Two Welsh Police Officers Buy Under Age Teenager Cider In A Bid To Get Him To Confess To Unsolved Crimes

Detective Constable Geraint Jones and Detective Constable Neville Bradbury who are stationed at Cardiff Bay police station went to visit Sean Wall at Parc Young Offenders Institute in Bridgend; they took him out of prison for the day, drove to the local Spar and bought him cans of cider and got Sean p****d, then took him back to Cardiff Bay police station.

The deal by the two officers was to give Sean the alcohol and then ask him to confess to crimes, Sean confessed to crimes he didn’t commit which looked great on paper for the police’s detection rate, showing it had solved crimes. Sean asked the police officers in the police station could they contact his solicitor, he asked 17 times.

Again what I find astonishing is that the two police officers were investigated by the IPCC and both officers kept their jobs.

So this is a message to any young boys under the age of 18 and you want alcohol for Christmas, phone the local police, ask them to get you a few cans and you just confess to a few crimes you have not committed, it helps clear the books for the police.

Finally, Don Kenyon, Jason Davenport, Nicolas Hawe and now retired Superintendent Simon Humphreys, I would like to know your opinion on this shocking behaviour on what those officers did to that young teenager?

Do you feel guilty for charging me and my wife for mortgage fraud? Bearing in mind it was a victimless crime and no complainant, you may be giggling to yourselves saying we took £350,000 from you Creamer, but I can tell you the public wont be laughing when I show the cost of the trial and the millions of pounds of public money wasted.

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DC 2313 Don Kenyon Is Assaulted In Custody in St Asaph

As you are all familiar with reading this blog, DC 2313 Don Kenyon has made a name for himself lately; Don, Nicolas Hawe and Jason Davenport worked together at the Major Crime Unit in St Asaph.

Whilst I was incarcerated at HMP Altcourse, the job I had was a visit orderly, and inmates who had legal visits and video links would come across to the visits hall between approximately 9 to 11 in the morning, I would take their ID badges off them and give them a bib to wear, they would then stand behind the barrier until their names were called and I would often have lengthy chats with the lads before they went on their video links or legal visits.

Jordan Davidson one day came over for a video link, Jordan had been charged with murder and many other offences, whilst Jordan was in St Asaph custody he was alleged to have assaulted DC Don Kenyon. I couldn’t believe it Don, when I got told who assaulted you, it’s a wonder you never blamed me for that, because remember when you & Davenport were at my trial at Mold Crown Court, you blamed me for everything, you were quite obsessed over me wasn’t you Don?

Violence doesn’t solve anything Don. I may not agree with what Jordan is alleged to have done, but a strongman doesn’t seek revenge he moves on and lets karma do his dirty work, I’m sure you will understand what I mean Don, I think you got off lightly from your incident with Jordan. While he was at HMP Altcourse, Jordan was eventually taken down to CSU which is known as the block where he would have been locked up for 23 hours a day; I can tell you when he was unlocked to go for a shower, he had a Bic razor, he removed the 2 blades from the razor, used his, toothbrush handle melting the plastic with a lighter and inserting the two blades into the soft plastic making a make shift Stanley knife, he then went on to slash one of the prison officers across the throat and neck, the officer was rushed to hospital and received over 20 stitches, Jordan was then moved to Strangeways where he is now a category A prisoner and on a three man unlock, again I do not agree with what he did to that officer, but I must say you had a narrow escape Don; as Jordan Davidson will be having a trial shortly I can’t comment any further on this case, North Wales Police don’t know the half of what he’s done.

Don, I do hope when you go to court over the ABH that Mr Davidson is alleged to have done to you, I hope your memory hasn’t faded. Remember when I made a complaint to Sian Beck about you, your words in your statement to her were:

DC Don Kenyon stated that “he did not himself contact the author of the blog, that he spoke to Chief Superintendent Humphreys to ask for the authors of the blog to be contacted, Chief Superintendent Humphreys later stated that the author of the blog has been spoken to and would ensure the blog would be taken down, DC Kenyon does not recall going before Judge Rogers his recollection was that the agreement was made behind the scenes. DC Kenyon did however state that it may have happened as per Mr Creamer’s account, as his memory has faded”.

