Justice For Mark Hall From Llandudno Junction

Readers of this blog if you could just spare your time and read this post, as to how I was shocked and deeply saddened as to how the system failed Mark Hall. This story will come as no surprise to you as it was written about in the Paedophile Post, Mark ran a trial as he denied committing a single charge of rape in the Conwy area last year but a jury at Caernarfon Crown Court unbelievably found him guilty after a 4 day trial on 11th May 2017.

In some rape cases, where male and female would go back to a house or a hotel and end up having sex, the next you hear is that the female has reported the matter to the police claiming she had been raped, basically it’s down to her word against his, the question in a rape case is was it consensual? In most of these cases the male and female have known each other for years or even been married for many years.

People sometimes think that rape is committed by some madman driving around in the vehicle looking for his prey, stopping a female and dragging her into the car and driving into a secluded area then raping her; I think we would all have to agree when these sort of acts are committed, whoever the person is, when caught should be hit with the full force of the law as they pose a serious risk to the public, they should be sent to prison for a very long time and only be considered for release when they have been rehabilitated.

Now moving on to the case of Mark Hall, what has happened to Mark could happen to any man, anywhere. Mark on the night in question had been out drinking with a female, who in this case is the “victim” and for legal reasons cannot be named. The “victim” had been to a funeral with Mark and at the end of the evening agreed to go back to the victim’s mother’s house not to the victim’s own flat where her boyfriend was babysitting her child, you would have to question why the victim wanted to use the mother’s house and not her own place, common sense should prevail.

I know this case inside out and I cannot comment at this stage, I know the local community would like me to go into great detail, I can’t yet, the reason being should Mark find new evidence, he’ll be appealing and I would not want to prejudice his case.

Mark Hall is a lovely kind-hearted man and would help anybody if he could and very sadly at a young age Mark and his sister lost their mother to a terminal illness, Mark’s Nanna brought Mark up, caring for him, now things have changed and Mark cares and looks after his Nanna up until he was incarcerated on May 11th. He appeared at Mold Crown Court on 26th June last month where his honour Judge Rhys Rowlands sentenced him to 6 years imprisonment for the offence which Mark strenuously denies.

Journalists from the Paedophile Post as well as the CPS made big dramas in the court and in the papers saying the victim was in her early 20s and he was 38, trying to convince the jury that there is something wrong about the age gap. Now readers of the blog, I’m going to point out some simple facts that are plain to see, it’s not rocket science, Mark was 38, the victim in her 20s, as you know there is no problem with this as they’re both over 16.

May I remind you the Paedophile Post, about the Lewinsky scandal which is an American political sex scandal that involved a 49-year-old President, Bill Clinton and the 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. A sexual relationship took place between 1995 and 1996 and came to light in 1998, do you get the point journalists from the Paedophile Post, the age gap means nothing, Bill Clinton,49, Monica Lewinsky,22, Mark Hall, 38 and the “victim” in her 20’s. What’s good for Bill is good for Mark.

I’m a great admirer of Donald Trump 71 years old and has a wife Melina, aged 47, nothing wrong with the age gap and what is even more surprising the victim’s mother had a child when she was approximately 33 to a man who was in his 50s once again no problem with that, do you get the message reporters from the Paedophile Post or is it that you just love printing scandal? See the picture below of Donald Trump and his beautiful wife.

Nothing comes as a surprise to me the way The Mob deal with cases in North Wales, the victim alleges she’s been raped, Mark was arrested and placed on bail for over a year before he’s charged, something is just not quite right here. Mark has always stuck to his guns and denied these allegations. I was at Mark’s hearing when he was sentenced and his honour, Judge Rowlands said ‘That Mark, it’s plain to me both from your evidence at the trial and from your subsequent meeting with your probation officer that you really don’t have any remorse about what you did that night’. Well done Mark for sticking to your guns, why would you show any remorse and admit to something you have not done and have strenuously denied all the way through.

I’m going to tell you what happened, the system failed him. Mark put his trust in the system and turned up at court hoping common sense would prevail and he should’ve been acquitted but like I said, the system failed him. You may say, the jury don’t get it wrong, oh they do, myself and my wife were fitted up by The Mob.

Now let’s have a look at Barry Michael George, born 15th of April 1960 who was wrongly convicted on 2nd July 2001 for the murder of British television presenter Jill Dando. Owing to the immense popularity of the victim, there was exceptional outrage from the public who were impatient for a conviction. In the absence of other suspects, George attracted police attention because many elements in his background seem to point to his guilt, people saying there is a nutter living at the end of the road, he’s always dressed in army clothes, sadly George was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment; his conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal on 15th November 2007. Sadly, he served approximately eight years behind bars and his claims for compensation for wrongful imprisonment were dismissed.

