Four Gary’s; One Is A Police Officer And The Other Three Are Informants. Their Stories Are Now About To Be Told…

My apologies for the delay in these posts, the posts were originally due to be posted on Christmas Day last year, a couple of days before Christmas I was sent to prison regarding the Proceeds of Crime Order; I was released in the summer this year, that’s the reason for the delay. So, it’s now the time for the public to read the real truth of what they got up to and never told the courts.

They have been living on a knife edge for over 12 months, they have been in a situation in which nobody knows what is going to happen next and it is all their own doing. Do you remember one of the police campaign logos, ‘Rat on a Rat’? Here’s 3 of the biggest rats that ever walked the Junction; Michael Gary Plumb known as Gary Sky, nobody knows him as Michael, the 2nd rat is Gary John Jones and the 3rd rat is Gary Lloyd.

These 3 rats gave evidence at 2 of my trials, the first trial at Mold Crown Court in 2010 was for mortgage fraud, where Gary Lloyd was a witness and gave evidence and I say he never told the truth, very shortly you will be able to read Garry Lloyd’s statements and various documents and you’ll be able to judge for yourselves.

The other 2 rats Gary Sky and Gary John, gave evidence in 2011 at my trial for witness intimidation, their statements and documents will be shown in due course. Llandudno Junction is a close-knit community, a lot of people are related to each other and some of these people have brothers and sisters and obviously parents, if any of you are related to these 3 rats I am not having a go at you personally.

Some of the stories may be upsetting to read and you may not agree with what I’m going to say but these 3 rats when they told lies and gave evidence against me and helped me get convicted, didn’t care about me or my family. At the time, the 3 rats probably didn’t go back to their families and tell them they had given evidence against me so I hope they don’t go running to you to say look what he’s put on the blog about me it will all be the truth.

The first Gary’s post will be Gary Lloyd and it will be shown in the next week, then Gary John super grass will be shown on Christmas Day, it will be put on at 6 o’clock in the morning of 25th of December and later on in the afternoon we will have a Christmas cracker, it’s another two people that I’ve not mentioned their names before, you will read about it Christmas Day.

Gary ‘Sky’ Plumb

Llandudno Junction rat & grass, Gary John Jones

Gary John Jones


Gary Lloyd


Gary Cooper

Any members of the public who make a statement to the police and should their case go to court, if it does you would have to swear an oath you are telling the truth, I can confirm these 3 rats wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face and I will prove this. There are a couple of other people that have made statements against me and my family who never attended court, you know who you are, I have their statements and they too will be shown. I hope you all can stand by your statements and be proud men.

Finally, many happy returns to Gary Sky, who will be 47 on Sunday 10th December, DOB 10/12/1970. You have a drink Gary on me at the weekend and good luck in keeping the Maelgwyn although it’s not in your name, yet you’re the head of PubSafe hmmm!!!

I think the net is closing in, I’m playing your song for the last time, hope you enjoy your story over Christmas, bye for now.


Police Can No Longer Kick The Door In Without A Warrant

Police forces nationwide over the years have kicked people’s doors in when it’s been the wrong house and searched people’s properties, the new ruling means police forces across England and Wales will have no defence to compensation claims by property owners if the officer’s suspicions turn out to be incorrect or if they get the wrong address.

North Wales Police only last week kicked people’s door in on early morning raids in Conwy, Holyhead and Rhyl when 30 properties were targeted. A poor innocent family’s door was kicked in by police officers during a series of drug raids, when are North Wales Police going to get anything right or are they going to blame police informants for giving them incorrect information?

Some 250 officers were involved in Operation Zeus, which took 12 months to plan and they still got the wrong house, on the wrong street.  At a press conference Detective Supt Iestyn Davies apologised to the family who lived at 4 Gwel y Mynydd, Holyhead. I don’t know who the people are that live at this address, but if you read this blog you should immediately contact a solicitor, you will be entitled to compensation.

Please watch this video filmed at a house in Holyhead where The Mob smashed the door in, it took 6 officers just under a minute to gain entry and 31 bangs with the enforcer and the pick, the coppers were knackered; if the owner would have heard that, they would have had plenty of time to flush their drugs down the toilet.


Please just think for a minute, if you or I broke the law, let’s say stole a piggybank money box from the post office and we’d been caught on CCTV stealing them, we can’t go & see Detective Superintendent Iestyn Davies and apologise and say I’m sorry and give an excuse, that doesn’t wash with the police. It’s a business, they’re a corporation they want you charged and put before the courts and fined so they can take money off you. So once again whoever lives at 4 Gwel y Mynydd, Holyhead, put your compensation claim in.  I’ve heard over many years that when the police make an error, their favourite saying is “we will learn from our mistakes” (they never do).

