North Wales Police Officer Guilty Of Stalking A Female Police Officer

A North Wales police officer Stuart Alfred Bradshaw from Flint, admitted stalking his ex-partner between July 2016 and March 2017. Bradshaw couldn’t cope and was desperate when Emma Dinning told him the relationship was over, Emma who was also a police officer made it clear to Bradshaw that she wanted nothing more to do with him. He accessed one of her social media accounts hundreds of times, Bradshaw also sent flowers & posted a photograph of her and her cat on his Facebook account.

The good old district judge Gwyn Jones gave Bradshaw a 12 week prison sentence suspended for a year and placed him on rehabilitation with £85 costs and a £115 surcharge to be paid. He was also made the subject of a 5 year restraining order not to contact his victim Emma Dinning.

This was the same judge that on 21 December 2016 just before Christmas sent myself and my wife to prison both for 33 months; my solicitor John Brown from Liverpool told Gwyn Jones ‘Mr Creamer has already paid £100,000 to the confiscation unit and you will receive another £250,000 at the end of January early February’ and then reminded the judge ‘that you shouldn’t activate the sentence when a person has assets available’.  Good old Gwyn Jones was having none of it and as I said, he activated the sentence four days before Christmas not taking into account we have children and grandchildren.

The same judge that said he knew nothing about our case yet when he sentenced us, he knew chapter and verse, I have mentioned this before on a previous post; karma comes to everybody Gwyn (before Gwyn was appointed a District Judge, he was a solicitor for Gamlins, some of his clients were affected by the Thoughts of Oscar scandal). A serving police officer who has stalked and abused his position of trust receives 12 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, he is now likely to lose his job John Hanson from Professional Standards Department is going to be very busy with all these naughty little officers drink-driving and stalking.

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12 thoughts on “North Wales Police Officer Guilty Of Stalking A Female Police Officer

  1. Could you imagine this little baby faced bully of a Cop with a badge I bet he thought he was great is there any pigs left at st Asaph that hasn’t got a conviction??

  2. The same judge had me detained for 3hrs at Wrexham police station supposedly for contempt of court. It was a fit up and he played his part. I was accused of tweeting from the court. It never happened. I was given a choice by a solicitor to either apologise to the court or be remanded until a trial date could be set. I wasn’t booked into custody, no details were taken, no DNA, no prints, and no property and no-one logged me in. I proved the day after that no tweets were sent during the alleged time frame. The case was that of a troll who was convicted of malicious comms against me. He’s a state spook who tried silencing me and failed.

  3. Doesn’t instil much public confidence in the very people that are employed to protect us, as public servants using tax payers money

    Ultimately, they are a lazy, good for nothing service which move the goal posts and interpret the law to suit their agenda.

    It’s all very well networking with the public with “a cuppa with a copper” and dancing with people at the “pride events” but when the need arises for law enforcement, it’s just not there. The suituation will be manipulated in order that they do as little as they can get away with. Their actions do not reflect their meaningless words whatsoever.


  4. MP David Jones is good mates with District Judge Gwyn Jones both ex solicitors and they were both shit solicitors too, are they related??

  5. This copper should have went to jail the system has failed us again , if this would have been a member of the public they certainly would have received a custodial sentence a bloody joke………….one law for them another law for us 😡😡😡!!!!!

  6. This copper should have went to jail the system has failed us again , if this would have been a member of the public they certainly would have received a custodial sentence a bloody joke………….one law for them another law for us 😡😡😡!!!!! Our Police are getting like America now out of control.

  7. There are two NORTH WALES POLICE misconduct hearings on the 24th October!! Reflects the calibre of staff and public perception of North Wales Police.

    On 18th September 2017 PC 551 Bebbington was convicted of driving a motor vehicle whilst over the prescribed limit, contrary to Section 5 of the Road Traffic Act, at Llandudno Magistrates Court.

    PC2974 Bradshaw pleaded guilty at Mold Magistrates Court to an offence contrary to section 2A(1) and (4) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 committed between 1st July and 11th March 2017.

  8. No wonder there are no Police left to exercise law enforcement. They’re all playing on the dodgems at tax payers expense.


    How they can claim they are short staffed and hard done to when they are dancing at the likes of LGBT PRDIE processions, having cups of tea in supermarkets and 18, YES 18!!!, of them playing on the dodgems whilst 3 of them looked on is beyond belief.

  9. The newspapers article highlighting Police frolicking around on fair ground dodgems depicts the contempt they have for the hard working tax payer.

    To have an £80,000 a year Chief Superintendent along with 20 of his police staff having fun and games when they are supposed to be on duty is, without doubt in anybody’s books, tantamount to gross misconduct. It is estimated that their frolicking would have cost the tax payer about £80.00, which might not seem a lot to people, but some people have to work a whole day to earn that amount of money.

    Total abuse and contempt of tax payers money which is unacceptable in these times of austerity.

    1. Some people don’t even get £80.00 a week to live on and these ‘Big Guys’ think nothing of wasting public funds.

      They should be answering gross misconduct charges, the lot of them.

    2. It’s easy to squander money when it’s not their own and haven’t earned it with hard graft.

      Somebody sould be made accountable for the dodgems charade and heads should roll for gross misconduct.

      How dare they whinge and whine about underfunding and lack of resources.

      No wonder people have no respect left for them. If it’s not a corrupt police officer then it’s another that’s abusing tax payers money.

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