Please readers of the blog, when you get a chance read the Cardiff three and the Lynette White murder case, it’s on this blog under miscarriages of justice. I could go on and on and discuss a lot more but I’m not going to, do you get the point? Juries do get it wrong.

Mark was represented by JW Hughes & Co of Conwy, how convenient that a week before his trial his solicitor tells him we are changing barristers, we’re getting you another one; just spare a thought as to how Mark must’ve felt, charged with a heinous crime and then the solicitor’s put this on his toes, it must’ve been a lot for Mark to take in, Mark does suffer from dyslexia and doesn’t like confrontation so would not challenge this situation.

What I did find very strange, was the “victim” accused Mark of rape and did not turn up for the sentencing and what’s more shocking, she refused to make a victim impact statement and hand it to the CPS, where it would have been read to the judge. If somebody had been raped and I’m sure there’s a lot of ladies reading this, the victim would have been traumatised by the effects of that night, what happened would be impacting on her life and her families too, so would only be too willing to write a victim impact statement so the judge would read how this has affected her, maybe it’s because it didn’t actually happen the way she has said, this is a rape case not theft or a common assault.

I now want to bring it to your attention to let you know where Mark is and how I found him in his darkest hour after Mark was found guilty, he was sent to prison on remand to Altcourse and because of the nature of the offence he is not allowed to mix with other prisoners and he has been placed on a wing, which is called Melling Brown. This wing is full of sex offenders and paedophiles, I can’t go into detail about what some of these inmates have done, their crimes are horrendous and I think we would all have to agree they are no good to society. But Mark is now having to live with these people with no choice and nobody in the prison would want to go near that wing, they are protected by the staff for obvious reasons, they would be attacked and seriously beaten up.

Because of the job I had in prison, I was an orderly and a trusted prisoner and I made the choice to go see Mark, had I believed for one minute that Mark had committed this offence I would not have gone near him, I have a daughter who is this same age as the “victim” and was in the same class in school. Once the staff let me on to that wing I can tell you it wasn’t easy going on there, seeing all those horrible offenders my job was to switch off and not look at them and to get Mark out from his cell and speak to him, which I did and I’ll be honest Mark didn’t know what had hit him; remember this is a lad who has never been to prison in his life and only been to court for a motoring offence and now finds himself in hell. I had many long conversations with Mark over the time I was there and I kept reassuring him ‘Mark you’re going to get through this’ and overtime I saw him find strength although it was very difficult at times.

I thanked the staff for letting me on there to see him, although I was warned more for my own safety ‘don’t tell other prisoners you have been over here’ but I didn’t care as I believed in Mark, so I hope the “victim” is happy now, knowing where he is for something Mark still strenuously denies, he used to tell me ‘I wouldn’t mind being here for something I’ve done but it gets me down knowing I’ve done nothing wrong’. I’ve seen the way he is living at the moment and the way he’s been let down by the system is absolutely disgusting; I can’t imagine how his family must be feeling, I can only advise they have got to stay strong.

A request I would like to make is if there is anybody out there who lives in the Llandudno Junction area and has any information, no matter how small or irrelevant you may think it is connected to this case, take it to a solicitor or the police as you know I have little faith in the police, but your solicitor would advise you to do the same. If there was any new evidence the police would have to log it down, then the rest would be up to your solicitor to approach them. I believe there is evidence that needs retrieving from a phone it makes you think what work the police did whilst Mark was on bail for over a year.

Finally, please nobody send me the “victim’s” name, people in the area already know who she is and I would not publish her name on this site for legal reasons. Llandudno Junction is a very small community, somebody out there knows something. Mark is a popular lad, liked by many and I’m sure Mark would really appreciate a letter or a card from any of his many friends; to receive a letter when you’re in prison means so much, so get writing, below is his prison number and address:

Mark Hall, A0313DZ, HMP Altcourse, Brookfield Drive, Fazakerley, Liverpool, L9 7LH.

Thank You.

If anybody wishes to speak to me please don’t hesitate to call me on 07977928343.


52 thoughts on “Justice For Mark Hall From Llandudno Junction

  1. This blog needs to be circulated in support of not only Mark, but for all victims of injustice, it is so well written and leaves no doubt in my mind that an injustice has been served in the case of Mark.

  2. I feel sorry for mark he’s b drinking with the so call victim why did she ask him to go to someone’s place with him she’s not thick to me that was an invite.these girls young as 12make themselves up nd they’d pass for 18.ive know mark hall ll his life I remember the day he was born.i was very close to his late mum Helen and had a lot to do with the family.hes looked after his mum while she was terminally ill he cared for his sister too. The last couple of years he’s cared for his nana aunty Marie would cared for mark and Brenda after losing their mum and auntie Marie is no spring chicken and not in in good health.i think this sentence should be cut so I’m fighting to clear mark hall’s name and the family name

  3. We want justice for mark hall. Keep fighting, don’t ever give up, stay strong you have a lovely supportive family behind you and lots of good friends. The truth will come out in the end, it always does. Sending love and support to you and all your family xxxx

  4. Undietunately, injustice within the legal system is all too common. Corrupt NWP hell bent on their witch hunts to settle personal and private vendettas because of formal complaints submitted against them led by an even further corrupt Professional Standards department.

