Councillor Julie Fallon Smith, husband PC 2364 Smith and the flasher at Llandudno FC

Please read below how Julie is selling herself to the voters, to me it’s dog muck.

Julie’s statement:

Well, well, Councillor Fallon Smith, looks like the net is finally closing in, you’re the lady that people think butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. As you know I attended the Police and Crime panel meeting on Monday, 4th June 2018 in Bodlondeb, Conwy. Just before the meeting was about to start, I brought to your attention that today was the 4th of June and on all of the screens the date said 6th June, may I remind you that you were chairing that meeting and declared your husband was Mike Smith PC 2364 of the North Wales Police, when I confronted you and kindly pointed out the mistake you had the barefaced cheek to tell me it was nothing to do with you and blame the council.

Julie, remember the public voted for you to be where you are today, they expect a woman of honesty and integrity to represent them. It has been brought to my attention that a complaint was made against yourself regarding ‘bin collections’, information has leaked out of the council regarding an email which you will be familiar with, where you told lies, other councillors were at the meeting and they had witnessed that you had lied but it was all kept hush-hush, so you kept your job.

Can I bring to your attention that I have known your husband PC 2364 Mike Smith for longer than yourself, in his early days when he had left school he played football for Conwy United FC & a few other local clubs and was paid cash in hand for playing football nudge-nudge, wink-wink, you know what I mean Julie, the taxman didn’t know about these payments. He then went on to work in Curry’s as a sales assistant in Champney’s retail park, Llandudno; he was a great salesman, and this is how it went ‘pick your own, choose your own, then you can’t moan, take it off the shop floor and collect at the back door’.

Mike eventually joined North Wales Police, whilst on duty he suffered a heart attack and was taken to Bangor Hospital, you say he is 6ft 3” and spent over 20 hours on a trolley, you make out as if he was squashed in to a shopping trolley, so you Julie made an official complaint to Betsi Cadwalader University Health Board. Do you think because he’s a policeman & you’re a councillor it gives you the right to preferential treatment?

Please read the paedophile post’s story on PC 2364 Mike Smith:

Julie, I don’t know how up-to-date you are with Betsi Cadwalader, but more than £90 million in clinical negligence claims are expected to be paid out in North Wales over the next couple of years, this sum was revealed in a report at a meeting of the Betsi Cadwalader University health board, by director of corporate services Chris Wright, there are currently 790 claims against the board open, 674 for clinical negligence and 120 for personal injuries, around 700 are expected to be settled before next year; so your husband lying in a hospital bed will not have a claim.

Could you please read your tweet below, as a councillor and your husband being a police officer, you both should’ve known better that your film club should have had the right license (I wonder who you’ll blame for this).

Julie, do you remember yourself and Mike took your 8 year old son for after-school football coaching, sessions attended 12 weeks, total 2 terms your son was coached by a well-respected, highly regarded local coach who has coached professional footballers, yet you both refused to pay some of the fees, the coach has approached you and Mike and requested payment, you both refuse to pay, coming up with a poor excuse, reason given, you didn’t think there was quality in his coaching, yet it takes 2 terms for you to decide this. There is still an outstanding bill of £30, Mr & Mrs Smith it would be most appreciated if you could settle this bill with the coach ASAP.

Talking of outstanding bills Julie, you have borrowed money from people in the council, they don’t wish to be named but would appreciate if you could settle this debt, thank you.

Moving on Julie to Mike’s football career; Mike is the manager of the under 15’s at Llandudno and during one of the games, a bad tackle was made on one of the lads, isn’t this football, it happens every day! Mike then made derogatory remarks towards the referee, it got so bad that the referee took out his red card and asked Mike to leave the area, Mike refused to leave. Eventually, you took over Julie as the caretaker manager for the rest of the game, as this incident was not recorded, Mike seemed to get his own way again, the poor referee didn’t want to make a fuss as he knew Mike was a copper and you were a councillor; money and power springs to mind Mr and Mrs Smith.

         Mike using his power as a police officer to get money

You are a lady Julie who loves the limelight and likes to talk big at Chester races, the truth be known you haven’t got a pot to pee in, when you really are mutton dressed as lamb!!

