Dame Barbara Mills Asks To Investigate Further!

Below are letters from the Adjudicators Office and my Solicitors J W Hughes & Co.


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HM Customs & Excise Go To Interview Mr Twomey (RIP William Patrick Twomey)


This is the statement from Mr Twomey which he gave to HM Customs & Excise as Customs wanted to know why he went to Haydn Williams’s house.

Readers of this blog, prepare yourself for over ½ an hour of recording in the next few days and then you will read the letters of apology from HM Customs & Excise and Haydn Williams!!


3 thoughts on “Dame Barbara Mills Asks To Investigate Further!

  1. Thats not fair to say were a town full of gossips. I would say a majority are. I wonder what shop it was by the police station were the coppers were telling the nigel roberts of conwy information. If I was to take a guess I would say it was thas shop mr ——- owns sorry cant say as I dont really know so I wont make up and gossip because I’m not one.

  2. Michael I have spoken to many of your friends, long term friends and short term friends. they find this site interesting, truthful and accurate. all of your friends are frightened to leave a comment as they are in fear for their lives as they don’t trust north wales police aka the mob. let me remind people, the most famous comment on freedom of speech was voting. what the translation of what he said was. I am disgusted by what you say, but I will fight to the death, for your right to say it. he said that of course in a context in a ferocious attack on freedom of speech, but the reason he said it was free speech of itself is incredibly important no matter how stupid how distasteful no matter how irritating we are going towards a society where people are afraid to SPEAK.

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