Witch-hunt Part 21

Did I ever get a fair trial in the highest court in the land?

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

I told you readers of this blog, a few posts back, I was refused leave to appeal my conviction, I was also refused leave to appeal on my proceeds of crime. What I found very strange was, when you appeal a conviction or a sentence, you go to the Appeal Courts, The Strand, London and out over 30 appeal Law Lords, appealing my conviction and my proceeds of crime, how convenient, I get a Welsh judge both times!

Bearing in mind at the time David Jones the ex-secretary state for Wales, sacked by the Prime Minister, was the boss of the judges in Wales and a life member of the Privy Council, where all the Law Lords attend. As you have all heard the recording of David Jones the MP, just before my appeal making threats, saying “Leave Creamer to me, I will deal with him myself” and as I’ve told you before, we have never met each other.

Now make up your own minds and read the letter below of my complaint, which I sent to the Judicial Conduct & Investigations Office in London.





You can also read about Lord Justice Davis (Sir Nigel Anthony Lambert Davis) who turned down an appeal, over the removal of funding for the MMR litigation.



A judge’s words are gospel in any court room in Britain, they always tell the jury to make it known to the court if you know anybody in the courtroom, you must declare it now, which is right and yet Mr Davis says that he didn’t know his brother was a Director of Glaxo Smith Kline.


11 thoughts on “Witch-hunt Part 21

  1. A judge’s word are gospel in any court in britian.They always tell the jury to make it known, to the court if you know anyone in the courtroom. You must declare it now which is right.yet Mr Davis says that he didn’t know his brother was a director of glaxo Smith Kline. Really how convenient.

  2. Fat Nigel Roberts, Dylan the grass Moore and the Bent MP David the ill looking Jones, Mick it is good that you have exposed them, Fat Nigel had no friends anyway, he’s got even less now. Amazing how his little baby the newsagents where he loved to get his gossip from he had to sell up and go. So glad the Fat man’s life has been turned upside down, Dylan Moore the grass and the Probate sniffer has gone very quiet too. Grassed on his own Client Fat Nigel and then there’s the Slimy Sneaky Snake, the Rat David Jones, i seen him the other day he looks like Death warmed up, he has aged since he was exposed. The 3 Evil men three years ago thought they were on top of the World, hiding behind anonymity, now exposed the 3 of them don’t look as if they have 6 months left in them. Dirty B*****DS ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! You 3 tits didn’t see it coming. Ha ha ha!!!

  3. David Jones solicitors firm has recently brought in another member as a director…….probably so they can try and distance themselves, him and moore from the corruption that’s going on at that practice. Did you know that Jones is also involved in the Mortgage Business……….amongst having his very long fingers in many other pies

  4. Well said Nicola Smith how did those people in Clwyd West vote for that evil, vile specimen of a man, the best part of him is still running down his Mothers legs what a corrupt MP

  5. The people did not vote him in, this is STOLEN POWER. Jones was a rogue bed salesman prior to his fake solicitorship. He was brought to this town through his masonic connection. I also learnt yesterday after months of research that when this town had the big drug bust and many of the boys went to jail along with anyone else who was seen as a threat or had money they wanted……..well this is not the onlt town this happened in…..Kent…..is the place I have been looking at, seems they had the very same sweep, then, the POLICE took over the drug trade. It now explains to me why Conwy council workers have second jobs as drug dealers. They are working for the police snitching on anyone who buys from them populating a list of recreational users. Before Serco took over our police and all other agencies , a council job was considered a respectable job and you would not have found a council worker dealing drugs. This to me is shocking. p.s. Mick, I really need to populate the 275 police complaints iv made via the IPCC and there responses but each time I try I get brain fog…..I believe the guy who was paid by the police to date and drug me as well as hypnotise me has done something to stop me doing this. Sounds crazy ha……were living in crazy times im afraid and I hope the people wake up soon to this horrific plot that is unfolding before there eyes. Also…..its evident to see the people who are flourishing are the ones working with the police……everyone else is being kept below he poverty line.

  6. David Jones MP also has interests in approximately 200 business’s which is not obvious from doing a light search on his background. I had to dig quite deep to find this info , so why is he hiding it. And he also has a few business interests on the surface and declares no other affiliations which is illegal, he is committing numerous criminal offences by doing this.

  7. David Jones MP is also the man responsible for integrating foreigners/Asian businessmen into this town, these Asian businessmen are employing local people who are desperate for work and they are paying them £10 a day…this is slave labour and is driving down our economy which this vile man sits in his expensive house that I doubt very much has been paid for by him.

  8. Ruby Williams – also talks for a mickey mouse radio station run from a dr who box in the community centre ty hapis in Llandudno…….affiliated to neighbourhood watch…..run by the police. So Ruby red shoes works with the police.

  9. All the misfits who are poor excuses for human beings, did you really buy the crap that was sold to you by the police about many local people, people you once considered you friends, your family, your neighbours, what on earth made you sell out. Do yourself a favour now befor they come back and do the same to you…..jump ship….and stop snitching……people need to remember the days when snitches were paid very heavily for such…………because its not IF u are caught…its WHEN. and do you really think you will have police protection then……..wake up will you. You are being used as bait.

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