At 01:03 hrs Lucie Hobson Calls 999 and reports Michael Creamer for rape!

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

Now the truth

On the 7th September 2008 The Mob came mob handed to my house at 5:50am on a Sunday morning, the property I was living at the time was 6 Cwrt Llywelyn in Conwy.

DC 2197 Gallagher was a female officer with the A team behind her, when they entered the property, I was obviously in bed at that time, when I came down the stairs 2197 Gallagher said she was arresting me on a suspicion of rape, I gave no reply after the caution. I was then taken to St Asaph custody suite, on leaving the property whilst handcuffed and escorted by a number of officers, I could see that outside the property was a recovery truck, with flashing lights on, which was taking my nephew’s jeep off the drive.

After being booked in at the custody suite at St Asaph I was told why I was arrested and then taken to see a police doctor, where I was medically examined and swabs were taken from me. I fully complied with the doctor and a male officer watching me being swabbed, this was degrading, several times I told the PC 1726 Ian Davies ‘I have not raped anyone’ and someone is trying to fit me up.




After spending some time in the cells my solicitor eventually arrived, we had a conference, I told him where I had been the night before and exactly what happened, this was all written down, I told him I was in the Blue Bell public house in Conwy drinking and a male came in with a female. The male was an old gentleman called John, he said he was in the area laying electrical cables, the female was called Sarah, I had spoken to them half an hour before this in the Liverpool Arms, this was the first time I had ever met them in my life.

When talking to them in the Blue Bell, I was sitting down at a table and they joined my company, I must admit they looked odd, he was about 60 and she was in her early 20’s, when John left the table and went to the toilet she moved her chair from where she was sitting and moved it next to me, she put her hand underneath the table onto my groin area and said to me that she wanted to have sex with me. I immediately thought has she been sent by the police, I got up and left, walked out of the pub and went to the Whitehouse.

I am very well known in the area, my mobile number is 07977928434, I’ve had the same number for well over 15 years and still have it today, this number has been on my vans when I was doing building work, the same number was on my cars & mini-buses when I was doing taxi work aswell. Later on when I was in the Whitehouse I received text messages before midnight from this girl called Sarah, which were offensive and sexual in nature, the solicitor in our interview noted all this down, after a long chat, the solicitor said he’d spoke to the officers who were dealing with the case and said they would not be ready for interview until 6 o’clock that night, the solicitor said he’d leave and come back at 6.

Before the solicitor left the custody suite, he asked the police why have you seized Michael’s wife’s phone when you arrested him this morning, I think you need to go back to his house and retrieve his phone so you can see the messages he received. The police immediately went back to my house and seized my phone (07977928434).

I was eventually interviewed that evening by DC 1267 Hulson and DC 1937 Gauge, where I was asked to give an account of where I was the previous evening, I gave a full and factual account, the 2 officers become shocked when I asked them to go to the Blue Bell and seize the CCTV which would support what I told my solicitor earlier, where they would see the female coming over, sitting next to me and doing what she did etc and you would then see me on the street cam leaving the Blue Bell on my own, Anita picking me up outside and us driving to the Whitehouse and if you get the CCTV from the Whitehouse you will see me arriving there, I also said my solicitor informed you this afternoon of the messages sent to my mobile phone, the officers said we can’t look at the phone, it’s gone off to the high-tech unit, but I told him word for word what was sent.














After the interview I was released on bail by the custody Sergeant 71551 Paul Anderson, I asked the solicitor and the officers why am I being released on bail, this is the end of the matter and nobody here has been raped, they went on to say they were making further enquiries to view all the CCTV and the mobile phone. When I was released on bail I was told that The Mob had gone to the entrance of Cadnant Park and it was all cordoned off with blue and white tape, it looked like a murder scene, this is typical of The Mob, what they are very clever at is planting the seed, a gardener will plant his seed, the rain and the sun will come and the plant will then grow, this is why Cadnant Park was cordoned off, they accidently let it slip they have arrested Michael Creamer for rape, so the gossip mongers spread false information, that’s the way the police work in planting the seed.