DC Don Kenyon & DC Nicolas Hawe do you both remember when you lied to magistrates to get a warrant to search 2 of my containers in Conwy Morfa boatyard, your registered police informant told you there was counterfeit money in them, plus drugs and firearms; you broke the two locks off the containers with bolt cutters you two & your swat team did a thorough search whilst I was not present, nothing was found as usual, so you had to go and buy 2 locks to replace the broken ones. More wasted money which is met by the taxpayer, I was told Don you were not left with egg on your face, you were left with your breakfast all over your bib, another wasted warrant.

Finally, we have just had the Chief Constable Mark Polin and the Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones saying, demand is soaring whilst budgets are slashed and staff are being made ill by the pressure and North Wales policing is close to breaking point; that’s the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard in my life.

You want to stop wasting money kicking people’s doors in at the wrong house and people’s containers. You have searched various properties of mine and found nothing, listening to malicious gossip with police officers getting excited at wrong information.

When the public see next year how much money North Wales Police have spent on me, I can’t tell you too much yet as it will be a post booked in for after Christmas. Don Kenyon, you know it’s millions and millions of taxpayers’ money wasted for a victimless crime and North Wales Police don’t want the public to see the invoices I have, not forgetting the Police Post, the paper known as the ‘Paedophile Post’ who printed lies about me and never searched for the truth. Information has leaked out there are more raids to follow shortly, let’s hope they get the right house this time.

Please read the link below:


Two Welsh Police Officers Buy Under Age Teenager Cider In A Bid To Get Him To Confess To Unsolved Crimes

Detective Constable Geraint Jones and Detective Constable Neville Bradbury who are stationed at Cardiff Bay police station went to visit Sean Wall at Parc Young Offenders Institute in Bridgend; they took him out of prison for the day, drove to the local Spar and bought him cans of cider and got Sean p****d, then took him back to Cardiff Bay police station.

The deal by the two officers was to give Sean the alcohol and then ask him to confess to crimes, Sean confessed to crimes he didn’t commit which looked great on paper for the police’s detection rate, showing it had solved crimes. Sean asked the police officers in the police station could they contact his solicitor, he asked 17 times.

Again what I find astonishing is that the two police officers were investigated by the IPCC and both officers kept their jobs.

So this is a message to any young boys under the age of 18 and you want alcohol for Christmas, phone the local police, ask them to get you a few cans and you just confess to a few crimes you have not committed, it helps clear the books for the police.

Finally, Don Kenyon, Jason Davenport, Nicolas Hawe and now retired Superintendent Simon Humphreys, I would like to know your opinion on this shocking behaviour on what those officers did to that young teenager?

Do you feel guilty for charging me and my wife for mortgage fraud? Bearing in mind it was a victimless crime and no complainant, you may be giggling to yourselves saying we took £350,000 from you Creamer, but I can tell you the public wont be laughing when I show the cost of the trial and the millions of pounds of public money wasted.

Please read the link below


North Wales Police Finally Admit They Knew Who The Author Of The Troll Blog Thoughts of Oscar Was

Please read my complaint about The Mob to PSD (Professional Standards Department) it is self-explanatory; I’m sorry it’s quite lengthy but this was their reports back, firstly by Superintendent Sian Beck from the local Policing Services at St Asaph and also a pathetic reply back by good old Detective Superintendent John Hanson, who’s now head of Professional Standards, as I’ve said before when you make a complaint to PSD (stop laughing!!) it’s the police investigating the police and if you’re not happy with the decision you then go to the IPCC (I Protect Corrupt Cops) over 70% of the staff from IPCC are ex police officers, this is throughout the country; what a great complaints procedure talk about banging your head against a brick wall.

If you are ever going to bring a claim against any officer this is the protocol you have to follow and they do their best to tire you out, but please don’t give up. It starts out like this, a local Sergeant in your area will record the complaints which will then be passed to PSD, they will gather all the information and take as long as possible and always try to resolve a complaint with a local resolution, then if you’re not happy it then goes to the IPCC, they can then take up to a year before they investigate and 9 times out of 10 they follow PSD’s decision. When all that has finished you then bring a claim against the Chief Constable in your area and take it to the County Court, I will show you in due course when I had to do this and how much money was awarded to us.

John Hanson as I’ve stated on this blog before had a meeting with Chris Walsh and head crown prosecutor Karen Dixon, it is my belief Karen Dixon was not made aware of all the facts by John and Chris. If the police want somebody charged a thorough investigation is carried out providing as much evidence as possible if they do not wish somebody to be charged should a complaint be made information is held back from the CPS. Somebody’s name was released on the Thoughts of Oscar website, this person was threatened to be killed and violence to be used, John and Chris’s advice to the complainant was that if someone makes a threat they don’t always carry it out, could you imagine readers of the blog if the threats were made regarding a police officer, they would babysit outside his property.

