The IPCC is to be overhauled and renamed the Office for Police Conduct

The Home Secretary Theresa May has said the Independent Police Complaints Commission is not working and that the IPCC needs to be overhauled to restore faith, Theresa May said the changes would make the police complaints & discipline system simpler, more transparent and more robust.

North Wales Police is one of the worst forces to complain to, you make a complaint and it goes to Professional Standards where the Superintendent is John Hanson and the Inspector is Ian Verburg, most complaints are brushed under the mat by Verburg, in 2015, 948 complaints were made in North Wales, that’s 3 a day, 7 days a week and we have less than 2,000 police officers in North Wales!

We all know Verburg is a blatant liar, he was the officer involved with the Thoughts of Oscar blog where he lied to the public, telling people who made complaints he didn’t know who was responsible for the blog when he knew it was Nigel Roberts aka 7 Bellies along with the ex-Secretary State for Wales, David Jones MP.


3 thoughts on “The IPCC is to be overhauled and renamed the Office for Police Conduct

  1. Everybody knows the IPCC has failed its a Government body, because they have failed Theresa May comes up with a wonderful idea, Lets change the name, the problem is still there, Stop wasting Tax payers money, investigate complaints properly and discipline Police Officers when they have done wrong not let them collude when they make statements, like they did at Hillsborough knowing they have done wrong and then get fancy Lawyers for the Tax payer to foot the bill and argue their case in Court. Its not their money!!!

  2. Now we have a new Police Commissioner, let’s hope we can actually get through to him before the secratary of the last one stops us. I do hope Anna humphries has been sacked to.

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