What the informant Sarah stated in her statement taken by the officer 72391 Lowri Jones was that she came out of the Blue Bell and that she had seen a male in a black coloured Land Rover, drive towards her and she said she tried to run away from him and she fell over and the male pulled over and put her into the car and the male was in his late 40’s, medium to big build with blonde hair. If she was referring to me, I’ve never owned a black coloured Land Rover and please don’t laugh readers of the blog, I have never had blonde hair.



When the officers reviewed the CCTV from the street cam, Sarah the lying little rat, came out of the Blue Bell on her own, not with me or any other male absolutely rotten drunk, fell over, cut her face and tore her jeans, she was not seen getting dragged into any vehicle. After the officers who reviewed the CCTV from the pub and the street cam saw this they knew I was telling the truth, that 5 letter word TRUTH is great.

Sarah the drunk ends up with Lucie Hobson on the entrance of Cadnant Park bridge between 12:30 – 01:00 in the morning, Lucie was also drunk and with a male called Stephen Roberts, some story is then made up between the 3 of them, bare in mind Lucie Hobson has not seen Sarah in the Blue Bell or seen her fall over outside either, but Lucie being the drama queen she is, dials 999, gives my name in and the police attend Cadnant Park.

There are statements from Lowri Jones and Alison Lewis, these statements are not signed, I can categorically tell you no woman was raped at the entrance to Cadnant Park, this was a rendezvous point where the 3 had met, Lucie, Stephen & Sarah, I don’t know what was said, I wasn’t there.

I spoke with my barrister Peter Davies, he said it could have been a number of things, ‘she could have been a police informant and she could have lost sight of her handler by getting too drunk or the girls could have been sheer vindictive and evil to try and get compensation out of you’.

Women do strange things, but Lucie Hobson took it one step further, she rushed home to her mother Bev Hobson and her step-father Mark Hobson, telling them that I had raped somebody, what an evil little bitch she is and on the 27th of September 2008 I was coming out of the George & Dragon pub and as I was getting in to my car, getting picked up by Anita, Bev Hobson & Mark Hobson were coming out of the Blue Bell and so they got into their taxi, they both shouted ‘You rapist’ so I jumped back out of my car, I ran over to their taxi and the typical cowards locked their doors and told the taxi driver to drive off, I banged on the window and called her a slag as she has had plenty of men and I shouted to him ‘Are you still pissing the bed?’ meaning when he is drunk he has a terrible habit of wetting the bed, I will stand by what I said, because it’s the truth, the taxi immediately sped off.

I did apologise to the taxi driver the next day for banging on his window. I also contacted my solicitor and asked could we serve a writ on them for slander, please read the letter.


Some other members of the public who also made derogatory, untrue comments are Gary John Jones from Llandudno Junction, Dan Parry from Llandudno Junction and also Gary Plumb aka SKY, again typical cowards. I won’t go on about these 3 yet, but just to let you know I have a post coming up soon which will shock you and you probably won’t drink in the Maelgwyn again.

I mean how cheeky are these people, after a false allegation was made against me obviously these idiots believed it to be true yet, Mark Hobson when he’s rotten drunk and sees me in the pub wants to come and say sorry & shake my hand and the other scum bag Gary John Jones sends beer across the bar to me and asks the barman to serve it to me and say it’s from Gary, I told the barman to give it him back, they have also asked friends of mine to ask me to speak to them, I wouldn’t speak to them if they were the last people on earth.

Moving on, any woman who reports a rape and it’s true, the male whoever he is when found guilty should be hit with the full force of the law, but dirty little slappers or police informants should be prosecuted, no doubt when Lucie Hobson reads this post her crocodile tears will come and say I’ve got children now, I don’t deserve this, but I had 3 beautiful children when you made them false allegations up with Sarah.