I can confirm that what I have mentioned above was true & factual and mentioned in headquarters but what I can’t confirm is did John Hanson pass this information on to Karen Dixon in their meeting?  I’m sure if Karen would have been made aware of this somebody would have been prosecuted from that poison pen blog.

As we know Nigel Roberts a.k.a. ‘7 Bellies’ admitted to being the author, ex- Secretary of State for Wales MP David Jones carries on denying having any involvement but you have seen his deleted tweets on the previous post and North Wales Police couldn’t prosecute themselves but as you can see from the reports they do their best to close your complaints down.

How convenient for The Mob, the IPCC says in their findings “we do not consider any one’s recollection of events would be clear after such a significant length of time i.e. five years, Verberg can’t remember, Kenyon’s memory has faded and Simon Humphreys took retirement as soon as my complaint came in to save his pension but when The Mob investigated myself and Anita for mortgage fraud they went back over 20 years and cross-examined me in the witness box for over 5 days and expected me to remember every detail, every mortgage application I made, where deposits came from etc, tax I had paid stamp duty, capital gains I had paid and right down to how much money I had spent on my credit cards yet they say it’s hard to remember things 5 years ago.

The truth of the matter is they have now been caught out covering each other’s backs and worrying about their pensions.

Finally, all you people that went to Llandudno police station and reported the Thoughts of Oscar blog to Inspector Verberg, he lied to you when he said he didn’t know who the author was; I’ve been telling you for years that he knew full well who it was, The Mob then moved him over to PSD and that’s where he is today. The reports from PSD, Sian Beck, the report from John Hanson and the report from the IPCC is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever read but they have to cover their backs to save their pensions, if The Mob had admitted they knew who the author of the blog was they knew this would have prejudiced my trial and the case would have collapsed.


Justice For Mark Hall Continues

Once again, I am appealing to anybody with any information regarding the miscarriage of justice against Mark Hall, can I just draw your attention to the last post where I told you the victim’s mother was stalking me, please go back and read it again for yourself I don’t want to go over old ground and bore you.

I told you that the victim’s mother came into the pub with a few girls from Llandudno Junction, not once did I tell you what pub it was and I never named any other girls I only mentioned the victim’s mother Sharon and I also read a comment out from a Michelle Roberts; I was asking her view on Colin Stagg claiming compensation, which is perfectly legal to do, the lady in question Michelle ‘Mushy’ Roberts will tell you herself I don’t know her and have never spoken to her in my life but she seems to have an awful lot to say for herself, fair play to her. Michelle, I did say to Sharon in my previous post, a little advice don’t follow in the footsteps of other people, stay away from me, but you thought you knew better.

Michelle made three statements on her Facebook status, as you all know I am not on Facebook, but her statements were sent to me. They are below for you to read them (just wondering Michelle, why have you closed your Facebook down?)

Hope you enjoyed her little rant.

I’m going to apologise to you on her behalf, firstly about her grammar as from reading her notes she seems like a young lady with no decorum (what is decorum? Behaviour that is controlled calm and polite) you have none Michelle. Secondly, I apologise for her foul language, she makes it quite clear in her words ‘I will challenge any F****r that wants to say different’.

Well Michelle, I’m going to challenge you, if you want to take me on, do so at your own peril. Just in case I bring any civil proceedings against Sharon the victim’s mother for stalking me and making nuisance phone calls, may I remind you Michelle should I bring a claim against Sharon, she has to defend it and it’s nothing to do with the police, no doubt you will be the star witness. I can’t give you a full disclosure as all my evidence would be submitted to the court but one thing I will make quite clear to you Michelle, should you give evidence on behalf of your friend Sharon I would tear you to shreds.

On Saturday, 8 July I was drinking in the Mail Coach and in walked Sharon with her friend Michelle and somebody else; the CCTV Michelle, will show that I was already there before you arrived, I eventually left the pub and returned back later, how observant you were to be looking out of the window to see me pull up with my wife, the registration of the vehicle I was in was M7CK C, I think that says my name, if you go on the DVLA website and check this plate out you will see what vehicle it is and I can tell you it is not a white transit van, as you stated.

