Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 7

David Jones was Secretary State for Wales from September 2012 until July 2014 when he was sacked by David Cameron, his political interests included Law and Order yet he was happy to break the law when he was involved with Thoughts of Oscar and when he fiddled his expenses for over £80,000!!

Why wasn’t he given a proceeds of crime order, I was and I owed nobody any money.

David Jones the MP for Clwyd West is someone I have never met, I don’t know the man and I’m sure he would confirm the same, if asked.

But this man, who doesn’t know me, makes threats to me behind my back.

David Jones made these threats when he was secretly recorded by Richie, who passed the recording on to me.

It’s a long recording, the part where he makes a threat towards me is 30 minutes & 8 seconds in to the recording.

After these threats that David Jones made were brought to my attention, I contacted my solicitor who advised me to go to the police, I said ‘what will the police do for me? They are protecting the Thoughts of Oscar site and David Jones has got the police in his pocket’.

After taking his advice I arranged to meet Inspector Emma Naughton at Llandudno police station. Members of the public, whenever I go into the police station, a police officer will never see me there on their own, I take that as a compliment.

As soon as I went into Inspector Naughtons office, she explained that she’d got another officer in with her to take a few notes of our meeting, I wasn’t surprised by this, I told Inspector Naughton, that David Jones had made threats towards me, you can hear these threats on the recording, saying ‘leave Michael Creamer to me, I will deal with him’.

Like I have said, I’ve never met David Jones or spoken to him.

Readers of the blog, I had two appeals, one for my conviction & one for my proceeds of crime, to be dealt with at the Court of Appeal, The Strand, London. On my two appeals, I was refused leave to appeal and out of over 30 Law Lords, who sit and deal with the appeals I ended up with 2 Welsh judges, is that just a coincidence?

Bearing in mind that at that time David Jones was Secretary of State for Wales, you will read the full story regarding this appeal when I deal with the mortgage fraud and I tell you, it’s going to be shocking.

You will also read Inspector Emma Naughton’s decision as to why not to prosecute David Jones.

Poor old Janet Finch Saunders was slagged off on the Thoughts of Oscar blog, I really feel for you Janet, but on the 9th September 2014, why did you run to David Jones, Dylan Moore & ‘7 bellies’ Roberts and tell them that Guto was going to do a speech exposing them, I put it to you that you went against Guto Bebb and jumped ship. The real truth now JFS.


17 thoughts on “Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 7

  1. Janet also stitched Guto Bebb up by promising Dylan & David that she would back them in court if Dylan sued Bebb for slander, saying that Bebb had spoken about Dylan being an author outside of Parliament.
    Finally, the truth is coming out!

  2. Mr creamer how come david jones is not in prison???? You can not make threats to anyone. There are people in our jails for making threats. Let me guess north Wales Police are protecting David jones m.p. NORTH WALES POLICE FORCE IS A JOKE.

  3. david you look one ill man your face has got more pricks in it than a dartboard. sarah wont be with you for much longer your bringing the family down

  4. your a liverpool supporter my arse, we dont have dirty scum bags like you that support our club. hope you rot in hell. you bent mp.

  5. when you were secretary state for wales you were one evil man, you abused your position, remember phoning vosa on north wales recovery, reporting them to the vat man and getting their police contract suspended what an evil bastard you are so glad david cameron sacked you, as they say mr jones when you have made it its easy but it hurts when you fall. and your going to come down with one big bang, all your friends are distancing themselves from you,……

  6. david, dylan and 7 bellies are rats and janet finch saunders has got plenty of history it will all come tumbling down for her aswell. we love guto bebb, guto bebb next secretary state for wales a real honest man, hes seen right through you shower. gotos the man

  7. David jones sounds like price Charles the bent man. David you are a little rug rat, what a horrible dirty lying rat. I listened to the tape from start to finish. I noticed when you mentioned Michael creamer, you started to whisper. Mr jones did you think mr creamer could hear you??? Fantastic work Richie you got ruby the drunk and paranoid David jones. I liked the part where the bent David says you Richie, you can be tainted by association what a joke. Another good part where the crook says me and my family are under immense stress dreadful times. Now you know how it feels don’t you bent David. You also say in the tape you are a good judge of character my arse. Jones you also mention ian turner and baldy Brian George getting dragged through the dirt. Well David jones if you done your job in Whitehall Westminster properly and you never got involved with local buisness men and women, then the masons ie brian George wouldn’t of got dragged through the dirt. Now you and your family are getting your bad name dragged through the dirt. David you also mentioned the people on victims of oscar are decent people, that’s right they are decent people. Its you and nigel that are not decent folk. You should be ashamed of your self David Cameron I mean jones.lastly jones you say you were in Westminster so how could I send texts from my London office, well lying m.p. look on poison pen blog 2 the whole world can see you sent the text from your office in Westminster to seven bellies in trinity square.ps don’t be paranoid dave just tell the truth its your wife and kids I feel sorry for.

  8. I cant wait to see how the hell emma naughty naughton never prosecuted David the rat jones. Inspector naughty naughton if I made threats against you would I be prosecuted ?????? One rule for corrupt north Wales Police, one rule for conwy taxpayers. Disgusting behaviour miss naughton.

  9. David Jones interests were law. Thats right breaking the law more like, the bent, twisted m.p. faked 80-000 from us taxpayer’s then is involved in the despicable thoughts of oscar site. Then he threatens mr creamer. Leave creamer to me you can hear him clearly. Most alarming is that the inspector of north Wales Police defends him. Come on inspector emma naughty naughton tell us taxpayer’s that David jones hasn’t got n.w.p. in his pocket, it sounds to me that n.w.p are scarred of this man. Fact if ex secretary for wales David jones says to n.w.p. to jump the mob say how high as he runs nwp and conwy police are petrified of this paranoid bent man.


  11. David Jones not long ago you appoligised to David Cameron for fiddling your expenses. So you have got it in you to say sorry. So now David Jones do the right thing and say sorry to Michael creamer. It takes a man to say sorry dave, your wife will be happy. So do the right thing davey boy and say sorry, only then y will be able to move on.

  12. David who fiddles his expenses Jones, have you appoligised to mr creamer yet. Come on davey boy say sorry, think about sarah and your boy.. the truth will set you free davey boy.


  14. David jones you said the word decent in your interview with richie. Could you know do the decent thing and say sorry to mick creamer. If you do say sorry davey boy then you might get your decent reputation tag back. Then you will be known as dd decent dave. Ps have a word with north Wales Police and ask them to say sorry as well.

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