Witch-hunt part 16

Definition: An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities, but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

This arrest was for perverting the course of justice

When I was arrested on the 10th October 2008 for money laundering and many other trumped up charges, which you have read about on previous posts. While I was in the wonderful St.Asaph custody suite, I asked could I use their phone to phone my eldest son, Michael, around about 2.30 in the afternoon, he would have been in work, I was going to have a short chat with him to tell him that me and his mum had been arrested, could he pick his sister up from school and to go home to let her in.

The Mob allowed the phone call and agreed to me saying only what we discussed, I know they listen to your phone calls, but I needed my daughter sorting out. I told them Michael’s mobile number, they dial it and pass you the phone, Michael never answered his phone, he is a joiner and could have been using one of his power tools and never heard it, I gave the phone back to the officer and asked if I could try again in a minute, so that’s what I did, same thing happened again, so on the 3rd time I tried and dialled the number.

I then dialled a different number, I rang Michael’s boss, Brian, he answered and I told him that me and Anita had been arrested, I didn’t tell him what for and asked him to tell Michael to go home to let his sister in the house after getting her from school, that is all that was said.

I was then taken back to the cell, I was interviewed regarding the alleged mortgage fraud, it was now around 7.30 at night and my solicitor said they had finished all their interviews and we should both be released shortly, much to my surprise, Nicholas Hawe came to my cell around 7.50 and said ‘I’m re-arresting you for perverting the course of justice’, Anita was released and I was re-arrested.

I then went for another interview, what The Mob were saying in this interview was, ‘you were allowed a phone call earlier, to your son to arrange for him to get his sister from school etc, but you phoned a different number and spoke to a man called Brian’ I told them, ‘you have listened to the phone call, I tried calling Michael 3 times, he didn’t answer, so I phoned his boss and told him exactly what I was going to say to Michael, I’ve done nothing wrong, I just needed to get the message to Michael about my daughter and said I did not discuss why I had been arrested’.

This was their bully-boy tactics again, The Mob out to cause as much disruption to my life as possible.

When Nicholas Hawe came to get me from the cell, he said to me “We’ve got you this time and the big bosses are going to prosecute you” referring to Richard Brunstrom and other superintendents, what he had said to me, I reported him to professional standards and a complaint was made and recorded.

I was eventually released from St Asaph that night and on bail for perverting the course of justice, after the CPS had looked at the full facts regarding this, it was eventually NFA, which means No Further Action was taken.

Members of the public, you can see how desperate they were to prosecute me for any charges, they will try anything.

The witch-hunt continues….

Good luck to Ched Evans with his new appeal next year.


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