    The Daily Post – ELWYN ROBERTS – so eager to print half a story and lies “witnesses” have provided on oath. The whole legal system is disgusting and stinks. Local MP’s are part of the corruption and, therefore, don’t challenge these corrupt officers.

    I, also, put trust in the system and turned up at court hoping common sense would prevail, however, I was gagged and unable to present the whole facts of the case – supported by my Solicitor. I was very unwell at the time so was unable to challenge the Solicitor – a firm in Llandudno. He didn’t fight my case. I should’ve been acquitted and, had I been able to allow the full facts of the case to the Court, I would have been acquited. In hindsight, I strongly wonder if a “deal” had been done on the golf course between NWP and the solicitor.

    People keep asking about appealing, however appeals are at a cost, both financially and mentally. Solicitors cost money, money that normal, innocent people Iike me can ill afford whilst the legal system have access to a never ending pot of gold.

    The whole thing stinks.

  5. I’m so glad I saw this. When I found out what poor Mark was going through, I knew he hadn’t done it. With having moved up the coast years ago and only keeping contact with some through Facebook, I was at loss at to how I could help him. I’ve known Mark for years and felt useless not being able to help. I’ve shared this and asked anyone with any evidence to go forward. I really do hope he can appeal this and get it over turned. He shouldn’t be where he is and certainly shouldn’t show remorse for a crime he’s not committed!!

  6. Mr Creamer firstly I would like to say thank you for a well written account about the very sad situation mark is in, people tend to believe what scandal that was in the Daily Post I guess some of us have had our eyes wiped, how convenient for the press not to mention there was NO VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT from the so called ”victim” and that Mark was on Police bail for over a year and I’m sure the Daily Post reporter would have been in Court and heard the full facts, selective memory comes to mind printing only what suits them, very well observed Mr C. I hope Marks family do get an appeal and fresh evidence comes to the surface. Some of those comments I have just read bought a tear to my eye, good luck to you all, Nos Da!!

  7. The bitch sold her soul, same as Gary John Jones did. Some people will do anything for a bit of attention. Karen Dixon from CPS do you know what day it is.

  8. Justice for Mark Hall I can’t believe what I have read, Mark is one of the nicest lads I have the pleasure of knowing, it’s so sad how some girls cheat on their boyfriends then when caught they want to cry wolf, disgusting!!!

    1. Yes your spot on this happens often justick for mark he s a great friend and theres not a bad bone on him please any 1 that’s can help mark please do please

  9. I’ve grown up with mark and have been Through school with him , He is a very dear friend of mine . He’s always been there for me .There is no doubt in my mind he’s done anything wrong . I’ve known him for over 30 years
    Justice please Emma hayes

  10. Rachel copper you hit the nail on the head with your comment. She cheated on her boyfriend then cried rape. She should be in jail.

  11. Justice for mark hall I didn’t know the shameless family lived in the junction, I do now, I thought it was only a programme on TV but I now realise they do exist in junction. Thinking of you mark

  12. Mick Creamer I’ve seen some of those texts what you have mentioned and the so called victim is asking: Do you think I was flirting with Mark last night? I believe * has them on her mobile, so either you or the cops need to get round and see her good luck we need Mark out and somebody with balls to stand up to the cops.

  13. Justice for Mark
    What a great guy his kids are too. Yesterday i commented on Daily Post & received grief off her mother & sister!!
    Yes the same family amongst others that threatened our lives & my parents. Trashed my car several times!! We had to move away.
    Evil all of them “Junction Mafia” NOT.
    Mick marks not at the prison printed here. Come on everyone lets get Mark out.

    1. Me to hun all nite I was scum retard all sorts shows what there like mark pour mark and his family and girlfriend all going threw it good luck to all xxx

  14. Michael John Creamer. 4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL
    I would like to thank you for your comments telephone calls etc mark has now moved to another prison , I do speak with him on the phone regularly, he tells me it’s a lot better than the previous prison, he was happy to say the food is a lot better were he is now, once mark tells me it’s ok to give you his new address I will publish it don’t worry if any of you have sent him any mail it’s ok it will automatically be forward on to him, so keep writing. Don’t forget if you hear any information regarding this miscarriage of justice please pass the information on to the police or a solicitor if you need any help don’t hesitate to call me. The response has been fantastic up to now, should any new information come in it is all confidential again I would just like to say Mark was let down by his legal team Graham Parry was responsible for this from J W Hughes and co, graham and the barrister got paid thousands they wouldn’t give a refund, after the way mark has been treated. Justice for Mark hall!!!!