It’s incredible readers of the blog, if a man has raped a woman and there’s evidence you would have him before the court within a week, which would be right for the woman if she has been raped, but The Mob want to release me on bail on the 7th September 2008 and then tell me on the 13th January 2009 the case has been NFA (No Further Action), this case, the biggest crock of diarrhoea I have ever seen, but this is how evil the police are.



Think about it readers of the blog, September 2008, arrested for rape and put on bail then in October 2008, arrested for mortgage fraud and put on bail, we all know how desperate they were for me.

But remember that seed they planted, they were doing the same again, they allowed Nigel Roberts ‘aka 7 bellies’ the author of Thoughts of Oscar that poison pen blog and his partners in the blog sacked ex-secretary state for Wales David Jones and Dylan Moore, this site was given protection by the police, Superintendent Simon Humphreys and Ian Verburg & remember DC Don Kenyon was told by the judge to go and take the comments down, which they never did, hoping the jury in the mortgage fraud case would read the blog and what jury wouldn’t convict you with these comments, they were all untrue comments, but it worked for The Mob.




Members of the jury, if any of you people read that poison pen blog I urge you to contact my solicitor John Brown of Hogan Brown Solicitors, Liverpool and tell him you read the blog if you have and tell him the truth because this trial may have been prejudiced.

Karen Dixon, a senior prosecutor from the CPS in Colwyn Bay has been there for over 32 years that I know of, I know she told Superintendent John Hanson and DC Chris Walsh we can’t prosecute Thoughts of Oscar they’ve done nothing wrong, look below at these untrue comments they have been allowed to publish.

Karen, if you are allowing this behaviour to continue I think you should resign, isn’t it amazing Karen as soon as I brought a claim against the Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom you get a full disclosure of the case and because the police refuse to pay me any money they have then decided to throw Lucie Hobson to the wolves, saying it’s not our fault she phoned 999 and Sarah said she’d been raped, you thought that was your get out clause, I ask the new Prime Minister Theresa May to look at the behaviour of North Wales Police towards me and how they are wasting tax payers money.

RAPE4       RAPE5


Readers of the blog, there is too much paperwork to show you on this case, I‘ve tried to condense it, showing you a letter of a claim brought against the Chief Constable, some comments off Thoughts of Oscar and also look at some text messages I received from Sarah, finally none of the police mentioned in this case or the girl who accused me of the rape or Lucie, Bev and Mark Hobson, the 2 Gary’s and Dan Parry, David Jones MP, 7 Bellies and Dylan Moore can bring a claim against me for slander, oh I forgot I’m telling the truth, they are all liars and nothing more than a bunch of gossipers.

Remember that wonderful word tonight before you all go to bed ‘TRUTH’, I’ll say it again, the TRUTH!!

Your comments are appreciated but no bad language please.


57 thoughts on “At 01:03 hrs Lucie Hobson Calls 999 and reports Michael Creamer for rape!

  1. This is shocking behaviour by NWP they obviously didnt investigate this properly, Police statements not signed, wrong dates, description of a different male, Lucy and Sarah deserve prison, i cannot say any more Michael Creamer im in shock, your local MP needs to do something about this. Good luck i feel so sorry for your family.

  2. To keep you on bail for months like they did was just evil of the North Wales Police, when they probably knew from the start you had not raped anyone…..B******S.

  3. Well what a surprise N. W. P getting it wrong again, arresting people before investigating and gathering evidence, in feet first, that little tramp whoever she is should have been charged with wasting Police time. Great Blog always an interesting read, keep up the good work.

  4. Sarah and lucy hobson deserve prison. Dan parry the mouth needs blown over. Gary’s need his c—–n. Hobson is old. bev is gail platt. nwp you brought it all on yourselves.

    1. And they will all get what they deserve……. Mick, maybe we should consider setting up a new business, the new police…..bcos it’s clear this one are no longer doing what we pay them for…..big gap in the market , and let’s face it, we certainly have enough experience 😂 And we could do the job properly 😂



  7. Mark hobo Hobson. Bev Hobson. Lucy the alcoholics help line. Dan parry tit. gary John Jones whizz head speed freak . Gary plumb sex ?????

