Yet Another 3 Members of The Mob From North Wales Find Themselves In The Dock!

Two cops face trial over false statements, the trial will be heard in early August this year, they are both accused of trying to pervert the course of justice in witness statements.

PC James Peter Burns, 55, of Waun Fawr near Caernarfon and PC Robin Humphries, 26, who refused to give a home address and gave an address as North Wales Headquarters Colwyn Bay. They both deny the allegations, both officers bail was extended unconditionally until the next hearing

The third officer is Sergeant Neil Hughes from Flint, who denies two charges of voyeurism using a mobile phone covertly filming a young girl for sexual gratification, he appeared in the dock for a pre-trial preparation hearing at Mold Crown Court, charged with two counts of voyeurism the charges arise from allegations he covertly placed a mobile phone into the bedroom of a young girl on two occasions. Hughes was re-bailed pending his trial in November at Caernarfon.

As these three officers are due to stand trial, we will not take any comments on this post regarding these officers, to be fair everybody is innocent until proven guilty and I would not like to prejudice their trials in anyway.

I know DC Don Kenyon, Ian Verburg, Superintendent Simon Humphreys and Jason Davenport did prejudice my trial in 2010 after nasty and vindictive comments were placed on the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar, the authors of the blog were 7 Bellies Nigel Roberts & MP David Jones and as we know this site was protected by the police, the police allowed those comments to go on that blog so it would help to convict me because their case was weak and they hoped the jury would read that site.

Karen Dixon from the CPS had a meeting with Superintendent John Hanson and DC Chris Walsh and in their cosy meeting they knew Oscar’s site libelled people, made the derogatory remarks about certain people, it caused people to commit suicide. Registered police informant’s names were exposed on that site and in the meeting that took place, the three of them decided they were just nasty and vindictive comments and people were entitled to freedom of speech.

Do you get the message readers of the blog, the police couldn’t charge themselves as they were protecting the site, no charges have ever been brought against anybody relating to that poison pen blog.

I know all North Wales police officers read this site and CPS lawyers too, Karen Dixon head of the Crown Prosecution Service remember back in 2008/2009 when The Mob asked CPS advice on charging me and my wife on mortgage fraud the CPS gave an answer ‘no charges to be brought against Mr and Mrs Creamer’ so Don Kenyon and Davenport under instructions from high above were told to trot off and take the case to CPS in Cardiff for advice.

The Mob failed to tell Karen Dixon from the CPS before I was charged that money had gone missing from my account, myself & my solicitor produced statements of facts to John Hanson, Superintendent John Chapman knows all about this.

Going back to the cosy meeting Karen, Superintendent John Hanson forgot to tell you about my money that went missing, I would love to know what your thoughts are right now and when they did trot off to Cardiff CPS they never told Simon Joel Curzon the lawyer about my money that went missing because it would have been impossible to charge me as the case would have been tainted although we had not committed mortgage fraud.

When I told my barrister Peter Davis QC about the missing money and that I was  going to tell the jury halfway through the trial, I was told in an aggressive tone of voice you can’t do that the judge would order a retrial and it won’t look good for you he said let’s just stick to the defence case statement that’s been given to the judge, the trial was the biggest drama I’ve ever seen and me and Anita were controlled like puppets being told what to say and what not to say.

The truth hurts!!!

Going back to the three officers, as I’ve said I wouldn’t prejudice their cases, innocent until proven guilty so I will not take any comments on the three officers,  only if somebody wanted to comment about my case.


9 thoughts on “Yet Another 3 Members of The Mob From North Wales Find Themselves In The Dock!

  1. NWP are bursting to the seams with corrupt police officers and cascade from the top to bottom. Refusing to apply any form of law enforcement or do their job when it applies to their cronies, discrediting the genuine innocent people without any regard for those peoples children or families.

    Withholding vital evidence from the CPS as well as penning their vexatious and untrue statements whilst the genuine victims are restrained and unable to reveal historic facts.

    They truly are a disgusting breed.

  2. Thoughts of Oscar, good point, who is policing the police? We can’t even go to our local MP David Jones because he is rotten to the core, fiddled his expenses and never got done!? It stinks, enjoyable blog to read Mr Creamer as you point out they don’t like the truth, just be careful they don’t try and set you up AGAIN.

  3. Michael, Karen Dickson from the crown prosecution service must be pulling her hair out, she has probably been open and honest in that meeting, what can you do if the filth hold back information, don’t have a go at Karen if the filth are not telling her the full story yes I agree it is wrong.

  4. Mmmmmmm super intendant John Hanson gets moved to PSD to water things down you couldn’t write this…………..corrupt

  5. I know this isnt exactly relevant to the above, but thought i would share my experience …My social worker partner Nerina Parry had an affair with a north wales policeman whilst engaged to me. He was the football coach of my sons football team llandudno junction under 10’s known as the rockets. His name was pc Ben something.. He had his own wife and a very young child of his own. He used to call and txt my partner all hours of the evening and early hours of the morning goin on how much he was into her. When i questioned this i was arrested, lied about and completely set up by the Nwales police. They stole £60.00 from my wallet. Abused me. Took and kept( supposedly lost my phones sd card which contained my work portfolio and loads of personal photographs including family holidays and my son growing up. They held me for 24 hours. No food, drink or blankets were offered whilst they wrongly held me in custody. They all lied, stuck together, rearranged my statement and i ended up with a bullcrap charge against me. A completely corrupt organization. Shame on the lot of you. A real eye opener for me. I was 46, had never been in trouble or ever been arressted. Was even considering becoming a special myself weeks before this happened to give something back to the community. I would never consider that ever again now i know what the Nwales police are like and what they really get upto. It ended my relationship, has really affected my sons life greatly whilst this Pc Ben something( they wouldnt give me his surname) carries on the facade and cracks on behind his wifes back whilst she looks after his kid and hes meant to be on duty. Real nice guy hey. So if you ever read this Ben, nice one. I hope karma catches up with you real soon pal.( or i do lol) If anyone knows him or his poor wife please tell her shes too good for him. Hes a crooked scumbag like the rest of the Nwales corrupt lying police. I’ll never trust one again after what i experienced with them. Bunch of lying crooks 100% thru and thru. NEVER TRUST THEM…BELIEVE!!!

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