Ex-Chief Constable won’t pay boat storage fees.

Obsessed ex-chief constable persecuted the motorists of North Wales, parks his boat on the double yellow lines, he was too tight to pay boat storage fees. He thinks that Police Headquarters is his own storage yard for storing his junk.

Over £120,000 a year salary, yet he won’t pay for his boat to be stored in a compound and he’ll just park that cheap boat anywhere.

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Isn’t it amazing that the Chief Constable of Spain, Ignacio Cosidó can speak Spanish?


2 thoughts on “Ex-Chief Constable won’t pay boat storage fees.

  1. Who voted him in to be the Chief Constable? He spends the public’s money on silly nonsense, chasing a witch-hunt and then tries to convince the public, it was money well spent. Getting himself tasered, dragging a horsebox around North Wales along with who-ever else he had in the back of it, again wasting public’s money, we pay for ARRIVE ALIVE vans to go out and catch motorists speeding, so bare in mind when you ring HQ to get an appointment to see the Chief Constable , you always get told he’s too busy, what they don’t tell you is, he’s gone playing out in his horsebox, or he may be outside HQ having a cup of coffee and doing a bit of maintenance on his boat or that he could be on nights tonight climbing the scaffolding, to break into HQ, testing the security. £120,000 a year to go and play games, no wonder no-one could get hold of him. Best thing he ever did was to RETIRE, although my blood is boiling knowing he took the piss out of us and the system. He even tried having Welsh lessons, night classes all at the Tax payers expense, he wasn’t interested in trying to learn to speak welsh, another publicity stunt.

  2. Richard the dick brunstrom took the piss out of the taxpayers. What an arrogant cheat of a man.hope he has said sorry to his poor wife for cheating on her.

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