Prosecution Offer No Evidence to the Court for Ex-Cop Mike Smith who was Charged with Fraud  

Councillor Julie Fallon Smith’s husband, ex-cop PC 2634 Mike Smith was charged with defrauding a local kid’s football team, of stealing funds from an under 13’s boys football team that he coached; he appeared at Liverpool Crown Court on the 20th January 2020 and a trial date was set for July 20th 2020.

Mike Smith will now be appearing in court tomorrow, 25th February, where the Prosecution will offer no evidence.

What a complete waste of tax payers money by North Wales Police for a lengthy investigation. No doubt this will be published tomorrow in the ‘Paedophile Post’.

It makes you wonder why did he resign from the force?

No doubt Mike Smith will want to tell his side of the story, this should be an interesting read!!



36 thoughts on “Prosecution Offer No Evidence to the Court for Ex-Cop Mike Smith who was Charged with Fraud  

  1. What a complete and utter waste of energy and heartache this whole debacle has been!! At the end of the day nobody wants to see anybody in court connected to a boys football team, but where is the justice, where is the apology for what everyone involved has been through. The constant making of false allegations against others to distract from the offences that he committed – always deflecting, whilst still coaching the kids football team. It’s shocking. How Llandudno Football club have not told him to sling his hook is anyone’s guess?? We’ve seen all over the press the last couple of weeks about poor Caroline Flack who committed suicide for the allegations the police were pursuing against her. Have the CPS been told to review all cases in light of this?? Why pursue the case in the first place!! WHY – because they had EVIDENCE!! We all know the struggles he has had with his mental health and nobody wants that kind of blood on their hands. But blood has already been shed in this case and precious time has been lost with loved ones because of all of this crap!! And that time cannot be gotten back. The whole thing is so so so sad. APOLOGIES are needed from Fallon/Smith. So so sad!! And my heart aches for the utter devastation that this has caused over the last 2 years 🙁 .

    1. No evidence to answer to by CPS. This whole situation has been nothing but a witch hunt.
      I think it’s time the key warriors stood down and downed keyboards.

    2. I think it’s really sad that people have to post without publishing at least a first name. Hiding behind a keyboard is not big and is not clever.
      If Mike was guilty of anything then I’m sure CPS would of acted accordingly. In fact they probably couldn’t believe it had actually gone that far!

      This blog is nothing but a witch hunt. If this was about me I would be coming for the original poster, legally with all the slanderous comments and false allegations. Plenty of evidence of it to be found here!
      You obviously didn’t achieve what you set out to do so it’s about time you gave up on it all.
      I think you are starting to look very childish and dare I say stupid……
      Their is more to life than sitting back and being bitter and twisted. Life is for living and enjoying not sitting behind a keyboard looking daft.

      1. I have to agree with parts of your statement, you said if that were you, you would be coming after the people who posted it and suing for slander etc. You’re absolutely correct, so why aren’t they?

  2. Disgraceful
    How long has this farce been going on for? Friendships torn apart, accusations been thrown around by the Smith’s against the parents who dared to stand up against them and there dodgy financial dealings.
    There’s a reason that Mike lost over half his team, parents wouldn’t make that decision lightly based on a roumour.
    Get to the bottom of this Mr Creamer

  3. No doubt Mike & Julie will be getting ready to do a story for the Daily Post, detailing the hell that they’ve been through since this started, I can just see them posing for a photo now.
    They do love a good sob story them too, plus it’s been a while since they were last in the papers.
    Mike will be spouting off about his mental health battles and thank everyone who’s supported him over the last few years when he was in a dark place.
    What made you resign Mike? Was it so you could keep your pension?
    What happened to the money?
    Not such a big man now are we now that the uniform has gone!

    1. Why don’t you pipe down with your stupid allegations. What makes you think they would stoop to that level of this pathetic blog by going to the papers. Do not judge mike and Julie by your very low standards. They have more class and pride then these haters.
      It’s like being back at school….. only at school you could see who you had beef with. People like you are hiding behind false names.
      Not as balsy as you’d like to think eh!

  4. this stinks of a cover up
    will we ever find the missing kids money, no i doubt not. Llandudno fc obviously think he’s done nothing wrong, that says a lot about them then again theyre a funny bunch that lot, all one family running the show, if you werent born born and bred in llandudno and all that.
    What did you do with the kids money Michael Smith?

