because of his actions. We now all know Martin Parmley was sacked from the force when he was CID, he worked out of the Child Protection Unit, he pleaded Guilty at Wrexham Magistrates for going on the Police National Computer without authorised permission, you have to ask yourself what was he looking for?

  4. Mick, I have to disagree here. A good sentence ? 12 years for his crime isn’t nearly enough. You yourself got a third of this for a crime that you were accused of, that had no victim , I have to repeat, 12 years isn’t good enough for this vile man. I hope they leave him for dead in jail, I don’t wish them to kill him, that would be too kind, oh no, this man should be made to suffer, and his victims should be the ones to hand down his sentence, and if this was law, then you didn’t have a victim mick and would not have gone to jail, Anglsea on the other hand, would get exactly what he deserved and he would never see the light of day again.

    1. Nicola Smith, first of all thank you for all your comments you talk a lot of sense and you don’t hide behind anonymous like myself, though I still appreciate the comments sent in anonymously. Nicola you said Anglesey should have got longer I couldn’t agree with you more, but in this recent case the judges hands were tied, firstly most cases you hear people get life inprisonment they never do life they do about 12 years some a bit less some a bit more there are a few cases that do more there cases were a judge has gave a time recommendation, going back to the paedophile Anglesey the judge had to apply the law that was set back in the 80s we know that has now changed and the feeling from people in court on the day of sentencing there was talk of him getting 6-8 years so I think 12 years was a good result, so Nicola with a bit of luck and the age he’s at he should hopefully pass away in jail. Once again to all the people that read this blog thank you so much for your comments your emails and your personal conversations you have had with me. Michael

      1. Thanks Mick, its a shame you or I didn’t have a judge who followed the rules or applied the law when we were going to jail. We had kangaroo courts set up for us.

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