If any of you readers of the blog wish to read that statement that Don Kenyon made click on his name on the index and it will take you to it, some of you may have already read it.

I still can’t get over what you said to me in my interview in 2008/2009; police officers don’t tell lies they have got good jobs and you looked at me with a serious face. I wonder what you must think now after reading this blog and all the corruption that’s gone on, I will just remind you once again Don as you couldn’t remember going in the witness box speaking to the judge, police officers that have been convicted of drink-driving, police officers convicted of perverting the course of justice, police officers that have groomed children, police officers that have raped women, the list is endless do you get where I’m coming from?

Don Kenyon, can I kindly bring to your attention there are decent police officers that are putting 12 hour shifts in, then having to eat their lunch in the car and yet you as a Detective Constable seem to find the time on a regular basis to use your hours of work as gym sessions; coming out of the police station, running up Ffordd William Morgan to the roundabout at the top, taking a left turning round past QI Optic and pass the New Vision Business Park & running down Glas Coed Road, round in a loop & returning back to the station, using this as a running track. As I stated it’s not fair to the other officers putting in 12 hour shifts and eating their lunch on the way to a job; I would make a complaint to PSD but the Superintendent there is John Hanson and in his words, he has ‘kindly asked all police officers not to talk to me as they are leaving themselves wide open to corruption’. I take that as a compliment he must think highly of me, but I think the corruption lies in the Police Station.

Please read the link below:

This seems to ring a bell with North Wales Police, spreading rumours that I was a drug dealer, hoping members of the public would believe them. It seems if you have a nice car and house around here you must be a drug dealer, even more so if you come from Liverpool. I have stated this before I’ve never been arrested for drug offences or charged, I’ve never sold drugs and have never smoked how many men can say that?

Finally, Superintendent John Hanson from PSD, you’re well aware of the complaint I made regarding money that went missing from my account; could you please ask John Chapman where my money is? I have the dates and times I have called John they are recorded, as soon as John heard my voice on the phone when I called him he put the phone down, I am waiting very patiently for the return of my money. Ian Verburg told all officers not to read this blog, no officers are listening to him they are all reading it as well as John Hanson, maybe it’s because the blog is interesting and truthful.

Your comments are appreciated.


North Wales ex-cop found hanged, faced charges of sex abuse of girl aged 12

Robert Jones Welch a retired member of The Mob, once served at Llandudno and was a former police traffic officer based at Caernarvon. Jones Welch was found hanged near his home, after facing being charged over allegations of sexual abuse on a young girl. The young girl was only 12 when the abuse was said to have started, in this case the girl will never get justice as Jones Welch killed himself which is so sad for the victim and the family.

Jones Welch’s wife was also a copper Carys Jones Welch. What is quite alarming in this case, is the police tell members of the public to be vigilant in cases like this and obviously with terrorist attacks, in this case you have a man and wife who were both police officers and yet the wife has no idea of what’s going on. You must ask yourself because he took his own life, he escapes a proceeds of crime? He still has a full police pension, don’t you think readers of the blog, his police pension should have been given to his victim? I’m sure his wife wouldn’t have been that cheeky to take his pension.

It goes without saying, we need law and order and good honest police men and women to police our streets and protect the public and there are some good police officers that serve our communities 365 days a year and do a fantastic job, you only have to look at what happened recently in Manchester and London and how quick they responded but in North Wales the records speak for themselves, corruption.

