Two Welsh Police Officers Buy Under Age Teenager Cider In A Bid To Get Him To Confess To Unsolved Crimes

Detective Constable Geraint Jones and Detective Constable Neville Bradbury who are stationed at Cardiff Bay police station went to visit Sean Wall at Parc Young Offenders Institute in Bridgend; they took him out of prison for the day, drove to the local Spar and bought him cans of cider and got Sean p****d, then took him back to Cardiff Bay police station.

The deal by the two officers was to give Sean the alcohol and then ask him to confess to crimes, Sean confessed to crimes he didn’t commit which looked great on paper for the police’s detection rate, showing it had solved crimes. Sean asked the police officers in the police station could they contact his solicitor, he asked 17 times.

Again what I find astonishing is that the two police officers were investigated by the IPCC and both officers kept their jobs.

So this is a message to any young boys under the age of 18 and you want alcohol for Christmas, phone the local police, ask them to get you a few cans and you just confess to a few crimes you have not committed, it helps clear the books for the police.

Finally, Don Kenyon, Jason Davenport, Nicolas Hawe and now retired Superintendent Simon Humphreys, I would like to know your opinion on this shocking behaviour on what those officers did to that young teenager?

Do you feel guilty for charging me and my wife for mortgage fraud? Bearing in mind it was a victimless crime and no complainant, you may be giggling to yourselves saying we took £350,000 from you Creamer, but I can tell you the public wont be laughing when I show the cost of the trial and the millions of pounds of public money wasted.

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8 thoughts on “Two Welsh Police Officers Buy Under Age Teenager Cider In A Bid To Get Him To Confess To Unsolved Crimes

  1. Again, there are not enough words in the English language to express how low these scum, our so-called Police, are prepared to stoop. They are the scummiest of the scum. Words simply fail.

    To add insult to injury, these scourge of society are permitted to retain there jobs.

    I have come to the conclusion that those that join the Police do so to break the law under the protection of a huge organisation. Corruption at its best.

  2. AV ya got d coppers number mate wan a get pissed the week end I’ll tell dem I robed the gewlers in Llandudno lol

  3. Like I’ve said many times before on this blog we’re the bent Welsh cops we do what we want when we want and you silly taxpayers can’t do a thing about it. Nos da sleep tight watch out for the bent cops.

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