Oscar, big brother is watching!!!

Nigel Roberts a.k.a. ‘7 bellies’ once ran a poison pen blog called ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, he hid behind anonymity with his contributors David Jones MP and others including Bendy Wendy his wife; they terrorised people in Llandudno, Conwy and surrounding areas by publishing lies about people, they also prejudiced people’s court cases and North Wales Police were well aware of this including, Superintendent Simon Humphries and Inspector Ian Verburg.

When I made a complaint to North Wales Police regarding ugly, fat Nigel to professional standards Humphries retired to secure his pension, Verburg and Humphries let our community down. After the work I did myself and reporting this ‘gang’ to my local MP Guto Bebb, fat Nigel finally had to come clean and admit he was the author of the blog, because his ID had been blown and the community now know who he is. When he comes in to Llandudno, he has to park his car under surveillance cameras at all times.

Please see fat Nigel’s X5 below, where he is illegally parked in a loading bay outside the Travelodge in Llandudno, vehicle reg: 24 DNR, he is also causing an obstruction for the buses.

Can you also see Bendy Wendy’s BMW convertible reg: NIJ 349, she often parks up outside Café Nero’s so she can keep an eye on it, where she attends most days for a coffee and a scone.

Also see the picture below where ‘7 Bellies’ and Bendy Wendy are having a coffee at Café Nero’s, ‘7 bellies’ was overheard in a conversation telling Wendy “hurry up fatty, drink your coffee, that Creamer has just passed, I’ve got to go” she replied “Who are you calling fatty, have you had a look at yourself, it’s you they call ‘7 Bellies”, I told you we should never have done that blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, it would come back and bite us on the bum, you thought you had the police in your pocket”, at least with that Creamer fella he tells the truth on his blog and leaves his name and number, not like we used to do, lie & hide behind anonymity”.

‘7 Bellies’ put your belly away, the camera doesn’t lie, big brother is watching you. North Wales Police have been told to stay away from you, you have caused misery and heartache in this town, Simon Humphries had to retire because of you and Inspector Ian Verburg told lie after lie to protect you, they can’t do it anymore. I wonder if in the pictures below is Nigel trying to get information off the police about PC Mike Smith and Councillor Julie Fallon?

Finally when ‘7 Bellies’ had his newsagents in Llandudno he would never employ any males he would only employ females, information leaked out from Llandudno job centre that he would often ring them up and say he had vacancies for staff, the job centre sent quite a few girls around, those girls never lasted very long; were you one of these girls who was harassed and bullied by fat Nigel? If so, go and seek advice from a solicitor, you may be entitled to compensation.

He was also known as a sex pest, we also know Nigel often watched porn in the back of the shop. Nigel is a very lonely bitter old man, he’s got no mother, no father, no children and has now lost his blog Thoughts of Oscar thanks to me (his favourite sweets are Murray mints), more posts to follow.


11 thoughts on “Oscar, big brother is watching!!!

  1. Nigel still sees his favourite sweet ‘Murray’ I’ll pass you a photo of him visiting her recently…..this fat slug is scum and as for droopy draws Wendy, well she’s a perfect fit for him

  2. David Cameron Teresa may both sacked David Jones m.p for being involved in the thoughts of Oscar site with Nigel Roberts they would of known. David Jones secondly was fiddling the tax payers money expenses. Then the BBC interview him in Westminster I’m dumbfounded.

  3. His own father was knocking the ginger biscuit off in the chemist, Nigel’s mother had no time for him even she didn’t like her own son spoilt little brat he is 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  4. Mr Creamer aren’t you going to publish who he’s been knocking off behind Wendy’s back? Could you believe it we have 2 woman in the same town that must be so desperate , he must have trouble finding his penis under that gut he’s having trouble walking lately , have you seen him limping ? Must be a good candidate for a heart attack what a hated man he is. I did hear he swings both ways 😜😜🙈🙈

  5. Love it creamer fat boy parking in a loading bay didn’t realise how ugly Wendy was, I’ve never seen her before ha ha ha ha ha

  6. I would hate to be looking over my shoulder 24/7 . I did hear in the pub the other day it’s going to be going off shortly and I didn’t mean the lifeboat maroons!!!!!!

  7. Mick you need to be talking to the manageress of boots in Llandudno I will get you her name and address and private message you.

  8. Michael John Creamer
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL
    Readers of the blog, I can’t put the comments on which contain bad language I know how people feel about Nigel but please remember children read this blog and that type of language is unacceptable. Should anyone like to discuss anything with me I’ve left my address and number, feel free to get in touch and I will reply asap, thank you .

  9. I was one of those girls that worked in his newsagents a while ago….he was vile vile vile and also Dylan Moore is vile too

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