North Wales police officers stealing money, they stole mine I produced a set of accounts to Superintendent John Hanson at HQ when my solicitor was present, John Hanson wouldn’t look at the accounts or the paperwork, so I made a complaint to Professional Standards regarding this matter. Superintendent Andy Jenks Gilbert took the complaint and a full investigation was carried out and it was proved John Hanson did not investigate properly, how convenient, Jenks Gilbert retired quite quickly and who took over his job? Superintendent John Hanson.

Karen Dixon from the CPS wouldn’t have been informed of my money that went missing, The Mob would keep that away from her. This is separate money from the £350,000 they have just stolen from me for the trumped-up charge of mortgage fraud, Superintendent John Chapman, you know about this money that went missing and when I called your office you refused to speak to me.

I’m not going away Mr Chapman I want my money if I have to call to your house on a peaceful protest I will, as John Hanson has done his best to brush my complaint under the carpet that went to Professional Standards because Andy Jenks Gilbert knows the real truth about my money.

Gordon Anglesey retired Superintendent abused boys, Ian James Clarke raped a woman, Martyn Parmley was sacked for going on the police computer not for policing purposes, Andy Gill sacked for going on the police national computer not for policing purposes, PC David Gardner arrested a male & while this person was locked up he went and had sex with the man’s partner, another Llandudno police officer PC Gary Donnelly was jailed for 18 months for sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl.

PC James Cleverly Evans was jailed for 28 months for down loading indecent images of children, PC Wyn Morris a former member of The Mob was jailed for 4 1/2 years for sexually abusing a young girl.

PC Dave Parminter bullied and assaulted children in Conwy, PC Steve Carroll another lunatic with the helicopter, his story will be told in due course. Inspector Paul Joyce the Iceland bag man, Inspector Ian Verburg “I don’t know who Thoughts of Oscar is, I just want my pension because I’m moving to Fuerteventura soon to get away from all this shit, I must have looked a right plonker Michael because I sent memos to all police stations in North Wales telling all the officers not to look on your blog Michael Creamer versus The Mob” but everybody in the country is looking at it, they are coming down in the middle of the night just to check their names are not appearing on it, they are embarrassed for their children and grandchildren to see how corrupt they have been. Ian, your first wife who is a serving police officer, who lives in Anglesey she loves the site!!

DC Don Kenyon along with Jason Davenport and Nicholas Hawe, have wasted thousands of pounds on the police helicopter flying over properties I owned taking photos for a victimless crime, the helicopter cost £1000 per hour and The Mob say the helicopter is only called to emergencies.

The ex-chief constable the mad mullah Richard Brunstom, ordered Don Kenyon to send the helicopter up as part of Operation Pylon. The mad mullah, whilst a serving officer kissed a woman in Bangor, who is just a normal member of the public, next thing you know she’s a copper and then became a police sergeant very fast…carrying on behind his wife’s back, hmmm!!!

Don’t worry her name will be revealed later on, along with a few other bobbies who thought they were having secret affairs behind their wife’s back, I know who they are and I’m going to name them.

You think you can abuse your powers and stitch people up like you have done to me and my family.

Al the above as mentioned are North Wales police officers, the corruption is unbelievable we can only hope and pray that the new young police officers they are recruiting are honest and will be good police offices to serve our communities in North Wales.

It really is frightening to think how many of the above mentioned, bent officers are sex pests and have given evidence in our courts in Wales and help get people convicted, this has got to stop, one day it could be you or one of your daughters or sons who could be fitted up by The Mob.

Then we have “who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies” Superintendent Simon Humphreys, he was told ‘quick Simon clear your desk if this complaint sticks you will lose your pension’, his desk was cleared and he was gone through the night. This was the copper that protected the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar and prejudiced my trial at Mold Crown Court, The Mob knew they had done that and they had all told lies to protect themselves. The blog Thoughts of Oscar was run by 7 Bellies Nigel Roberts, the ex-secretary state for Wales David Jones MP and Dylan Moore, it was protected by Simon Humphreys and co.

