Who Is Responsible For Employing These People?

Prime Minister, David Cameron, why are our judges in Wales so lenient whenever it comes to prosecuting Public Servants?

David Jones ex-secretary state for Wales, sacked by yourself, fiddled his expenses for over £80,000, re-paid it back, only when caught out, he didn’t even get prosecuted and he wasn’t given a proceeds of crime order.


Gary Donnelly, Police Officer jailed for 18 months for sexually abusing a 14 year old school girl. Donnelly told the judge, that the victim had reminded him of his late wife. Members of the public who do not understand the law and know nothing about it, when you read in the papers that somebody has been given a sentence of 18 months custody like Gary Donnelly, the sentence is halved as is everybody’s sentence, unless it’s a recommended sentence by a judge, so in fact Donnelly got 9 months, then he was eligible for a tag, which would have been approximately 3 months, so Mr Donnelly only served a 6 month prison sentence,  yet a young girl has to live with that for the rest of her life and is mentally scared for life.


Next Police Officer, again from North Wales James Calvely Evans who downloaded child porn and also tried to arrange sexual activity with a young girl on line, charged with grooming a 12 year old girl, the images found on Evans’ computer were shocking and his actions disgraceful says the judge and I will send you to prison for 28 months, you know you will only do half which is 14 months, less your tag, you should be back out within 10 months. We only hope and pray he doesn’t go near a computer and stays away from play grounds.


The above officers have committed despicable crimes and yet are protected by our courts and neither of them received proceeds of crime orders.

Now lets have a look at Gary Humphrey a Prison Officer at HMP Altcourse, Liverpool who steals £300 from Marcin Kowalski, an inmate at Altcourse Prison. A man who’s abused his position of trust gets 12 weeks prison, half of that 6 weeks prison and no proceeds of crime.


As readers of this blog know, without repeating myself, I was given over 4 years prison for mortgage fraud, for owing nobody any money, no complainee and a victimless crime. Again for some of you who don’t understand the law, Crown Court Judges know once they give you a day over 4 years, you have to do half, which is 2 years and they know you’re not eligible for tag and they also know for the other 2 years you have to be on licence and attend probation on a regular basis so you are punished for the whole 4 years and a £2 million proceeds of crime which has been reduced, so I have to give the police and the CPS money.

Come on Prime Minister, our English laws are out-dated and need changing. What I’ve described above is an absolute disgrace.

I’m not going away Prime Minister until I get justice. North Wales Police would love to just brush this under the carpet, I will keep complaining for myself and my family.

There are loads more shocking stories to come out, regarding North Wales Police, sacked Police Officers, corruption etc.

I would like to thank the women that have come forward with their information, who were married to Police Officers and who are now separated, your information is being looked at by our solicitors as it has to be checked  before being published.

Thank you all.


Which Judge Is Right And Which Judge is Wrong?

Judge Nicolas Parry QC is a fair judge.

As you readers of this blog all know the prison sentence Judge John Rogers QC gave myself and my wife, once again there was no complainee, nobody suffered any loss and myself and Anita owed nobody any money.

Judge John Rogers QC

   Judge John Rogers QC

In John Rogers summing up, in his words he says “you are a woman of good character Mrs Creamer, no previous convictions, you have got 3 children, you owe nobody any money but I must send you to jail for 2 years”.

What he meant was ‘The police knew you owned your own house, had no mortgage on it, the police are thieves and bullies and this is a way they can get money from you Mrs Creamer’.

You can read below Judge Nicolas Parry tells Kerry Brown at Mold Crown Court ‘you don’t need to cry Mrs Brown, I am not sending you to prison although you defrauded more than £60,000 in benefits, I’m going to give you a 6 month suspended sentence for your scam, which spanned a period of 10 years and you will not receive a proceeds of crime order.

Come on Prime Minister, enough is enough now, you’ve read about Marcus Copeland getting a suspended sentence for mortgage fraud of over a million pounds and now Mrs Brown gets a suspended sentence for defrauding £60,000 and we all know Judge John Rogers gave Anita Creamer 2 years prison for owing no money.

Maybe it’s because those 2 evil men David Jones MP & Superintendent Simon Humphreys didn’t have their fingers in these pies.

Humphreys & Jones wanted the Creamers to go to jail and made sure they received a proceeds of crime order.

Please David Cameron can you look at this, I want justice please for my family.

Read the story here


Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 12

Collusion within North Wales Police.

Here is Superintendent Siân Becks wonderful report, sorry it’s 6 pages long.

