Jessica Ennis Hill, apologise to Ched Evans, please!!!

International footballer Ched Evans has been found not guilty of the rape of a 19-year-old woman on Friday 14th October 2016. The jury of 7 women & 5 men cleared Mr Evans at Cardiff Crown Court, they took just 2 hours to acquit him.

Ched was originally tried by a jury at Caernarfon Crown Court where he was found guilty and sent to prison for 5 years, on his release he appealed his conviction to the Court of Appeal in London, where leave to appeal was refused, Ched’s last chance was to apply to the CCRC, Criminal Case Review Commissioner, where new evidence was submitted to the CCRC and in April this year before 3 appeal court judges in London, the conviction was quashed and a retrial was ordered for October this year and now we all know the outcome.

The 19 year old girl never complained of rape to the police, there was no forensics or DNA, although she claimed her drink had been spiked whilst drinking around pubs in Rhyl, but while she was in the hotel in Rhuddlan, North Wales in May 2011 with no memory of what happened but agreed to have sex with another footballer Clayton McDonald and she said that the sex with Clayton McDonald was consensual, how strange that when she had sex with Ched Evans all of a sudden she says it was not consensual, sounds to me like she has selective memory.

Now let’s turn to North Wales Police and the CPS. The Crown Prosecution Service is the principle prosecuting authority for England and Wales, established as an independent body in 1986 to prosecute criminal cases, they work closely with the Police and other investigators to advise on lines of enquiry and to decide appropriate charges or other outcomes in accordance with the code for Crown Prosecutors. The CPS prosecutors prepare cases for court and present cases in both the Magistrates Courts and higher courts.

So why did North Wales Police and the CPS in North Wales, senior Prosecutor Karen Dixon get this case so wrong, was this case motivated by a personal vendetta from North Wales Police and the CPS against Ched Evans, there was quite clearly no evidence yet the CPS decided to waste the public’s money as they think they have a divine right to win every case, as we know the CPS and The Mob have just lost 2 other rape cases in North Wales, these are on a previous post.

If the senior investigator from the police in this case and the senior investigator from the CPS had to pay out of their own money for this retrial it would never have made the courtroom but because it’s the tax payers money they obviously don’t care, I think the CPS and the Police owe Mr Evans an apology; he spent 2 ½ years in prison and 2 ½ years on licence regularly attending probation and missed over 5 years of his football career and as we all know a footballer’s career is short.

Well North Wales Police and the CPS, it’s time to pay Mr Evans his compensation, I hope you have not capped it at a half a million, he deserves at least £4-5 million, Ched also missed out on what would have been one of the most memorable & important football occasions by not playing for his country Wales at the Euro 2016 championships.

All he was guilty of was cheating on his girlfriend; come on men out there and police officers how many of you have done that behind your wives/girlfriend’s backs?

Finally, Jessica Ennis Hill you owe Ched Evans an apology this Olympic athlete asked for her name to be removed from the stand at Sheffield United’s ground if Ched was resigned following his release from prison in 2014.

Should this post appear on your Facebook, please do not like it, share it so it goes viral, so it will help shame Jessica Ennis Hill into making a public apology to Ched Evans. Personally speaking I can’t wait to hear what Jessica says.

There were quite a few other people where I live in North Wales who also jumped on the bandwagon and knocked Ched Evans, you must all be eating humble pie now.

Isn’t it frightening to think how many people North Wales Police and the CPS have put in prison on trumped up charges, I should know, I’ve been one of them, in the end people who have been wrongly convicted tend to give in and accept it, fair play to Ched Evans and his fiancé Natasha Massey for standing up to The Mob and CPS in North Wales.

