Justice for Mark Hall: The Victim’s Mother Is Stalking Michael Creamer

The last post I put out there has attracted lots of attention regarding the injustice for Mark Hall, we still need the public’s help, some of that material that is on people’s phones needs to go to the police.

Let me explain something very simple, Mark will not get a retrial on people saying it’s unfair and I feel sorry for Mark; there is plenty of them remarks being passed around, we need fresh evidence and I know it is out there, we just need you people to come forward.

Please don’t feel scared to do the right thing and go to the police or a solicitor.  If you feel it may occur any cost to get your messages retrieved, I will reimburse you the money; don’t worry it’s all legal, the police have registered informants that they pay money to every day for information.

Now moving on to the victim’s mother, her name is Sharon, she came to Conwy on Saturday night for a drink with a few girls from the Junction, may I say firstly in Sharon’s defence, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s a free country and she can go anywhere, but Sharon and her friends were observed using a mobile phone taking at least half a dozen pictures of me. I’m a little unsure as to why she wants pictures of me, so firstly I’m going to put a picture of me below so she can have a good look at me, secondly Sharon I’ve been with the same woman for 30 years and you are just not my type.

Michael Creamer

Thirdly as your friends know, you always go for older men so that counts me out and finally there must be a reason why you’re stalking me.  If you’re working with the police trying to set a honey trap, you will have to get up early in the morning to catch me out.

You will read a bit further on about a honey trap Sharon, The Mob have already tried that once with Lucie Hobson and Sarah Roberts, two drunken girls on Cadnant Park Bridge that were hung out to dry by The Mob.  A little advice I hope you don’t follow in their footsteps Sharon, I tried my best on Saturday not to let you know that I knew you were trying to take pictures of me, I did manage to view some footage from certain people, the faces on some of your friends look awful and they were half cut through the drink.

I managed to get a picture of you as you left the pub, you know what pub you were in. So here is one of your pictures for you to see:

The advice is free, stay away from me, because I have no intention of stalking you.

I do read emails and comments that are sent in to this blog, on the last post headlines: Justice For Mark Hall from Llandudno Junction, today I read the comments from a Michelle Roberts who is answering back on behalf of the victim, comments had come in suggesting the victim was after compensation and Michelle is defending her; Michelle you’re entitled to your opinion, this is your comment “for your information she hasn’t wanted/taken any money hope that answers your question”, thank you for your comments Michele Roberts, now, I am going to try and help you understand why she should take her compensation.

Any female who has been raped and traumatised would be perfectly entitled to compensation from the Criminal Injuries Board and everybody would agree with that.  I was in court and the victim’s sister was there, she heard as well as I did Mark Hall has no previous convictions, only for a motoring offence and the sister will also know that no victim impact statement was handed in. Somebody who’s been raped fully deserves that money, just have a think about it Michelle, no victim impact statement and now doesn’t want any compensation, do you agree it doesn’t make sense.

What do you think of this now Michelle? Colin Stagg was arrested and charged with the murder of Rachel Nickell, Rachel was just 23 when she died on July 15, 1992; she was stabbed 49 times and sexually assaulted on Wimbledon Common, Southwest London in front of her two year-old son Alex. The case against Mr Stagg was thrown out of the Old Bailey two years later but despite his acquittal he claimed the stigma made him unemployable and a natural hate figure for years after.  Remember that word I told you about, honey trap, at the trial the judge lambasted the Met’s honey trap operation in which an undercover detective encouraged Mr Stagg to confess to the killing by instigating an exchange about his violent sexual fantasies.  How evil are the police and desperate for a conviction, you just wouldn’t believe a police woman would stoop so low.

Mr Stagg like Mark Hall never confessed, why would you if you’re not guilty?  It took 16 years before the true killer Robert Napper was finally brought to justice; by now Michelle, Mr Stagg had submitted a compensation claim and he was awarded a record £706,000 in damages, in those days it was like winning the lottery.

The award was decided by Lord Brennan QC, a Government assessor who described the police tactics as reprehensible, after the pay-out Mr Stagg’s legal team said what he really wanted was an apology from the Metropolitan Police.

My final question to you Michelle Roberts, is do you think it’s fair that Colin Stagg claimed for compensation? I think the whole country would agree it was fair just like the victim should put in for compensation.