  8. Michael I can’t believe north wales police have done this to your beautiful family. I can’t begin to understand what the police have put you through. They’re needs to be an inquiry over this. I keep shaking my head in disbelief.

  9. Michael John Creamer,
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL.
    Mobile: 07977928434
    Should anyone want to speak to me in private regarding this false allegation that was made against me, contact me on the above details. I am convinced one of the jury members who sat on my mortgage fraud case, would have read the poison pen blog “Thoughts of Oscar”, I know Judge John Rogers QC told you not to look on the internet about me, you would have seen those vindictive and untrue comments that were put on that website, the site was being protected by the police and I can only ask you, if you did read those comments during my trial, please come forward and contact me or my solicitor in confidence.
    There was a lot of corruption going on by North Wales Police regarding my case, again please don’t be afraid to come forward. Many Thanks.

    Readers of this blog, please look at the statement DC 1436 Mark Jackson made and signed, he tells you he’s currently examined in excess of 4,000 mobile phones on behalf of various police services, basically he’s telling you how good he is at his job, he says on page 43 whilst conducting a manual examination of the handset from exhibit PHJ/1, the relevant folder which contained messages, data relating to contact messages between the 2 phones was accidently deleted, when an object fell onto the handset, whilst the message log was open, what could have possibly fallen on to it?
    When you delete a message from an iPhone, you have to press with your finger to delete, then it asks you again are you sure you want it deleting?
    This case that he was examining was to see if a young girl had been raped, or to exonerate me. So 1436 Jackson thinks it’s a good idea to come up with “I’ve dropped an object on the phone”. Every message from my mobile phone was retrieved and every message I sent was also retrieved, I can tell you there was a lot of messages on that phone as I had the number over 15 years.
    How convenient that the only messages that were missing were the ones sent from Sarah to me. I was distraught as The Mob had destroyed my evidence and who was now going to believe me. When the phone was returned to me, I contacted a private company, regardless of the cost to retrieve those messages.
    Now how convenient of The Mob, when my solicitor wrote to them and said I was going to bring a claim against the Chief Constable, a full disclosure turns up with the messages that Sarah sent to my phone. I believe Sarah was sent to me by The Mob and she was a honey-pot but I saw it coming.

  10. Makes sense now why Bev used to put Hobbo in the garden shed when they lived on Dr Garrets Drive, used to piss all over her, mind you she needs pissing over bit of acid might get that spot off her face.


  12. Karen dixon from the cps needs investigating herself its our money and in the publics interest to charge no evidence karen so no charge, dont keep a man on bail when hes done nothing wrong, karen dixon are you listening a police woman on this case made a statement a week before the alleged offence happened, then we have jackson the phone expert, deletes the messages, when the object fell on the phone did it break the screen? its one lie after another karen hope you can sleep at night after what you have done to this man. karen dixon you must be embarresed you dont deserve to pick your wages up.

  13. Mr creamer have north wales police appoligised to your beautiful wife Anita. I can’t imagine the trauma they put her through.

    1. This crime doesn’t just affect Mick, it affects his wife and children to. This is one of the cruelest attacks iv ever come across. And the entire reason the amethyst unit was set up. Luckily for Mick he is a loyal husband, and has a very supporting wife.

  14. Conwy police concocted a story. They sent John the cable layer, Sarah the informant And Lucy hobson hoping to get Michael sent to prison for a long time. Sarah got so drunk she forget the colour of her so called attackers hair. You instinct was right, you new the police had tried to set you up. The police kept you on bail for far to long, hoping to cause you as much disruption as possible. The so called phone expert who works for the police, then tried to hide the texts what Sarah had sent you.Saying I want you. How about a fuck. A fuck is in order. And were are you. Yet the mob still kept you on bail North wales police wanted you so badly Michael. So badly they wanted you to go to prison for one of the worst crimes ever. It’s a wonder that north wales police haven’t tried to have you killed Michael.

