Councillor Julie Fallon Smith Duped Our Community

Three years ago, a local lady in our area of Conwy came up with a fantastic idea to help the children from Syria who were now refugees in Lesbos in Greece. She decided to set up a Facebook group asking people to donate any children’s clothes, from this she formed a group of volunteers with other mothers in the area calling themselves ‘Syrian Sisters Cymru’ and it wasn’t long before councillor Julie Fallon Smith joined the group; Syrian Sisters Cymru really became quite big in the area by getting a lot of publicity from social media and also from the local papers.

I believe Councillor Julie Fallon Smith joined this group for one thing only and that was to help promote herself. Can I make it quite clear that all the volunteers worked really hard and didn’t know what was going on behind-the-scenes, Cllr Fallon Smith knew exactly what she was promoting and what she was getting up to. All the clothes donated by the community had to be sorted & then put in bags and then stored in a warehouse in Mochdre; the Syrian Sister’s Cymru group decided to do some charity events to raise funds to send a 40-foot container of clothes to Greece, they even got local schools involved.–10011957

A Just Giving account was also set up for people to donate money, they raised money by selling off designer & expensive clothes by doing a catwalk style sale ‘swish’ charity night with cash donations.

Councillor Julie Fallon Smith, your favourite saying to the volunteers and schools was “I’m a councillor, my husband’s a Police Officer and we have lots of influence in the area”; you don’t have Julie, people have seen right through you now for what you really are. The Just Giving account was set up by Julie’s husband PC 2364 Mike Smith, cash donations were collected in by Julie from the schools and at any charity events, she was in charge of the money. This all seemed a marvellous and fantastic idea until someone from the group approached Julie and asked could they have the money raised to give to ‘Syria Relief’ so they could pay for the transportation of the clothes container. Julie refused to hand over the money and said, “oh no, that’s not what we are using it for now, we’re going to use it for something else”. One of the senior members of the Syrian Sisters Cymru group was livid and fuming at this, so she contacted some of the local schools, telling them not to give the donations to Julie, she was told it’s too late… Councillor Julie Fallon Smith had already been and had the money.

Some of the group went along with it, leaving Julie in charge and some were livid as this campaign was set up for one reason only, that was to raise funds to pay for the container to be sent to Greece to help these children. None of us can speculate, we don’t know what Councillor Fallon Smith has done with that money, she may have paid her own mortgage with it or she may have donated to another charity, we don’t know.

I’m asking you councillor Julie Fallon Smith, on behalf of our community and on behalf of Syrian Sisters Cymru, please can you tell us where the £1800 has gone?

Please see the pictures of the volunteers loading the container



Above are pictures of the volunteers who worked extremely hard putting clothes in to bags and loading the container; please see the pictures below of Julie Fallon Smith with a group of mothers ‘Syrian Sisters Cymru’ where they are asking the community to help raise £1000 to transport donated items to Greece. I have blacked out the mother’s faces, it’s just Julie’s face showing, you can also see the Just Giving Page with the logo of Llandudno FC on it, with pictures of the mothers again telling the community that so far at that time, they had raised £605. I’m a little surprised here, why Llandudno FC’s logo is linked to Syrian Sisters Cymru fund raising, is there something Cllr Fallon Smith is hiding, as her favourite saying is “I’m a councillor, my husband is a Police Officer and we have a lot of influence in the community”.


After various people telling me that something dodgy was going on here, I decided to investigate thoroughly and through some hard work I managed to locate the receipts dated 27th of October 2015, where it states the wagon loaded with the container left unit 1C, Commerce business Park, Colwyn Bay, LL28 5HX and proves that Syria Relief paid for the container, not Syrian Sisters Cymru.

I then contacted the Syria Relief on 0161 860 0163, I spoke to Mr M Hameed, explained the whole situation to him and why I was sending him the receipt; this information was sent to him on 13th October 2018, he called me back later in the day and said all the information has been passed over to Mr Ade Arogundade, the finance manager to investigate.

Could you please read Mr Ade Arogundade’s email back to me, it’s quite clear Cllr Julie Fallon Smith never paid any money to Syria Relief for the container.

Now read my email back to Mr Ade Arogundade:

All we can do now is ask Cllr Julie Fallon Smith what she’s done with the money, Julie I know you’re reading this site along with your family, can you please tell the community where their money has gone to? You may say it’s gone to another cause, I don’t know, I can’t answer your questions. Syrian Sisters Cymru raised that money for no other cause, that money should’ve been forwarded to Syrian Relief to pay for the transportation of the container.

Finally, Councillor Julie Fallon Smith you may fool your community that you represent, but you won’t fool me.