Please remember readers of the blog, these evil, vile people libeled people and people have committed suicide. Conwy Council were pulling their hair out and the police kept on lying to the public and the council saying they don’t know who it is they were all in bed together, nobody knew who the authors were and yet some little boy who was born in Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool on the  9th of September 1964, name Michael Creamer, he took the police on and wouldn’t take no for an answer and got that poison pen blog closed down by himself, there were people that helped him and gave him information, I have thanked you, but once again thanks for your help. The Mob by now, knew they had been caught out and were trying to cover their tracks and the officers who were involved were panicking thinking they were going to lose their pensions and some officers were moved round.

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but I had caught them all out, they are liars, thieves, rapists and I don’t know how they can sleep straight in bed at night. Have you noticed not one of them lot and there are some very powerful people here have served a writ on me for slander, none of them can because I’m telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you know if I had slandered one of them they still wouldn’t do it because it’s civil and they would have to pay out of their own pockets, the Chief Constable Brunstom, the mad mullah, he’s the one who couldn’t even pay for his car tax!

But once again I’m telling the truth, what The Mob are very good at is spending the taxpayer’s money, they love criminal cases because it doesn’t come out of their pockets, remember all those helicopters Don Kenyon and Steve Carroll sent up, all for a victimless crime.

When you get your wages on Friday, check your deductions and think of them helicopter rides you paid for and everything else you’ve paid for the police to spend on.

David Jones ex Secretary State for Wales was sacked by David Cameron then sacked by Theresa May, he fiddled over £80,000 in expenses and was the author of the Thoughts of Oscar blog and to this day has still not been prosecuted and has not received a proceeds of crime and neither have any of the officers that committed crimes.

Shortly I will be writing to Her Majesty the Queen and to the Prime Minister, asking why North Wales police are employing so many paedophiles etc and saying not one of them has had a proceeds of crime order.

Finally read below, former top cop, Steve Curtis, Assistant Chief Constable of North Wales threatened somebody at the gun club, saying ‘I will kill you’ but has selective memory, as he can’t recall saying this at the tribunal but he remembers using the C word, also another former senior officer Gary Ashton was suspended from the same gun club.

What do you think readers of the blog, do you think this lot sound like bullies or am I just imagining it?

Thank you for your comments and emails etc I know a lot of people keep stopping me in the street asking when Gary John and Gary Sky are going to be on here, all I can say is it’s coming and I will give you a date very soon.


PC once had a collar number, now has a prison number A3065DY Clarke

An arrogant North Wales police officer Ian James Clarke who once worked with the major crime team at St Asaph with his colleagues DC 2313 Don Kenyon, Inspector 2179 Jason Davenport and DC 1359 Nicolas Hawe, these were part of The Mob that arrested me for mortgage fraud. Ian James Clarke, earlier this year was found guilty of rape, this one was one arrogant copper, the judge told Clarke “you have been convicted of the most serious offence of rape”, Clarke’s wife was also a copper.

When Clarke was sentenced and sent to prison in March this year, he was sent to HMP Altcourse, there are 3 wings in Altcourse that house up to 100 men on each wing, Melling Brown, Melling Blue and Beeches Green, these 3 wings are for sex offenders only, just to let you know, the government calls these prisoners VP’s, that stands for ‘Vulnerable Prisoner’.

Remember those words, ‘Vulnerable Prisoner’, we’ll come back to this later.

The VP prisoners from these 3 wings are protected by the prison, they are not allowed to encounter any other inmates for their own safety, their visits are kept private, away from other inmates. There gym sessions are held separately and if any one of them are moved around the jail, a freeze is put on the jail, which means while one of them is getting escorted about the jail, other prisoners remain inside until the freeze is lifted. While they walk across the yards, other inmates (who are not sex offenders) scream and shout abuse out of the windows at them, they shout nonce, paedophiles, bacons etc.

