Justice For Mark Hall Continues

Once again, I am appealing to anybody with any information regarding the miscarriage of justice against Mark Hall, can I just draw your attention to the last post where I told you the victim’s mother was stalking me, please go back and read it again for yourself I don’t want to go over old ground and bore you.

I told you that the victim’s mother came into the pub with a few girls from Llandudno Junction, not once did I tell you what pub it was and I never named any other girls I only mentioned the victim’s mother Sharon and I also read a comment out from a Michelle Roberts; I was asking her view on Colin Stagg claiming compensation, which is perfectly legal to do, the lady in question Michelle ‘Mushy’ Roberts will tell you herself I don’t know her and have never spoken to her in my life but she seems to have an awful lot to say for herself, fair play to her. Michelle, I did say to Sharon in my previous post, a little advice don’t follow in the footsteps of other people, stay away from me, but you thought you knew better.

Michelle made three statements on her Facebook status, as you all know I am not on Facebook, but her statements were sent to me. They are below for you to read them (just wondering Michelle, why have you closed your Facebook down?)

Hope you enjoyed her little rant.

I’m going to apologise to you on her behalf, firstly about her grammar as from reading her notes she seems like a young lady with no decorum (what is decorum? Behaviour that is controlled calm and polite) you have none Michelle. Secondly, I apologise for her foul language, she makes it quite clear in her words ‘I will challenge any F****r that wants to say different’.

Well Michelle, I’m going to challenge you, if you want to take me on, do so at your own peril. Just in case I bring any civil proceedings against Sharon the victim’s mother for stalking me and making nuisance phone calls, may I remind you Michelle should I bring a claim against Sharon, she has to defend it and it’s nothing to do with the police, no doubt you will be the star witness. I can’t give you a full disclosure as all my evidence would be submitted to the court but one thing I will make quite clear to you Michelle, should you give evidence on behalf of your friend Sharon I would tear you to shreds.

On Saturday, 8 July I was drinking in the Mail Coach and in walked Sharon with her friend Michelle and somebody else; the CCTV Michelle, will show that I was already there before you arrived, I eventually left the pub and returned back later, how observant you were to be looking out of the window to see me pull up with my wife, the registration of the vehicle I was in was M7CK C, I think that says my name, if you go on the DVLA website and check this plate out you will see what vehicle it is and I can tell you it is not a white transit van, as you stated.

Please don’t get me mixed up with Gary Sky, he’s got a transit van and he picks girls up, I’m going to deal with Gary Sky and Gary John shortly. So, I couldn’t have got that phone call as you stated to say the victim’s mother was there because as I stated I had been in there before you, bearing in mind your vision was impaired as you were quite intoxicated, once I had taken a seat in the window of the Mail Coach and sat down with a group of friends, you were directly opposite me. You made reference to your friends on Facebook, that the man in the Mail Coach had grey hair and that it wasn’t Michael Creamer in the photo that he showed of himself on the blog.

Michelle, George Clooney doesn’t drink in the Mail Coach, it was me Michael Creamer I don’t know if you have a partner Michelle, but if you do I bet you didn’t tell him that you threw yourself in front of me, lying across a couple of chairs while you were getting Sharon to pretend to be taking photos of you, when she was taking photos of me.

Michelle, you only tell the truth once in your statement to quote you, this is what you said ‘and not once did I take my phone out and take photos’, that’s correct, you didn’t take photos of me you were lying across the chairs while Sharon was taking photos of me, you’re not a model if you were Michelle Keegan, I might have shown an interest but you’re Michelle ‘Mushy’ Roberts.

Picture of me and Michelle Keegan in Marbella on the beach in                                             Puerto Banus

Another quote from your statement, ‘the picture of the victim’s mother is not of her leaving it was taken earlier on in the night’ please don’t go red with embarrassment Michelle.

Let’s look closely at the photos below.

The first photo I enlarged it so you couldn’t see the other people who were sitting down, I have now blacked out the people’s faces. Picture 2, you know the pub as well as I do Michelle, can you see Sharon leaving the pub? notice the date and the time July 9th 00:55, that’s 5 minutes to 1 o’ clock, leaving for a taxi; you had already gone outside with your friend and picture 3 showing her leaving the premises, hope that clarifies the facts for you.

As I’ve already stated I can’t show you all the evidence for legal reasons.

