Another F**k Up From North Wales Police

So North Wales Police have f**ked up again, compensation will have to be paid to Astrid Linse for her motorhome that they sold at auction, which was then stripped for parts.

I hope the tax payer doesn’t have to foot the bill for another cock up: Undoubtedly, we will have to.

Will we be seeing more Go Safe vehicles on the roads to rake the money back?

Arfon Jones, the Police & Crime Commissioner who is obsessed with putting himself in the limelight and telling us how good North Wales Police are, you never see him commenting on any of the many f**k ups committed by his force, this being another example.

Will he be going back for an emergency meeting with the the Council and in particular Julie Fallon Smith (another one who likes the limelight) to ask for more money from the public purse to cover the compensation costs?  Readers of the blog, please expect another council tax rise to cover these costs.

Arfon Jones, please ask the Chief Constable Carl Foulkes and those responsible for recruitment of police staff here in North Wales to comprehensively vet new recruits to your force as paedophilia seems to be rife throughout the force, as in the cases of Gordon Anglesea, Garry Donnelly, Ian James Clarke, the list is endless and the most recent one is Stuart Bradshaw.

Readers of the blog, stay tuned for a shocking revelation about a Senior police officer.


7 thoughts on “Another F**k Up From North Wales Police

  1. Its amazing how crooks get to high places, protected by their equally crooked ‘friends’ but people are having their blinkers removed, slowly but surely. Soon 2020 vision will be this yrs catchphrase.

  2. Arfon Jones must be the most unkempt commissioner in the country , never wears a tie trousers and shirt on armpits always sweaty , mind you he once was a chauffeur for that paedophile Gordon Anglesey.

  3. Very embarrassing for our force I do know from a good source this claim is going to cost more than £100,000 and the tax payer will foot the bill !!!!

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