Should The Mob Have Given The Dog A Bone?

My blog, as you are aware is all to do with the way The Mob have dealt with me over the years and we are currently on The Witch Hunt Part 21, I will return to the Witch-hunt after this post.

I would like to see people’s comments on the way The Mob have dealt with the issue of killing the dog on the A55 last week. My own opinion was that it was despicable and barbaric the way in which they handled the situation.

I will start with Sacha Hatchett’s short speech that she put on social media, she was very vague in her speech, so I am going to try and help her find the answers to the questions, as Superintendent Hatchett doesn’t seem to be very familiar with this area.

It was suggested that the dog was killed between Llanfairfechan and Conwy Tunnel. Superintendent Hatchett, could you please be a bit more specific as to where the dog was killed? Was it in Llanfairfechan, Penmaenan, Penmaenmawr, Dwygyfylchi, Penmaen-bach, Conwy Morfa or just before the entrance Conwy Tunnel, because from Llanfairfechan to Conwy Tunnel is 7 miles long?

You say the time was around 3 o’clock in the morning, I can tell you from experience of driving on the A55 at that time of the morning the roads are quiet and you Superintendent Hatchett, have the benefit of CCTV cameras all along the A55, so you will be able to view them and give all of the concerned members of public an accurate account of how many vehicles were on the road. Secondly, all police traffic vehicles are fitted with cameras and finally Superintendent, our police officers are fitted with body-cam, so you would have seen the whole situation, as I have already stated, why are you being so vague?

Please don’t tell us the CCTV cameras were not looking at the incident, the vehicle wasn’t fitted with cameras and that the police officers didn’t have their body-cams on them. I would like to bring something to your attention, you said in your speech, wagons were doing 70mph, there are parts of the A55 you can only do 50mph on, from just after the Little Chef in Dwygyfylchi coming around Penmaenbach there are speed signs up saying 30mph, when the 30mph speed limit finishes at Conwy Morfa a 40mph limit starts going into Conwy Tunnel, you also said that HGV’s had to swerve to avoid the dog, that would be shown on the CCTV.

You can see pictures I’ve taken for you showing the speed signs.




I would like to invite you to immediately send members of The Mob, tomorrow morning and every other morning at 3 o’clock onto the A55, because if those HGV’s and other motorists are travelling at 70mph, they would be committing road traffic offences in accordance with section 1 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988.

Could you please confirm in another statement, were your officers wearing fluorescent jackets? Because if they were, they would have been easily visible to motorists and if they were not, they may need reporting to Health & Safety and also did the police vehicles have their blue lights flashing?

I am surprised a rolling road block was not used, this is a method of temporary traffic control that is used to slow or stop traffic as a means of temporarily removing traffic from a roadway. The rolling road block closes all lanes of traffic, by using vehicles to create a gap, so that constructive activities can be performed (ie; catch a dog). To the left hand side of the A55 coming from Llanfairfechan, you have a cycle path from Conwy to Llanfairfechan and alongside the cycle path you have a beautiful beach, the dog could have easily been guided along the cycle path to a place of safety and on the right hand of the A55 from Conwy to Llanfairfechan, there are fields and mountains.


I believe North Wales Police did absolutely nothing to bring the dog to safety.

I also believe the officer that killed the dog and the boss who ordered the command to kill it from the control room, they should immediately be suspended while a full investigation is carried out by PSD (Professional Standards Department) and if the public are not happy with PSD’s decision, the public could sign a petition and get it referred to the IPCC and if that outcome is not satisfactory to the public, then a committee could be formed and civil proceedings could be taken against the officers. From my previous dealings with PSD, I have no faith in them as it’s the Police investigating the police. Members of the public, should ask under the Freedom of Information Act, for full disclosure of all documentation regarding this case.

Part of our enquiries at the moment tell us the officer Craig Neil Macloed and officer Anja Mason, both from Prestatyn, who were both convicted of cruelty to dogs, banned for 5 years from looking after animals, there was over 240 hours of distressing footage of their cruelty towards their dogs, they were given community work and hefty fines. I am told they are now back in full time employment with North Wales Police on Traffic duties, Superintendent Hatchett, could you please confirm in a statement, that neither of these 2 were the driver of the vehicle that killed the dog on the A55?