I’m a great admirer of William Shakespeare and his quotes, I adopted one of them and it’s tattooed on my right arm, this is what it says:

Love me or hate me,

Both are in my favour,

If you love me I’ll always be in your heart,

If you hate me,

I will always be in your mind.

I haven’t quite worked out yet with you and Sharon whether you love me or hate me Lol!  Remember you told your friends it wasn’t me in the picture that I put up for you to look at, oh that’s me alright, can you see the tattoo on my arm? I look forward to the challenge as you quoted on your status, I think you have been very economical with the truth with what you stated on your Facebook status, it was fanciful, outlandish and only existed in your imagination.

I’ve got to move on now Michelle, I know you follow my blog and you love it, so I’m going to ask all my followers not to give Michelle a wave, as she only has three friends on Facebook so I’m told, instead could you hit the share button and make her famous.

As I have mentioned before, everything that you read on this blog is true and factual and some people don’t like to learn the truth. We can’t forget Nigel Roberts a.k.a. seven bellies the author of the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar who lied and libelled people, Hayden Williams the VAT man again another liar (click on his name on the index and listen to the recording), Lucie and Bev Hobson lied and spread malicious gossip, Peter Nolan lied to North Wales Police, I don’t think the above mentioned people love me but I’m so happy I’m always on their minds.

May I finally remind you, Mark Hall is accused of a heinous crime and currently serving a six-year prison sentence for a crime he strongly denies, we can only hope and pray that justice will prevail, just spare a thought for him in the cell every night, how he must be feeling and the victim has life time anonymity from North Wales Police.

Over the next couple of days, I’m going to write a post where the same judge sentenced two defendants from two separate cases and one of them is Mark Hall, it’s shocking what you will read.

I really would like to thank people for the information they have supplied but there is still information out there what we need to help get Mark a retrial. I am not interested about the people that are selling contraband cigarettes or using rebated fuel in the vehicle (red diesel) that’s a matter for HM Custom & Excise. I’m not interested in who is claiming tax credits that they are not entitled to and living where they’re not supposed to be, that’s a DWP matter. I do get the point that people are starting to get a bit nervous and blaming each other to try and take the heat off themselves.

I’m only interested in anything that can help Mark Hall, again not tittle tattle like who’s been carrying on with who behind their partners backs and finally no bad language on the comments or it won’t be published.




29 thoughts on “Justice For Mark Hall Continues

  1. I’m so glad you have published this about Michelle mushy Roberts is it that she is friends with Sharon and lives across the road and that is one of her friends out of 3? I see she is very opinionated on other people’s and not her own where she is in debt etc… do me a favour Michelle mushy Roberts get yourself a job pay your debts and stay out of other people’s lives your nothing but a nosey nobody who just sits on your fat arse all day and interfere about people’s lives

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t know Mark Hall, but my heart goes out to him and his family. You can only know the extent of the torment and anguish they are going through if you’ve personally been there yourself, and I have personally experienced the corruption that is endemic within North Wales Police. How they tell lies, withhold relevant information, twist circumstances and whitewash complaints not to mention how corrupt the CPS and Court system is. North Wales Police are a devious, narcissistic and arrogant species to say the least who will witch hunt anyone who dares to make formal complaints about them. Those within the force who “turn a blind eye” to the corruption are just as culpable, so a to “save their own skin” or “for a quiet life”.

    I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that the evidence Mark requires comes forthwith.

    Remember, “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. Albert Einstein

  3. Marks mob you must know her well she is one nosey little cow, loves getting involved in other people’s business it’s back fired on her this time, what debt does she owe?? Maybe Emyr the rent man has been to see her and Sharon , what’s Jill got to do with all this??

  4. this is so cringey grow up, you all have children act your ages all of you! its like being back in aberconwy come on now kids 😂 forget ur shitty pathetic affairs and get on with your lives

  5. Sam your obviously a family member of Sharon’s gang did you think it was cheesy when the victim cried rape and now someone’s in prison for something they have not done, go back to aberconwy school little girl and why do you keep commenting on this site you must love the blog you sound like the daily post only hear one side of the story

  6. Creamer what girls has Gary sky had in the back of his transit? Stop being a cock tease and tell us about Gary sky

  7. North Wales police go and have a word with the alleged victim. The girl is hideing some information. Go and arrest her.