I will give you some idea as to why they wouldn’t survive on the main wings in the jail, all prisoners do not like police officers coming into jail, sex cases and grasses. While I was incarcerated at HMP Altcourse, a fella came in for an offence and when he got on to one of the main wings, he made the mistake of telling inmates he was an ex-military copper, he was later slashed above his eyes and across the throat and was then taken to hospital where he was in a coma, when he eventually came out of hospital he was transferred to another prison for security purposes, I will not tell you which prison he was allocated to.

I also witnessed a young lad getting slashed across his face for snitching on somebody. There are stabbings and slashings on a regular basis in prison, you get the message readers of the blog, real prisoners do not like nonces, police officers and snitches. At the moment, the prisons in general are at their worst ever for violence, drugs and mobile phones; it’s easier to get drugs in Altcourse than it is in Colwyn Bay, the same with a mobile phone, the only difference is if you were to go and purchase a phone in Llandudno at Carphone Warehouse, you need ID and a credit check is done on you, just pay the cash in prison and you’ve got a phone.

Now a little tale for you! On Friday the 17th March 2017 at 9:40 in the morning I attended one of my gym sessions, that session on a Friday is for over 40’s, I arrived at the gym as usual and as I was doing some weight training, I was sat on the bench pulling a weight bar from above my head, to behind my neck, as I was pulling the weight down, the cable attached to the weights snapped and the weight bar came down, smashing me on the top of my head causing me double vision and a lump to my head and severe pain. I immediately left my gym session and went back to my cell to lie down, but later, throughout the day I began vomiting.

On Saturday morning the 18th March, I went to see the nurse on the wing, accompanied by an officer, the female nurse I saw was called Bowler, she looks at you through a glass panel on the door, with a small hatch in it, wide enough to put your hand through, Bowler put her hand through and examined my head, she said “you have been concussed” and that I would be ok, I insisted to her that I wanted to see a doctor, she said, “there’s no doctor available, it’s a Saturday morning” I was disgusted because I know there is a hospital wing in the prison, with doctors there 24 hours a day, the healthcare in the prison is a shambles.

I told Bowler “should I die with a blood clot or should anything happen to me make sure you phone my wife or my mother and explain that you refused to get me a doctor” and then I left with a prison officer and returned to a wing.

Within 10 minutes of being back on the wing, my name was called and I was immediately taken to healthcare where I would be seen by a doctor, how convenient, they now had a doctor available!  Anyway once I made my way to healthcare and having gone through all the security, a nurse came out who was with the doctor and said “Michael, could you just take a seat outside an emergency has come in, we will see you in 5 minutes” so I took a seat outside the doctors door, to the right hand side of where I was sitting you would have to come through about 4 security doors in able to see the doctor, and to the left hand side is another door, which is only used by the VP prisoners, remember I told you who the VP prisoners were and that they are not allowed to mix with normal cons.

I’m a great believer that things only happen for a reason, whilst sitting and waiting to see the doctor, the entrance to the VP door opened and in walked a prison officer and guess who he was escorting?……The rapist police officer from St Asaph, now issued with a prison number A3065DY.

He had just been sentenced to 5 years for rape, when Clarke raped his victim, how strange the 22 stone animal wasn’t a vulnerable person. Suddenly the pain had gone from my head and I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, oh…..Don Kenyon and Davenport, his face was a picture when he saw me!

He hasn’t got much hair on his head, he had shaved his head bald to try to disguise himself, but you know how we all imagine what a rapist must look like, fat belly, about 22 stone, belly hanging over his trousers, bald head and wearing Joe 90 glasses, that’s what Ian James Clarke looked like.

The judge at this trail described him as arrogant and full of himself, well you take it from me I’ve seen him, the arrogance had gone and he was crying like a little baby, my laughing was getting louder and louder.

