Witch-hunt Part 20

The Mob are told by the Big Bosses, you must watch Creamer 24/7.

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

I will show you some documentation which is on The Mob’s intel system, so when their auditors have a look at their expenditure, they have to show where the money has been spent, as long as they have a name on their intel system along with whatever other rubbish has been collected, no questions seem to be asked. The Big Bosses have told the surveillance team, get out there and watch Creamer 24/7, don’t worry about the cost, the tax payer is footing the bill.

I used to drink in the Whitehouse in Morfa, Conwy, where The Mob were spying on me going out for a drink, I went to a builders’ yard in Abergele, to buy some building materials and they were spying on me there and again on 20/07/2009, I was having a drink in the Liverpool Arms, Conwy with a friend of mine, called John. PC1627 Chris Jones walks in, in full uniform, walks straight over to me, where I was standing by the one armed bandit and says “Hello Mr Creamer” and then said “Hello John” to my friend. He then said to me “What are you two up to?”, my reply was “I don’t know what it looks like to you, but this is a pint of bitter in my hand, I’m having a drink and socialising, so can you please leave”.

That’s the same Chris Jones 1627 that stopped Anita in her 4-wheel drive for no apparent reason and said he wanted to take a look in the back of the vehicle, saying “as I wouldn’t want Michael to break his bail conditions” that’s the same Chris Jones 1627 who stopped me in the early hours of the morning in my red van and asked for a breath specimen, I refused to open the window, he said he was going to smash it with his truncheon, I gave a breath specimen, and it was negative, I said I thought you said you can smell alcohol, he said it must have been Anita who had been drinking. You would have seen these statements on a previous post, the point I’m making is when I went to see the Big Bosses, they said it’s not harassment unless the same officer has stopped you on more than a couple of occasions.

This is the same 1627 Chris Jones that stopped me outside Conwy United Football Ground, he came over to me and Anita and says “I know you don’t want to talk to me Michael, but we have received information that threats have been made against your life”, I told him, “No threats have been made against me or my family, go and moider someone else”. Is this The Mob covering their tracks, blaming the public when really the threat could be coming from them? but they are covered by saying it’s on their intel system.

Below are some exhibits which are off the police national computer, where you can see they are obviously following me and spending an awfully large amount of tax-payers money.




Wouldn’t this money be better spent trying to protect our country against terrorists, obviously North Wales Police are not questioned on the way they waste money.

Please note on their exhibits, why are they putting my date of birth on? David Cameron, Prime Minister, my human rights have been violated, terrorists are not having this amount of surveillance by the police.

Coming soon, you will read about Creamer Vs Chief Constable, at Llangefni County Court, where you will read what officers said in court “This was a big operation, where Creamer was seen allegedly passing £100,000.

The witch-hunt continues….


14 thoughts on “Witch-hunt Part 20

  1. North Wales police, have nothing better to do than to follow a man in to a public house, pathetic behaviour, can a serving officer be charged with stalking I wonder?

    1. Y shouldn’t they be charged with stalking. NWP are also responsible for not only having me stalked but setting up a man to date me for a period of 18 months, drug me with scolopomine (which I have an independent drug report that I paid to have done) and hypnotise me, gain trust into my home and my life, so y the hell shouldn’t NWP be responsible for there actions. I reported the incident which was quickly brushed under the carpet, only im not letting it stay under the carpet and I want something done about it. Y should they be allowed to stalk people, drug people, terrorise people. Y should they be allowed to enlist neighbourhood watch to gangstalk people too.

  2. Creamer being watched 24/7 for years on end. Llandudno lifeboat station could have been built, the population of Conwy should of not been asked to pay taxes for a year, and TATA steel would be still running for years to come if the mob hadn’t spent so much taxpayers money on Michael Creamer. North Wales police can you kindly tell the public how much money have you spent???

  3. Your not telling me pc 1627 Chris jones is now a wooden top. I remember slimy Chris as a CID. I wonder what he’s been up to, too get demoted to a bobby?? Thats the reason he was harassing you mr creamer to get his job back in the CID. The money the taxpayers had spent on you, would certainly got Chris his job back.

  4. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL.
    Mobile: 07977928434
    Email: michaelcreamer@hotmail.co.uk

    Anonymous 30th January 2016, I will answer your questions, my apologies for not getting back sooner, I have waited over 2 weeks before replying, just in case you would have phoned me, or sent me an email, didn’t really think you would have because you’re a coward, hiding behind anonymity!
    Firstly, John Gizzi is a friend and I’ve known him for many years and his family are all hard working people and in the building trade.
    Secondly, I am banned from the Whitehouse, you’re quite right, the reason for this is, Haydn the owner got his pub vandalised, Haydn knows it wasn’t me and had nothing to do with me, but he spat his dummy out, because he knew that I knew who did it, so he barred me, how pathetic. We all know who did the Great Train Robbery, but British Rail wouldn’t ban everyone who knew from using the trains, but Haydn’s not 2 faced, he’s 50 faced and he talks about everybody.
    Maybe his pub was vandalised because he’s had an affair behind Pauline’s back, or his son Gareth smokes a lot of weed and he may have owed a debt and this same Haydn, when he had Barton’s in Llandudno, used to import contraband Vodka and at the moment in the Whitehouse, he sells bottles of Bud and the money goes in a separate till.
    So, you the coward, I hope I have answered your questions, it’s looking great for me, my address and details are above, so if you’d like to see me in person, please call to my house.
    Thank you Coward.
    Michael Creamer

  5. The Whitehouse then the Pleasant Fuckers, then the New Whitehouse 3 different names and still Haydn can’t sell it, been for sale for 10 years, started off at 500grand house and pub, been told from a good source from the campsite he would take 250k just to get rid, he’s had enough there, you can tell that by the state of him. Your right Mr Creamer he can’t help himself, talk’s about everyone and anyone, people in glass house’s should’t throw stones.

  6. most landlords are 2 faced, they want to be everyones friend, mostly with the police keeps the heat off them whilst they water the beer and spirits down, along with not declaring all the meals they sell as well as other dodgy stuff. they sit at pub safe meetings agreeing with everything the police say so they can carry on fiddling………. i know this because i once was a landlord!!


  8. Don’t embarrass yourself n.w.p.admit you made a proper cock up, and take those responsible to justice. Maybe then you will earn the public respect for once.

  9. owl.co.uk is the local neighbourhood watch scheme similar to pubwatch that enlists local residents to stalk people who have been unlawfully put on a terrorist list. Located in Llandudno. Most publicans/managers are working with this arm ….. “best bar none”

  10. 07493 925679 my new phone number, I got rid of the last phone and didn’t have one for a while. Im off the police station to see what help im gonna get from there traumatising, stalking, drugging, abuse, theft, trickery, fraud. Last time I went in there was last week to make a complaint abt Janet Finch Saunders, officer said, I cant speak to u bcos u made a complaint abt me, next one came in and said, and I cant either bcos u made a complaint abt me to. It was all true I said…..well we will have to camera up to speak to u. So lets see what they say to me today when I ask what they are going to do about there traumatising me. I also populated a list on facebook of my gangstalkers….within an hour I was blocked from facebook and police at my door again. Yet it is all the TRUTH.

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