This story continues, part 3 will be shown in a few days.


24 thoughts on “Councillor Julie Fallon Smith Duped Our Community

  1. I hope this information is being passed on to Guto Bebb, Janet Finch Saunders,and more importantly the good people of Deganwy and Llanrhos who voted for her.If anyone deserves the truth they do.

    1. If this is shite, Can you please explain to the rest of us where the money went?
      This stinks and needs to be explained pronto. If Mrs Smith has done nothing wrong then she needs to come forward perhaps in another local newspaper article and tell the community where the money went and did she get agreement from the other ‘Syrian Sisters’ first?

  2. Wow Mick, I knew Fallon-Smith was a self obsessed, ladder climbing, heartless witch, but this has taken me by surprise.
    After witnessing first hand how callous and cruel a woman she is, (the way she treated Mr David Service), I thought a person couldn’t get much lower, but Councillor Fallon-Smith is up there with the likes of the snake David Jones the MP for Clwyd West and his sidekick, the fish wife Janet Finch Saunders.
    It’s no wonder those three were in bed together, oops sorry I hear Fallon-Smith is too busy with her extra curricular activities with a few of her colleagues to have time for more shenanigans.

  3. Well we all knew she’d do anything to get her face in the paper but hijacking a campaign like this is something else.
    You mentioned in the previous post that she likes to act the big ‘un at Chester Races, perhaps this is where the Syrian money has gone?
    Let’s hope that someone takes this to the council & an enquiry takes place into the conduct of this lady, who is seemingly hiding behind her image of a wholesome, giving woman. Yes, she may run free movie clubs in Llanrhos & serve tea & cake but there’s more to this lady than meets the eye.

  4. In the Daily post articles Julie Fallon Smith states that the money is being raised for transport, You’ve clearly proven Mike this isn’t the case as the charity have never received that money!! Where’s this money gone? She needs to explain herself and provide proof to all those who worked hard to raise the cash for that purpose. She can’t be allowed to get away with this, the council need to be made aware. How can somebody who’s capable of lying and embezzlement of charitable funds represent the community if she can cheat innocent victims!!

  5. Fact ….. the founder of the Syrian Sisters group did not agree that the funds where not immediately transferred to Syrian Releif once the container was arranged, she was not in charge of the monies Julie Fallon Smith was, and that’s why she left!!

  6. Funny how Mel Lewis crops up everywhere, Fallon a friend of hers and must know about the double quick departure of the bar manager and all the casual staff being paid cash in hand.

  7. deganwy girl you left a comment on previous post I don’t know if your a dyke knocking Julie off , what do you think of this new post dyke??? Your not Fukin singing anymore!!!! Your not singing anymore !! Your not singing anymore the truths a wonderful thing dyke.

  8. The picture above Julie standing next to all the clothes, that pic will come back and haunt you , it looks like something out of Cell Block H, you know what they say Julie if the cap fits……………😋😋😋

  9. Maggie Fallon Gwen and anonymous supporting butter would not melt in the mouth Julie. Anonymous goes on to say I doubt any of you can say you’ve ever done anything of that CALIBRE. Your quite right there I have never done anything of that CALIBRE like steal from charities. Disgusting behaviour £1800.

    1. I personally informed the local councillor about our suspicions of irregularities over the Junction community club and was ignored.
      Seeing Fallon and Mel Lewis saying they love each other makes me realise I was mugged with the councillor saying they would pass my concerns on.
      I’m not the only one smelling rats here.

  10. Scum bags the pair of them. Low lifes.. disgustingly these idiots are in positions of trust… strip them of their titles… dirty rats

  11. Surprised that no reply to any of the comments has been made by the guilty party!!.It is truly shocking what has gone on, The council need to do something about her position on the council,and the party she represents need to do something quickly.The honest and genuine people of Deganwy and Llanrhos need to know,the type of person they are voting for,even standing as an independent doesn’t mean the person can be dishonest and look down on people the way she does. So come on please reply to the comments made about you Lady Julie Smith we are all waiting in suspense!!

  12. Still cant believe we haven’t seen a reply from the LADY herself.Come on Julie you’re usually not short of something to say!!! Everyone waiting in suspense.!!!

  13. Michael John Creamer
    4 Parc Waen, Bangor Rd, Conwy, LL32 8EL
    There will be no posts published over the next 2/3 weeks due to personal circumstances.
    Comments are still welcome and will be published.

  14. I have heard from someone today that the Fallon -Smiths are moving to England somewhere.Can anyone tell me if this is true ,heres hoping!!!.

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