Witch-hunt Part 13

Definition: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

2 Million Pound Fine

I have told you on previous posts that The Mob needed Anita to be convicted as the house was in Anita’s name and without convicting Anita, they couldn’t get a proceeds of crime, if they had just convicted me, they couldn’t have got any assets and that’s what this was all about.

As I have followers viewing this blog from all over the world, for you that don’t know Anita, I would describe her as an honest lady, kind and good natured and with no previous convictions, but when you’re dealing with the dirty, corrupt North Wales Police, these are the levels they will stoop to and they are absolutely riddled with jealousy.

If you have nicer things in life than them, they don’t like it, the whole world has seen where the money to build our house came from, legitimate funds. Because The Mob couldn’t convict me for anything, this was the trumped up charge that they came up with and let’s face it they could probably convict most people with a mortgage for mortgage fraud!

They were not happy giving me 4 years in prison and Anita 2 years, they then come after us for 2 million pounds, some people don’t win this much on the lottery! 2 million pounds proceeds of crime would be one of the biggest fines in Great Britain, this being a victimless crime, no complainee and no-one suffered any loss, there may be other people in the country who have bigger fines, who are drug dealers, but they would have been guilty of the offence, we were NOT!



People who are selected to do jury service just think they are there to find somebody guilty or not guilty of an offence, they have no idea about a proceeds of crime. The Mob have done their best to break me and my family down, well I can tell you it hasn’t, it has made us stronger, one thing The Mob love doing is tiring people out when you make complaints and appeals etc. They don’t like any bad publicity and they think they can’t be challenged, they like everybody to just forget about their complaints and for everything to be brushed under the carpet, to make their lives easy, people need to stand up and fight for their rights.

My story is abuse at the highest level, I would like to thank people from all over the world who are reading this blog, there are too many countries to list, you people must be finding this blog very interesting. Thank you for the emails, your comments and for people in general who have stopped me in pubs and when I have been out walking, telling me what a great blog it is, but how disgusted they are about the way The Mob have behaved.

I also respect those people who tell me they would love to leave a comment but feel intimidated by the police, I don’t know why, but that’s your choice.

Finally, I would just like to tell you the amount of information, videos and evidence I have to put on this blog is going to take a long time, like I said The Mob have tried to break me and my family, they have beat me up on many occasions, hit me with truncheons and left me black & blue and sent me to prison to try and break me, all for nothing, it hasn’t worked.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Some of those senior officers who have had affairs behind their wives back, I will shortly be naming you, even women officers who have done it behind their husband’s backs.

Some of the senior officers are retired and some are still serving.

The witch-hunt continues….

Good luck to Ched Evans with his new appeal. This man should be allowed to go back and play football and be going to France for Wales.


13 thoughts on “Witch-hunt Part 13

  1. Shocking!! prison then a fine, the police abusing their powers, although it was the labour government that introduced the proceeds of crime act, Tony Blair adopted it from America, it was designed to target terrorists and big drug dealers. NWP definitely abusing it.

  2. north wales police you are disgusting and have well and truly abused your powers, carry on mr creamer, name and shame them, they need bringing down.

  3. Michael and Anita those vile rats north Wales Police, have tried everything to unsettle you and your family. They have violated your human rights for sure. We’re is guto bebb? Its not nice that you are about to name and shame the officers who have been having affairs, then it’s also not nice what the mob have done to you and your family, the list is endless how nwp have harassed you and tried everything to put you in jail. Imagine the pigs who have been carrying on they will be panicking now, and they can’t deny it as it’s all true on tthis site and no lies. The mob will be seething saying creamer can’t put that on here, well he can and he will remember pigs what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Hurry up Michael name and shame them, if you haven’t done that already.

  4. Clive the wolfman thanks to Michael creamer the public and people from overseas finally now no about north Wales Police and their bent corrupt actions. The whole world knows how bad they are. Thanks Michael and thanks to social media for exposing NORTH WALES POLICE.

  5. Mr creamer its not right what the police have done to you, it really isn’t. They have abused you. You show great strength and power. I do believe you deserve a medal of honour for the stick you have taken. Gandhi never took this much stick!! Keep up the fantastic work Michael you should take up politics or even law.

  6. Stay strong mr creamer and don’t let the pigs aka nwp grind you down. We don’t call them pigs for nothing. Is there anyone out there that has got a good word to say about north Wales Police thought not.


  8. mr creamer keep going mate, they didnt care when they tried to destroy yours and your families lives, they were all in it for promotion and money, i bet some of those officers loved picking up their wages for all the over time they did, extra officers were drafted in for operation pylon, got to try and get their money back some how, i would rather read this blog than watch corrie or emmerdale, i mean this sites free it costs nothing, when you buy the paper it is full of bullshit. i wish you would stop teasing us, and just tell us about these affairs. great blog.

  9. I have read this blog from start to finish, back to front, inside out marvellous blog. What I want to see now is the final amount the police have spent?? Well the taxpayers have spent.

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