The Welshman Who Lost 3 Fingers In Police Custody Covertly Records The IPCC

Regarding Jamie Leigh Clark, you will have seen his videos on a previous post, where he was marched past the custody desk and placed in a cell, where he had approximately 7 officers around him, as they all backed out of the cell after stripping Jamie naked, you then see Jamie get to his feet and move towards the cell door, they then close the door on Jamie’s hand were 3 fingers were severed.

I think you would all have to agree these videos were shocking, each and every one of us are entitled to our own opinion. Let’s say the police did accidentally close the door on Jamie’s hand, call me stupid but I’m now stuck for words; why did those officers all stand outside that cell and not rush to open the cell door knowing Jamie’s hand was trapped in it, were he could have bled to death and why did they take 3 hours to take him to hospital?

I’m sorry I don’t have the answers, were they hoping for him to die?

Please see the video of Jamie leaving Llanelli police station after his injury had occurred.

We now know Jamie was charged with police assault, but was later acquitted at the Magistrates Court of any wrongdoing.  Jamie then made a complaint regarding this incident and it was handed over to Jan Williams the Commissioner for the Independent Police Complaints Commission, in our language…I Protect Corrupt Cops.

After toing and froing, Jamie was invited to a meeting at Ammanford police station where on 16 August 2017 he met Jan Williams and Martin Morris from the IPCC.  Jamie who had been badly let down by the authorities decided to covertly record this meeting, he probably felt he would get more out of the meeting on his own and without his solicitor being present, I’m trying to understand why Jamie has taped the interview but like I said people in authority will talk more freely without a solicitor being present, also Jamie must have been so upset after losing three fingers and nobody is held accountable for it.

This is shocking behaviour by the establishment and Jamie must’ve felt like he was banging his head against a brick wall, I suppose these are the tactics you have to resort to, it’s the only way you’ll find the truth.

Jan Williams of the IPCC

Now listen to the recording of Jamie and Jan Williams from the IPCC, the recording is clear but it is 32 minutes long.


When Jamie left Ammanford police station after the meeting with Jan Williams and Martin Morris, Jamie was escorted back to his taxi by Martin Morris; Jamie was alleged to have used threatening abusive and insulting words to Mr Morris which caused harassment alarm or distress, used threatening abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour therefore causing that person or another harassment alarm or distress contrary to section 4A(1) and (5) of the Public Order Act 1986.

Mr Clark has now been charged with the above offence, authorised by Dyfed Powys Police and must now appear at Llanelli Magistrates Court on the 30th of November 2017 at 9am.

I do believe Mr Clark will be entering a plea of not guilty.

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12 thoughts on “The Welshman Who Lost 3 Fingers In Police Custody Covertly Records The IPCC

  1. These people are like robots, they are all programmed to say the same things when they are challenged, whether they be police men/women, IPCC employees or employees of any professional standards department. They have low morality or non at all, they cannot think for themselves and obviously have no idea how to determine right from wrong, never mind the truth.

  2. They are trying to wear Jamie down, by rearresting him for a fictitious charge, so that he doesn’t take the matters further with risk to pig pensions.

  3. Jamie the whole country have watched these videos we can see the police have failed Jan williams from the IPCC says clearly on the tape, my interpretation is different to yours Jamie, she’s living in cuckoo land

  4. The problem today is that the police work for the corporations, they are registered on companies house as a private corporation, they call themselves “officers” but they don’t take an oath as an officer. An officer works for gain and so far they have made no money from Jamie. He was arrested to start with for attacking a police “officer” and cleared of any offence as the “officer” statements all contradicted each other and now it would appear that they are having another try, they really are desperate to make money from him and not pay out for the criminal injuries they did to him. It’s clear that the IPPC work with the police, nothing independent with them at all, even the interview was held in a police station, how is that being independent? Blatant corruption in full view and they are being allowed to get away with it, people need to wake up.

  5. We are supposed to live in a civilised society where acts of gross and inhumane disfigurement like Jamie’s are hugely appalled and reproached.

    We condemn and public outcry the likes of ISIS for their appalling and wilful acts of decapitation, yet we have these vile beings, those that are paid to uphold lawful law enforcement, amputating a young mans fingers and who have no remorse for their behaviour, trying to cover their own vile skins. This evidences that their behaviour and morals are on a par with those uncivilised beings who decapitate innocent people. No better no worse.

    Appalled. Words fail me.

  6. Mr Creamer i don’t personally know you, I’ve heard good and bad things about you I couldn’t comment on some things I’ve heard as I don’t know how true they are its human nature people are quick to judge other people even when they don’t know them, I take people as I find them and not judge them on others opinions, we all have skeletons in our cupboards each and everyone of us, the point I’m trying to make which is true and factual, when Martyn Parmley was a serving Police Officer to say he was obsessed with you and John Gizzi is an understatement he could not stop talking about the 2 of you, constantly on the computer at work researching you both, he was like a dog with a bone. One thing I can tell you Mr Creamer is he’s very good on the computer and IT work I guess he out smarted himself as St Asaph HQ caught him going on the PNC (police national computer) for non policing purposes, and as you know Martyn was sacked. You have to ask yourself, what was he up to?? I know this to be true and accurate as I have connections within the family, I too don’t like the way they conduct themselves the truth always comes out in the end but trust me Mr Creamer Martyn found it hard to sleep thinking of you and John Gizzi, I’m sure he still has sleepless nights now. great Blog by the way.

  7. Just wanted to say thank you for writing these 2 articles on my story Mick…. and thanks to everyone that’s commented and given their opinion on everything I’ve had to go through up to now.
    Nothing will bring my fingers back, but with your help and publicity gained I hope to show the world what’s happened to me and the level of corruption I face within my local police force of Dyfed Powys.
    Every officer depicted within my clips and every ipcc representative involved in my caseshould be utterly ashamed of themselves, and without people like Mick who are willing to expose the establishment’s crimes then a lot of people would never see what they did to me.
    My upmost respect and appreciation for exposing these violent offenders masquerading as police officers.

    This is a call to have every officer in my videos stripped of their badges and brought up on criminal charges for their part in my life changing injury… I’m truly disgusted in the system and the unaccountability of their foot soldiers.

  8. Would you leave a police dog in it’s kennels for 3 hours before calling a vet, if the dog paw was hanging off. I think the RSPCA would take the police to court.

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