Which Judge Is Right Here?

I don’t want to go on too much about my trial for mortgage fraud in 2010, I’m going to deal with all the facts shortly, as we are dealing with Oscar and the poison pen blog at the moment.

Breaking news came through yesterday, Marcus Copeland from Deganwy pleaded guilty to fraud and false representation, he was the mortgage broker were he arranged false documents for his clients ie; payslips etc, none of his clients were prosecuted.

Gregory Bull QC

  Judge Gregory Bull QC

Mr Copeland was prosecuted, he lied on applications to build his million pound, luxury house. The Recorder Judge Gregory Bull QC in passing sentence, said poor old Marcus, lost his reputation, his wife had to go back to work as a nurse and felt sorry for him as he had children and poor old Marcus became ill with the stress of it all, I’m sure if he hadn’t been prosecuted he wouldn’t have been ill moving into his million pound house.

Seems the Judge was very sympathetic with him and a deal was done before he even attended court, where he was given an 18 months suspended sentence. You can read the full report on this blog.

   Judge John Rogers QC

I would just like to remind you, that during my trial in 2010 myself and my wife were convicted of mortgage fraud, Judge John Rogers QC knew there was no complainee, nobody suffered any loss, that Michael and Anita Creamer have never been bankrupt, don’t owe any banks any money, Anita Creamer was a lady of good character with no previous convictions, Michael Creamer has previous convictions from when he was a young lad, had not been in trouble for over 25 years, Michael Creamer is a self-employed builder and Mr & Mrs Creamer have 3 children.

Judge John Rogers QC didn’t take any of that into account and passed a custodial sentence on myself for over 4 years and Anita a custodial sentence of 2 years, members of the public, which Judge was right & which Judge was wrong?

I keep knocking on the door of the Prime Minister can you answer these questions please? North Wales Chief Constable can’t.

I’ve also contacted the Attorney General today and asked him to take a look at the case of Marcus Copeland and asked why his sentence was so unduly lenient. The prosecution did not ask the Attorney General to look at this case so they must be happy with the suspended sentence.

You can read my email to the Attorney General’s office & I will keep you informed of his decision.

Once again David Cameron, this can’t be right, one rule for one & one rule for another, David Jones, ex secretary state for Wales, fiddled his expenses for over £80,000 but the government won’t prosecute him.

Could you please provide me with the answers Prime Minister, I’m not going away until I get the answers.

Read the full Daily Post story of Marcus Copeland here


5 thoughts on “Which Judge Is Right Here?

  1. Its a cock and bull story if you ask me.judge John rogers is an evil corrupt c**k and judge john bull is very lenient. 4yrs for you and your wife mr creamer and nothing for marcus copeland. The taxpayers needs answers. I would like to know how come judge john rogers was retired, then came out of retirement to send you to jail Michael. Then only to retire again. Who is in charge of judge and chambers needs to give us taxpayers answers.CORRUPTION. CORRUPTION CORRUPTION.

  2. Michael John Creamer 4, Parc Waen. LL32-8EL MOBILE 07977928434
    A lot of people keep asking me to show them the bill for my trial in 2010 I will show the invoices for the lawyers and the costings of the police when I deal with that case, I can tell u it cost the tax payer millions of pounds.
    Anybody who would like to call and see me in person call at the above address any time, or phone me on the above number.

  3. I don’t know that much about the law. So is this right, I will use the name jones and Hughes as an example. So mr Jones robs a bank in Llandudno and goes to jail for a long time. Mr Hughes robs the same bank in conwy and the judge says you are free to go.. wow unbelievable now I can see why you are fighting your corner mr creamer. NORTH WALES POLICE AND THE ESTABLISHMENT ARE PURE VERMIN.. CARRY ON THE GOOD WORK MR CREAMER.


  5. How can Michael creamer get 4 years in jail. Yet marcus copeland is told by judge john bull to go home have a chicken sandwich and put your feet up.. I want to know what the hell is wrong with our justice system…

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