Please read the link below PC 2364 Mike Smith bravely revealed he suffered sexual abuse as a boy at the hands of his junior football coach, Mike says this went on for six years:

PC 2364 Mike Smith, you are a very brave man coming forward and telling our community your story, after you suffering such an ordeal I find it very hard to believe that you work at Llandudno football club, your right-hand man being Gerald Williams who is a habitual flasher, convicted several times, some of his previous convictions were for exposing himself to a female neighbour in 2002 and a female stranger in 2003.

Please read the link below on Gerald Williams:

I just can’t believe what I’m reading, the plot really starts to thicken, please read below, Trevor Lloyd Hughes the FAW president presenting Gerald Williams ‘the flasher’ with an award, Gerald has volunteered at Llandudno FC for over 25 years and they said every club needs a volunteer like Gerald, he even assists with bringing the balls back into the ground. The article below was published on Llandudno FC’s website and shared to people’s Facebook accounts but was quickly taken down when the people realised who Gerald was and what he’d done.

You would think the local councillor Julie Fallon Smith and her husband being a policeman would not have this man anywhere near children, I am deeply saddened and appalled at this, despite the fact that Llandudno FC have come along way over the last few years with the development of their ground & clubhouse and there are many lads and ladies that commit themselves to the club 100%. PC 2364 Mike Smith resigned as a director at Llandudno FC’s senior side in late 2016.

This is part 1 of the story, part 2 will follow shortly. Loads more to tell on these two plus on PC Gary Cooper too.


36 thoughts on “Councillor Julie Fallon Smith, husband PC 2364 Smith and the flasher at Llandudno FC

  1. No license Mrs fallon smith at your film club you really should have known better, and then get annoyed because it was reported too the trading standards, silly woman 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 .

    1. How pathetic that you have to comment on this ? Someone is doing something for the elderly , get a
      Life , Trish from Manchester this is your PATHETIC

  2. been waiting for this day to happen. too busy looking down on people, arse licking the local tory big-wigs to get a job on the council and then drops them like a hot turd, bring on part 2 Mr Creamer.

  3. Mrs fallon smith you have really let deeganwy and llanrhos communities down all your big promises you really are a very selfish and greedy woman, no wonder you have piled the weight on sitting on the green at bron vardre through the summer having all them bbq.s too much wine and too many sausages hope the council do the right thing and get rid of you 🍔🍔🍔🍷🍷🍷

  4. Did you know it’s illegal for a Police Officer to ask the public for money Mike Smith should know better.

  5. I’m really embarrassed for Llandudno FC after all the hard work Bob Patton has done for this club and to see Gerald Williams getting honoured with a medal the Police and the Council knowing what Gerald has done. Officer Mike Smith and councillor Fallon I’m deeply saddened and lost for words.

  6. Very well written Michael , I couldn’t have wrote it better myself, it’s about time Lady Muck was exposed for what she is, excited to read part 2 I think this may be the straw that breaks the camels back, by the way Michael she is mutton dressed as lamb, SPOT ON!!!!! A very cheap tart who’s easily bought.

  7. Mr kiplin bakes exceedingly good tarts, baked in Deganwy 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 Deganwys finest tart

  8. Michael John creamer Email:                                 4,Parc Waen, Bangor road, Conwy LL32-8EL
    Some comments have come through to the blog where the language is too foul to publish, children read this site so I cannot publish these comments; this is not 7 bellies site ‘thoughts of oscar’. Finally, Mrs Margaret Fallon thank you for your comment, I’m a little unsure if your dyslexic, you missed out ‘so’ before upset in your comment and you’re also upset regarding these untrue comments you say, what I’ve written about Julie and Mike are the truth, sometimes the truth hurts. Please don’t read part 2 because you will be more upset by what will be written, as Ian Verburg said to all police officers ’dont read his site’. Julie Fallon can talk the talk, can she walk the walk? Thank you.

  9. I wonder if Mike Smith will Ask Julie if she has been a devoted and loyal partner or has she ever strayed with another person related to football……..

  10. Mrs Margaret Fallon the person you should be most upset by is your daughter. Julie has blatantly lied to you. Don’t be too upset it’s what councillors do best LIE. Your daughter can’t even trust you, her own mother. You would of thought Julie would of come clean to You, especially after trying to defend her on this blog so sad shame for you. Margaret go back to daughter ask her again for the truth if she still tries to pull the wool over You. Then put it to Julie to sue Mr creamer for false allegations. As Mr creamer doesnt print lies on here. There lies the truth.