  15. Creamer its like crimewatch on the big screen I’m laughing my head off here. Justice for Mark hall. Keep up the good work. Karma is on its way.

  16. Everyone you speak to in Conwy County are all on Marks side, I havent come across anyone who belives it, he has so much support and rightly so. Justice for Mark!! Hold your head up high!

  17. Mark hall and the alleged victim spend all day together drinking smoking eating socialising at a funeral. Then the victim takes him home to her mother’s house for a coffee and some refreshments, while her boyfriend is at home babysitting. How can it be rape ?.

  18. Justice for Mark Hall.
    Thankyou Mr.M.Creamer.
    After reading the above I do hope that the police take another look at this case There seems to be many unanswered questions. To be invited back to the said victim’s house. Where her family live. Yet no one in the house felt at risk on Marks arrival or thought the said victim was at rape risk. The accuser/s all in the same house. To me this seems very odd almost like Mr. Hall was groomed himself being such a nice trusting Vunerable man. This case reeks of manipulation and based on lies from the start pulling the wool over the authorities for financial gain.

  19. Justice for Mark Hall.
    Thankyou Mr.M.Creamer.
    After reading the above I do hope that the police take another look at this case There seems to be many unanswered questions. To be invited back to the said victim’s house. Where her family live. Yet no one in the house felt at risk on Marks arrival or thought the said victim was at rape risk. The accuser/s all in the same house. To me this seems very odd almost like Mr. Hall was groomed himself being such a nice trusting Vunerable man. This case reeks of manipulation and based on lies from the start pulling the wool over the authorities for financial gain.

  20. Justice for Mark Hall.
    Thankyou Mr.M.Creamer.
    After careful reading of the above. I do hope and I have good faith that the local police look into this case again. There seems to be many unanswered questions in Mr.Halls defence. Almost like a premeditated copy of a popular television soap. Copied by an immature mind. To be invited back to the said victims house, The family also knew Mr.Hall well.Where her mother and family live and yet no one senses a potential risk that alone a rape risk. To me this in itself very very odd. Almost like Mr.Hall was groomed himself that of being such a kind trusting vulnerable nature. This we don’t here of that often a man being groomed.
    This particular case reeks of lies manipulation and collaboration. Based on lies from start to finish. Pulling the wool over the local authorities for nothing but financial gain.

  21. There are too victims in this case.Mark hall and the boyfriend babysitting holding the baby. Justice for Mark hall. How can anyone be raped in there mother’s house. Can’t get my head around that.

  22. Well done to the person who named the girl with the phone, now they have a heads up on/if he goes for appeal 😬 can’t believe mark was accused of this awful crime, let alone actually found guilty 😯 for your information one nigt stand, said phone has been handed over, a fortnight ago, Its extremely interesting to see you throw around the girls name while you yourself are safe behind a pseudonym. However The reason we are all here is the same, a lovely young man has been wrongfully accused and has had his liberty torn from him.


  23. I am really disgusted the way j w Hughes and co treated Mark, in any Criminal trial that ends up in Court or Civil proceedings there is only one winner, that’s the Lawyer who gets paid every time, Graham Parry has done this before changing Barristers at the 11th hour and it is unfair to the defendant , Solicitors just don’t give a toss. Graham Parry you ought to be ashamed of yourself and refund Mark Halls family.

      1. Does that not answer the whole thing? She didn’t even do a victim statement? And did she tell you all aswell she used to do his shopping as well as his nannas ? Noooo!!! Cos she’s a cheat and cried rape when she got found out by her boyfriend

    1. Very one sided.if you are writing a blog and asking for comments then you should show all of them and not just the ones that suit you. There are two sides to every story.

  24. Why didn't her mother send her home to her boyfriend and kids instead of letting her sleep in the spare room. says:


      1. Good answer.. they need to keep there noses out ??!!! Did they know that she went shopping for him when he was in work? Rape ?? My fucking arse she got caught simple !!

  25. Justice for Mark. The only ones believing her fantasy are her family. Who were actually in the house!! Knowing Mark as sound as he is trusted by us all, and going to bed knowing Mark as the sound guy he is. Knowing she had a fella & kids at home..Also Her friend left not happy with her knowing she was setting him up!! How on earth can this family keep on ruining lives aswell as mine!! Police told me not to react. If i never rang police 24/7 for 12months & put a stop to them privately mayb Mark wouldnt be in prison now..

  26. Liars always get caught out in the end, but to lie about being raped so your boyfriend doesn’t find out how much of a hoe you are is really something else. When the truth comes out I hope they lock you up and you keep you away from your children for year as they are to mark 🖕🏼

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