I will start with Don Kenyon, when he did my trial at Mold Crown Court in 2010, it was the biggest trial in Don Kenyon’s career, he’d never sat in a court room for over 7 weeks before, as I looked out from the dock, he was sat just in front of me, every day taking notes, he knew how many glasses of water I drank and what colour shirt I had on each day, that’s how observant he was.

He was called into the witness box, swore an oath and asked by Judge John Rogers QC to go and tell Oscar, to stop publishing comments on the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, but when I made a complaint and Superintendent Siân Beck went out to interview Don Kenyon (lets not laugh, police investigating the police), Don Kenyon tells Siân Beck he doesn’t remember going in the witness box in the biggest trial of his life and said his memory had faded!!!

Don, you have made a complete and utter fool of yourself, you were told to go and speak to Oscar by the Judge and you never.

North Wales Police came out in this report with another pathetic comment, ‘it was rumoured that Nigel Roberts was the author’. Why would you go and speak to somebody, if it was only a rumour that they were the author of the blog?

Nigel ‘7 bellies’ told Verburg he didn’t know who the author was, but he could speak to them to have comments removed, but in 2010 ‘7 Bellies’ Roberts admits telling Superintendent Simon Humphreys in a face to face meeting he was the author of the blog.

John Hanson, when you went to see Karen Dixon from the CPS, did you tell her the whole truth of what was going on behind the scenes? Because in your meeting at HQ in January this year with Dylan Moore & David Jones, information leaked out as to what was discussed at the meeting, do you remember sitting around the table saying this will all blow over in 2 weeks and be forgotten about.

Well you are wrong, it’s not going away, us people want justice and you people are worried about your pensions etc.

Did you tell Karen Dixon it would all blow over in 2 weeks aswell?

Members of the public, when you read Siân Becks report, it is embarrassing, the way our police force investigate. I have warned you. This has now gone to the IPCC and they have been told to re-investigate.

SBReport1 SBReport2

SBReport3 SBReport4

SBReport5 SBReport6


When the Judge spoke to Don Kenyon and asked him to speak to Oscar, the jury were excused. If any of you jury members on my trial have read this blog, while doing jury service and were put off by the nasty comments and derogatory remarks that were on there, please come forward, I know you were all told by the Judge don’t look at the Internet, but it would help me get justice.

If none of you read the blog “Thoughts of Oscar” I accept that.

Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL. Mobile: 07977928434.

Thank You.


Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 9

 Which One Of Them Is Telling The Truth?

Judge John Rogers

Judge John Rogers     

John Rogers QC, the judge at my trial in 2010, left notes with the Clerk of the Court, saying no more adjournments and he insisted that he would do my trial, WHY?? He officially retired in May 2010, but came out of retirement to do my trial and then retired again after, seems all a little bit strange and he was the judge that ordered Don Kenyon, while under oath to go and speak to Thoughts of Oscar and make sure no more comments were published during the trial.

DC 2313 Don Kenyon was ordered by Judge John Rogers to go and speak to Oscar, he came back after 2 hours and said “Oscar” had been spoken to. Don forgot to tell the real truth when swearing on oath, he never left Mold Crown Court. What he did do was phone Inspector Ian Verburg, who then phoned David Jones and David Jones phoned Nigel ‘7 bellies’ Roberts aka “Oscar”. When myself and others made a complaint to Professional Standards, it was Superintendent Sian Beck and Inspector Salisbury Jones who led the inquiry, DC Don Kenyon when questioned regarding the complaint said ‘this may have happened, but his memory has faded’. Read the full story of this complaint shortly.


Ian Verburg

Ian Verburg was the Inspector at Llandudno Police Station at the time when various people from North Wales went to complain regarding nasty comments that had been put on the Thoughts of Oscar blog regarding their families. Inspector Verburg said ‘I don’t know who Oscar is and if it upsets you don’t look at the blog’!! Now retired with a full pension and moved over to Professional Standards, so all the people who have complained to PSD, wonderful Ian Verburg is dealing with their complaint, I can smell something is not right here.

Nigel Roberts

Nigel Roberts

On the 9th September 2014, as the whole of the world now knows, ‘7 bellies’ admitted being the author of the blog and in 2010 he told Superintendent Simon Humphreys in a face to face meeting just that. Simon Humphreys continues to deny he didn’t know who the author of the blog was.

Simon Humphreys

Simon Humphreys

As I said at the start of this blog when any police officer gets into trouble or brings a bad name to the force they call it a reshuffle or they retire them early with a pension and this is exactly what happened to Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, now retired early with a big fat pension after the shame he’s brought on the force. You will read more about this man shortly and his goings on.


