Witch-hunt Part 2

The Mob investigated this case for years before it got to court, the drama in the courtroom from all the agencies that were involved; CPS, The Mob and prosecution, you will read now that the whole case was tainted.

  • When Judge John Rogers QC called over 70 people into the courtroom, men & women, to select a jury, “your names will be called out” he said, “when you hear your name, please go and take a seat and that’s where you will sit during the trial”, he thanked the people who were not selected and excused them from the court, he then went on to talk to the jury and reminded them of their duties, he then thanked them and said “some of you have done jury service for me before”. It looked to me like the Judge had already picked the jury, I did raise this with my Barrister.
  • The foreman of the jury, after a couple of weeks into the trial, handed the Judge a note, which the Judge read out to all Barristers, it read ‘The jury don’t understand what Michael & Anita have supposed to have done and that we are confused’. The Judge did nothing, just sat on the fence.
  • Most people who gave evidence during the trial, gave evidence from between 1 and 5 hours, when I gave evidence the Prosecution kept me in the box for 5 days, the judge in the end said to Wyn Lloyd Jones, “I am going to have to let Mr Creamer go, as he’s been in the box for too long”.
  • I’ve told you before that there was no conspiracy. My Barrister and all the other Barristers said ‘all Michael & Anita’s transactions, where they bought and sold houses legitimately all went through J.W Hughes & Co solicitors Nick Passey and Graham Parry and if any of the transactions would have been fraudulent or suspected money laundering, the solicitors would have a duty to report them, this didn’t happen because everything was legitimate’. So the Barristers asked the question ‘Why haven’t J.W Hughes & Co been charged in the conspiracy with Michael and Anita?’ Because The Mob only wanted Michael and Anita charged.
  • The mortgage broker we used Steve Jones was struck off by the FSA for falsifying the details of his 1500 clients mortgage applications and was given a £100,000 fine. Yet only 1 of his clients was charged, Michael & Anita Creamer.
  • I asked Peter Davies, my Barrister, while this trial was going on, if I’ve been charged for mortgage fraud and if any of that money is fraudulent, I paid over £30,000 in Capital Gains and Stamp Duty, can you get the money back? Because if they are saying it’s fraudulent then the Government shouldn’t be allowed to keep it either. He said you can’t have it back.
  • I also told my Barrister 90% of people who have mortgages in Great Britain have committed Mortgage Fraud, the lenders will keep borrowing and the Government won’t do nothing about it, because if every application was checked in Great Britain, the banks would collapse and the Government wouldn’t make any money on all that stamp duty and as you know the Government tax you on everything, people who exagerte their earnings or give any false details are commiting mortgage fraud.

Come on Prime Minister, enough is enough here, Anita & I redeemed our mortgages, yet The Mob, still prosecuted us for Mortgage Fraud.

  • I swore on affidavit and presented it to the court as evidence, it was true and accurate, but the jury did not get chance to read it as Wyn Lloyd Jones the prosecutor took those parts out that showed me in a good light, later on this blog, you will be able to read them. What our good old English law says is, if you have got previous convictions, like I have, which are only minor ones from over 25 years ago, that’s the reason the good character points were taken out of the bundle, if you have bad character you can’t use good character.
  • Judge John Rogers summed up at the end of the trial for a day and a half, pointing out all the positive points of the prosecution case, when it came time to sum up the defence for Michael & Anita, he spoke for just 40 minutes. Both Anita & I raised this with our Barristers and both agreed that it was unfair and biased.
  • The prosecution council Wyn Lloyd Jones and his junior council Brett Williamson had vital information that they held back from Judge John Rogers QC and this could have had a big impact on this case. I have appealed to the CCRC (Criminal Case Review Commissioner) and this new evidence is being looked at and taken very seriously. Simon Curzon the CPS Lawyer from Cardiff also held this back. I cannot disclose this information at this time.

After I was found guilty and sent to prison, I appealed my conviction where I went to Cardiff Crown Court in Summer 2013, leave to appeal was refused. I also appealed my Proceeds of Crime, where I went to the Strand in London, Judge Limbert Davis refused leave and said my taxi business was a sham.

Read later on this blog about these 2 appeals, it’s absolutely shocking what’s been done, wait until you see the evidence. The good thing is, once your appeals have been refused you can now go to the CCRC and that’s where my case is at the moment. I cannot talk about the case that’s with the CCRC as it’s a live appeal and I don’t wish to compromise it.

The witch-hunt continues…


6 thoughts on “Witch-hunt Part 2

  1. If this is not corruption at the highest level from north Wales Police then I don’t know what is. Bent corrupt n.w.p. guto bebb I voted for you, now do the decent thing and go and speak to David Cameron. Every one of the bent coppers should be sacked and charged and replaced by G4 A.S.A.P.

  2. Judge john rogers needs investigating . It Sounds to me that the judge knew all the jury, they were probably his mates from the golf course he attends.

    1. A posse is an expensive operation, and therefore they had to get a conviction to justify this operation, and they were out to get it however way they could. lawfully or not. In 2008 our court systems changed. They were taken over by a private company. Judges do not have to be qualified only nominated. This network who shadowed Mr Creamer were all in it together from the posse to the judge. This is there jurisdiction and there rules…..unless we take our case,s to the criminal courts we have no chance of any justice. This network have no jurisdiction over the criminal courts, only the civil courts, and in my opinion this gangstalking group need prosecuting under criminal laws for many offences including but not limited to “racketeering, theft, stalking, harassment, falsifying information, for setting up kangaroo courts denying a man of a fair trial, ” I could go on and on

  3. Michael you and Anita used mortgage broker Jones and poole from rhyl to buy your homes. Steve Jones had 1.500 clients who falsified there earnings. Yet the corrupt north Wales bent police force only charged four people. Maybe just maybe the police the cps and magistrates will revert back and charge the other 1.496 people who got mortgages through Jones and poole. The persons who obtained there mortgages are from rhyl to bangor, so if the police do their job properly and charge these people 1.496 should end up in jail and become homeless, regardless if you keep up your repayments or not. It would be interesting to know if any corrupt cops got their mortgages from jones and poole? I am not trying to frighten anybody but if 4 people got charged, so should the other 1.496. So people who have mortgages with poole and jones don’t have nightmares and sleep tightly.

  4. Judge limbert davis is he best friend with judge john boy rogers or best friends with disgraced m.p. David jones ex secretary of state for Wales. There are some bent high profile bent crooks on your famous blog Michael. Keep up the fantastic work. David Cameron come on sort this sorry mess out deliberately made up by NORTH WALES POLICE.

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