How convenient when I attended Llandudno police station and spoke to Sergeant David Ramessur – Williams and made a complaint about the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar, Sgt Williams denied all knowledge of who ‘Oscar’ was, I told him that untrue comments had been put on that blog during my trial in 2010, he wasn’t interested in arresting 7 Bellies Nigel Roberts, MP David Jones or Dylan Moore, all 3 of whom authored that blog but he clearly remembers sitting next to his colleague operating the police helicopter, taking photos of my property, a lot must have been discussed in the Williams house and yet his wife Superintendent Jo Ramessur – Williams has warned people that anybody who names the girl on social media who accused Ched Evans of rape will be arrested and prosecuted under section 5 of the Sexual Offences amendment act and this girl has a life time of anonymity.

Her husband the Sergeant chose to ignore the poison pen blog gang who could have prejudiced my trial in 2010, no charges have yet to be brought against Oscars gang.

Regarding Sergeant Ramessur – Williams, you can view my previous post here:

Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 11

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MP Pays Top Money For Old Escorts 

MP David Jones, ex secretary State of Wales, sacked by the then Prime Minister David Cameron, who fiddled his expenses of over £81,000, paid it back, no prosecution, no proceeds of crime, was an author of the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar; Jones denied any involvement, but you have seen his tweets on this blog which proved otherwise, he even trolled David Cameron during the Brexit campaign and he’s still in the House of Commons.

David Jones MP

There is more to come out on David Jones yet.


MP Keith Vaz snorts cocaine while being entertained with rent boys, at least Keith had the sense to resign, unlike David Jones.


The IPCC is to be overhauled and renamed the Office for Police Conduct

The Home Secretary Theresa May has said the Independent Police Complaints Commission is not working and that the IPCC needs to be overhauled to restore faith, Theresa May said the changes would make the police complaints & discipline system simpler, more transparent and more robust.

North Wales Police is one of the worst forces to complain to, you make a complaint and it goes to Professional Standards where the Superintendent is John Hanson and the Inspector is Ian Verburg, most complaints are brushed under the mat by Verburg, in 2015, 948 complaints were made in North Wales, that’s 3 a day, 7 days a week and we have less than 2,000 police officers in North Wales!

We all know Verburg is a blatant liar, he was the officer involved with the Thoughts of Oscar blog where he lied to the public, telling people who made complaints he didn’t know who was responsible for the blog when he knew it was Nigel Roberts aka 7 Bellies along with the ex-Secretary State for Wales, David Jones MP.


Llandudno Magistrate Convicted Of Fraud!


This story is quite bizarre, David Rees who is now 65 and many years ago ran a family business, garden nurseries at Glan Conwy, also a friend of David Jones, the ex-secretary state for Wales, sacked by the Prime Minister, David Jones never got prosecuted for his part in fiddling over £80,000.

I attended as a spectator at Caernarfon Crown Court approximately 15 years ago, where I sat in the public gallery and listened to a case which was one of a sexual nature and the male who was on trial for committing this offence, we will call him Mr E.

During Mr E’s trial he brought a Llandudno Magistrate, David Rees to court, to give a character witness for him, I saw with my own eyes, Mr Rees get in the box to give evidence and told the jury how he was familiar with the Court as he was a magistrate and went on to say that Mr E wouldn’t have committed this offence, in my eyes he persuaded the jury.

Moving on, Mr E was acquitted of the charge. While the jury were leaving the Court building, I followed them and I said, ‘Can I have your attention for a minute’, I told them ‘whilst you were excused by the judge and asked to leave the court, Mr E’s previous convictions were read out, the prosecution barrister and David Rees the magistrate told you lies and said he was one of good character, well he wasn’t, he had previous convictions’. I went on to tell the jury, that they ‘tried to use that line in the Harold Shipman case, said he was one of good character, a doctor who killed many people’ and I told them in the case of Mr E, they got the verdict so wrong. I left the court, as did the jury and carried on my way.

The next day I was in work, when Inspector Rolly Schwartz phoned me and asked me where I was? I wouldn’t tell him, he went on to say that when he found me, he was going to arrest me and advised me to make my way over to Caernarfon Crown Court, as I was going to be charged with Contempt of Court.