Please don’t get me mixed up with Gary Sky, he’s got a transit van and he picks girls up, I’m going to deal with Gary Sky and Gary John shortly. So, I couldn’t have got that phone call as you stated to say the victim’s mother was there because as I stated I had been in there before you, bearing in mind your vision was impaired as you were quite intoxicated, once I had taken a seat in the window of the Mail Coach and sat down with a group of friends, you were directly opposite me. You made reference to your friends on Facebook, that the man in the Mail Coach had grey hair and that it wasn’t Michael Creamer in the photo that he showed of himself on the blog.

Michelle, George Clooney doesn’t drink in the Mail Coach, it was me Michael Creamer I don’t know if you have a partner Michelle, but if you do I bet you didn’t tell him that you threw yourself in front of me, lying across a couple of chairs while you were getting Sharon to pretend to be taking photos of you, when she was taking photos of me.

Michelle, you only tell the truth once in your statement to quote you, this is what you said ‘and not once did I take my phone out and take photos’, that’s correct, you didn’t take photos of me you were lying across the chairs while Sharon was taking photos of me, you’re not a model if you were Michelle Keegan, I might have shown an interest but you’re Michelle ‘Mushy’ Roberts.

Picture of me and Michelle Keegan in Marbella on the beach in                                             Puerto Banus

Another quote from your statement, ‘the picture of the victim’s mother is not of her leaving it was taken earlier on in the night’ please don’t go red with embarrassment Michelle.

Let’s look closely at the photos below.

The first photo I enlarged it so you couldn’t see the other people who were sitting down, I have now blacked out the people’s faces. Picture 2, you know the pub as well as I do Michelle, can you see Sharon leaving the pub? notice the date and the time July 9th 00:55, that’s 5 minutes to 1 o’ clock, leaving for a taxi; you had already gone outside with your friend and picture 3 showing her leaving the premises, hope that clarifies the facts for you.

As I’ve already stated I can’t show you all the evidence for legal reasons.

I’m a great admirer of William Shakespeare and his quotes, I adopted one of them and it’s tattooed on my right arm, this is what it says:

Love me or hate me,

Both are in my favour,

If you love me I’ll always be in your heart,

If you hate me,

I will always be in your mind.

I haven’t quite worked out yet with you and Sharon whether you love me or hate me Lol!  Remember you told your friends it wasn’t me in the picture that I put up for you to look at, oh that’s me alright, can you see the tattoo on my arm? I look forward to the challenge as you quoted on your status, I think you have been very economical with the truth with what you stated on your Facebook status, it was fanciful, outlandish and only existed in your imagination.

I’ve got to move on now Michelle, I know you follow my blog and you love it, so I’m going to ask all my followers not to give Michelle a wave, as she only has three friends on Facebook so I’m told, instead could you hit the share button and make her famous.

As I have mentioned before, everything that you read on this blog is true and factual and some people don’t like to learn the truth. We can’t forget Nigel Roberts a.k.a. seven bellies the author of the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar who lied and libelled people, Hayden Williams the VAT man again another liar (click on his name on the index and listen to the recording), Lucie and Bev Hobson lied and spread malicious gossip, Peter Nolan lied to North Wales Police, I don’t think the above mentioned people love me but I’m so happy I’m always on their minds.

May I finally remind you, Mark Hall is accused of a heinous crime and currently serving a six-year prison sentence for a crime he strongly denies, we can only hope and pray that justice will prevail, just spare a thought for him in the cell every night, how he must be feeling and the victim has life time anonymity from North Wales Police.

Over the next couple of days, I’m going to write a post where the same judge sentenced two defendants from two separate cases and one of them is Mark Hall, it’s shocking what you will read.

I really would like to thank people for the information they have supplied but there is still information out there what we need to help get Mark a retrial. I am not interested about the people that are selling contraband cigarettes or using rebated fuel in the vehicle (red diesel) that’s a matter for HM Custom & Excise. I’m not interested in who is claiming tax credits that they are not entitled to and living where they’re not supposed to be, that’s a DWP matter. I do get the point that people are starting to get a bit nervous and blaming each other to try and take the heat off themselves.

I’m only interested in anything that can help Mark Hall, again not tittle tattle like who’s been carrying on with who behind their partners backs and finally no bad language on the comments or it won’t be published.




PC once had a collar number, now has a prison number A3065DY Clarke

An arrogant North Wales police officer Ian James Clarke who once worked with the major crime team at St Asaph with his colleagues DC 2313 Don Kenyon, Inspector 2179 Jason Davenport and DC 1359 Nicolas Hawe, these were part of The Mob that arrested me for mortgage fraud. Ian James Clarke, earlier this year was found guilty of rape, this one was one arrogant copper, the judge told Clarke “you have been convicted of the most serious offence of rape”, Clarke’s wife was also a copper.

