Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 8

After my interview at Llandudno Police station with Inspector 1642 Emma Naughton, she’d asked me for the recording of David Jones to be transcribed, which I did for her and today she still has the transcript, she promised to return them and as of today she has not.

Any individual in England and Wales who is arrested for any criminal offence, as we all know, a decision has to be made by the CPS, but on this occasion Inspector Emma Naughton took it upon herself to make the decision that no criminal offence had been committed and the decision was made by her alone.

She is now acting as Inspector and a CPS lawyer.

David Jones on the recording clearly says “leave Michael Creamer to me, I will deal with him”, this is a man I have never spoken to in my life and never come across him, so why would he want to make threats?

As I’ve said on this blog before, David Jones has the police in his pocket and North Wales Police are petrified to go near him.

Put the shoe on the other foot, if I had made those threats against David Jones and he’d have gone to the police to complain, I’m sure I would have been arrested immediately.

When the complaint was made, Inspector Emma Naughton never went out to speak to David Jones, so how could she have made any enquiries.

Below is her wonderful decision, like they all say, if you’re not happy go to professional standards, because we control that aswell, police investigating the police!!



8 thoughts on “Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 8

  1. Naughty naughton you are meant to be impartial? Anyone with any common sense knows that David Jones made a threat to Michael creamer. Yet inspector naughty naughton says no offence was committed. N.n clearly hasn’t got a clue or she’s protecting d d decent dave. North Wales Police need investigating.

  2. N.n you have transcripts that belong to mr creamer. We know they don’t call you naughty naughton for nothing. So do your job properly and kindly return what’s not yours.

  3. If you or I never paid our taxes the queen would be after us and probably throw us in prison. As I do pay all my taxes, I demand to know how come north Wales Police are petrified of m.p David jones. Surely not dj cant have n.w.p. in his pockets can he.

  4. Mr creamer you believe David Jones interfered with the judicial process by influencing the judgments made when you appealed your conviction and also in relation to the POCA confiscation order. An outside force need to be brought in to investigate north Wales Police and m.p for clwyd west David jones if this is true. This is shocking behaviour by all parties.

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