Now that The Mob know who the owner of the dog is, the owner should be prosecuted for not keeping the dog under proper control. Karen Dixon CPS lawyer, should be able to advise The Mob of the right charge. I got fined 35pence for the same offence, read my earlier post. I also believe the officer who killed the dog, should be charged with criminal damage, because the law states a dog is an object, Karen Dixon will be able to advise on that.

Finally, Superintendent Sacha Hatchett, whether it’s you or someone higher than you, somebody is being economical with the truth over the incident.

I would like to know what H.M. the Queen would think about North Wales Police killing the dog?

Your comments will be appreciated.


23 thoughts on “Should The Mob Have Given The Dog A Bone?

  1. A very well written piece, well done Mr C, I doubt very much that North Wales Police have the integrity to punish those responsible for this abysmal act.

    I can only hope the public get behind this and campaign North Wales Police to act in a proffessional manner, name those responsible and seek to prosecute them.

  2. Perhaps this is a matter serious enough for our local MP’s and Assembly Members could get involved with? After all such happenings are of Public Concern as has been demonstrated by the vast amount of local and national media coverage it has received. Where are you David Jones, Guto Bebb, Janet Finch-Saunders et al? Hiding behind your Parliamentry and Assembly Expense Accounts, no doubt. Get off your arses and start doing something for the folk who put you into the lap of luxury by stupidly voting for you.
    You will not be winning the next Election Janet, or you David and even you Guto!

    1. Y bother with these “useful idiots”. I think the time has come to bypass them and go to the “attorney General” Jeremy Wright…..he is the man who holds ALL THE POWER. Over our MPs…..and COURTS. A position that was obsolete until a few years ago…….resurrected from medieval times, perhaps what we should be voting for is the draconian guillotine to also make its comeback to punish those corrupt in positions of power who continue to take the proverbial piss. Janet Finch Saunders and Guto Bebb continue to remind me of “Stage School” actors, who don’t even play the part well. More like “misfits” Last time I was in JFS office I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it before but she has up on her walls pictures of Maggie Thatcher, David Cameron, and Herself……. Maybe someone needs to tell Janet exactly were Maggie went when she kicked the bucket…..but then again….. y spoil the surprise for her…….pmsl

  3. Where are the RSPCA in this affair? They should at the forefront, leading action against the Police for such cruel and heartless treatment of an animal.

  4. North Wales Police aught to be ashamed of themselves killing that poor dog, it seems to me they didn’t try and save it, i can’t believe how wicked someone could be and the driver needs naming and shaming.

  5. if that scummy police officer is married he obviously doesnt like pets, what would his wife think thats if hes got one you horrible evil policeman, hope you get terminally ill!!!!!


  7. It takes a “certain type” of person to be able to do what these officers done to this dog. And human does not come to mind.

  8. David Jones M.P. his name is popping up everywhere. I saw the funny looking oink monday night on the T.v. your actually saying he’s done all you say he has shocking.

  9. Super Intendant Sacha Hatchett, the dog she couldnt catch it, so she sent the mob to run after it, then the dog bit the law, and their nerves were then raw,so next the old bill gave the command to KILL, and because Sacha Hatchett made a hash of it, she said batten down the hatch and close the catch, you will never be a match for anyone on PRIDE OF BRITAIN………………………………………………………RSPCA save our animals.

  10. name the dog killer please we need his name come on creamer you must know who he is ………… our dogs

  11. Hatchett and catchit sooooo funny pride of Britain awards. The speech was up there with Martin Luther king. Winston Churchill and Bob geldof. If sacha hatchett doesn’t win this year’s nobel peace pride there will be protests on the streets of pen and pendalar for years to come. Ps vote sacha.

  12. very well put together mr creamer, ive heard of you but i dont know you. im sure the rspca would have read your statement if they have not then you need to get in touch with them so the rspca could put pressure on north wales police. the public can only hope that the rspca wont be influenced by the police to side with them. good blog by the way.


  14. Officer Sacha Hatchett i have family who are serving Police Officers and like many they viewed your video that you put out on Social Media, and they agreed you made a mistake in what you said, you were not truthful regarding the incident with the dog i personally think the dog could have been saved, but what’s done, is done now. I was informed about this Blog and i read Mr Creamers statement and he was quite right , you were vague and as he said you had the opportunity to view the CCTV, you failed to mention any of this in your speech. I am a supporter of North Wales Police but slowly losing faith in them, and a few Officers i have spoken to say their hands are tied and they have to remain silent.!!!

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