Dylan Moore

Dylan is a solicitor from David Jones Solicitors of Trinity Square, Llandudno, Dylan in a covert recording talks about Nigel, his client passing on information to the police and David Jones MP is a contributor to the Thoughts of Oscar blog along with Dylan Moore.

David Jones MP

David Jones

David Jones MP, sacked Secretary state for Wales, fiddling over £80,000 in expenses, forced to repay it back and a regular contributor to the Thoughts of Oscar blog, he knew in 2010 that all this was going on and did nothing to report it as two years later he became the boss of all judges in Wales, bearing in mind David Jones made threats against me, you have heard it on the covert recording.


Emma Naughton

Inspector Emma Naughton, you will have read her report on this blog, says ‘David hasn’t threatened you Michael, he’s done nothing and I must protect him’.

PC Chris Cawood

Chris Cawood

PC Cawood was given the job to see if Oscar could be prosecuted for trolling, according to the email he sent me. You’ve read my comments to him and from him to me, he says in his email to me, we have tried and failed to prosecute these people in the past. Maybe it’s because his Inspector and top bosses, along with the CPS didn’t want any of them to be prosecuted.


Eryl Crump

Eryl Crump & David Bellis from The Daily Post aka Dumb &  Dumber, we listen to what the police and the courts tell us before we print, but anything to do with Michael Creamer, we just make it up and print lies, we got his name wrong, his age wrong, what he’s been charged with wrong, the proceeds of crime, money that he had to pay back wrong but we love putting him on the front page of the paper, we do this because he sells papers for us and when it’s pointed out that we got it wrong, we apologise to him but we just put a tiny apology, that most people would be unable to see on page 2.

John Hanson

John Hanson

Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh

We were told to investigate all the above as a number of complaints had come in regarding the Thoughts of Oscar blog and its contributors between 2007-2014. After the speech Guto Bebb made in the House of Commons on the 09/09/2014 a full police inquiry was ordered. John Hanson & Chris Walsh went to see Karen Dixon of the CPS and told Karen there were no charges to be brought against Oscar aka Nigel Roberts so they had already made their minds up before presenting this to Karen Dixon and the CPS. Karen Dixon in turn in her words ‘having given the file a brief glance readily agreed’.

Sian Beck

Sian Beck

Jonathon Salisbury Jones

Jonathon Salisbury Jones

They were told to do a further investigation as the last one was a load of rubbish and this one was not any better, their report will be shown on this blog shortly. This has now gone to the IPCC for further investigation, I know you David Cameron, must be ashamed of the north Wales Police Force, the Chief Constable won’t do anything, I’ve asked before and I’m going to keep on asking, all I want is justice please.

The goings on above, needs sorting out, I know it’s very difficult as they are all a bunch of liars, wait until you have read the reports of what they have all said, I can only describe it as ‘you’re all digging a massive hole, stop digging’.

Once again, justice please Prime Minister.

Please order an investigation!


Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 8

After my interview at Llandudno Police station with Inspector 1642 Emma Naughton, she’d asked me for the recording of David Jones to be transcribed, which I did for her and today she still has the transcript, she promised to return them and as of today she has not.

Any individual in England and Wales who is arrested for any criminal offence, as we all know, a decision has to be made by the CPS, but on this occasion Inspector Emma Naughton took it upon herself to make the decision that no criminal offence had been committed and the decision was made by her alone.

She is now acting as Inspector and a CPS lawyer.

David Jones on the recording clearly says “leave Michael Creamer to me, I will deal with him”, this is a man I have never spoken to in my life and never come across him, so why would he want to make threats?

As I’ve said on this blog before, David Jones has the police in his pocket and North Wales Police are petrified to go near him.

Put the shoe on the other foot, if I had made those threats against David Jones and he’d have gone to the police to complain, I’m sure I would have been arrested immediately.

When the complaint was made, Inspector Emma Naughton never went out to speak to David Jones, so how could she have made any enquiries.

Below is her wonderful decision, like they all say, if you’re not happy go to professional standards, because we control that aswell, police investigating the police!!



Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 7

David Jones was Secretary State for Wales from September 2012 until July 2014 when he was sacked by David Cameron, his political interests included Law and Order yet he was happy to break the law when he was involved with Thoughts of Oscar and when he fiddled his expenses for over £80,000!!

Why wasn’t he given a proceeds of crime order, I was and I owed nobody any money.

