Acting Sgt Frost Told His Female Junior Colleague Get Your Knickers Off I Want to F**k You in The Back of The Police Van

A married cop Christopher Frost cried like a baby as a misconduct hearing panel heard the officer had also groped another staff members bottom only 2 days later, the father of two was sacked after he begged to be allowed to keep his job after the panel ruled he had behaved inappropriately.

Frost had been a copper for 12 years, he said ‘I have let myself and my family down, I beg everyone to forgive me for my actions’. PC Frost the acting Sergeant is now only sorry because he’s lost his pension, Frost married his wife Cherry in September 2014 during a family holiday in France, the hearing was told that Frost was on patrol with a female colleague in October 2016 when they had wild sex in the back of the police van, Frost and the officer involved had exchanged flirty messages with each other and he had also sent her photos and videos.

Speaking after the hearing the deputy Chief Constable Gary Knighton said ‘we expect our officers to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and treat their colleagues and the public with respect, PC Frost failed to meet these expectations after he was dismissed after a gross misconduct panel found his actions amounted to a breach of the standards of professional behaviour’.

You & I readers of the blog, have a right to expect the highest standard of conduct and integrity from those delivering the policing services and the force will take appropriate action as necessary to uphold the standards.

Please read the link below:-

Following on from a previous post, PC Neil Bebington who was arrested after driving to work over the limit and PC Stuart Bradshaw who stalked his ex who was also a police officer, today at Colwyn Bay police headquarters both officers faced a misconduct hearing, neither officers attended, both were found guilty of gross misconduct and both sacked losing their jobs and their pensions. I think this decision was right and proper North Wales police will now be looking to fill these two vacancies, we can only hope the next two are good honest and trustworthy police officers.

PC Neil Bebbington

PC Stuart Bradshaw

As I stated before PC Bradshaw was found guilty of harassing his former girlfriend and had been given a suspended sentence, could you imagine if you or I had done this to our partners, it would have been an immediate custodial sentence, please read the links below from the Paedophile Post.

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This police van is a bargain, with a few negatives that I will list:

181,272 miles on the clock, she is a high mileage and she’s been around a few parks

As you can see from the photos the seats are a bit worn as you know due to a lot of action, there are a few stains on the seats which is understandable, nothing a bit of elbow grease won’t remove

Apart from that she’s a bargain, there’s lots of history with this vehicle, please be quick it’s very rarely that you see a police vehicle for sale with all the signs and lights on, this would make a good business for somebody. Like I said she hasn’t been cleaned out, should you find anything in the vehicle i.e. gloves, truncheon, gel or underwear etc it comes with the van.

This is not a joke, this is a genuine sale, like I said the van is a bargain, everything on this blog is true and accurate.


14 thoughts on “Acting Sgt Frost Told His Female Junior Colleague Get Your Knickers Off I Want to F**k You in The Back of The Police Van

  1. Acting Sergeant Frost is dismissed for gross misconduct, and rightly so. However, he wasn’t acting alone in his “sexual gratifucation”. He was acting in tandem with a female colleague. “THEY were engaging in sexual activity” in the back of a liveried Police van. What sanction was imposed on the female colleague. Let’s be fair and equitable, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. They BOTH behaved very innappropriately, not just acting Sergeant Frost. The BOTH engaged in behaviour which falls far below what is expected in their positions.

    Having heard it from a currently service North Wales Police Officers own mother, this type of behaviour is also rife within North Wales Police, it appears that a large majority are having affairs with one another. They are like rabbits. Is it a case of domineering “alpha male” with their female colleagues who misconceive that the only way to gain promotion up the ranks is to prostitute themselves by having these inappropriate and unprofessional affairs? The mother of the servicing North Wales Police Officer was very sure of her facts. So, if any wife / husband of a serving North Wales Police Officer is reading Mr Creamers blog, be vigilant for the signs, your spouse is probably at it. No wonder they haven’t the time or resources to solve crimes.

    Yesterday, two North Wales Police Officers were dismissed for gross misconduct. However, I this may not be the end of the matter. They have the right to appeal that the sanction is too harsh, and be reinstated on a appeal. Watch this space. Remember North Wales Police Officer PC Philip Owen who was dismissed for repeatedly accessing intelligence records on the force computer? He was reinstated on appeal.

    I also would like to refresh readers memories regarding the two serving North Wales Police Officers who KEPT their jobs after beating their two defenceless dogs. PC Craig Macleod and PC Anja Mason. Where have they gone? They no longer live in their “luxury bungalow”‘in a fairly remote part of Dyserth. No doubt they have also been moved to another area within the Force. If you remember, the Court heard that “The case would have a huge bearing on their future, and they were at risk of losing their jobs. They would not be able to match their present salaries and could also lose their home. They’re terrified of the outcome.” I am perplexed at this statement. The barefaced audacity of it! That statement is BEYOND BELIEF. They should have thought about that BEFORE systematically beating these defenceless animals. Since when have the Courts had to take into consideration the risk of defendants livelihoods when deciding guilt or not? No one else is afforded that privilege. At least the dogs have new owners and are not at risk of being harmed. This was, however, a clear unambiguous message from North Wales Police that it’s acceptable to mistreat defenceless animals.

    Your blog is great Mr Creamer. Keep highlighting the corruption that is endemic within North Wales Police and, as a reminder to spouses of serving officers of this force who read this blog, watch for the tell tale signs of affairs because, as near as damn it, it has come from the horses mouth, they are like rabbits with each other, involving all ranks.

    1. The 2 coppers you mention Craig and Anja Macleod still live in their bungalow and have even been promoted to sergeants! Well done North Wales police.

  2. What’s good for the goose, wat a rely Gd comment all true wish I cld rite like that my mam works in the hossie she spoke to a few coppers yeh all cops round here are shittin themselves all been screwing behind there misses back, they don’t want to b on this site I mean look at Gail star she rely thinks she’s it mate she would do anyfing for a promotion good site this mate

  3. Disgusting turning up to work intoxicated he could have killed somebody,but couldn’t turn up to the hearing, I bet that’s not the first time he’s turned up to work drunk someone covering up for him.


      I think you are absolutely right and, if you read between the lines in the “Despised Post” article, it indicates that it’s not the first time this behaviour has occurred. So, my question is, have his employers, those that are entrusted to enforce the law colluded to pervert the course of justice and not arrested this officer at an earlier opportunity?

      Set Supt John Hanson is reported as saying “He had a work related improvement plan in relation to attendance and must provide a voluntary sample of breath on request”.

      Why would PC Neil Bebbington be made to provide a voluntary breath sample if it wasn’t a repetition of law breaking?

      An investigation needs to be undertaken into those that have covered for this NWPig, perverted the course of justice and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

  4. NORTH WALES POLICE bang at it like rabbit’s no wonder they haven’t the Time to solve the crimes disgusting behaviour.

  5. Speaking after the hearing deputy chief constable Gary knighton said in a statement.North Wales police expect our officers to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and treat their colleagues and the public with respect.

    Respect HAS to be earned Gary and your force has no respect for no one. You only need to read Mr creamer blog to know that.

  6. As a taxpayer I feel I have a right regarding policing. I would chose Craig tinker the copper from coronation street, he may be a bit dim, llywath springs to mind. But Saying that Craig is good honest Bobby. How come CORRUPT north Wales police can’t find some decent coppers instead of all the riff raff they have at their disposal.

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