  15. Anon we appreciate your comments and everyone else’s. Can I put it to you, we don’t want trouble, we want justice. So suggesting one of Michael’s sisters or niece’s go around and hit Sarah or Lucy is so wrong. It’s down to nwp to prosecute the vermin. Saying that how can north wales police possibly prosecute their own informants.

  16. Judge rinder says be very careful Mr creamer north wales police could well possibly have you murdered or shot. The mob are clearly obsessed with you

  17. North wales police wasting millions of pounds on you Michael. Taxpayers money that is. The mob were so wound up after spending all that money, they then decide to try get you done for rape. Stinks of desperation from nwp.

  18. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL.
    Mobile: 07977928434
    Thanks for all the the comments and messages over the last few days. There have been a few comments that have come in since I published this post that I will not publish, for two reasons, the first reason is the bad language and the second is this blog is not Thoughts of Oscar, please don’t mention the names of local residents in your comments as they won’t be published, keep it to the police officers and others mentioned on the right hand side of the blog.

  19. 1687 alison lewis a specially trained officer within the crime services division you need to go back to training school, to learn how to sign a statement your statement reads, you were called to an incident on the 7th september 2008 so why did you make your statement 6 days before the alleged offence? the public are paying taxes for you to police the streets properly and you cant even do that right, you have tried to fit a man up with a very serious crime, it seems to me you and sarah must have both been intoxicated. chief constable mark polin please get rid of this waste of space. this is the worst case of police corruption i have ever read. alison please get out of the force your making it bad for other coppers.


  21. specially trained officer she may not have signed the statement because she knew it was a pack of lies again senior officers bullying young police woman at the time chief constable richard brunstrom was good at doing that………


    1. Thank you Phillip. My opinion is one of disgust at the depths our police force have sunk to stitch a man up and hurt his family. This isn’t some allegation this is a very cruel and vicious attack and had Mick not been one step ahead the consequences could have been fatal, which was the intention. I knew when I heard what happened to Mick that he had been stitched up. I knew this bcos it was something I had already done research on having come across something similar which made no sense, by the time this happened to Mick I knew there had been several women in the area recruited. I also let North Wales Police know at that time that I knew about this vicious network of what I can only call vile imposters of women, bcos it really does take a certain low level of a person to do what these women have done. And if people havnt realized by now how dangerous our police force have become, then they only have themselves to blame when it happens to them, bcos it’s only a matter of time, this force is out of control and a remedy needs to be found soon, bcos theses crimes can’t continue.

  23. How much did Lucy Hobson get paid? and how much did Sarah get paid? a copper told me you only get paid on results, is that true?

  24. I cannot believe what i have just read on this site, time for the Government to step in we are dealing with Keystone Cops from North Wales, great Blog by the way.

  25. Mick all the junction want to know about gary plumb aka sky. What’s he done? That tit Dan parry? Don’t forget gary amphetamine John. We read this site every day and can’t wait in fact we are desperate. Hurry up creamer tell us.

    1. Yes I agree, it’s time to open the closets of these dirty b******s who walk round as if they have clean hands. These people need bringing right down from. There self inflated pedestals that has given them an air of superiority, community privileges for snitches. I realized how bad things have gone when a filthy, drug ridden, bed hopping, vile individual who couldn’t lace my shoes let alone anything else, calls me an airhead. Lol.

  26. very typical of the chief constable richard brunstrom , organises a team to come up with a rape story and then gets a seperate gang for the mortgage fraud, how convenient after all the trouble he caused telling police officers to target michael creamer he then retires with a pension, michael hang on in there the government will have to do something about this, and if an enquiry is ordered his pension could be taken off him…… this chief constable couldnt even pay for his road tax or storage for his boat.

  27. Lucy and Sarah prison is not good enough for you 2 you pair of evil bitches men be warned stay away from them Lucys has had a fair few men too, bet they would have a story to tell about her, come on boys smell the coffee!

  28. No it’s not, but a good start to put put right this wrong would be for this pair to go public, with a full apology to Mick and Anita and tell the public exactly what they know, so this never happens to any other family.


