Witch-hunt part 12

Definition: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

Helicopter for Mr Creamer again!

Don Kenyon gets told by the big bosses ‘refuel the helicopter Don, that £400,000 the Chief Constable ordered North Wales Police to return back to Anita, as it was legitimate money from the sale of her previous home’, (by this time you can imagine that the big bosses are pulling their hair out and are riddled with jealousy) the Creamer’s are building a big house with an indoor swimming pool, get the helicopter over there straight away Don and get a picture taken.

Landmark, send the helicopter to Bodlondeb in Conwy, it’s a few hundred meters to the left of it. Don make sure you get a good picture, don’t go on foot this time, because there’s a private road, leading up to his electric gates and they are living in the property now, the house is alarmed and has cameras and they will see you.

Just one big picture from the helicopter and then we can show the jury this and make him out to look like a drug dealer, a money launderer, a fraudster and a counterfeiter.

I know he’s never done any of the above, but Wyn Lloyd Jones, the prosecution barrister will make the jury believe that he’s one of them, we have got to take the house off him. The Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, Superintendent John Chapman & Superintendent Simon Humphreys can’t sleep until they seize his assets, I know he’s done nothing wrong but he’s dealing with The Mob and we’ll fit him up’.

Why did Simon Curzon the CPS lawyer from Cardiff and Wyn Lloyd Jones along with The Mob, keep vital information back and wouldn’t tell the judge John Rogers this?

This new information has been passed on to the CCRC, Prime Minister David Cameron I beg you please, keep that evil, poisonous man David Jones MP away from my new appeal. During my last 2 appeals he was secretly recorded saying ‘leave Creamer to me, I will deal with him’ and so I was refused leave to appeal, I have made the CCRC aware of this evil man.


Inspector 2179 Jason Davenport, DC 1359 Nicholas Hawe & DC 2313 Don Kenyon were all promised promotion if they got a result with Operation Pylon, read the email below to Davenport from my solicitors.


Below is a comment from Twitter which was put on the Thoughts of Oscar troll blog, Nigel Roberts aka 7 bellies who admitted being the author published this comment with his contributors David Jones MP, Dylan Moore plastic solicitor and not forgetting North Wales Police, who gave the site protection, hoping the jury would read this poison pen blog as it would help convict me.


Superintendent Simon Humphreys and Inspector Ian Verburg told blatant lies and said they didn’t know who the author was, but admitted when investigated by Sian Beck from PSD ‘it was a rumour’ that Nigel was the author. In 2010 the judge ordered ‘Oscar’ Nigel 7 bellies to be spoken to, yet Ian Verburg went there on Humphreys instructions, it was a rumour, they can’t even tell lies properly and yet the above are all members of the freemasons.

After Guto Bebb made his speech on September 9th 2014, the police minister ordered a full enquiry into Thoughts of Oscar, Superintendent John Hanson was given the task along with DC Chris Walsh, after gathering all the evidence, they eventually went to the CPS to speak to Karen Dixon and the 3 of them discussed Nigel 7 bellies, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Superintendent Humphreys, Ian Verburg and the rest of the contributors.

They have done nothing wrong and Nigel 7 bellies is not an internet troll is the outcome of that cosy little meeting.

Lord Limbert Davies in the appeal court at The Strand in London, refused my appeal for the proceeds of crime, at the end of the appeal said that my taxi business was a sham, we all know it wasn’t, we have receipts to prove it and this was never mentioned during my 7-week trial in 2010.

My MP Guto Bebb can confirm this, he has read the transcripts from my trial.

So Lord Limbert Davies, I have already written to the court regarding your comment, there is only 2 places in the world you could have heard of this:

1) Nigel 7 bellies wrote on his poison pen style troll blog that the taxi business was a sham, did Lord Limbert Davies read the blog?

2) You are a member of the Privy Council along with the evil man David Jones MP and your paths must have crossed.

Which one of the 2 is it? As there would have been a conflict of interest, therefore you shouldn’t have listened to my appeal.

A letter of complaint was sent on January 22nd 2015 to the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office, Royal Courts of Justice, London, WC2A 2LL.

The witch-hunt continues….

Good luck to Ched Evans with his new appeal, the truth will come out, it always does.


21 thoughts on “Witch-hunt part 12

  1. very clever what the police done, fitting you up, manipulated the evidence to get you convicted they also used nigel roberts site thoughts of oscar, thats why they give the site protection, it was for their gain. members of the public, not all of you would believe the tricks the police would pull, im still waiting to see the bill of costs mr creamer, this is something they wouldnt want the tax payers to see. don kenyon and his bosses have gone completely over the top with the use of the helicopter. keep up the good work, im embarrassed for them, and to think some of them are masons, they say charity begins at home.

  2. I know comments in the blog thoughts of Oscar were fabricated I was present at a meeting in Conwy where things were discussed and then passed onto Nigel 7bellies to put into his blog these people had business in Conwy and one was a serving police sergeant

  3. David Jones as we know held down the very prestige position as a ROGUE BED SALESMAN in Southport befor his FREEMASONRY connection brought him to Wales….. Were he sits in offices rented in the guise of Solicitors yet lean heavily on the “WILL WRITING” side….. I done a bit of digging into y the numerous bed shops started springing up everywere.. *I came up with some very intresting information* which might be better kept back for a later date… would be intresting to see how many of our elderly folks have died since Jones and co have been in the area….and how many of those had there wills done by this firm,,,,and how many they made themselves “EXECUTORS of the WILL” to……and how many were in or put in nursing homes (one of the 6 owned by another rogue 2 doors down from Jones. These are what I call……FILTH……REAL DIRTY BASTARDS WHO WOULD MURDER THERE OWN GRANNY FOR A FIVER”

  4. Mick you deserve a medal with what you and Anita have been through, all done by North Wales Police, the vile rat m.p David Jones and the establishment. The criminals in question want throwing in jail.