I left work and drove to Caernarfon myself, I picked another male up with me and we both surrendered ourselves in to the court, the other male does not wish to be named. We were both immediately arrested and detained in the court, whilst in the cells our barrister Nicholas Walker came to see us and advised us that we were going to be charged with Contempt of Court, we were then put before the judge, who told us that the jury members were doing a public duty and refused to do the next case on jury service.

The judge sentenced us in front of the same jury we had spoken to, the judge sent us both to prison for 28 days. We were in prison for a week, when the judge faxed the prison and told us if we attended Chester Crown Court on the Monday he would meet us there with our barrister, which we did and when we attended the court, we were told by our Barrister if you both go into the witness box and say sorry to the judge, he will release you.

I told Nicholas Walker, ‘I don’t want to say sorry, what I told the jury was the truth, so I have to say sorry for telling the truth’ he said ‘Michael, just say sorry and let’s get out of here’. This in my eyes was farcical, it turned into a bit of a gimmick by the press and was in the national papers and the Sunday Times and I was told by the court that this would not be recorded as a criminal offence.

Moving back to the Magistrate, David Rees, he was telling lies that day in Court 15 years ago, like he tried to tell lies in Warrington Crown Court on 4th February 2016.

The Magistrate David Rees must be saying to himself, I sent people to prison for less than what I was convicted for, this is the same court, Llandudno Magistrates, with the help of The Mob, that got all those warrants to search my houses, search my containers, and search my vehicles after being given duff information by The Mob and now we find out that David Rees has been committing fraud, doesn’t get sent to prison, David Jones the MP doesn’t even get charged and yet look what Judge John Rogers passed sentence on Anita and myself for owing nobody any money, a victimless crime.

Prime Minister David Cameron, why aren’t these people going to prison? I keep repeating myself, I was sent to prison for over 4 years for a victimless crime and given a 2 million pound proceeds of crime, just so the Mob could steal my home. I’m a British citizen and have paid taxes, look at the immigrants coming from the Jungle at Calais, getting free accommodation, meals and benefits, so you let The Mob steal my money to contribute towards these people coming in. David Jones MP & David Rees Magistrate both committed offences and don’t have to pay a proceeds of crime.

Read the full story about David Rees below, one thing David Rees did keep was his bus pass!

Good luck to Ched Evans in his appeal, which is imminent.


Witch-hunt Part 21

Did I ever get a fair trial in the highest court in the land?

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

I told you readers of this blog, a few posts back, I was refused leave to appeal my conviction, I was also refused leave to appeal on my proceeds of crime. What I found very strange was, when you appeal a conviction or a sentence, you go to the Appeal Courts, The Strand, London and out over 30 appeal Law Lords, appealing my conviction and my proceeds of crime, how convenient, I get a Welsh judge both times!

Bearing in mind at the time David Jones the ex-secretary state for Wales, sacked by the Prime Minister, was the boss of the judges in Wales and a life member of the Privy Council, where all the Law Lords attend. As you have all heard the recording of David Jones the MP, just before my appeal making threats, saying “Leave Creamer to me, I will deal with him myself” and as I’ve told you before, we have never met each other.

Now make up your own minds and read the letter below of my complaint, which I sent to the Judicial Conduct & Investigations Office in London.





You can also read about Lord Justice Davis (Sir Nigel Anthony Lambert Davis) who turned down an appeal, over the removal of funding for the MMR litigation.



A judge’s words are gospel in any court room in Britain, they always tell the jury to make it known to the court if you know anybody in the courtroom, you must declare it now, which is right and yet Mr Davis says that he didn’t know his brother was a Director of Glaxo Smith Kline.


Witch-hunt Part 18

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to target and humiliate.

MP Betty Williams wanting answers from the Chief Constable

Below is a letter from Betty Williams MP, who wrote to Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales Police, I would like to thank Betty Williams for all the work she did for me, constantly writing to North Wales Police, I won’t show you all the letters as there are too many, I have also told you on this blog before, that what you read and see is all true and factual.