  9. I think you’re all missing the point here. , I don’t think all this is going to help you in looking for justice for Mark. It’s just a handful of people intent on spreading vile little rumours. “Marksmob” she does work! Did you know she’s studied and trained in criminal law and works as an advisor , guess not!! So really you don’t know her that well to comment. She is still on Facebook.

  10. Arrest the daughter and mother throw them in prison. Evil liars slappers. Charge them with perverting the course of justice grooming men and prostitution.

  11. Michael John Creamer 4, Parc Waen Conwy LL32 8EL
    email:- michaelcreamer@hotmail.co.uk  
    Once again thank you for your emails,really appreciated and for the comments as well as your phone calls and also to the people who talk to me in private, some of the emails I have read are very interesting I also respect your wishes for them to remain private.
    There are some comments that have come through that are anonymous,the language is foul so I will not publish them and thank you for the photos of her I can’t publish them this is not a porn site, children read this blog. Finally, when you send the comments in you don’t have to leave an email address you just click post thank you

  12. North Wales police can you send 2 of your best officers around to Sharon aka madam sin. Arrest her and her skanky daughter’s. Sharon could get up to 2 years in prison for perverting the course of justice. Her daughter should get 5 yrs for wasting police time. Nwp don’t send Martyn parmley or Steve Carroll as they are corrupt. JUSTICE FOR MARK HALL ANOTHER NIGHT IN PRISON FOR WHAT EXACTLY. MOTHER IN ONE BEDROOM THE ALLEGED VICTIM IN AN OTHER ROOM. THE OTHER SISTER IN ANOTHER ROOM. THE SON ON THE LANDING. CHRIS HOLDING THE BABY. NORTH WALES POLICE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE OR WHAT HAVEN’T YOU DONE.

  13. Sam i have all the nasty things printed out, that your mother “Michelle “mushy “Roberts” has lied about me “thats my problem” why is she so obsessed with me? Jelousy is an ugly trait, My boys would NEVER get involved. So tell her not to LIE about me EVER & i wont tell people SIMPLE. Her “friends” send me everthything. Is that why you have sent me a friend request?
    Justice for Mark

    1. Ok Jill this stops now , you accused me of damaging your car over 3 years ago , you were ok with me up till then. All nice at the school gates and then I find out you are off on one on Facebook about me , you had blocked me and were spreading lies about me. Why would I be jealous of you! As far as I’m concerned your very mixed up in the head. I have never ever sent grown men to threaten you and I have never ever said you threw paint over my car then to admit that I don’t actually have a car. Why would I do that. I’m not the one that keeps upsetting my neighbours and having to up the kids and change schools. I lived in the same house for 22 years without upsetting the whole town and feel the need to move. I have never lied about you or said you’ve damaged anything. And I don’t know why you’ve mentioned my name in this case from the start. I have no problem with justice for Mark hall page at all , so stop it all now

  14. Well said girl the whole of the junction can’t understand why mushy got involved, like mick said he didn’t mention her name at all she did that all by herself, then mick tied her up in knots all her own doing

    1. Get a life you people, this is getting really boring now. You’re all adults and you’re acting like kids having a tiff in a primary school playground.

    2. Thanx. See how she lies then says she would never do that! I moved my boys away from scum. Unlike her i have never been kicked out my own house for having an affair! If she continues to lie about me i WILL continue to tell people.
      Oh how i wish i could put all her comments about me on here. Compulsive liars are dangerous. I NEVER said she damaged my car & she knows it. When my car was damaged by her mates she laughed about it on FB & said in revenge i had poured paint over hers! I have all the threats to sort me out printed too!! She later admitted on FB she didnt have a car. So again i think shes the one who needs meds. Im sick of her & now her grown up son is stalking me on FB. So glad my boys are now boxers & i dont live in fear.. x

      1. P.S i am a Mother who is just protecting her children from the damage these people have done to my boys and my property for something someone else did to them!! I never deserved to have to call 999 every day i have never done anything to anyone in my life!! I have respect and morals. Even my elderly parents were threatened. So yes i will speak up when my boys lives are at risk! My little boy YES “MUSHY” 4yrs later still hides when someone knocks the door. STILL cant get to sleep at night. STILL is scared of playing outside!! Are you proud of getting involved in other peoples lives MUSHY?? Im so sorry your still upset you are blocked on my FB. NOT.. Maybe if you apologised & stopped lying i will stop telling people and you have to thank me for not bringing up your dark secrets here. I can though.
        lovely family breaks my heart they have ruined such a lovely family.

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