I do believe in God and that accident happened for a reason, the reason was to put me face to face with that rapist. I watched Clarke go into the doctor’s room and sat outside until he came out, he couldn’t look at me, he just hung his head in shame. I know I don’t know his victim but I just wanted her to be sitting with me on that Saturday morning, so she could have seen his face. Clarke eventually returned to his wing, Melling Blue and I went in to see the doctor and received a full examination, I couldn’t help but notice the doctor hadn’t cleared his computer screen & Clarke’s details were there for me to see, but due to my double vision after my accident there was no way I could read the screen, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, you know what I mean!

Because of the job I had in the prison, being a trusted prisoner and visits orderly, I spoke to a lot of people, inmates and staff, Ian Clarke had told staff don’t tell anybody I was a copper, a bent copper who once loved the power now shaking in his boots, well I told everyone in the jail who he was and what he was in for, after all it’s good to tell the truth.

I was also told whilst Clarke was on his wing, he would not come out of his cell for association, he used to lock himself in and was constantly crying with the job I had I knew he had no visits whilst he was at Altcourse.

A couple of things I’m about to tell you, that are disgusting about this case, after Ian Clarke was found guilty at Mold Crown Court, he was allowed to go home on bail until sentencing in March 2017, yet knowing he’s a threat to the public, to women in particular. Judge John Rogers QC, you’ll remember refused me bail for a victimless crime, the other thing which is maddening is Clarke was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, you do half of that time which is 2.5 years, so he shouldn’t go to open prison until he had about 8 months of his sentence left, Altcourse is a category B prison, I was the only civil prisoner in there, like I’ve said before I was a category D prisoner, no threat to the public, costing you the tax payer just under a £1000 per week to keep me inside, please read the letter below from my MP which was sent to HMP Altcourse.

I’m angry and annoyed that the rapist Clarke was moved to open conditions so quickly, he is a big threat to the public. Should this post appear on your Facebook timeline, please share it, in the hope that the authorities return him back to closed conditions where he should be.

He has not been rehabilitated this quickly, his release date is the 14/09/2019, this really concerns me, while in open conditions he could attack again and it’s you ladies I’m concerned for plus his rape victim, we need our Prime Minister to look at this.

How convenient for The Mob, I served all my sentence in a cat b prison in closed conditions. Ian James Clarke, after approximately 6 weeks into his 2.5 year sentence has been moved to Leyhill open prison, please see the pictures below of the rapist in the paedophile post aka Daily Post, I wonder if a journalist from the paedophile post now they know this information will contact the police or the prime minister and tell them this is outrageous and will they ask the police “don’t you think it’s right that you make Ian James Clarke sell his home and pay his victim under the proceeds of crime act?”.

The Mob took £350,000 off me, the CPS had half of the money and The Mob had the other half.

Readers of the blog, your comments are welcome, no bad language please.

I’d like to hear your views on should Ian James Clarke be given a proceeds of crime order?

It’s only fair I give you my prison number, A0791CG because after all I’ve given you Clarke’s.


PC James Evans Jailed For Having Sex With A 15 Year Old Girl

DC 2313 Don Kenyon from St Asaph told me in one of my interviews that police officers don’t tell lies, they would not jeopardise their jobs; you must think the public are as stupid as you Don.

This is absolutely sickening what this officer has done to a vulnerable juvenile.

Judge John Rogers QC sent me to prison for a victimless crime and no complainee for 4 years and 2 months, the point I want to make here readers of the blog is our courts in England & Wales think that money is worth more than a life, it’s so wrong and the law needs changing.

In this case with PC Evans, Judge Robin Johnson said “you allowed your own desire to overcome better judgement, the reason why Parliament and the public take this kind of offending so seriously is because the harm caused in these cases is incalculable, so I must give you 4 years, you will do half, which is 2 and you should be in open prison within 12 months, so within about a year you should be getting home-leave to go home and see your family”.

I think my punishment was much worse, bearing in mind with my case there were no victims that suffered, oh sorry there were 2 victims, Michael & Anita Creamer.

PC Evans, you have ruined a young girl’s life.