  30. I was speaking to a lady today about your blog Mick. I won’t mention her name, only to say she is a follower and finds the blog very interesting as a awful lot of people do. I was taken aback, when she said I feel sorry for the girls parents and I hope they aren’t to upset regarding the comments about them. I turned around and said what about my poor mother MAVIS, what about Anitas mother SANDRA, and most of all ANITA and her children who had to listen to all the false allegations which are made up from the corrupt police and evil girls on the make. To make matters worse you had a couple of people shouting rapist at you in the street disgusting behaviour. So glad you kept all the information to prove some small minded people wrong.goes to show how evil north wales police really are.The lady turned around and said sorry i never realised that.

    1. Mick, you are far kinder to people on this blog than I would be, and that is because they don’t deserve my kindness, and in fairness, they don’t deserve yours either. Its the main reason I don’t do a blog myself, if I did, I wouldn’t hold back on one scrap of dirt that I have now managed to find on so many people involved with the police and so many corrupt officers. It baffles me how people could have sunk so low and so cruel. I come from a rough council estate in the back streets of Liverpool and we didn’t have much money, but we had plenty of Morals and Love, and we knew the difference between right and wrong, and the end does not justify the means. Morals are something I see a big lack of.

  31. maes y llan nieghbourhood watch in reply to all these comments on the blog i have studied this blog how convenient peter nolan supplies false information to the police, reports mr creamer for allegedly drink driving, this was found to be untrue what mr nolan said, lucy hobson reports mr creamer for rape this was also untrue, wait for it peter and lucy live next door to each other in maes y llan, it stinks mr creamer who else have these 2 reported??

  32. It is a terrible state of affairs when the North Wales Police resort to fabricating evidence to bring charges’ against an innocent man to ultimately try to ruin his life or at least take his liberty from him for a considerable amount of time themselves knowing that he is innocent from the offset. It reads like a good book, a classical bestseller, a fictional tale of authoritarian corruption and bullying that leads right to the top of command from the lowly foot soldiers…. but… unfortunately for Michael Creamer and family it is not a book that they can put down when they have had enough of reading it, this is a real life case of corruption and bullying at its height that they are living every day, stuck in a real time nightmare. What of others around Michael that have experienced the same atrocious treatment from North Wales Police, the first who comes to mind is Steven Dickens. .. oddly enough this man was harangued on a daily basis on the Thoughts of Oscar site…the same as Michael Creamer. ..oh, and wasn’t Dickens prosecuted for mortgage fraud, on properties that he had completely paid for, the same as Michael Creamer, and Dickens was ridiculously charged with rape, the alleged victim being his ex partner of 22 years, Yasminah Jhurry I believe, now a well known friend of North Wales Police….these charges as ridiculous as the Sarah allegation against Michael Creamer…think about it all though, mortgage fraud…how many people in Wales committed mortgage fraud in the last 10 years but the North Wales Police go after Creamer and Dickens only, how many serving Police officers had properties that they were fraudulently letting out on domestic mortgage arrangements but were never investigated or charged, not only were their mortgages fraudulent but did they declare the additional income to the Police Force, did they pay tax on the revenue generated..I doubt it….the rape charges with both of these men proved to be nothing but lies yet the Police do not prosecute the women who bring these false allegations….wasting Police time, perverting the course of justice…false and malicious accusations to name a few of the charges the Police could bring.. .but no charges to Sarah or Yasminah…but then how can the NWP prosecute their own informants. Can NWP give us a plausible reason for none prosecution of these two women…other forces are quick to act and charge women for false allegation of rape…but not NWP in these affairs. This is the 21st century whereupon all needs to be crystal clear and everyman accountable for his actions…especially those in privileged places of trust within the community, how can any of us respect any member of North Wales Police when they carry on like this with just these two men alone….how many other men or individuals are there out there that we don’t know about suffering like this….lies spread about them, put all over the newspapers for no good reason, ruining their wives and partners and children’s lives….there seems to be a mirror image pattern with Creamer and Dickens and the Police approach to them that society cannot be expected to accept because if society does accept this behaviour and plainly obvious corruption….it will be you, the reader of this who they will pick on for no good reason next and no one will be there to help you. Creamer and Dickens…build a dossier up between you and send it with all the signatures you can possibly get for a total overhaul and review into the actions and corruption of North Wales Police over the last 30 years – let’s not forget that they expect us to be accountable for our actions as they should be for theirs. Send it to who I here you ask… my answer is not your solicitor who is frightened of upsetting NWP, not the spineless Gutto Bebb, not the corrupt CPS or even the IPCC….hand deliver it to Teresa May, with a copy sent to the Court of Human Rights In Strasburg and make a good effort to bring every one in NWP who is bent down, stripped of their pensions and sacked….my guess is that there will only be the tea lady left in St Asaph !