Your comments are appreciated, please remember no bad language, thank you.


24 thoughts on “Justice for Mark Hall: The Victim’s Mother Is Stalking Michael Creamer

  1. Hahahaha is this the same michelle “mushy” roberts who accused me of pouring paint all over her car. Who then admitted she didnt even have a car!! The same sad bint who has threatened me & lied about me coz she thinks this family “***** & Hughes” are innocent!! Haha your times up you sad snake!!

  2. Creamer have you seen steph Hughes Facebook page. It’s all going off on there mate. **** mother sharon is a thief. **** who cried rape apparently took a man home to her mother’s house again after the pirate weekend. The boyfriend came in the morning to drop the kids off. You never guess what happened next, the man she slept with had to hide in her mother’s bedroom until the boyfriend went. This is a fookin disgrace mother and daughter pair of tramps. This was only two months ago. Gill you should of reported her to the police, don’t worry she will get her cumupence. I’m at a loss as why Sharon is stalking you and getting blind drunk when she should be comforting her lying daughter who cried rape. The pair of tramps should be on Jeremy Kyle. JUSTICE FOR MARK HALL.

    1. The police have seen all the threats off them (i still have it all printed out) all & advised us to move away with there help i have cctv & if anything happens again they wont get away with anything..

  3. Any lads coming home from the pub over the weekend and your traveling through Llandudno junction, marl drive, marl crescent area make sure you have your PPE on personal protection equipment, hard hat, vis vest, boots harness and it would also be handy if you carried a panic alarm, make sure there’s batteries in it and a camera would be handy too and last but not least a packet of condoms, stay safe boys!!!

  4. I look forward to Friday coming I treat myself at enochs to fish and chips and MUSHY Mmmmm peas, you always fart after them and it makes you chat shit.

  5. Creamer look at Steph Hughes Facebook page. Kelly Mercer has told the alleged victims partner Chris his girlfriend cheated on him at the pirate weekend. I don’t think Chris believes her.The alleged victim has manipulated the law courts now she is manipulating Chris shocking behaviour. JUSTICE FOR MARK HALL.

  6. The mother SHARON is known for her drinking! The daughter has followed in her mothers footsteps because SHARON has ruined a lot of people’s lives!! She had a boyfriend who worked for Conwy council so she could get new windows for gods sake! She lets her young son drink and do drugs in the house! My friends son tells me the youngest son is a bully ! The whole family is disfunctional!
    I don’t know Mark personally but I know for a fact that this family are a bunch of liers! The “victim” got caught with her knickers down and decided to cry rape! The truth will come out in the end!

      1. I heard she Slept with a council worker to get her house sorted too! She’s the talk of junction. She’s been abusing alcohol for years.

  7. the alleged victim never made a victim impact statement she never claimed compensation she was never raped she cheated on her boyfriend she is hopefully going to jail she slept with kyle

  8. Conwy borough council need to check Sharon out. Sex for Windows. Allowing her son to be a bully drinking and drugs in the house. Social services need to get around there asap. Anyone know the council officer from bodalondeb..

  9. Mick you look great. Sharon you look bloody awful. You have been abusing the alcohol for years same could be said about all the men youve beded .it’s bound to take toll on you in the end..

  10. Lovely how the victim is messaging her flings ex………
    Is that what she does…..
    Cries rape and look for next victim….
    The group was overheard betting on who would have sex with any next man they clap eyes on….
    And not to accept the compo money shows some doubt in her lies…
    Someone should set up a go fund me page for mark am sure hed get loads….. he should have her compo money…..
    She deserves nothing but to rot in hell

    1. Sharon was seeing the rent man emir Hughes for years haha just to get her disgrace of a house up to date shame it never happened to her kids!! Will always be behind mark and also the sister Rachel has been caught out with someone whilst she’s married ha! Disgrace of the family

  11. I put a comment on the other day I was having a girly night had too much wine, I apologise I got my comment wrong I got the names mixed up, Andy bean moved some rubbish for me he’s a sound guy, he hadn’t been out with mushy I meant to say mushys fellas name, anyway mushys a horror she’s fell out with everyone in the junction. Get yourself a bad name hanging round with Sharon .

    1. who the fuck are you if you have so much of a problem state your name and we’ll sort it out you anonymous piece of shit


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