When Clarke was sentenced and sent to prison in March this year, he was sent to HMP Altcourse, there are 3 wings in Altcourse that house up to 100 men on each wing, Melling Brown, Melling Blue and Beeches Green, these 3 wings are for sex offenders only, just to let you know, the government calls these prisoners VP’s, that stands for ‘Vulnerable Prisoner’.

Remember those words, ‘Vulnerable Prisoner’, we’ll come back to this later.

The VP prisoners from these 3 wings are protected by the prison, they are not allowed to encounter any other inmates for their own safety, their visits are kept private, away from other inmates. There gym sessions are held separately and if any one of them are moved around the jail, a freeze is put on the jail, which means while one of them is getting escorted about the jail, other prisoners remain inside until the freeze is lifted. While they walk across the yards, other inmates (who are not sex offenders) scream and shout abuse out of the windows at them, they shout nonce, paedophiles, bacons etc.

I will give you some idea as to why they wouldn’t survive on the main wings in the jail, all prisoners do not like police officers coming into jail, sex cases and grasses. While I was incarcerated at HMP Altcourse, a fella came in for an offence and when he got on to one of the main wings, he made the mistake of telling inmates he was an ex-military copper, he was later slashed above his eyes and across the throat and was then taken to hospital where he was in a coma, when he eventually came out of hospital he was transferred to another prison for security purposes, I will not tell you which prison he was allocated to.

I also witnessed a young lad getting slashed across his face for snitching on somebody. There are stabbings and slashings on a regular basis in prison, you get the message readers of the blog, real prisoners do not like nonces, police officers and snitches. At the moment, the prisons in general are at their worst ever for violence, drugs and mobile phones; it’s easier to get drugs in Altcourse than it is in Colwyn Bay, the same with a mobile phone, the only difference is if you were to go and purchase a phone in Llandudno at Carphone Warehouse, you need ID and a credit check is done on you, just pay the cash in prison and you’ve got a phone.

Now a little tale for you! On Friday the 17th March 2017 at 9:40 in the morning I attended one of my gym sessions, that session on a Friday is for over 40’s, I arrived at the gym as usual and as I was doing some weight training, I was sat on the bench pulling a weight bar from above my head, to behind my neck, as I was pulling the weight down, the cable attached to the weights snapped and the weight bar came down, smashing me on the top of my head causing me double vision and a lump to my head and severe pain. I immediately left my gym session and went back to my cell to lie down, but later, throughout the day I began vomiting.

On Saturday morning the 18th March, I went to see the nurse on the wing, accompanied by an officer, the female nurse I saw was called Bowler, she looks at you through a glass panel on the door, with a small hatch in it, wide enough to put your hand through, Bowler put her hand through and examined my head, she said “you have been concussed” and that I would be ok, I insisted to her that I wanted to see a doctor, she said, “there’s no doctor available, it’s a Saturday morning” I was disgusted because I know there is a hospital wing in the prison, with doctors there 24 hours a day, the healthcare in the prison is a shambles.

I told Bowler “should I die with a blood clot or should anything happen to me make sure you phone my wife or my mother and explain that you refused to get me a doctor” and then I left with a prison officer and returned to a wing.

Within 10 minutes of being back on the wing, my name was called and I was immediately taken to healthcare where I would be seen by a doctor, how convenient, they now had a doctor available!  Anyway once I made my way to healthcare and having gone through all the security, a nurse came out who was with the doctor and said “Michael, could you just take a seat outside an emergency has come in, we will see you in 5 minutes” so I took a seat outside the doctors door, to the right hand side of where I was sitting you would have to come through about 4 security doors in able to see the doctor, and to the left hand side is another door, which is only used by the VP prisoners, remember I told you who the VP prisoners were and that they are not allowed to mix with normal cons.

I’m a great believer that things only happen for a reason, whilst sitting and waiting to see the doctor, the entrance to the VP door opened and in walked a prison officer and guess who he was escorting?……The rapist police officer from St Asaph, now issued with a prison number A3065DY.

He had just been sentenced to 5 years for rape, when Clarke raped his victim, how strange the 22 stone animal wasn’t a vulnerable person. Suddenly the pain had gone from my head and I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, oh…..Don Kenyon and Davenport, his face was a picture when he saw me!

He hasn’t got much hair on his head, he had shaved his head bald to try to disguise himself, but you know how we all imagine what a rapist must look like, fat belly, about 22 stone, belly hanging over his trousers, bald head and wearing Joe 90 glasses, that’s what Ian James Clarke looked like.

The judge at this trail described him as arrogant and full of himself, well you take it from me I’ve seen him, the arrogance had gone and he was crying like a little baby, my laughing was getting louder and louder.