  5. Mr creamer what a gorgeous house you have built, absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of the mansion in dallas. I always thought Anita loked like sue ellen. If I win the lottery, I would like you to design and build my home.

  6. Another helicopter for creamer how many is that now? How much taxpayers money does the mob have to waste before the public start to ask the question.


  8. Sky news two m.p s have been fiddling there expenses. The matter has been referred to the metropolitan police to investigate them. I would like to know if it’s not to late to charge the disgraced rat m.p david Jones who conned the welsh taxpayers out of 80-000 big ones. Throw the lot of them in jail I say. 

  9. Nicola smith great point regarding David jones being up to know good about wills. This is a true story what I’m about to tell the public, a couple of years back I was left in a will. The solicitor was from Colwyn Bay, who was also the trustee for the will. He digged his heels in and tried to fob me off all the time with excuses. Two years later before I was about to be paid, I received a letter from the dishonest solicitor saying he yes he needs to take just under 20.000 pounds from my gift will. I phoned the solicitor up saying how come he gave me a vague answer and said he was taking the money and that’s that. I immediately phoned up a solicitor to ask him for advice, he told me I will get your 20.000 pounds back he has no right to do that . My solicitor then phoned up the dishonest solicitor and I got my money back simply as that happy days. The reason I’m telling the public this information is that the public believe what they are told especially if it’s from a solicitor, a judge, a doctor the police or disgraced m.p David jones. These so called people who have initials after their names think that they are unanswerable , well they are not. Keep up the good work nicola.

  10. I go for comment number two, bent mp david jones told the judge limbert davis not to listen to your appeal. Even though the crook stole 80.000 pounds from the taxpayers. Bent judges and bent m.p.s. what’s the country coming too.

  11. Once again Mr Creamer fantastic blog, hope you keep naming and shaming these people, because when the shoe was on the other foot all the police officers loved reading Thoughts of Oscar and laughing at the members of the public when they were being slagged off on that poison pen blog. The Police used that site for intelligence i know this because i have friends in the Force, they also check out Facebook every day, they say 60% of their intelligence comes from social media, how the wheels have turned, they are frustrated with this blog as they don’t like their names appearing on it, but as the saying goes, if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about!! and your right Mr Creamer a lot of these people are in the Freemasons, were they say they give to Charity, so whoever has taken donations from them, you may have to give it back, as it may not be legitimate funds. Lets look at the Committee David Jones MP the fiddler, tried to fiddle over £80,000 also a contributor to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar, then there’s Nigel Roberts the blog Author and his second home is the Priory, then Dylan Moore and his partner Mark Bonsall, Dylan a specialist Solicitor in Probate LOL and many serving Police Officers, what a delightful, trustworthy Committee, oh and not forgetting Brian George the DJ, David’s driver, Brian buys David Wine gums every day, his favourite sweets and lastly Janet Finch Saunders, David’s informant, whatever she hears in the Town she runs straight back to David to tell him. Keep up the excellent work Mr Creamer, i too cant wait to see the bill of cost .

  12. one of the mob probably a senior officer, trying their best to cop off with anita, but couldnt get anywhere, obsessed!!!!!!! lets face it shes fit as f**k.


  14. merry christmas to nigel 7 bellies of thoughts of oscar and all your contributors i will be thinking of you on christmas day 7 bellies when your stuffing your turkey and wendy is trowelling her make up on, because you have no family to open presents with, we will be celebrating with our wonderful families and children. stay off the christmas pudding nigel, give some to wendy, what a site you 2 must look like under the bed sheets…..

  15. WE NEED, INDEPENDANT candidates in the elections for Clwyd West constituency, against David Jones , FREE of any political party and there personal agendas. It might be a good idea to spread the word to anyone interested in becoming an independent who will work for the people and not for the elite few. (this position has history to fall back on, so if your motive is financial, personal, power, forget it) The NOVOTE.co is a movement set up to help Independents stand for elections. Danny Bamping is great at helping with advice for any newcomers….and will signpost u to the starting point. I am not a stranger to politics but I am a stranger to todays political set up. It is set up to confuse to deter the average man/woman from standing in elections. On 2 previous occasions I have declined invites to stand in elections because I have not agreed with the political agenda of the party’s involved. After a lot of consideration and advice I have decided to run as an independent…… because I feel this town is in deep trouble. Anyone interested in joining me either as agent , on the team or if anyone feels they are in a position to run as an Independent, great, ….. im told today he will be in office until 2020 unless he dies…….. 2020 will come soon enough…….. lets not let this man and his terrible criminal gang keep there stolen power.


  17. Its absolutely shocking that any police force in the world could act like this. North Wales Police have set mr creamer and his wife up. This is harassment at the highest level. What have they actually got out of it???? People are reading this site from all over the world north Wales Police bosses are embarrassed by all this so crime and dishonesty doesn’t pay does it nwp…..

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