This is the very same Chief Constable who broke into HQ, saying he was testing the security, he used to go out in his 4-wheel drive, pulling a horse box, stop in lay-bys, hide in the horse box and use the speed camera to catch un-suspecting motorists, bear in mind that the ‘Arrive Alive’ vans are supposed to make you aware of their presence. Has anybody ever questioned, was the horse box insured for this operation?

And again, the very same Chief Constable who seemed to enjoy the lime-light, going on TV, showing himself getting tasered, all at the tax payers expense. Yet when it came to replying to my MP and solicitor he was very slow to reply, to get his force to return property and also to lift the restraining order on Anita’s bank account, the money was eventually returned, but he continued to let his force lie to magistrates and say there was stolen money in my containers to get a search warrant, when this was totally duff information.

A rape allegation was made against me by a woman who was assisting the police, giving them false information and the police knew this. I won’t go on too much about this now, because we are dealing with the mortgage fraud and I don’t want to confuse readers of the blog, I will deal with this issue in due course, the police officers who dealt with this and the girl who made the false allegation will be named and shamed.

You can see now how desperate The Mob were to convict me, they tried perverting the course of justice, it never worked. They tried rape allegations, it never worked, they said I had stolen money in my containers, that never worked for them, they said I had laundered money, this didn’t work for them either, along with many other allegations they tried to bring against me, because they were totally untrue, un-founded allegations made against me and The Mob were now starting to look like fools and desperately need a conviction of some sort to account for the horrendous cost that’s been hidden from the tax-payers.

I am astounded how the Chief Constable allowed his officers to act in this way, knowing there was no evidence to back up any of these allegations, so they had to settle for a mortgage fraud conviction and a proceeds of crime order and yet David Jones MP, ex Secretary State for Wales, sacked by the Prime Minister, fiddled over £80,000 in expenses, also a contributor to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, doesn’t get prosecuted.

Come on Prime Minister David Cameron, can you try and get some answers as to why North Wales Police, have been so malicious and vindictive towards me and my family?





  Is this letter from the MP the reason why the Mob were forced to            open the safe and return it back to me?


The Mob were taking their time to reply to the MP!!

The witch-hunt continues…


Witch-hunt part 12

Definition: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

Helicopter for Mr Creamer again!

Don Kenyon gets told by the big bosses ‘refuel the helicopter Don, that £400,000 the Chief Constable ordered North Wales Police to return back to Anita, as it was legitimate money from the sale of her previous home’, (by this time you can imagine that the big bosses are pulling their hair out and are riddled with jealousy) the Creamer’s are building a big house with an indoor swimming pool, get the helicopter over there straight away Don and get a picture taken.

Landmark, send the helicopter to Bodlondeb in Conwy, it’s a few hundred meters to the left of it. Don make sure you get a good picture, don’t go on foot this time, because there’s a private road, leading up to his electric gates and they are living in the property now, the house is alarmed and has cameras and they will see you.

Just one big picture from the helicopter and then we can show the jury this and make him out to look like a drug dealer, a money launderer, a fraudster and a counterfeiter.

I know he’s never done any of the above, but Wyn Lloyd Jones, the prosecution barrister will make the jury believe that he’s one of them, we have got to take the house off him. The Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, Superintendent John Chapman & Superintendent Simon Humphreys can’t sleep until they seize his assets, I know he’s done nothing wrong but he’s dealing with The Mob and we’ll fit him up’.

Why did Simon Curzon the CPS lawyer from Cardiff and Wyn Lloyd Jones along with The Mob, keep vital information back and wouldn’t tell the judge John Rogers this?

This new information has been passed on to the CCRC, Prime Minister David Cameron I beg you please, keep that evil, poisonous man David Jones MP away from my new appeal. During my last 2 appeals he was secretly recorded saying ‘leave Creamer to me, I will deal with him’ and so I was refused leave to appeal, I have made the CCRC aware of this evil man.


