Councillor Julie Fallon Smith’s husband retires from North Wales Police, PC 2364 Mike Smith

When Mike Smith was a police officer in Conwy and Llandudno, going back to 2010, Mike Smith was aware who the author was of the poison pen blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ along with Inspector Ian Verburg and DC Don Kenyon, the public now know the troll was, ‘7 bellies’ aka Nigel Roberts.

Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights is a provision of the European Convention which protects the right to a fair trial in criminal law cases and cases to determine civil rights, it protects the right to a public hearing before an independent and impartial tribunal within reasonable time, the presumption of innocence and other minimum rights for those charged in a criminal case (adequate time and facilities to prepare their defence, access to legal representation, right to examine witnesses against them or have them examined, the right to the free assistance of an interpreter) everyone charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to the law.

In short, everyone is entitled to a fair trial

As you readers of the blog are already aware, during my trial in 2010 for mortgage fraud my barrister told his honour Judge John Rogers QC about the poison pen blog site ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and that I was concerned that the jury could read this site about what fat Nigel Roberts had been writing on his blog about people including myself; basically, he libelled, bullied and intimidated all behind anonymity. He made plenty of derogatory remarks about me, calling me a drug dealer but as you and the police know, I have never been arrested on any drug offences, but it’s still damaging when the jury could have read this on the Internet along with many other comments, he made about me that were untrue.

At the time fat, ugly Nigel remained anonymous and nobody knew who he was except for himself, DC Don Kenyon, Jason Davenport, the judge in the trial, and other police officers in Llandudno including Mike Smith, Superintendent Simon Humphries, who looks a bit like Nigel and one of Nigel’s contributors, the ex-Secretary of State for Wales David Jones MP, who said he doesn’t know who ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ is.

Please see his deleted tweets below and also read the link:

Amazingly when I made a complaint over the troll blog to North Wales Police, they denied all knowledge of who the author was, Simon Humphries retires with his pension and we now know North Wales Police were protecting this site. David Jones would’ve been John Rogers’s boss, as Secretary of State for Wales he was the boss of all Welsh judges at that time and as we know David Jones has been sacked by two Prime Ministers, David doesn’t like the word sacked he prefers ‘reshuffle’.

Going back to PC Mike Smith, as a serving police officer at that time why didn’t he stand up and be counted for, and tell his bosses Michael Creamer will never get a fair trial and remind the gang of Article 6, please read the FOI request below, I asked in September 2018 is PC 2364 Smith still a serving police officer?

Their response back was very vague, what we do know that is factual is Mike Smith resigned from the force; most police officers like to serve their time and look forward to the big pension and what we also know is that Mike Smith is under investigation by North Wales Police, Caernarfon Constabulary are dealing with it. Should Mike Smith be charged with a criminal offence, Article 6 applies to him and any other member of the public, innocent until proven guilty.

I am aware in the local community there are lots of people that are angry and are awaiting the outcome on Mike Smith, all I can say at this time is I have plenty of information to report on Mike Smith, but we must be patient and wait until North Wales Police have concluded their enquiry.

Finally, North Wales Police I know you read my blog albeit Ian Verburg told all his officers not to read it, I would really appreciate it if you could have a look on your website and remove CBM Mike Smith from it as he is no longer employed by North Wales Police.

As of today, Mike Smith is still on the police website as a serving officer!

Thank you, readers of the blog for the information sent to me regarding one of them having an affair with a Councillor, I’ve read this information and before I publish the texts, I’m seeking further clarification.

This blog has been temporarily closed but it is now back up and running and there will be more posts in a few days.


10 thoughts on “Councillor Julie Fallon Smith’s husband retires from North Wales Police, PC 2364 Mike Smith

  1. J F Smith wants to pay back the money she owes to the people of deganway and Llandudno one selfish bitch she is…………..I did hear the council are trying to get rid of her .

  2. Interesting North Wales Police buy rugby kits off Exile Sports west which is owned by Marcus COPELAND convicted mortgage fraudster who escaped a jail sentence.

  3. Michael John Creamer
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL
    Thank you to North Wales Police, after I brought to your attention that for over 6 months since PC 2364 Mike Smith resigned from the force yet you still had him advertised on your website as employed as a police officer, you have now finally removed it. Please don’t write and thank me, it was a pleasure, because officially you are not suppose to be reading my blog.

  4. Wasn’t Mike smith doing kids football with Gary cooper and Haydn williams the vat man? And junctions football money went missing from Haydns house 😯😯😯

    1. With all the pressure and upset she has caused other people and the lies she has told ,she deserves all the pressure thrown at her.This pressure she has brought on herself by her lies and what has come out of her evil mouth.She continually plays on peoples emotions and i am so mad at myself for being taken in by her,I hope the pressure grows until the pressure gets too much, and explodes like a pressure cooker.She deserves everything that is coming her way.

  5. The Llandudno Junction community club is a rather worrying situation to many.
    The club continues to pay casual staff cash in hand and the bar manager has left yet remains a director.
    The circumstances and concerns of anomalies have been communicated to both Julie Fallon and Mike Priestley yet both have chosen to ignore the concerns and facts.
    Is it because Julie and Mel are good friends ?
    Mike is now a JP!

  6. I just wondered if there are any updates on the Smith case.Heard from a good source that the CPS are near to coming to a decision ,hopefully to prosecute, but you never know he was one of there own.

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