Magistrate sends me to jail; a judge orders my release and my barrister is on bail for child indecency offences.

I put a post on this blog over 12 months ago, when it first began, you will remember a small piece of writing telling you how I got 5 months’ youth custody for breach of the peace, whatever I write on this blog is true and factual & is always backed up with evidence.

Now going back to the offence on Saturday 25th May 1985, some 32 years ago when I was a young man of 20, for those of you who are local, you will remember the Castle Marina (Wheelhouse) on Castle Street, Conwy. I told you before, what the Mob were very good at was coming up to people, when standing outside of the pub waiting for taxis, was to push and shove you & try to provoke a reaction for you to break the law and then be arrested; the easiest charge in the book for a police officer to arrest anybody is Section 5 of the Public Order Act, which relates to a breach of the peace, it means if you shout, use foul language even if nobody is present the law states somebody could have been there, easiest charge in the world for the Mob.

Moving back to 1985, when the offence took place, I came out of the Marina, you all know about Sergeant Williams you have heard his name mentioned on this blog, he’s picked me out of the crowd, using his bully boy tactics, pushing & shoving me, I’ve squared up to him, given him abuse and used foul language as he’s tried to arrest me I have run away, I had a pint glass in my hand, I then jumped in a taxi & sped off.

The police followed the taxi on to the Morfa, I’ve got out and done a runner, when the police caught up with me I was charged with, theft of a beer glass and bilking, which means making off without paying for the taxi, for the sum of £2, the next day I returned the beer glass & paid for the taxi.

Then on the 29th of July 1985, I appeared before Llandudno magistrates court, where I pleaded guilty to theft of the beer glass, making off from the taxi without paying the £2 and for breach of the peace. I’ve told you before that back then there was no CPS, the superintendent in Llandudno used to speak to the clerk of the courts so when the magistrates would retire, the clerk would go and speak to them and advise them of the law, as we know magistrates are retired school teachers & shopkeepers etc.

How the hell did those magistrates come to send me to prison for 5 months for breach of the peace? It’s called police corruption full stop.

As soon as I was sentenced to custody and was given advise off my solicitor Donald Roberts and advise from council, my barristers name was Trevor Halbert, we lodged an appeal but appeals do take time; by the time the appeal was heard at Mold Crown Court, I had nearly finished my sentence and had to spend my 21st birthday in custody.

My barrister, Trevor Halbert told the judge, Llandudno magistrates got this case totally wrong and Michael seems to have been sentenced for his previous convictions, the judge at Mold Crown Court got the usher to phone Llandudno Magistrate to find out why such a severe sentence had been passed down to me? Their reply was “there had been quite a few affray’s in the area”, how pathetic and what a stupid answer, these other affrays had nothing to do with me or my case. The judge said to me “magistrates do get it wrong at times and your sentence was OTT, over the top” and I was released on the 13th September 1985, again all to do with corruption at North Wales Police.

Please read advise from my barrister:






Isn’t it absolutely shocking that we can’t trust the police, the magistrates or my own barrister, please read below and see what my barrister had been up to, it just sickens you:



During the trial at Mold Crown Court recently in the Gordon Anglesea case it was mentioned that judges, lawyers, MP’s and police had been regular visitors at Bryn Estyn and Bryn Allyn, the truth always comes out at the end and there are some people that don’t like the truth.

I’ve got nothing to hide about my convictions.

Finally, Sargent 840 Bob Welch who was on traffic stationed at Bangor and was always very keen to book people, there was a rumour in the force that he would book his own mother, he took a couple of complaints from myself. On Friday 11th of November 2016 he was arrested at his own home, where he was handcuffed and his computer was seized, he was later released on bail, then on Sunday 13th November 2 days later, he very sadly took his own life, I’m sure the community will hear what he was alleged to have done.


5 thoughts on “Magistrate sends me to jail; a judge orders my release and my barrister is on bail for child indecency offences.

  1. creamer dont tease us you know why have they took bob the knob welchs computor the community have the right to know if its bad, safety is paramount

  2. them magistrates need jailing if they are still alive 5 months for breach of the peace what a fukin joke, i watched traffic cops the other night, they arrested some lad from lincolnshire you could clearly see on the tv him kicking and spitting at the copper, shouting abuse and swearing, he got community work llandudno mate kangaroo court

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