Inspector 2179 Jason Davenport, DC 1359 Nicholas Hawe & DC 2313 Don Kenyon were all promised promotion if they got a result with Operation Pylon, read the email below to Davenport from my solicitors.


Below is a comment from Twitter which was put on the Thoughts of Oscar troll blog, Nigel Roberts aka 7 bellies who admitted being the author published this comment with his contributors David Jones MP, Dylan Moore plastic solicitor and not forgetting North Wales Police, who gave the site protection, hoping the jury would read this poison pen blog as it would help convict me.


Superintendent Simon Humphreys and Inspector Ian Verburg told blatant lies and said they didn’t know who the author was, but admitted when investigated by Sian Beck from PSD ‘it was a rumour’ that Nigel was the author. In 2010 the judge ordered ‘Oscar’ Nigel 7 bellies to be spoken to, yet Ian Verburg went there on Humphreys instructions, it was a rumour, they can’t even tell lies properly and yet the above are all members of the freemasons.

After Guto Bebb made his speech on September 9th 2014, the police minister ordered a full enquiry into Thoughts of Oscar, Superintendent John Hanson was given the task along with DC Chris Walsh, after gathering all the evidence, they eventually went to the CPS to speak to Karen Dixon and the 3 of them discussed Nigel 7 bellies, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Superintendent Humphreys, Ian Verburg and the rest of the contributors.

They have done nothing wrong and Nigel 7 bellies is not an internet troll is the outcome of that cosy little meeting.

Lord Limbert Davies in the appeal court at The Strand in London, refused my appeal for the proceeds of crime, at the end of the appeal said that my taxi business was a sham, we all know it wasn’t, we have receipts to prove it and this was never mentioned during my 7-week trial in 2010.

My MP Guto Bebb can confirm this, he has read the transcripts from my trial.

So Lord Limbert Davies, I have already written to the court regarding your comment, there is only 2 places in the world you could have heard of this:

1) Nigel 7 bellies wrote on his poison pen style troll blog that the taxi business was a sham, did Lord Limbert Davies read the blog?

2) You are a member of the Privy Council along with the evil man David Jones MP and your paths must have crossed.

Which one of the 2 is it? As there would have been a conflict of interest, therefore you shouldn’t have listened to my appeal.

A letter of complaint was sent on January 22nd 2015 to the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office, Royal Courts of Justice, London, WC2A 2LL.

The witch-hunt continues….

Good luck to Ched Evans with his new appeal, the truth will come out, it always does.


Witch-hunt Part 1

This blog ‘Michael Creamer Vs The Mob’ has become very popular and is being viewed all over the world. This next statement that I’m about to publish would not apply to all of my readers, but to the small minority from the town where I live Conwy, in North Wales.

I was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months prison and Anita 2 years. Some of those backstabbers from Conwy who used Nigel’7 bellies’ Roberts site, Thoughts of Oscar being the cowards you are, left comments on that poison pen blog “I wouldn’t have let my wife go to jail”, well I’ll deal with that for you now.

I don’t want to try and make you look stupid but I’ve been with Anita for over 30 years so to you clowns, do you think I just said to Judge John Rogers, send her to prison and throw away the key? Well, I’ll educate you and tell you what happened.

Because the house that we live in, 4 Parc Waen, Bangor Rd, Conwy, LL32 8EL, was built to a luxury standard, with its own gym and swimming pool and paid for in cash, legitimately, the money came from the sale of our previous homes and is completely above board, if you check with HM Land Registry; you will find 4 Parc Waen is in the name of Anita Creamer.

The Mob and the CPS lawyer Simon Curzon after lengthy discussions, conspiring with each other, knew if they were only to charge me, Michael Creamer, they couldn’t impose a proceeds of crime order, they decided they needed to bring Anita into the equation and charge her for mortgage fraud as well, that is the only possible way they The Mob and CPS could achieve a proceeds of crime against the 2 of us.