I do believe in God and that accident happened for a reason, the reason was to put me face to face with that rapist. I watched Clarke go into the doctor’s room and sat outside until he came out, he couldn’t look at me, he just hung his head in shame. I know I don’t know his victim but I just wanted her to be sitting with me on that Saturday morning, so she could have seen his face. Clarke eventually returned to his wing, Melling Blue and I went in to see the doctor and received a full examination, I couldn’t help but notice the doctor hadn’t cleared his computer screen & Clarke’s details were there for me to see, but due to my double vision after my accident there was no way I could read the screen, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, you know what I mean!

Because of the job I had in the prison, being a trusted prisoner and visits orderly, I spoke to a lot of people, inmates and staff, Ian Clarke had told staff don’t tell anybody I was a copper, a bent copper who once loved the power now shaking in his boots, well I told everyone in the jail who he was and what he was in for, after all it’s good to tell the truth.

I was also told whilst Clarke was on his wing, he would not come out of his cell for association, he used to lock himself in and was constantly crying with the job I had I knew he had no visits whilst he was at Altcourse.

A couple of things I’m about to tell you, that are disgusting about this case, after Ian Clarke was found guilty at Mold Crown Court, he was allowed to go home on bail until sentencing in March 2017, yet knowing he’s a threat to the public, to women in particular. Judge John Rogers QC, you’ll remember refused me bail for a victimless crime, the other thing which is maddening is Clarke was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, you do half of that time which is 2.5 years, so he shouldn’t go to open prison until he had about 8 months of his sentence left, Altcourse is a category B prison, I was the only civil prisoner in there, like I’ve said before I was a category D prisoner, no threat to the public, costing you the tax payer just under a £1000 per week to keep me inside, please read the letter below from my MP which was sent to HMP Altcourse.

I’m angry and annoyed that the rapist Clarke was moved to open conditions so quickly, he is a big threat to the public. Should this post appear on your Facebook timeline, please share it, in the hope that the authorities return him back to closed conditions where he should be.

He has not been rehabilitated this quickly, his release date is the 14/09/2019, this really concerns me, while in open conditions he could attack again and it’s you ladies I’m concerned for plus his rape victim, we need our Prime Minister to look at this.

How convenient for The Mob, I served all my sentence in a cat b prison in closed conditions. Ian James Clarke, after approximately 6 weeks into his 2.5 year sentence has been moved to Leyhill open prison, please see the pictures below of the rapist in the paedophile post aka Daily Post, I wonder if a journalist from the paedophile post now they know this information will contact the police or the prime minister and tell them this is outrageous and will they ask the police “don’t you think it’s right that you make Ian James Clarke sell his home and pay his victim under the proceeds of crime act?”.

The Mob took £350,000 off me, the CPS had half of the money and The Mob had the other half.

Readers of the blog, your comments are welcome, no bad language please.

I’d like to hear your views on should Ian James Clarke be given a proceeds of crime order?

It’s only fair I give you my prison number, A0791CG because after all I’ve given you Clarke’s.


Gary Lloyd, If Only The Jury Knew The Real Truth About This Liar!!

The time has now come to tell you the stories on the 3 Gary’s that gave evidence against us; there was Gary John Jones, Gary Plumb aka Sky and Gary Lloyd.

I am starting with Gary Lloyd’s story, he was a prosecution witness in mine & Anita’s trial at Mold Crown Court in 2010. This is what DC 2312 Don Kenyon and Inspector 2179 Jason Davenport kept from the jury regarding their ‘reliable’ witness.

In 1995 I bought a property from Gary Lloyd and his partner for £54,500, this property was located in Whinacres, Conwy, it was advertised with Nationwide estate agents for £70,000 and it was in need of completion. At the time, good old Gary Lloyd had a go cart track in Queensferry and had got himself into financial difficulties, ‘honest me’ Gary Lloyd deliberately went bankrupt and when I completed the transaction on the property, all the money which I gave, the £54,500 went straight to his debtors.

Please read the estate agents brochure and read the details where it says NO SERVICES, there were no drains, no water, no gas and no electric, I didn’t have a problem with that, I knew the condition of the house when I purchased it, but ask yourselves readers of the blog, how did Mr Lloyd build this house with no water? I will tell you what he did, he dug a hole into next doors garden and illegally connected into their water mains, good old honest Gary Lloyd.

The Mob said my conspiracy with the mortgage started in 1995, we now know they picked and chose who they wanted in the conspiracy, although the conspiracy was made up by The Mob, shouldn’t Gary & his partner have been included in the conspiracy as I bought the house from them? But then, Kenyon & Davenport didn’t want their informant Mr Lloyd in the conspiracy as he would later become their star witness.