  11. Maggie Fallon could you kindly tell the constituents in the aberconwy area has your daughter told lies ? On the 10th of October you mentioned you were ever so sad at all these untrue comments. So is Julie to sue or are you going tell the truth.

    1. Julie Fallon and Mike Smith pretend to be the pillars of the community but realistically they’re both the biggest thief’s and liars this community has ever seen!
      Karma big time, I can’t wait!!!

      1. I have yet to find someone that dedicates more time to their community than Cllr Fallon. I am proud to say that I voted for her and I am proud to do so again. Good luck young men, your community is behind you!!

  12. Fudge packer you said you would smash her back door I know your only joking we don’t want any criminal damage please be patient readers of this site I know Mick creamer and he wouldn’t go fishing without bait he will have something juicy……………LOL I’m excited!!!

  13. Dennis Williams aka fudge packer I seen your profile you look very dapper your far too young for Julie she likes older men 😜😜😜

  14. Why did he resign as a director?
    Why is he no longer a police officer?
    Why is Cllr Fallon still chair of these committees when herself and her husband have brought the local community into disrepute with suggestions of money going missing?
    Why are they still being allowed to brain wash people with there ‘woe is me’ sob story about a vendetta?
    This is an issue which is at the heart of the local
    Community which does need addressing so thank you for bringing it to the forefront!!

  15. I feel sorry for people so sad in themselves that they feel the need to target people who don’t deserve the hatred coming from all of you, Cllr Fallon does so much for the community, and you can spread your lies but the people involved with the things she does know full well the incredible impact she has, I doubt any of you can say you’ve ever done anything of that calibre.

    1. You don’t know the depth of depravation that women is willing to stoop to for her own gain. It’s not about the community what so ever!! Julie is on a mission to promote Julie, she’ll use the community and all her faithful subjects until she no longer needs them!!
      Wake up people!!!

  16. Having come across this website by chance while rersearching, and having been a welsh born resident near lllandudno for many years I have to say what Corruption there is in this area alone! What with coubncillors like her and the police there ..What a right lot.. The whole lot need taking down and exposing to the fullest of the law, never mind being a councillor or Policeman there is one law for all!

    Keep up the good work in your reporting as People do read this website for sure!

  17. Just thought i would look on your blog Mike and see if there was any more information on how corrupt Smith and Fallon are.Smith should not be allowed to keep managing a football team,LlandudnoFC don’t want the bad reputation of people knowing they don’t give a toss about the young boys that play under their name.Several boys moved to another team,because their parents had principles,and Smith did everything in his power to stop those boys playing,trying to give the boys and their parents a bad name.It didn’t work and the boys now play happily for the other team.I know you know that there is a police investigation going on which is taking along time because “fraud”is hard to prove and all transactions on the said account have to be double checked with the banks etc.then it is up to the CPS to see if any case can be brought against him.I personally can’t wait for your next installment to show your readers what Smith and others are really like.Seems the most corrupt people are councillors and policemen,although i wouldn’t tar then all with the same brush.

    1. Get a grip mr Smith does everything he can for the boys that play in his team… and as for the investigation taking so long it is most likely because he has done nothing wrong! People like to tell lies to cover their own backs. People slagging off mr smith and mrs fallon smith need to grow up stop the witch hunt and bullying or are you actually 12 years old and still in school ?? Key board warriors…. !!!!! Get a bloody hobby

  18. The saddest part of this is the impact it has had on those who stood for what is right and finally took the courage to report Smith to NWP. Threats have been made to those people by supporters of Smith. Malicious and unwarranted reports have been made to the police. Talk about being 12 and in a play ground – those who support Smith are the instigators of that vile behaviour and It is only a matter of time before they see it for themselves and will feel stupid for being drawn into the lies that he and Fallon spin.

  19. With the hotly anticipated finale of line of duty this evening, I’ve read an article in the Sunday papers from a retired copper which says that AC12 on the show is as near to investigating police corruption as what happens in real life. What utter rubbish .. Mick C investigates police corruption in real life!! Thanks for what you do….. round of applause.

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