David Jones the MP for Clwyd West is someone I have never met, I don’t know the man and I’m sure he would confirm the same, if asked.

But this man, who doesn’t know me, makes threats to me behind my back.

David Jones made these threats when he was secretly recorded by Richie, who passed the recording on to me.

It’s a long recording, the part where he makes a threat towards me is 30 minutes & 8 seconds in to the recording.

After these threats that David Jones made were brought to my attention, I contacted my solicitor who advised me to go to the police, I said ‘what will the police do for me? They are protecting the Thoughts of Oscar site and David Jones has got the police in his pocket’.

After taking his advice I arranged to meet Inspector Emma Naughton at Llandudno police station. Members of the public, whenever I go into the police station, a police officer will never see me there on their own, I take that as a compliment.

As soon as I went into Inspector Naughtons office, she explained that she’d got another officer in with her to take a few notes of our meeting, I wasn’t surprised by this, I told Inspector Naughton, that David Jones had made threats towards me, you can hear these threats on the recording, saying ‘leave Michael Creamer to me, I will deal with him’.

Like I have said, I’ve never met David Jones or spoken to him.

Readers of the blog, I had two appeals, one for my conviction & one for my proceeds of crime, to be dealt with at the Court of Appeal, The Strand, London. On my two appeals, I was refused leave to appeal and out of over 30 Law Lords, who sit and deal with the appeals I ended up with 2 Welsh judges, is that just a coincidence?

Bearing in mind that at that time David Jones was Secretary of State for Wales, you will read the full story regarding this appeal when I deal with the mortgage fraud and I tell you, it’s going to be shocking.

You will also read Inspector Emma Naughton’s decision as to why not to prosecute David Jones.

Poor old Janet Finch Saunders was slagged off on the Thoughts of Oscar blog, I really feel for you Janet, but on the 9th September 2014, why did you run to David Jones, Dylan Moore & ‘7 bellies’ Roberts and tell them that Guto was going to do a speech exposing them, I put it to you that you went against Guto Bebb and jumped ship. The real truth now JFS.


Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 4

Below is the video from September 9th 2014 when Guto Bebb made his speech in the House of Commons, naming those behind the Thoughts of Oscar blog and how North Wales Police colluded to protect the authors.

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/anita.creamer.1/videos/vob.100003986354999/445001162309425/?type=2&theater” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Guto Bebb is a man of honour & integrity, he stood tall amongst his peers and more than full-filled his role as a politician elected to represent the people.


The Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 3

Just to let you know, Dylan Moore, Nigel ‘7 bellies’ Roberts’ solicitor, from David Jones’ practice and a contributor towards the Thoughts of Oscar blog was secretly recorded, in this recording you will hear Dylan Moore talking about his own client (Dylan Moore has since been reported to the law society), saying that Nigel ‘7 bellies’ passed information on to North Wales Police.

Who would want a solicitor like that, who would throw you to the wolves?

Maybe that’s why Superintendent Simon Humphreys looked after ‘7 bellies’?

Ken Finch, Director of Conwy County Borough Council and every Councillor must be livid with North Wales Police, I remember talking to Councillor/JP Graham Rees and him telling me they had been to the police, asking them who ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was?

They were told the same, “we don’t know who it is”….LIARS!!!

Members of the public, just think of how much Council Tax goes towards the police and also the tax payers money and then when the local authority ask for help off the police, they got told bare faced lies, every Councillor, members of staff were slagged off on the poison pen blog and MP’s were also slagged off, apart from one, guess who!??

The only MP who wasn’t slagged off was David Jones, who fiddled his expenses, because he, Dylan Moore and ‘7 bellies’ were all behind the evil blog.

Why did North Wales Police protect this site?

They are all running scared and want to leave town now. Nigel wants out, rumour has it David Jones is getting ill with it and Dylan Moore can’t cope, no doubt Simon Humphreys will be told to retire with his pension.

We’ll deal with Ruby and Janet Finch Saunders again.

I think the Chief Constable of North Wales Police needs to address this major issue and apologizese to the council for letting them down, lying to them, lying to members of the public.

North Wales Police used that poisonous site to help convict me.

I would also like to know from the Chief Constable, how they came up with a trumped up charge of mortgage fraud when there was no complainee and nobody suffered any loss?

Apologize please Chief Constable, I’m not stopping until I get answers.

How come David Jones fiddled his expenses of over £80,000, paid it back and doesn’t get prosecuted??

I couldn’t pay anybody back because I didn’t owe anybody any money!!!