After Gary Lloyd’s bankruptcy, he goes from Go Karts to beds and opens a small shop in Llandudno, to the rear of The Albert pub on Brookes Street, selling beds and furniture, he would travel to Wolverhampton, buy cheap furniture to resell at the shop, most of this business was cash in hand and no accounts were kept.

Above the shop and at the rear end of the property was a room where good old Mr Lloyd bought himself a large umbrella, he set a bed up with some lighting and this extra business was called ‘Hot Shots’, where he advertised as a photo agency.

I’m awfully sorry to have to break the news to any of you ladies that went there, where you stripped off and Mr Lloyd took photos of you for which you paid him cash, well you were all duped. He told you he was sending your photos to a modelling agency in London, but those pictures were all for Mr Lloyd’s sexual gratification.

Don Kenyon or Jason Davenport, wouldn’t have liked it if they had a daughter and she’d been to see Mr Lloyd; this shop & ‘Hot Shots’ upstairs, eventually closed, another scam.

Mr Lloyd then traveled to Colwyn Bay where he opened another bed shop, a double fronted shop at number 18 & 20 Greenfield Rd, as usual selling furniture cash in hand, no tax being paid, he didn’t pay the rates at this shop and had the lease changed into someone else’s name, he didn’t pay his water rates bill and up to his old tricks he illegally tapped into the water supply into the flat above, free water again. Eventually this shop was closed and good old Mr Lloyd was on the move again.

Gary, before he had this shop he was living with his wife in Old Colwyn, I won’t name her as what I know of her, she’s a decent lady, but did Mr Lloyd care? No, he’d bring anyone down to save himself, she claimed benefits, fiddling the DSS of over £70,000, she ended up in Caernarfon Crown Court for DSS fraud. She was made to pay the money back and was fined another £20,000 which meant she had to pay back £90,000 in total.

Gary Lloyd, the coward that he is didn’t even attend court with his own wife, Lloyd later said he had moved out of the house and was living in a caravan in the garden. Gary Lloyd’s caravan was raided by HM Customs and Excise, they found a large quantity of tobacco which they subsequently seized they also found cannabis, how convenient this informant was not prosecuted. Opposite Lloyd’s house lived a police inspector and Lloyd’s next door neighbour was the police inspector for Conwy, Inspector Chris Warner. While Gary Lloyd was living between the house and the caravan, married with children, he was in a relationship with another woman, her name was Anne and lived by the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay, she owned a lingerie shop in Rhos on Sea.

Lloyd throughout his life has been a heavy Cocaine user, often going back to Anne’s house, heavily intoxicated and under the influence of Cocaine; when at Anne’s property he regularly dressed up in Anne’s underwear, putting on her basque, knickers and stilettos & on one occasion, he had the cheek to say somebody had spiked his drink as he used to take a few friends back to Anne’s house, one can only imagine what went on there between him and his circle of friends.

Lloyd eventually left his wife and then met another woman, Lloyd opened another furniture shop/warehouse on Abergele Rd, next to Debrett Fires, but to get to the shop you had to go down an alleyway coming off Greenfield Rd, it was dark and damp, much like a dungeon, where he stored furniture; it was not a living accommodation but Lloyd not wanting to pay rent on a flat, moved into the dungeon with his new partner, so he didn’t have to pay council tax or any other bills, he turned part of the dungeon into living accommodation, creating a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & living room, with no ventilation, no windows, no fire escape, it was a potential fire hazard, up to his old tricks again, Lloyd illegally tapped into someone else’s water supply, this time he went one step further by connecting into the mains electric supply for the flats above, so getting free electric and water.

I was told by people that went to the property they were warned not to touch the hazardous electrical connection as Lloyd used to leave early in the morning, he would fill up his van and leave to go around markets selling furniture, the van was run on red diesel.

I will just remind you again readers of the blog, this was Jason Davenport and Don Kenyon’s star witness at Mold Crown Court, he sounds a real, honest and reliable witness, doesn’t he? It gets worse than this; Lloyd eventually packed up and went to live in a caravan in Llanberis, taking his partner with him, Lloyd continued doing the markets while living in his caravan, all cash in hand, no tax paid, while he was selling junk on the market he had a table selling counterfeit CD’s, when the Trading Standards officers visited his stall and questioned him over the counterfeit CD’s, the snake couldn’t even admit they were his, he told the officers they were not his that it was his young son’s stall, throwing his poor son to the wolves.