2313 Don Kenyon, 1359 Nicholas Hawe & 2179 Jason Davenport, please read this about a member of the Mob and compare the sentence with mine, I think you would have to agree with me and say your sentence was OTT Michael, over the top!

You can kill somebody, you can rape a child as PC Evans has done and you won’t get a proceeds of crime, get convicted for white collar crime (fraud) and you will get a proceeds of crime, oh I forgot 2313 Don Kenyon, you wanted my money and my home.

Please read the link below

Superintendent John Chapman, once again can you sort my money out please.


Witch-hunt Part 19

Meaning of witch-hunt: Where a person decides to target another person for reasons which may, or may not, be obvious. It may be a work colleague who decides to undermine and belittle a co-worker, or it could be a person who makes it their objective to slander the reputation of a ‘friend’ or associate. Essentially, it is a targeted attack against one person, for reasons that are not necessarily tangible. Trying to find someone to hurt or humiliate.

MP Betty Williams not happy with the way The Mob are trying her patience.

A further letter from my MP Betty Williams to The Mob, Richard Brunstrom has now passed the information on to Richard Brough from Operations, Central Division and some of our property has now been returned.

Should us members of the public, have to go to our MP to get our property back from the police, property that wasn’t even covered under the warrant when they seized it? I have never had the money back that was stole out of my suit jacket, they can’t find that and no police officer is owning up to it.

Below is a letter from MP Betty Williams, dated 25th June 2009 & the letter she received from Superintendent Richard Brough.




Letter dated 21st September 2009 by my MP Betty Williams.


Another letter from my MP, 19th October 2009.


This is now over a year since The Mob came out to my home. Richard Brunstrom must be saying to his staff, I don’t listen to solicitor’s letters, I don’t listen to MP’s, I’m the Chief Constable and I can do what I want, I will tire these people out by delaying my response to their letters.




The North Wales Police have been liaising with the CPS & Simon Curzon since 2007, by this time the 19th October 2009, they still hadn’t come up with a charge and they told me they had evidence over a year ago when they arrested me for mortgage fraud, money laundering, stolen money and some poor girl in North Wales had been raped and yet still no charges, despite all the evidence they have ‘got’.

Readers of the blog, please just think for a minute, if Richard Brunstrom, Superintendent Simon Humphreys, Superintendent John Chapman, Don Kenyon, Jason Davenport & Nicolas Hawe were to pay for this operation out of their own money, it wouldn’t have got past first base, because there was no evidence, no complainee, no one suffered any loss, no stolen money and the police informant that hadn’t been raped. Did Richard Brunstrom and his foot soldiers care?

Did they hell!! It’s the public’s money and we are never going to be questioned and the public are fools, the public are too scared to ask where the money’s being spent.

Once again I’d like to thank Betty Williams MP for the work that she did for myself, she knew we were banging our heads against the wall with The Mob.

Prime minister, David Cameron, why are North Wales Police allowed to spend the public’s purse, without being questioned and to get away this behaviour for so long? This operation by Richard Brunstrom has cost the public millions of pounds and when I show you some of the invoices, it’s disgusting and also the way I have been targeted by The Mob, I’m not going away Prime Minister until I get answers.

Members who read the blog from around the world, this is Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales Police, taking an old 4 wheel drive out, towing a horse box so he can persecute the unsuspecting motorists, but we are going to turn the camera on him and we will be telling the public about the Police woman he made sergeant and was having an affair behind his wife’s back, her name will be revealed shortly!


The witch-hunt continues…


Witch-hunt part 16

Definition: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

This arrest was for perverting the course of justice

When I was arrested on the 10th October 2008 for money laundering and many other trumped up charges, which you have read about on previous posts. While I was in the wonderful St.Asaph custody suite, I asked could I use their phone to phone my eldest son, Michael, around about 2.30 in the afternoon, he would have been in work, I was going to have a short chat with him to tell him that me and his mum had been arrested, could he pick his sister up from school and to go home to let her in.

