Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 11

I attended Llandudno Police Station and made a complaint about various officers, Inspectors and Superintendents, other people from the local community also made complaints about the police regarding the “Thoughts of Oscar” blog.

All these complaints were sent to Professional Standards, you can read my complaint cases from PSD and you can also see Superintendent Steve Williams and Chief Inspector Jane Banham’s comments that they made to other officers in north Wales.

They both told a number of officers “do not speak to Michael Creamer as you are leaving yourself wide open for corruption”.

23OCT2014a 23OCT2014b

23OCT2014c 23OCT2014d


Read John Hanson’s wonderful report.


All the people complained over the poor report, and North Wales Police were told to re-investigate it. You will read Sian Beck’s report tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 11

  1. North Wales Police stop making it personal. North Wales Police stop lying north Wales Police start being impartial north Wales Police need retraining north Wales Police stop wasting taxpayers money its not yours to waste.

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