  5. Michael John Creamer
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL

    Ex-cop PC 2364 Mike Smith did not attend court in Liverpool today the prosecution withdrew the case, how convenient; so that’s the end of the case now all you witnesses that were going to attend court you don’t have to go, you will be informed by The Mob.
    I’ve been banging on the door telling you people for years how corrupt North Wales Police are, you can now see for yourselves. What I know about this case, this trial should have gone ahead, maybe the council didn’t want bad publicity in connection with one of their councillors namely Julie Fallon Smith.
    If Mike would have been found guilty they would have had to sack her, it wouldn’t have read well in the press “councillors husband steals children’s football money” uuuhhmm somebody has had a brown envelope!!!!
    And the costs have all been met by mugs money, they obviously have plenty to waste and don’t forget mugs, the council tax rises yet again in April this year, more money for North Wales Police.
    This story has not finished and it’s not going away Mike and Julie .

    1. It’s over it’s done with, no money is missing you lot need to take your fingers off the keyboard now sure they must be bleeding by now with all the typing you lot have done . Move on!! I am sure you lot will have another story soon enough to get those little fingers going again. It’s pathetic !! Do you think fallon/smith are royality or something and they have magic powers to get the charges dropped get a grip it’s because he was INNOCENT!! End of nothing to do with Julie working for council or if he went down council having a bad name (they already have 1) . There will be no sob story as I am sure that now this over with they will be getting on with their lives and spending some quality family time. The football club prob have not got rid of him because he does an amazing job and I will sure as hell send my little boy to him for training. That’s all!!!!

      1. Well said. Seems to be more people supporting Mike than against him.
        What mike has done and continues to do for the football club is fantastic.
        Volunteers only do such a job as too keep
        Our children playing and enjoying a sport they love.
        Without individuals like Mike then we’re would our children be.
        To the haters…… Mike is happily getting on with his life, enjoying time with his wife and children. Whilst you are being bitter and ugly behind a keyboard, planning your next witch hunt.
        I know who I’d rather be

    2. Evidence please to support your comment. I do f mean he/she said, I mean good hard evidence.
      CPS quite clearly didn’t think there was any.

    1. No not one of the kids but you lot are acting like a bunch of kids. Get over it now. Innocent until proven guilty isn’t that the saying well oh look at the outcome!!!! Grow up today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chips paper isn’t it 😊😊

  6. You sad people. What is it you hope to gain from all the lies, slander, and hatred for these people. You really think people have been paid off, secret handshakes, you’re not that DIM are you. Seriously!! Some people believe anything. Get on with your small life’s and move onto the next one. Funny how nothing is ever printed about you Michael Creamer. Because there is lots of gossip and hearsay isn’t there!!

  7. No money is missing because he is said to have paid it back,It was not his money to take in the first place,He should have at least showed the people whose money it was the bank statements ,to show and explain what he had done,And if he would have had the decency to do that when asked,none of this would have happened and all this money wasted. Llandudno football club have alot to answer too,because they wouldn’t show the said statements when asked.Sorry people are disappointed with the outcome,but you know what you doubters ,you should be thanking the parents who stuck together and brought this to light because without you it would still be going on.I salute and thank you all,you stuck to your principles which goes a long way to show the solid parents you are.Well done

    1. What a load of crap. Nobody should salute a handful of spiteful people with their own hidden agenda. They succeeded in spreading lies and ruining what was a great group of boys who played football together. There’s no cover up, it was a load of made up rubbish. It’s just very sad that people have nothing better to do. Just be kind, life is too short

  8. My goodness, Mike and his wife have three children. The court case has been kicked out, just leave the family alone. Go and get on with your lives and stop trying to destroy others. It’s proper weird

    1. No-one is setting out to destroy any lives,but do you know how many livelihoods Mike and his wife tried to destroy,and there was a lot more than 3 children involved.!!!

  9. And you were part of the team or close to it when it all happened then were u Zoe? As that’s is the only way u would know anything about it. People think they know all about it just by being told by the smiths! You have no idea how they treated some of the parents after they questioned about SOME of the money. So many false and treacherous allegations and spreading rumours about decent people and their families that were all part of distracting the attention away from themselves. None of them should have to explain themselves to people that were nothing to do with it. And there is a long long list of more dishonesty from the smiths that’s nothing to do with the football team that will be coming out soon no doubt. You honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.

