A North Wales Ex Police Worker Sentenced For Indecent Images

Ian Williams a senior crime scene investigator from Anglesey, admitted to causing the child to engage in sexual activity, he also admitted to making and possessing indecent images of children: wait for it, how unbelievable the judge sentenced him to 52 weeks, suspended for 2 years at Shrewsbury Crown Court.

What is the matter with our Welsh forces? The crimes that some of their officers are committing is sickening and vile, it’s frightening what these police officers are doing to our children. I’m going to have to write to the Prime Minister Theresa May, our kids and grandkids are not safe on our streets, they need protecting from these monsters.

Conwy County has the most paedophiles in North Wales, it is not right that these people who commit such hideous crimes can live in our communities without people knowing. Parents should know where these people are so they can tell their children not to go down that certain road or to stay away from the park.

What I find astounding is sometime in 2011, North Wales police put mugshots of men’s faces up on billboards in the White Rose Centre in Rhyl of convicted drug dealers trying to name and shame them, our communities would be more interested in mugshots of these convicted paedophiles so we can protect our children from these beasts. Because the courts in Wales are not protecting them, handing out unbelievably lenient sentences to the paedophiles and very rarely giving them prison sentences at all, those that do get a custodial sentence usually get a short sentence. It’s okay to damage and ruin a kid’s life, but when it comes to North Wales Police it’s all about money.

Remember the post about Mark Hall, he got six years prison for consensual sex, oh the bitch in question said she didn’t consent but remembers taking Mark back to her mum’s house; you all know the story, I’m not going to go on but look at the length of sentence handed to him, and then look at what the judge gave Ian Williams for a heinous crime, a 52-week suspended sentence.

Remember paedophiles can’t be rehabilitated, a gambler or a drug user can. Paedophiles can’t be cured they will come out and keep doing the same and the police will protect them no matter what, well they will when they are at it themselves.

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8 thoughts on “A North Wales Ex Police Worker Sentenced For Indecent Images

  1. North Wales Police Officer Gary Donnelly was jailed in 2014 for ONLY 18 months for historic sexual assaults on a 14 year old child. He will be out by now, living his life whereas the psychological impact on the 14 year old child will, no doubt, live with her forever.


    The police force at North Wales are awash with bent and corrupt pigs, breaking the law and using their employers as their protection.

    The whole facade stinks. Even now, North Wales Police are posting about their “Code of Ethics” on Facebook…… The latest one being “use of force”. The audacity of the scum! You only have to see young Jamie’s fingers to come to the conclusion that they have pure contempt for their own code of ethics!!


  2. Ian’s probably at home now laughing his head off at what sentence the judge gave him, watching his indecent images and reading his porno mags Well done Judge for looking out for our children NOT!!!

  3. Is that fat slob Gary Sky’s story going to be told this Christmas Creamer mate, I know things that slob has done please get the story out head of pub safe my Arsenal!!!!

  4. Jon venables who killed JAMIE bulger got sent back to jail today for downloading kiddy porn. So how is it BENT cop and kiddy fiddler Ian Williams from North Wales police gets away with it.

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