  33. Yes they have done similar to Mick and Dickens, they have also infiltrated Dickens business’s. Destroy from the inside. And I agree, our lives are not entertainment for the public, this is real, and its horrific.


    1. My opinion is that North Wales Police reek of desperation to get Michael Creamer convicted.
      The senior officers must have sat down & said that 2008 is the year we get Creamer, don’t care how we do, just knick him. Was any one else in the UK arrested for rape & then mortgage fraud within weeks?
      Any woman who makes a false allegation of rape should be prosecuted, like the woman in this case was
      Isn’t it strange how NWP didn’t prosecute Sarah but did prosecute Angela England?
      Readers of this blog will know that it’s not strange, because NWP have one rule for Michael Creamer and another for other people.
      Any one accused of rape should be awarded anonymity unless proven guilty and any police officer who leaks a name of someone accused of rape needs to be sacked immediately.
      Michael Creamer & his family should have had a public apology and received compensation for what they went through.

  35. Well Ellen seeing as you are now a flourishing Law student in the NEW LAW, perhaps you could take on Micks case and go up against NWP- It would certainly be a catapult to your career. Unless you lose of course. Oh, and all pro bono ….. couldn’t be any other way, and Mick and Anita get to keep ALL the compensation you manage to get them, and you would be doing the community a good service, what better payment and what better way to springboard your career 😀 Two birds with one stone, or is it, two wings off the same bird, oh , well, it don’t matter as long as you win hey, il be rooting for ya honey

  36. North Wales Police have been infiltrated by the red secret police. The only way to get rid of the rot is to expose it, only when this Chinese brainwashing is exposed will it be eliminated from the community. The town council are full of brainwashed people – everywere I go, I see there wooden fake people, they have all been brainwashed into a type of zombie apocalypse.

  37. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL.
    Mobile: 07977928434

    Anonymous, regarding the swabs as it was NFA’d (No Further Action) The Mob are supposed to destroy the swabs. I am a little unsure as to what you mean about a “boob job”? My telephone number is above, please call me, maybe you know something I don’t.
    Once again thank you for your comments, much appreciated, as are the calls and emails.
    Some comments have been sent, slagging other people off who live in the Aberconwy area, this is not the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ site. If you have fell out with your neighbour or friends, deal with it yourself. I will only talk on this site about the vindictive police officers and the vindictive people on the Wall of Shame.
    Once again, thank you

  38. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL.
    Mobile: 07977928434

    Some people tell me they won’t leave a comment as they don’t want to give their email or website. In the box where it says Name, just put a name or anonymous and then just post comment, you do not have to give an email address.

  39. Michael I have spoken to many of your friends, long term friends and short term friends. they find this site interesting, truthful and accurate. all of your friends are frightened to leave a comment as they are in fear for their lives as they don’t trust north wales police aka the mob. let me remind people, the most famous comment on freedom of speech was voting. what the translation of what he said was. I am disgusted by what you say, but I will fight to the death, for your right to say it. he said that of course in a context in a ferocious attack on freedom of speech, but the reason he said it was free speech of itself is incredibly important no matter how stupid how distasteful no matter how irritating we are going towards a society where people are afraid to SPEAK.

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