    1. Also, if you all believe their has been corruption amongst the police along with backhanders to protect Mike Smith then maybe you need to get legal representation and go fir whoever has made these decisions…….. can’t see it happening myself. Most people who post on this thread can’t even post under there real name.
      Bunch of yellow belly keyboard warriors.

  10. Zoe Jones are you that ginger dyke in disguise my real names Paul baker ,you can put any name down you dyke, Mike and Julie are a pair of deceitful b#####ds. You know Mike took the money then put it back, you ought to be ashamed of yourself .

  11. Zoe the key board warrior you love this site really don’t you no good trying to defend Mike everybody knows what he’s like .what do you think Zoe of the picture of Mike gone a bit thin on top I guess it’s all the stress he’s under 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  12. Mr and Mrs smith could you kindly pay the money you owe to Shane Cartwright he gave your son football coaching , come on fairs fair pay up!!!!!

  13. Please councilor smith can you explain where the money went for Syria it didn’t go to the right cause Mike may have funded something else with it we need to know, I am going to contact the council to see if they know where it’s gone.

  14. Well it would appear I have caused quite a stir in this blog. I think my job here is done.
    Before I go I can confirm my name is Zoe Jones, I’m a happily married mother of two. Have never been attracted the same sex, not do I have ginger hair. Just goes to show when you lot have had a good stalk and snoop and found nothing that you have to make it up…….. I rest my case.
    Even though I have asked for names on here you still can’t bring yourself to do it. I can however guess a few names through your slip ups on information you had said…….. ooopsy!
    I’m going to bid you all farewell and will carry on With real life and not living in your bitter, twisted fantasy world of hatred, lies and bullshit.
    If you are thinking of replying or wishing me well please don’t bother as I won’t be returning. I have everything I need, thank you xx

  15. “A narcissist paints a picture of themselves as being the victim or innocent in all aspects. They will be offended by the truth. But what is done in the dark will come to light. Time has a way of showing people’s true colours’
    They both match and deserve each other. Always the victim. If only people knew the real Mr and mrs Narcissistic smith.

  16. Mike and Julie fallon not very liked people brought shame on the family , interesting read first time I’ve read this blog……….. !!!!!!

  17. Zoe the wound up pit bull 🐩🐩🐩🐩 whoops little poodle ! Any chance you can send a photo of yourself to prove who you are, or your email address will do because I think your either Mike or Julie ………..prove it Zoe

  18. Observer , Zoe is full of shit its Mike smith and Julie in disguise they haven’t got the money or the balls to sue the owner of this website , once Mike got cleared of his charges his illness went away , he’s not going down the railway station anymore . Mike you remind me of Domonic Cummings hard face tw#t and won’t apologise to the community and tell us where the money went . I did hear Julie’s had enough and your marriage is on the rocks, enjoy the sun while it lasts ☀️☀️☀️

    1. Jesus wept….. I take a break from the witch hunt of be being described as ginger dyke, poodle or mike and Julie in disguise.
      Please keep this entertainment coming.
      You seriously need to to read what you have written.
      It’s like reading take a break ffs.
      Think the COVID 19 is affecting all your mental health.
      Just for the record I’ll say again. My name is Zoe Jones. I’m a married 46 year old women with black hair, brown eyes, I’m 5ft 2 and a fag end. 9st 6 and a size 3 and a half shoe. I run my own business in Yorkshire now and haven’t lived in Llandudno for a few years. I keep in touch with a lot of people and catch up on the gossip.
      Who am I sending my picture too to prove I’m not either Mike or Julie.
      I can also send a sample of my blood, faeces and urine should you require to do any further test to prove that I am who I say I am.
      I’ll bid you all farewell and look forward to reading the next lot of speculation and bullshit.
      Better then Dynasty this

  19. Zoe glad you have got a sense of humour for someone who doesn’t like this blog you can’t keep off it, send us a picture of your shop in Yorkshire we don’t need a urine sample don’t be silly you wouldn’t produce much p##s your only 5ft 2 and 9 stone , one thing your full of and that’s bullshit , Mike and Julie in disguise what have you done with that money ????💰💰💰💰💰💰💰.

  20. Interesting to hear Mike Smith is in talks with Hayley Meek about taking over the Nelson Public house in Bangor.

    Hayley Meek is the landlady at the Waverley hotel in Bangor which has been in the press extensively over the past week.

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