That’s how sly, dirty and low life the thieves, North Wales Police force are.

They needed the jury to return guilty pleas against myself and Anita, so they could come after us and steal our money. Some of the other defendants who pleaded guilty due to the encouragement of Judge John Rogers, only paid a £1 payment to the court and that was their order, £1, because many of them didn’t have a pot to pee in and the prosecution were not interested in these people.

So I hope I’ve answered the questions for you, not that I need to, if any one of you would like to speak with me personally my number is: 07977928434 and of course my address is as above.

During the search of my rented accommodation in Court Llewellyn (later on I will give you a list of the items that were seized on that search and what wasn’t recorded), North Wales Police, seized many items, what wasn’t on that recorded list of items was money stolen from my bedroom, everything else was returned, eventually.

I consequently made a complaint with regards to the money that was stolen and to a scratch made to my car when North Wales Police reversed it from my garage, they went on to put a sniffer dog inside my car which at that time was only a few months old, the dog was wet as a consequence of searching my garden and left wet, muddy paw prints all over my car seats. This was also reported to the police and a complaint was made.

Evidentially, I will present statements and photos on this blog later.

Going back to our trial in Mold Crown Court in 2010, I made my barrister, Peter Davis QC aware of Nigel ’7 bellies’ site, Thoughts of Oscar, the poison pen blog that was co-authored by MP for Clwyd West David Jones and now of course ex-shamed Secretary State for Wales and additionally by Dylan Moore his long term business partner at David Jones Solicitors, Trinity square, Llandudno.

During our trial in 2010, we did not know who the authors behind that poison pen blog were, but those evil men I have named, published on that blog, nasty and untrue derogative comments that most certainly would have prejudiced our trial, Peter Davis QC brought this to the attention of the Judge, with the jury excused, the Judge ordered DC Don Kenyon to speak with the authors of that poison pen blog and make sure that all horrible and untrue comments that were published about myself and Anita were removed forthwith.

DC Don Kenyon didn’t leave Mold Crown Court and did not personally speak to the authors behind that poison pen blog, he instead contacted Chef Superintendent Simon Humphreys and told him the Judge’s ordered instructions, Humphreys then phoned Inspector Ian Verburg, Ian Verburg then went around to Nigel ‘7 bellies’ shop and relayed the orders of the Judge, he was to remove all derogative posts and cease publishing comments about myself and Anita until the conclusion of our trial, Verburg then contacted DC Don Kenyon and confirmed ‘Oscar’ had been spoken to.

DC Don Kenyon came back in to court, keeping in mind that the jury were completely unaware of all this and still excused and DC Don Kenyon swore under oath that the Judge’s instructions had been carried out to the letter, but still the comments continued and many members of the public made complaints to Inspector Verburg, stating their families had been abused, libeled and bullied on that poison pen blog.

Verburg told blatant lies to each and every complainant, he said neither himself nor North Wales Police knew the identities of the authors behind the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar.

Well you just heard it from the horse’s mouth, Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, Inspector Ian Verburg and at the very least DC Don Kenyon in November 2010, knew exactly who ‘Oscar’ was, they also lied to Conwy Council and various magistrates stating they didn’t know who ‘Oscar’ was, they have been caught out and cannot possibly despite all their lies get away with this one.

You the readers have read my complaint to Sian Beck, regarding the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar and during this last year it has been reinvestigated by the IPCC, although to be honest I don’t have much faith in them either.

Going back to our trial in 2010 after various members of The Mob had given evidence many of them decided to sit in the court room and listen to the trial I brought it to the attention of my barrister, can you instruct the Judge that these Officers have given evidence and surely they must have public duties to attend to, instead of sitting around a court room all day, drinking coffee. This was the only thing the Judge agreed with and as a consequence sent them on their way back to work, at the end of the day it’s the tax payers money they are wasting.

Members of the public, prepare yourselves for the extortionate bill of costs for this trial coming next….