The Mob allowed the phone call and agreed to me saying only what we discussed, I know they listen to your phone calls, but I needed my daughter sorting out. I told them Michael’s mobile number, they dial it and pass you the phone, Michael never answered his phone, he is a joiner and could have been using one of his power tools and never heard it, I gave the phone back to the officer and asked if I could try again in a minute, so that’s what I did, same thing happened again, so on the 3rd time I tried and dialled the number.

I then dialled a different number, I rang Michael’s boss, Brian, he answered and I told him that me and Anita had been arrested, I didn’t tell him what for and asked him to tell Michael to go home to let his sister in the house after getting her from school, that is all that was said.

I was then taken back to the cell, I was interviewed regarding the alleged mortgage fraud, it was now around 7.30 at night and my solicitor said they had finished all their interviews and we should both be released shortly, much to my surprise, Nicholas Hawe came to my cell around 7.50 and said ‘I’m re-arresting you for perverting the course of justice’, Anita was released and I was re-arrested.

I then went for another interview, what The Mob were saying in this interview was, ‘you were allowed a phone call earlier, to your son to arrange for him to get his sister from school etc, but you phoned a different number and spoke to a man called Brian’ I told them, ‘you have listened to the phone call, I tried calling Michael 3 times, he didn’t answer, so I phoned his boss and told him exactly what I was going to say to Michael, I’ve done nothing wrong, I just needed to get the message to Michael about my daughter and said I did not discuss why I had been arrested’.

This was their bully-boy tactics again, The Mob out to cause as much disruption to my life as possible.

When Nicholas Hawe came to get me from the cell, he said to me “We’ve got you this time and the big bosses are going to prosecute you” referring to Richard Brunstrom and other superintendents, what he had said to me, I reported him to professional standards and a complaint was made and recorded.

I was eventually released from St Asaph that night and on bail for perverting the course of justice, after the CPS had looked at the full facts regarding this, it was eventually NFA, which means No Further Action was taken.

Members of the public, you can see how desperate they were to prosecute me for any charges, they will try anything.

The witch-hunt continues….

Good luck to Ched Evans with his new appeal next year.


Witch-hunt Part 15

Definition: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

This Time The Warrant’s For Stolen Money!!

As you know the previous warrant was for mortgage fraud, when they came to our rented property at 6 Cwrt Llewelyn and as you can see from the last post they didn’t take a scrap of paper from the house relating to mortgage fraud.

The Mob must have been livid because they didn’t find anything, not that there was anything to find.

Not happy with this, they then went back to the magistrate court to get another warrant, they tricked the magistrate again and told them there was stolen money in my containers, the magistrates granted them a warrant again, so Don Kenyon and Nicholas Hawe attended Conwy Boat Yard in Penmaen Rd, Morfa, Conwy, where I had 2 containers used for my building equipment and tools etc.

In October 2008 I received a telephone call from my solicitor saying Don Kenyon and Nicholas Hawe had just been to their office and left a warrant and some new keys, my solicitor told me that the mob had been down to the boat yard, broke the padlocks off my containers, where they had used bolt-cutters to get in the 2 containers, they had to provide me with replacement padlocks and new keys because there was nothing found, if they had found anything they wouldn’t have had to replace the padlocks, the search would have been justified.

They had a good root through all of my stuff and as usual nothing was found, but the warrant stated it was for stolen money. What did they think, that I’d robbed a bank and hid all the money in the containers?

They come up with some pathetic ideas or was it a decoy because I had reported them for stealing money from my house and also for scratching my car, I cannot believe that magistrates give out these warrants so easily with no real evidence supporting what the police are alleging.

Please read the letter below sent to the ex-Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom from my solicitor Dave Bushell.



You will also read soon letters from my MP Betty Williams to Richard Brunstrom, demanding my property to be returned.

I have emailed you and told you time and time again Prime Minister David Cameron, that this is abuse by The Mob towards me, the courts are giving them warrants for nothing.