Gary Lloyd continued to have affairs behind his partners back, his partner was warned & told to dump him, he’s a waster, a liar, a cheat and cares only about himself. Last year, 2015, Lloyd had gone to a wedding with his friend, his initials are SH, he doesn’t need to be mentioned, Lloyd whilst out the night before the wedding, accidentally phoned someone off his head on drink and cocaine, not realising the person he’d accidentally rang listened and recorded his conversation, he was heard bragging that he took a 68 year old woman back to the bed and breakfast she owned somewhere by Llanberis, where he was telling SH who were both off their heads that he was snorting cocaine with this 68 year old and had wild sex with her, this recording was sadly given to his partner, it was heart-breaking for his partner to hear, she finally did the right thing and dumped him.

When Lloyd got up the next day to attend the wedding, he was unwell and collapsed, he’d taken too much cocaine, he was taken to hospital and later released, he then attended the wedding, turning up late, he didn’t drink that day and then drove straight home afterwards. I would just like to make something quite clear at this point, Lloyd did not give evidence against me in Crown Court, so my Barrister was unable to cross-examine him with regards to all this information.

I came into contact with Gary Lloyd during 1993/94, he had a shop called Beds and Bunks on 52 Abergele Rd, Colwyn Bay selling furniture etc., Lloyd gave evidence against one of my co-defendants where that person worked for Gary Lloyd at Beds & Bunks and was paid for working at the shop, obviously, Gary Lloyd never paid the tax. When Lloyd was questioned by DC Don Kenyon, Lloyd denied all knowledge that that person had worked for him, again the reason being that Lloyd hadn’t paid the tax, Lloyd also had a warehouse in Rhyl behind Barclays Bank, again selling furniture, when he went for a night out and met a couple of slappers, he would take them back and sleep with them on a bed in the showroom, when the police were doing their enquiries about the mortgage fraud in 2008/2009, Lloyd had contacted me and told me that Don Kenyon had been to see him, he denied making a statement and said he wasn’t going to court, but he turned up to court and his statement was read out & he told a pack of lies. If only the jury had known what sort of person he really was, Lloyd also has motoring convictions as long as your arm.

Will Davenport & Kenyon carry on and let Mr Lloyd carry on using cocaine and continue selling junk on the markets and not pay tax? If he carries on informing on people I suppose he’ll be left alone, we’ll wait to see the outcome.

This is where Gary Loyd is now located in Llanberis:

Finally, I would just like to tell you the readers of the blog 2 things:

One of the things I hate are people that take drugs when you’re out socialising, having a drink and moiderers come up to you with powder around their nose, their jaws swinging and constantly repeating themselves, it really irritates me and one of the things I love the most is telling people the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

Gary Sky & Gary John, your stories are next and now the real truth will be told.

I’d like to wish you a very happy Christmas Gary Lloyd, enjoy the song I’ve picked for you.



A Wales Police Officer Jailed for 18 years After Raping 2 Women

A former South Wales Police Detective has been jailed for 18 years after he was found guilty of raping 2 women, this same officer PC Jeffrey Davies was a liaison officer for South Wales Police and had been to jail for 3 years for sexual assaults on another woman; this man is a monster and not fit to be on our streets.

It was so brave of these 2 women coming forward after what Jeffrey Davies had done to them and on the other hand isn’t it so sad when you have girls who cry rape and make up stories like Sarah Roberts did and then you have Lucie Hobson & her mother Bev who helped spread malicious gossip.

When I was interviewed for mortgage fraud in 2008/2009, I had a few interviews over a 14-month period, during one of my interviews I told DC 2313 Don Kenyon, “You can’t believe what police say (as I was in dispute with what the Mob was saying!), they don’t know how to tell the truth”, Don looked at me with a deadly serious face and said “Michael, are you calling the police officer a liar?”, I said “Don, they don’t know how to tell the truth”, steam was coming out of his ears.

Don then replied “Police officers don’t tell lies, they wouldn’t do this to jeopardise their jobs”.

I think you have all seen readers of this blog how the police manipulate people and tell lie after lie and their colleagues back them up. Many years after those interviews in 2009 I made a complaint to professional standards regarding 2313 Don Kenyon, how your words come back to bite you on the bum Don!

You were asked by the judge John Rogers QC to go and speak to the author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and tell him not to publish any more comments on the blog while my trial was on, you went in the witness box and told the judge the order had been carried out.

In my complaint Don, when you were asked by Sian Beck, you said “your memory had faded and you don’t remember getting in the dock” to confirm what you said to the judge, we have all read this report on a previous post, you’re nothing but a LIAR Don Kenyon, you were caught out, accept it.

Remember in 2009 Don, in our interview, you said “Police officers don’t tell lies”.

Superintendent John Chapman have you sorted my money out yet?